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Freelance Technical Support Specialist.

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
December 25, 2019

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Freelance Technical Support Specialist.

Name : Farid El Ghonemy Kassem Borham

Nationality : Egyptian

Mobil Phone :+201*********

E-mail :



It has been my goal to seeking another opportunity with a company, which

will allow me to further my knowledge and ambition especially in today's

world of survival to the fittest. I'm Freelance and Have 30 Years O&M

Field support and Second line technical core implementation fault

managements for Fixed line International Experience in the

Telecommunications Industry with Emphasis in Lucent 5ESS Digital Switches

and Fixed Access Integration Technology Approved Professional with

Technical Core and Senior Test and commissioning Engineer Experience and

Excellent Interpersonal Skills, I have several years O&M experiences in NOC

environment plus Huawei Fixed NGN /Soft Switches in Saudi Arabia at Saudi

Telecom Company (STC), also I have experience as technical project manager

for two projects. I was worked as Technical Support Specialist at Penta

Consulting Company in UK and looking for new challenge which best use my

skills, the following Brief Description indicate the major core


Core Competencies

1- Technical Support Specialist at Penta Consulting UK (United Kingdom).

2- Technical Project Manager for 28k Project at CellTek Company (Egypt).

3- Technical Project Manager for Training Center Project at STC Company

(Saudi Arabia).

4- Core Field Support Engineer for (Huawei NGN/5ESS Switches) in NOC/STC.

5- Senior Test & Commissioning Engineer for 5ESS Switches

(AT&T/Lucent/Saudi Arabia).

6- SMS Engineer & Traffic Managements for Lucent 5ESS in MFOS-ETC/Egypt.

7- Supervisor of O&M for Giza Office 5ESS Digital Switch Exchange-


8- O&M Engineer for Maryottia Office 5ESS Digital Switch Exchange-


9- O&M Engineer for Zamalek Office AT&T/1ASS Analog Switch Exchange-


Work Experience

1- Technical Support Specialist at Penta Consulting Company in UK

From Jan,2012 to May 2012

Job Responsibilities:

. Provide Tier III Technical Support for the Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS

switching central office platform resolving core switch, line, trunk

and other peripheral failures or alarm conditions.

. Provide direct and real-time support to other maintenance personnel

working on switching alarms or out-of-service conditions.

. Possess expert level knowledge of end-to-end hardware (AM, CM, SM,

RSM, ASM, PSU SS7 interfaces) and software operations (ACCED, ODBE,

Translations) of the 5ESS TDM switch platform.

. Maintain excellent acknowledgement and response time to alarms and

customer calls.

. Collect and analyze system data to troubleshoot, identify, and

resolve emergency network problems as well as less critical network


. Provide high quality documentation of network failures and

maintenance activity.

. Prepare written reports of symptoms, actions, timelines, root cause,

customer impact, and final solution.

. Establishes factual data to allow management and vendors to

understand the problem and prevent reoccurrence.

. Propose and implement solutions to identified problems.

. Provide technical support for complex problems in 5ESS switch.

. Analyze and modify 5ESS RCV data.

. Analysis and Correct Manual Action Asserts.

. Analysis and Action on Trouble Tickets for Alarms.

. Participate in Upgrade Switching Projects.

. Corrected Routing and Translation issue.

. Perform Software Updates and Software Problem within Level of

Authority Using ODBE.

. Perform corrective maintenance for 5ESS Switches and associated

network equipments.

. Provide Remote Technical support for onsite Technicians

2- Field Support Engineer (Huawei NGN/Lucent 5ESS Switches) in NOC (STC


From Nov.1999 to Nov,2010

Job Responsibilities:

1. Core Field Support of Fault management department for legacy Network.

2. Provision and Implementation of Lucent 5ESS Switches

3. Operation and Maintenance for Huawei Fixed NGN Units (SoftX3000-UMG8900-


4. Performed Operations and Maintenance Tasks Overall Collected Reports of

Data that Surveillance Staff Obtained in Monitoring Of 5ESS Switches.

