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Test Lead - PMO - Scrum Master

Pune, Maharashtra, India
May 06, 2019

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To seek challenging role in a dynamic organization that needs innovation, creativity, dedication and enable me to continue to work in a challenging and fast paced environment, leveraging my current knowledge and fostering creativity with many learning opportunities. self-motivated, detail-oriented professional with an ability to liaison effectively.


9+ Years of experience in Software Testing, 6+ Years as QA Lead with ISTQB certification. All major project completed in Agile Methodology with the Scrum Master role in last 3 project.

In last project, worked as PMO, Trainer, Scrum Master and Team Lead role for an Insurance domain project with the team of 10 Manual testers.

Experience in the Agile Methodology using Scrum and Kanban.

Done Manual testing on All Web based and window based application such .Net, Java, Oracle,SAP and Sales Force (SFDC) application for End to End Testing.

Done Manual and Automation testing on the current and latest technology such as .Net telelink,spread sheet gear,excel Macro,Oracle, Share point and Salesforce/SFDC.

In testing having experience of Functional,Regression, Sanity,System Integration,System Up-gradation,Migration(window 7 to window 13 and 16),Environment compatibility (Office 7 to Office 10), Cross-Browser Testing, Database Testing, Security Testing and Ad hoc testing for to understand the application.

Participate in the API Testing with developer using the Postman tool.

Sound knowledge and experience of automation tool of QTP 12.5, Katalon and Tosca for testing client/desktop and web-based applications.

Experience of test management tool such as QC/ALM,Jenkins,Jira and Git Lab.

Expertise in Manual and automation testing with sound knowledge of SDLC and STLC.

Doing POC (Proof of Concept) to get exact idea about the requirement of client for automation.

Experience in the Release management and Release Planning.

Managing detected defects till closing status.

Tracking the new requirements for the project so that client get new field to explore and extension of the project benefits the billing purpose.

Checking and reviewing QA artifacts, Estimating the testing process, Communicating and working with business owners to write and implement related test plans.

Creating the Test plan for the complete utilization of the man power. Similarly for Automation also Create Test Plan to utilization of resource, tool and time in appropriate manner.

Appropriately divide the work in the team for maximum utilization of the team members.

Coordinate with network team for satisfactory creation of the automation network within the team.

Well versed in planning, execution, monitoring and Resource Balancing skills.

Experience in Developing Automation Test Scripts, Reviewing Test Scripts based on the Requirements and preparation of consolidated Test Script Execution Results.

Expertise in Agile Testing Methodology with experience of Water fall,Spiral and V model testing for some specific application. Basic knowledge of Dev ops Testing Methodology.

Experience in Problem solving and Tracking Bug Reports using QC/ALM, Bugzilla, Jira and Git Lab.

Participated actively in Scrum Meetings, Retrospection Meetings and Sprint Review.

Providing the training to the new Project joiner in the team and making them aware of various functionalities involve in the project with awareness about the Manual Testing and automation Tools.

Giving an automation Demo of test scripts to the Manual and Development Team on a regular basis to obtain the sign-off and later using those scripts for Functional and Regression testing.

Ability to manage multiple tasks, and work towards a deadline in a fast paced, on schedule, prioritizes coordinate activities, analytical and proactive approach to problem solving and decision making.

To make sure all the laid down Policies and Procedures are followed by self and the team.

Ability to work in a team environment and deliver projects on schedule with Minimal Supervision.


Worked on Automation Tools: QTP 10/11.5,Postman,UFT 12.5, and Tosca, QC 9, ALM 11/12

Domain Experience: Banking,Insurance, FX, HRMS, CRM, Sales,SFDC and Telecomm.

Basic Knowledge of other Testing tools : Informatica, J-meter,VSTS, SAP TAO

Basic Knowledge of Scripting Languages: VB script, C#

Database: SQL Server2008, MYSQL, Oracle, Tele-link, Spreadsheet gear

Operating Systems: Windows 7 and 10 with office13 and 16


Automation Specialist Level 1 and Level 2 in Tosca.

