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Manager Project

Hilton, NY, 14468
February 26, 2015

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Khan L. Kabir

*** **** **** ****, **** Henrietta, New York 14586

Home Phone: 585-***-****


Developed complete, automated tests, characterization and validation of human touch sensing technologies

like Projected Capacitance, Infra-Red/Optical, Surface Acoustic Waves and mixed signal devices. Managed

three test labs for human and material resources, generated and delivered test plans, tests and reports. Wrote

Labview software debugged and integrated with H/W, engineered processes and procedures for system

testing of human touch sensing devices, CCD and CMOS imaging devices. Conducted first silicon wafer

probing. Certified in Six Sigma Greenbelt. Coordinated and delivered results of black box tests for touch

sensing controllers, firmware upgrades and touch sensing screens.

Designed and delivered • Verification and Validation of • Trained in C / C++

Labview Software and GUIs human touch sensing technologies coding. Applied VBA/Macro,

debugged and integrated with • Reliability and Environmental pivot tables, formulas in

H/W. testing. Excel. Utilized ImageJ,


Implemented NI-PXI, • Developed NI-Camera Link and • Experienced in digitizers,

MXI, GPIB, DIO, Gigabit Ethernet Vision image scopes, DMMs and bench

DAQmx, USB-RS232, acquisition system. instrumentation for lab

Ethernet based applications.


• Coordinated Touch technologies En

Applied robotics to mimic and device characterization, quality gineered darkroom lab test

human finger touch and yield statistics. Performed techniques. Performed board

experience for touch screens accelerated reliability testing. level troubleshooting.

• Test plans, procedures & cost

Enhanced diced wafer effective equipment purchasing. • Delivered Product Quality

probing techniques. and Qualification reports.


Alstom, Hornell, NY Systems Test Engineer (Contract) 11/11/13-12/18/13

Systems Test Engineer responsible for systems test master plans development, detailed test procedures for

railroad commuter cars undergoing extensive overhaul, upgrade, refurbish or rebuild.

Develop, review and update existing test documents, procedures, plans to meet customer

requirements and specifications. Develop and review qualification and customer

acceptance tests that include electronic, electrical and mechanical systems in railroad cars.

ELO Touch Solutions, Rochester, NY Engineering Manager 11/2010-12/2012

Managed Touch Performance characterization and validation for various touch sensing technologies like

PCAP, SAW, APR, IR/Optical and Resistive. Coordinated artificial finger development for mimicking human

touch on touch sensing surfaces. System Test center development, upgrade and maintenance of human and

material resources. Oversaw budget center and costs management.

Engineering Manager-System Test Center 2010-2012

• Established a System Test Center lab to perform human touch sensing technologies performance novel

quantitative characterization, validation and analysis of various touch technologies like Projected

Capacitance, Surface Acoustic Waves, Infra-Red/Optical, Acoustic Pulse Recognition and Resistive.

• Applied robotics and methods to mimic human touch with artificial fingers for touch sensing screens.

Khan L. Kabir PAGE TWO

• Engineered silicone and polyurethane gel molding process and developed artificial fingers simulating

human touch. Performed validation and characterization of these artificial fingers on touch sensing

surfaces to quantitatively assess and modify designs that led to selecting standard artificial fingers

appropriate to each technology.

• Performed touch screens, monitors and computer product quality and qualification tests that quantified

performance that allowed assessment of targeted improvement of latest versions for productization.

• Specified Product Requirements Documents for touch characterization H/W and S/W. Published reports

of tests after rework of electronic touch sensing controller boards quantifying the improvements of

firmware and other upgrades applied

Xerox Corporation, Webster, NY Tech Specialist Project Manager 9/1984-4/2010

Conducted test and characterization development of CCD, prototype CMOS linear imager sensors in wafers,

and packaged devices under controlled illumination and reliability stress. Delivered performance tabulated

metrics, characterized yield, sorted data to engineering specifications and published reports..

Design/Development Engineer-Test Lab 2000-2010

• Reduced fully automated bare silicon wafer test time, with nearly a thousand devices, from over a day to

about two hours.

• Developed and engineered processes and procedures to carry out highly non-standard diced bare wafer

on film probing with automated step and repeat resulting in near 100% completion avoiding undesired

probing stoppage.

• Formulated modular Labview code to enhance code with remote command and control, integration and

debugging significantly easier to maintain and reduce undesirable downtime of capability by at least


• Significantly improved test throughput of devices by over 90% by revamping old test program into

Labview code and with new, cost effective hardware, reducing per device test to only 8 seconds from

2.25 minutes.

• Designed and developed in 2 weeks a new set up with hardware and Labview code with motion control

to acquire GiGE vision camera images for output imager performance characterization for potential

replacement of prior technologies.

• Implemented a high speed Camera Link image acquisition test rig to acquire images from a linear

imagers for the production floor that improved customer satisfaction to increase product sales.

• Delivered a complete image acquisition GUI test package that significantly speed up fully automated

production floor device pass/fail qualification of linear imager boards.

• Restructured MTF tests of CCD imagers reducing time from 2-3 days to about 5-6 hours.

• Received cash and dinner awards for meeting customer deliverables and project objectives.

Community Service 1999-2010

• Editor and Publisher of monthly newsletter for a non-profit organization.

• Weekend school administration, computer & networking technical support, DIY repairs, forms design.

• Member, Board of Directors of non-profit org overseeing day to day operation of facilities.


MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, De, USA

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