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Engineer Test

Valhalla, New York, United States
December 23, 2015

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Nick Matsoukas

** ****** *** ****** **** Engineer

Mahopac, NY 10541

845-***-**** Test Engineer

EDUCATION: Clayton University, Missouri, BSEE

City College of New York

RCA Institutes (T-3)

Intel MDS Micro-Development School


SUMMARY: Experienced in the development and testing of digital, analog circuitry and RF subassemblies. Microprocessor Circuit Design 8080/85/86/88/186,Z80 NSC800 and most Intel's Peripheral chips.

Medical, Nuclear Instrumentation, Voice/Data Transmission LAN's, Multi/Access Interfaces A6F Radar Avionics and Telephone Systems.

Digital Circuit Design - TTL, Cmos, ECL, A/D, D/A, Codecs thermocouples, PMT'S etc.

EXPERIENCE:PEPSICO/IBM/ two concurrent jobs;

9/09 to present IBM: used picture perfect with LOTUS 8.5 to monitor and advise security issues for buildings in the US and CANADA.

PEPSICO: using PEPSICO software in computer to monitor the in/out of loading dock and building traffic.

Finch's Country

Store Owner/Operator of a Delicatessen



Norden Systems

Norwalk, CT Selection of RF and digital test equipment RF and

04/85-06/89 microwave components for A6f Radar System testing, System Integration and Range Operation. Accordingly, test specification, test procedures, and test plan documentation for A6f system and test set were generated. Developed target generation circuitry for the A6 Radar System. Target design entailed tapping out the exciter receiver pulse compression polyphase code, storing the code, and externally modulating, the double stalo, coho external up-converter, used for range simulation. Designed the D/A Test Set for the monitoring of the digitalized video at the output of the exciter/receiver on System A6F.

Pitney Bowes

Norwalk, CT Generated TNIX Command Language Software for

11/84-4/85 8540/8561Tektronix emulator to test Z80 based postage meters Configured a Tektronix IEEE-488 bus controlled by 4041 TEK computer to collect information of Microboard.

Gull Airborne Inst

Smithtown, L.I Redesigned and tested an 8086 based Microboard

8/84-11/84 controlling and gauging the capacity of fueling system on KC10 plane

IBM Corp. Redesigned and debugged digital interfaces to various

Yorktown Hts.NY vacuum valves, I/O Sensors and output drive mechanisms

1/84-7/84 in an X-ray Lithography System using IBM PC Computer

Bell Labs Designed and tested digital jig fixtures for debugging

Whippany, NJ a prototype 98 MHS teleconferencing MUXDEMUMX Video

2/83-10/83 Framing Signaling System. semi-rigid coaxial cabling used for RF interconnection and HP 2.5 GHZ spectrum analyzer as well as other high frequency test equipment.

ITT/ATC Test prototype boards on 1240 digital telephone

Shelton,CT switching system, integrating voice and data services

1/79-1/83 on the digital network exchange. Structured with distributed microprocessor control, using Intel microprocessors. Test and debug Multi/access ITT'S LSI technology chips, designed in PCM based port processing unit, Async Interfaces MUX, Demux's and digital switching element. Work with Ring Generator board, Service Circuits; a multi tone digital generator and filter. Test hardware and worte initialization software for an 8088 microboard comprised of DMAS and HDLC with x.25 PCUs communication, used on local NET with voice/data capability.

Union Carbide Responsible for complete electronic and mechanical

Corporation testing of a Radioimmunoassay Instrumentation,

Rye, NY consisting of an 8080 microprocessor control counter, pipettor, and centrifuge mechanisms. Worked on the development of a nuclear stethoscope, 8085 controlled and interfaced to a CRT to view heart parameters. designed the microprocessor control board for a kidney dialysis machine. Developed software for unit self check test.

Ocean Atmospheric Redisign, test and troubleshoot instrumentation used

Science, Inc. in determining the loading conditions of merchant

Dobbs Ferry, NY ships. Systems displaying the analogue model for

7/73- 12/74 generating the ship's deadweight, bending, stress and moment curves.

Codata Corp. Designed regulated power supplies, fire alarm,

Great Neck, LI,NY amplifierdriver circuits digital displays using

11/72- 6/73 character generators. Test and debug encoders and decoders and RF transmitter receiver for wireless intercom.

Technicon Corp. Responsible for fabrication and testing of automatic

Tarrytown, NY chemistry blood analyzers, colorimeter hematology cell

3/67- 3/71 counters. Evaluation of optical filters, phototubes, operational amplifiers, and various spectrophometers measuring optical density or transmittance. Debugging and modifying prototype digital ckts, analogue ckts, A/D and D/A converters.

Del Electronics Designed and developed high voltage power supplies

Mt. Vernon, NY with remote programming capabilities.

9/66- 2/67

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