ISTQB certification.

Masters Program in Business Administration (M.B.A.)in Telecommunication, From NIM(Pune)

Certified Course of “WIRELESS, SATELITE & MOBILE NETWORK DESIGN”, From Collage of Engineering(Pune)

Bachelor of Engineering (E & TC),from COET(Pune)




Role as Test Lead with PMO

Working Projects Domain: Insurance

Technology: Java

O.S. : Window 10

Testing Methodology: Manual and API testing using Postman

Team Size:10

Achievements and Responsibilities in the project

Successfully done the creation of the Report format to track the productivity of the team member and utilization of each tester as per standard, till date no such activity done.

Client awarded two new project for testing purpose after giving the presentation of how we can handle the new task.

Client,Management and team member get the weekly/Monthly status of each tester performance individually with details of area of improvement and achievement in that period. It encourages the team to perform more better than other and motivate the star performer to repeat it again and again.

Start the Award and certification to the performing tester to reduce the high attrition rate.

Each tester gets the report of daily and weekly task with the status of the execution of test cases along with the defect status. This is doing without using any Test Management tool.

Involve in API testing using Postman tool along with the Developers.

Man power utilization in the absence of any team member or unplanned task given by client.



Role as Test Lead with PMO

Working Projects Domain: BFSI, Sales, CRM, HRMS (Working on the 13 different projects)

Technology: Java, .Net,SAP,Sales force(SFDC)

O.S. : Window 16

Testing Methodology: Automation by QTP 12.5, Tosca, katalon and Manual testing using ALM 12

Team Size:6

Achievements in the project

Successfully done the Functional and Regression testing with ZERO defect leakage for Sales force (SFDC) application first stage. Got the complete testing assignment for next 2 year.

Done the Start to end process such as Recruitment of tester to Sign-off, till the Go-No Go for project launch stage for 4 applications using Manual testing.

As per demand from business involved in the Pre-prod testing team for 3 applications. In this team mostly Functional expert and End User participating.

Done automation of such an application which has Desktop and Web based environment.

Guide the COE and procurement team to procured the UFT 12.5 tools with configuration.

Done successfully upgrade testing and Back up Manual testing of all 13 application with appropriate defect logs within the time frame.

Upgrade team mate from manual to Automation testing.

Description: Work done in the time frame as below

Involved in the Recruitment drive for manual Tester.

Involved in the procurement of the UFT 12.5 concurrent tool and successfully installation of the server appropriately in the system.

Participate in the training session held in the organization for new application/project/technology as a trainer.

Done Sales force SDFC applications Test plan to Regression testing in 2 weeks time frame.

Update the manual test execution status in ALM time to time. Generated report and assign test cases and scenarios to team through ALM.

Done security testing as per demand of organization.

Identify the minimal Add-ins require for the automation of the application.

Installed the UFT server with tool and keep the environment ready for team to start the work.

Creating the Document for an installation of the UFT server and what are the challenges faced and how the solution created for them and update it time to time. It is done first time in CG.

Short list the Manual Test case Scenarios for Automation, Finalize it after proper justification and approval from client for Automation.

Conversion of the given Test scenarios into Manual test cases is done upto 97%.

Divide the work load in the team as per the capability and expertise of the team along with dead line of the client. Time to time updating the knowledge of myself and team through KT.


Role as test Lead of Manual and Automation Testers with role of PMO

Working Projects Domain: Foreign Currency Exchange

Technology: SQL Server

Testing Tools: VSTS 2012 Coded UI, JIRA

Team Size:5

Moneycorp’s Travel Money Online (TMO) is Foreign Exchange domain UK based client. It currently uses a fully integrated solution, providing a customer facing

front-end website to capture order details, and a back-end system facilitating order processing and multiple functionality.

I gain required function/ technical knowledge of application by taking follow up with client For KT sessions for better understanding of the customer requirement and automation frame work.