5. Providing On Job Training for STC Switching Staff.

6. Provide Necessary Technical Support for Maintenance Down Time Request.

7. Perform routine and corrective maintenance for 5ESS Switches and

associated network equipments.

8. Support Districts Technicians Directly Dealing with the Switching


9. System Support. (i.e. OUTAGE FAILURE) Involving ON Site and Remotely.

10. Switch Translation and Routing

11. Analysis and Correct Manual Action Asserts Such as: Screening,

12. Trunks, Announcements, Port Trouble, Audits, Fixed Route and DFC.

13. Participate in Upgrade Switching Projects.

14. Analysis and Action on Trouble Tickets (RTTS) for Alarms.

15. Analysis and Actions on System Reports.

16. Analyze Services Effective Issues and Provide Technical Investigation


17. Analyzes switching equipment alarms and trouble indicators to identify

problem areas.

18. Initiates switch diagnostics to isolate specific troubles.

19. Implementation of TFR/TDO/CWO.

20. Follow Up All Preliminary Acceptances Test (PAT) Activities.

21. Follow Up All Daily Outage Issues and Provide Technical Support.

22. Follow up All Relocation Projects Activities.

23. Support of Other Concerned Sections like Tele-Traffic Providing


24. Customer Services in Solving Customer Problems and Trouble Reports.

25. Corrected Routing, perform Software Updates, announcement issues and

Software Problem within Level of Authority Using ODBE.

26. Cross-trained Technician Staff to be Able to Perform Job

Responsibilities at Either Network. Operations Center (NOC) and Distracts


27. Manage 24x7 L1/L2 support and Technical Operations.

28. Manage Technical Staff over the western region.

29. Responsible to ensure SLA for application system uptime.

3-Senior Test and Commissioning Engineer (AT&T/Lucent Saudi Arabia)

From Sep.1995 to October1999

Job Responsibilities:

1- Managed and supervised Switching Tester Staff in TEP 6,TEP 7

and Y2K Network Implementation Projects for a Fixed line and GSM

network for Saudi Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia

2-Verified that installed hardware is in accordance to Method of

Procedure "MOP" and Sig G specifications, planned and established

hardware test procedures.

3- Performed initial test from factory load software in accordance to

SIG T Test Manuals.

4- Performed functional tests for Administrative Module (AM),

Communication Module (CM), Switching Module (SM) and other peripheral

tests in accordance to SIG T Test Manual.

5- Tested AM/IOP Diagnostic, Recovery Testing Procedures for

different AM configuration and Alarm Generation.

6-Tested CM2,Min-Mode Application Tests and Full Application Tests.

7-Tested SM2000 Switch Module Peripheral Unit/Time Slot Interchange

Unit model 4&5(SMPU4/TSIU4/SMPU5/TSIU5) and other peripheral

equipment (such as ISLU-RISLU-HISLU-AIU-RAIU-HRAIU and RSM.

8- Growth of MSC Switches and Classic SM and its peripheral / Remote


9-Performed acceptance tests (PAT), demonstrated to the Ministry of

Post Telephone and Telegraph (MOPTT-Saudi Telephone) and Norconsult

company some tolerance of the equipment and emphasize the quality of

the system installation.

10- Coordinate with MOPTT-Saudi Telephone and Norconsult for the


11- Progress and outstanding items critical to Preliminary Acceptance

Test (PAT).

12- Performed Primary Reference Clock functional tests.

13-Perform troubleshooting activities for reported problems.

14-Execute repair actions and verify the proper and consistent

operation of SN, LE, STP and MSC mobile Switches.

15-Performed knowledge transfer to Local Saudi 5ESS Technician

involved in the installation, power-up and testing of 5ESS.

16-Worked in District Dispatch Centers to effect technology and

knowledge transfer to local Saudi STC staff.

17-Provided adequate coverage of Tandom/Toll/Local Switches and

remote peripherals at diverse locations of the Kingdom of Saudi


18-Prepared assist implementation and performed clean up of generic

5e6.2 to 5e16.1 retrofit.

