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AWS/ Windows Automation Engineer

Richardson, Texas, United States
July 14, 2019

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Stephen W. Campbell

AWS/ Windows Automation Engineer


●Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Route 53)

●Windows Server Platform

●VMware/ Hyper-V

●Application Support

●Website Support

●IIS 6/ 7+

●SSL Certificates

●Windows PowerShell

●IP Systems

●Active Directory

●SharePoint Support

Education and Course Work

Sitecore CMS System Administrator Texas Instruments 2011

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer New Horizons 2003

Associates of Applied Science DeVry University 2001

Work Experience:

Ackerman McQueen July 2015 – July 2019

Web Server Administrator

●Manage Production and Development Client Portals in Amazon Web Services.

●Maintain patches on all EC2 Windows Web Servers and Ubuntu Web Servers.

●PowerShell scripting and task automation with AWS Command Line Interface.

●Support and manage all Front end Windows based Web Servers, including IIS, SSL Certificates, Application data, Permissions, etc.

●Add, modify, and manage DNS entries with AWS Route 53.

●Maintain all server backups with Life Cycle Snapshot Manager in AWS.

●Store and manage all web and database backups with AWS S3.

●Work with Web Developers to ensure code is setup on production and development .NET websites with Web Deploy & IIS.

●Work with Quality Control Assurance Team to ensure all new websites function properly in all web browsers.

●On-Call for all Production Websites & Windows Web Servers

Texas Instruments February 2009 – July 2015

Windows Systems Administrator

●Manage user and computer accounts with Active Directory.

●Build, clone, and deploy Virtual Servers with VMware. Some Hyper-V.

●PowerShell scripting for Active Directory queries and task automation.

●Manage permissions and websites on our SharePoint 2010 farm.

●Support, maintain, and manage all Windows 2003 and 2008 R2 servers in our division.

●Support and manage all websites, applications, and shares in our division.

●Add, modify, and manage DNS entries using QiP/Infoblox.

●Work with Web Development Team to deliver code to our production and development .NET websites. IIS 6/ 7+ (Also uses Distributed File System)

●Support & install all SSL certificates within our environment.

●Work with Product Development Team to build new virtual systems for code developers to test our products with Windows 8/8.1, 10, and Server 2008 R2/ 2012 R2.

●Work with Oracle DBA Team to ensure all websites and applications are live and connected.

●Work with SQL DBA Team to ensure all websites and applications are live and connected.

●Work with Network Team and our external vendors to co-ordinate SharePoint permissions through F5.

●Work with Network Team to ensure all SharePoint websites and portal is live and connected through A10.

●Application and website migration.

APW Wyott November 2007 - December 2008

Systems Engineer

●Managed active directory accounts

●Managed blackberry accounts

●Setup terminal stations for remote users

●Assisted with help desk issues via online web system

●Assisted with Sales personnel Vista image rollout on laptops

●Ensured backups were made on all systems

●Managed antivirus on all systems via Symantec console

●Assisted in network support over 3 sites remotely

●Managed ERP accounts in SCO Unix

●Managed ERP security authorizations in SCO Unix

●Team presentation lead for corporate counsel group

●Assisted in network setup of engineering applications

●Ensured VPN was fully functional to external clients

●Assisted with setting up wireless bridge, VOIP, prioritization

●Checked event logs on all systems ensuring stability and security

●Ensured all systems got updates and patches

●Ensured all printers were fully functional

●Re-wired several enclosed switch boxes and the server rack

●Worked with group counsel team to implement new strategies

●Assisted with remote client issues by Logmein and Teamviewer

●Managed reporting database accounts in Cognos

●Managed Auto quote accounts

●Worked on call support after hours and weekends

●Part of security call list in case of emergency at site facility

●Worked with recovering, removing, and protecting Outlook email PST’s

●Assisted with network software and hardware audits to meet Sox compliance

National Clearing House Association March 2007- August 2007

Systems Administrator

●Managed active directory accounts

●Managed blackberry accounts

●Ensured MOM alerts were prioritized and taken care of

●Assisted with adding second exchange server to domain

●Travelled to Phoenix, AZ to assist in setting up new servers, desktops and printers

●Assisted with SAN setup for check images backup

●Ensured VPN was available to internal personnel

●Worked on call support and after hours and weekends

●Ensured all systems got updates and patches

●Checked event logs on all systems ensuring stability and security

●Ensured backups were made on all systems

Next Process October 2006 – January 2007

Systems Administrator

●Assisted with internal personnel issues

●Ensured scanned check images were safe and secure

●Ensured backups ran daily and weekly

●Assisted in wireless configurations

●Helped developers with .net issues on company website

●Aided in Cisco secure logins to VPN

Management Information Services May 2006 – October 2006

Network Consultant

●Part of consulting team that operated DFW metroplex

●Assisted with client server issues, new installations, configurations

●Managed exchange and active directory for several businesses

●Managed blackberry enterprise for user accounts

●Strengthened customer relations with clientele needing services

●Helped with sales of Dell servers, desktops, and deployment of new systems

Thomas Technologies March 2005 – May 2006

Network Engineer

●Supported network operations for a National Bank in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas

●This would include one main site and a motor bank site within several miles

●Assisted in setting up their third branch site in Fort Worth, Texas

●This would include configuring the domain controller and second exchange server

●Setup and managed all desktops and printers for their three sites

●Became chief liaison to the bank’s CFO and developed strong relations to keep ongoing business with this client

●Assisted with network software and hardware audits to meet Sox compliance

●Found a new client in Arlington and helped them setup enterprise antivirus and backups for their business operations

●Also managed day to day tasks with ensuring network stability and functionality

●Setup a new domain controller for a construction company in Edgewood, Texas

●Also set up their enterprise antivirus and provided them with a backup solution

●Managed their router, server, desktops, and printers

The Planet Web Hosting December 2003 – February 2005

Network Operations Team Lead

●Was promoted to a team lead within 90 days to oversee two datacenters at night

●Network Operations Center, we maintained and managed two datacenters within enterprise, approximately several 1000 web hosted and active directory servers

●Managed overnight functions and staff

●Ensured all power and network function to the data centers were safe and secure

●Assisted in a setting up and deploying a high end server cluster for a Lucasarts

Gaming project

●Was part of an escalation team for another gaming server cluster owned by Solam International

●Ensured all web hosted servers were operational 24/7 365 days a year

●This would include configuring remote access, ensuring all Dell DRACS were operational, and firewalls or load balancers were open to customers

State Farm Insurance November 2002 – December 2003

Help Desk Support

Stream International May 2000 – November 2002

Technical Support/ Hardware sales/ISP Support

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