Achievements in the project

Without any previous experience of the VSTS tool got selected in the project by upgrading the knowledge in short span of time.

Design the Complete Test plan along with co-ordination between on site and off site team.

Write the test cases in such manner that it become easy to write the automation script to the Automation tester.

Trained the Onsite Manual tester team with in weeks time to execute the scripts.

Appointed as an company interviewer for the project recruitments.

Description: Work done in the time frame as below

Designed Test plan as per client requirement with involving the client to done as per his expectation .

Resolved all the quires related to applications of Manual and Automation testers.

Involved in Designing of the framework as per the Project requirement.

Identify the feasibility of manual test scripts for writing scripts for automation.

Follow up with the client for tagging to the project, system configuration including installing required S/W on remote machine and mainly for Bug closing for me and my teammate also.

Completion of manual scenarios with dry run of the scripts before the start of those sprints.

Completion of the automation scripts from Auto. Tester within the respective sprint and completed with test report before the start of next sprint.

Raise the bug on the same instance and followed up to close it in the same sprint.

Trained the on-site Manual team for execution of the script.


Role as Manual and Automation Tester

Working Projects Domain: SAP (MM)

Technology: SAP

Testing Tools: SAP TAO 3.0, QTP11.0, QC 11

Team Size:6

Client need to define a robust regression test automation strategy for SAP modules that will reduce the overall project timelines for further enhancement and in turn give better return on investment by executing regression suite automatically. Client needs us to lead a test automation initiative for SAP Test Automation.

Achievements in the project

Write down the Manual test cases from the previous project team’s scripts.

Done successfully integration of QC with tool.

Trained the new joiner about the application without affecting the work schedule.

Understand the flow of the execution,by understanding the script done by old team.

Description: Work done in the time frame as below,

Understanding Requirements, Functionality and navigational flow of given Test cases in different modules Functional workflow.

Create and execute the scripts as per the define requirement.

Identify & verify correct flow with Test Data and assumption to execute the Test cases given.

Write Manual Test Cases for execution and understanding purpose to QA.

Record and Consolidate the Test Cases in QC.



Test Lead for Manual and Automation Test Engineers

Project Domain: Banking

Technology: Java

O.S. : Window 10

TestingTools: Manual Testing and Automation Testing using QTP 10.0, QC 9

Team Size:5

This is a client server Project. It is a core banking application software designed for co-operative bank, which deals with accounting procedure tailored to specific banking needs. This software allows the user to create customer details like personal information, nominee details, mode of payments details etc. and allows the user to make new entry for the saving bank account, current account, fixed deposit, recurring deposit etc.

Achievements in the project

Completed the automation Testing with reports and defects before the time frame given to the client without any defect leakage in the production.

Write the Test plan for Manual and Automation testing .Verify the Traceability Requirement Matrix and made test cases according to it.

Suggest modification in the FRS and BSR documents and some of it got accepted by the client .

Co ordinate with the developer team and testing team to smooth bonding without affecting the defect count or sprint schedule.

Description: Work done in the time frame as below,

Associate with team for project related FRS, BRS, Use cases, test cases and Flow Diagram.

Write the test cases to cover requirement and do the peer review of other tester.

Automation Testing using Quick Test Professional(QTP 10.0), in development, maintenance and execution of automation scripts, creation of automation framework as per standards and update to the teammate with management Team.

Uploading the requirements into QC and Mapping all the requirements to the test cases in QC in order to achieve full requirement coverage.

Analyzed the Application and Develop and execute the Test Scripts in terms of Automation scripts.

Developed Automation test scripts for Integration and Regression testing and Running Scripts in the batch mode and Raising, chasing and resolving issues.

Involved in developing new reusable Actions or Library Functions by identifying the necessary areas.

Ensure there is no defect leakage in the production.

Keep co-ordination with Developer for the updates in the projects and fixing the bugs.

Designing Test Suites for various benefits for ID protection site.

Participated day to day Scrum Meetings and Sprint Review & Retrospection Meeting with automation testing activities.