19- End to End (E2E) Solution Integration.

20-Integration and testing of the following Sub Switches Units:

1-5ESS MSC Mobile Switches

2-SM 2000 and its subunits

3-Classic SM (Switch Module)

4-RSM (Remote Switch Module)

5-PSU (Packet Switch Module)

6-CM (Communication Module) Extension

7-CM2 TO CM3 Conversion

8-AIU (Access Interface Unit)

9-ISLU (Integrated services Line Unite)

10- Integration and testing of Access Remote Units includes:

a- RISLU (Remote Integrated services Line Unit)

b- HRISLU (Hardened Remote Integrated Services Line Unit)

c- RAIU (Remote Access Interface Unit)

d- HRAIU (Hardened Remote Access Interface Unit)

4- SMS & Traffic Managements Engineer for 5ESS in MFOS (ARENTO) Egypt.

From June.1994 to Aug.1995.

Job Responsibilities:

a-Perform Switch Translation and call Routing for Lucent 5ESS Switches

in MFOS/ Egypt

b- Provide Remotely Technical Support for Technician Staff.

c- Performed Operations and Maintenance Tasks Overall Collected 5ESS

Switches Reports.

d- Implementation of TFR/TDO/CWO.

e- Perform Software Updates, announcement issues and Software Problem

within Authority of Using ODBE.

f- Providing On Job Training for Technician Staff.

5- Supervision of O&M for Lucent 5ESS Digital Switches (ARENTO) Egypt.

From Oct. 1992 to May 1994

Job Responsibilities:

a- Manage Technician Staff.

b- Provide Technical support for onsite/outside Technicians

c- Analyze and modify 5ESS RCV data.

d- Analysis and Action on Trouble Tickets for Alarms.

e- Corrected Routing and Translation issue

f- Perform Software Updates.

g- Perform corrective maintenance for 5ESS Switches and associated

network equipments

6- O&M Engineer for Lucent 5ESS Digital Switches (ARENTO) Egypt.

From March. 1990 to Sep. 1992

Job Responsibilities:

a- Performed O&M Tasks Overall Collected 5ESS Switches Reports.

b- Implementation of TFR/TDO/CWO.

c- Providing On Job Training for Technician Staff

7- O&M Engineer for AT&T Analog 1ASS Switches (ARENTO) Egypt.

From Nov.1989 to Nov. 1990

Job Responsibilities:

a- Performed O&M Tasks Overall Collected 1ASS Analog Switches Reports

b- Test Calls and Trunks Routing.

Note: ARENTO is previous Name of ETC (Telecom Egypt Company).

8-O&M for Military Telephone System during Military Service.

From July 88 to Aug. 89

Project Manager Achievements:

1-Manage the technical staff for Implemented & Tested Jeddah Training

Center project (5ESS Switches) for Saudi Telecom Company.

2-Manage the technical staff for Implemented & Tested of 28K project for

Celltek Company in Egypt at following exchange sites:

a-Kattamya Exchanges includes CM extensions and AIUs of 5,000 lines.

b-Maadi III Exchanges includes SM extensions and AIUs of 10,000



1- Responsible for the Overall Scope of the Projects.

2- Single point contact to the customer, Managing day to day

communication with customer

3- Tracks and Monitors Project schedule and Ensures all Deliverables

are completed in time and within budget

4- Escalates any critical issue to the Management and ensures customer



1- STC Riyadh Training Center in Saudi Arabia 22/05/2010 to 24/05/2010

* NGN i MANAGER N2000 UMS Operation and Maintenance


2- HUAWEI UNIVERSITY March 27, 2010 to April 14, 2010

NGN Operation and Maintenance Training:

* SOFTX3000 Hardware System

* SOFTX3000 Basic Data Configuration

* SOFTX3000 Operation and Maintenance

* UMG8900 Hardware System

*UMG8900 Data Configuration

*UMG8900 Routine Operation and Maintenance

*N2000 System Overview

3- HUAWEI UNIVERSITY April 17, 2010 to May 12,2010

NGN Advance Operation and Maintenance Training:

*OAX02 SOFTX3000 Advanced Operation and Maintenance

*OAU02 UMG8900 Advanced Operation and Maintenance

*OAS02 SG7000 Advanced Operation and Maintenance

4- STC Riyadh Training Center in Saudi Arabia Feb.06, 2010 to Feb, 10,


*SOFTX3000 Operation and Maintenance

5- STC Jeddah Training Center in Saudi Arabia May 16, 2009 to May 18,2009

*NGN overview course

6-STC Training Center in Saudi Arabia, Jan 15, 2009

* Overview and on job Training of FTTX and GPON

7 - AT&T Training Center in U.S.A June 3, 1994 to July 2 1994

5ESS Switch Advanced Curriculum Network System in

* UC 1070 Fundamental of Unix For Users

* UC 1001 C Language for Programmers

* ES 5536 5ESS Switch Maintenance Specialist Hands On

8 - AT&T Training Center in Netherlands July 3, 1994 to Aug. 7 1994

5ESS Switch Advanced Curriculum in.

* ES 5234 Switch Advanced Trouble Analysis

9 -AT&T Training Center in Egypt Jan 15, 1994 to Jan 22, 1994

* OS 3172 MFOS Overview.

* OS 3173, 3176 MFOS Basic Users and Administration.

10- AT&T Training Center in Egypt Nov 3, 1993 to Nov 5,1993

* UC 1070, Fundamental of UNIX System for Users.

11- International 5ESS Operation and Maintenance Curriculum (AT&T)

in U.S.A

Start on Nov.1990 to March 1991 for the Following


*ES 5530 Switch System Overview.

*ES 5531 Switch Operation.

*ES 5532 Switch Maintenance.

*ES 5533 Switch Maintenance Hands-On.

*ES 5534 Switch Translations.

*ES 5535 Switch Analysis.

*CT 5514 KS Peripheral Keystone II/III Tape Units.

*CT 5515 KS Peripheral 160/340 MB Fixed Storage Disk

Special skills:

1- Knowledge of MFOS,NFM and N2000 Operating System

2- Knowledge of NTTS and RTTS Tickets systems

3- Knowledge of MS Office Suite- Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and


4- Strong knowledge and understanding of legacy and NGN architectures

and call processing

5- Expertise in data, local voice and long distance switching

6- Strong knowledge of PSTN and VOIP network architecture as well as

interconnection practices

7- Strong hardware and software engineering skill sets

8- Ability to work flexible hours to meet the customer requirements.

9- Working knowledge of voice communications, including local and long

distance traffic flows

10- Proficient in network switching and signalling fundamentals

11- In depth knowledge of PBX functionality and capabilities.

12- Knowledge of the Lucent 5ESS Switch and all Major components to

include the Extended Switch Module (EXSM) and Expansion Access

Interface Units (EAIUs).

13- Knowledge of TDM hardware and software.

14- Knowledge of DC power systems that support Telecommunications


Personal Attributes:

1- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

2- Highly self-motivated and directed.

3- Proven analytical and problem solving abilities.


1- B.Sc of Electronic Engineering in 1987 (Menoufiah University).

2-Technical Institute of Telecommunication Graduate in 1983

Graduated Rate: Excellent.


1- Arabic Mother Language

2- English (Very Good Verbal and write)

Recognition Award

1- Lucent Service Award

2- STC Service Award

3- ARENTO Service Award

4- Penta Consulting Award


Name Job Title

Contact number Company

Aminesh Patel Service Solutions Director +44

(0-208******* Penta Consulting-UK

Peter Collins Sales Director

+44(0)208-***-**** Penta Consulting-UK

Sameer Qataan JNOC Manager +966 (505671007)

STC-Saudi Arabia

Byram Gorpe ISP Manager +966

(505422034) Lucent- Saudi Arabia

Adel Hegazi GM Manager +20

(122*******) ETC-Egypt

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