Document test plans and run the complete Automated testing suite prior to software releases as a method of regression testing.

System Testing on this application involved overall functional check on the application.


Manual Test Engineer

Project Domain: HRMS

Technology: Java,SQL SERVER 2008

O.S.: Window 10

Testing Tools: Manual Testing with TestLink, WAVE validator

Team Size :10

It is an end to end Payroll solution Software. It has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Employee Details and payroll process of medium to large-scale organizations. It is capable of marking attendance, calculating unlimited Salary Components, generating Pay-slips (and various other salary reports), generating PF reports, ESI reports, Tax reports according to end User Requirements. Its services give employers and payroll service provider’s payroll solutions.

Achievements in the project

Involved and Created the FRS document with the discussion with the client and BA.

Given demo of the functionality of the application to developer and tester, to get better idea about the application. Working as a Domain Support with BA.

List out the Validation and Verification point of the application.

Description: Work done in the time frame as below,

Involved in Research work for data Validation and Verification with understanding user requirements by digging into the application functionality.

Developed Test cases for Functional, Integration and Regression testing.

Performed Cross-Browser Testing (compatibility testing) and Database Testing.

Analyzed the Application with the Development and Execution of the Test cases

Involved writing Project Specific and Generic Functional Test cases.


Manual QA Engineer

Project Domain :CRM

Technology: .NET / SAP


Testing Tools: Manual Testing, Mantis BT, WAVE validator

Role: Manual Software Tester and Domain Supporter

Team Size:4

Description:It is a CRM Project where the data of the customer is maintained from the initiation phase to Maintenance phase with Invoice Generation. The application is developed on .NET technology. The major modules are Lead, Account, Potential, Product, Home page, Order, Invoice, Quotes, and Reports etc. In Home Page all the details like Top Potentials, Top Accounts, Tickets, Sales Order etc are displayed. The latest 5 details are displayed for each category. Lead is the initial phase where in the details of the customer are added. If there is a hope of business, Lead is converted to Potential. Potential consists of Potential Name, Amount, Sales stage, Lead Source and Probability. In potential, search option has been given wherein we can search for the specified Potential and we can edit the details. In Product module details about Product Name, Code, Vendor Name, Contact person, and price and Product image are entered.

Job Responsibilities:

Performing GUI and Functional Testing.

Involved in writing and execution of Test Cases.

Create report using WAVE validator for WEB testing.

Participating in knowledge transfer on business scenarios and work flow.

Preparing defect reports and Analyzing bugs with Test summary Reports.


Deputy Manager (Handling team of 4 support engineer and 8 FSE)

Handling NOC(Network operation Center) with the in-bound and out-bound team for 24*7.

Manage MH-GOA circle wire line network and all nodes giving service to customer.

Site survey for BTS installation,BSNL connectivity permission and installation.

Commercial processing the activity related to networking and stock.

Testing the Quality and Functionality of the signal received at customer’s instrument.

AJANTA TELECOMM PVT.LTD. (Jan 2001 – Dec 2002)

Field Engineer (Handling team of 3 service engineer)

Software installation, configuration and up-gradation of EPABX system.

Service and installation of system with Follow up for AMC with client.

Technical support to sales team,Programming and configuration of a new and present clients system.

Successfully demonstrate and grab the networking Component order of Zensar and Bit-wise.


DOB :May 22,1975

Address : Alankar Hos.So.Plot no. 60 Ganeshnagar PUNE-52, Maharastra, India.

Passport No. : K4103371 Valid till 27/02/2022

PAN Card No :AGYPB5588J

Marital Status :Married


Participated in Blood Donation Camp, Cricket matches and Cultural Activity in the Organization .

Participated in Organizing of the education camp,Health camp and tree plantation .


Watching technical videos, check new tools arrive in the market, Book Reading.

Like to watch Discovery and Animal planet to understand behavioral of Animals in different situation.

Ability to do work in under pressure, adaptable, quick learner and Love to learn and work in challenging and newly developing field to be the first hands on it.

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