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Software Developer

Kanata, ON, Canada
March 31, 2019

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Permanent Resident (Canada) 1243 McEachern Court Milton, ON, CA 587-***-****


Sept 2016 – Dec 2018 University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge, AB, Canada) B.Sc Computer Science

Relevant Courses: Fundamental of Programming, Digital System, Discrete Structure, Computer Architecture, Software Development, Data Communication & Networking, Database Management, Programming Languages, Algorithms and Data Structure, Internet Programming, Quantum Computing & Operating System.

Jan 2011 to Dec 2015 NED University of Engineering & Technology (Pakistan) B.Arch in Architecture and Planning

Aug 2008 to 2010 GCSE- A levels from Cambridge International Examination (UK) Aug 2005 to 2008 GCSE- O levels from Cambridge International Examination (UK) COMPUTER SKILLS

Languages: C++, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Php, Perl, XML, XHTML, XSLT Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS

Technical Skills: Version Control, Test Driven development, WordPress, Adobe Xd, Microsoft Visual Studio, Emacs, Eclipse, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Laravel, SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, 3D Max,


Software Developer Intern Nuvex Solutions Jan 2019 to Feb 2019

Software development for Tracx TMS to give a trucking company the insight, control, and flexibility to properly manage their trucking operations.

Designing, coding and debugging software using Php, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript.

Developed front end graphical user interface design using the Laravel framework.

Developed websites using WordPress, an open-source content management system based on PHP & MySQL. WordPress supports web content including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, pages set up, and online stores.

Implemented software testing and quality assurance using Source Tree version control.

Support, maintain and document software functionality as required by a client.

Participated in user requirements meetings and prepared a mock-up application design using Adobe Xd to make the client satisfied and developed the application accordingly.

Developed excellent project management, analytical, problem-solving, communication and organization skills.


Software Development September 2017 to December 2017

The FinanceTech banking software was written in an object-oriented programming language (C++) where concepts such as inheritance, abstract base class, and polymorphism were utilized.

The Git repository was used to store documentation, source code, and tests.

The project design demonstrated the appropriate use of object-oriented design techniques including the integration of design patterns such as Factory, Singleton, Bridge patterns.

Automated unit testing with CPPUnit was performed and recorded throughout the project. Exception handling, unit tests, and integration tests were expected to be performed.

Testing strategies, debugging and optimization issues were documented.

Shell Scripting was developed so that system would automatically run the script for us at a convenient time and would send us a message for recording purposes.

All classes and routines were documented with Doxygen.

The source code, tests, debugging, optimization and other components were demonstrated during a final project walk through.

Business Database January 2018 to April 2018

Designed and developed a database application for a local used-car dealer.

Designed and developed a webpage for data insertion via HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Drawn corresponding ER diagram and created the database using HTML, PHP and MySQL script. Phpmyadmin was used to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web.

Query, insert, delete and update functions were implemented for Westside Auto Inc. database. Database was designed and structured to optimize any future updates.

Build and tested some initial forms created via HTML and developed reports. Mobile App Development January 2018 to April 2018

Designed and developed Flickr App that uses the API from Flickr and gets some images uploaded to our application to develop our image database.

Developed the Flicker application over android studio using Java.

Flickr App let users search for images by image tags, scroll through the database of images, access and view the image’s information such as the image owner and description. Interface and design were set up to allow for future updates such as uploading images.

Designed few activity pages such as Main Activity, Basic Activity, Search Activity, Photo Details Activity. They were used as interfaces that were implemented on the classes.

Github was used for group collaboration and debugging with tools in Andriod studio. Exception handling incorporated for debugging purposes and for user inputs. Data Link Protocol October 2017 to November 2017

Design and simulate a Data Link protocol using Java.

The protocol deliver packets reliably under any traffic configuration as long as errors and frame losses do not occur.

Implemented code in a way that avoids channel collisions and maximizing throughput.

Demonstrated flow of Frames between two Data Link Layers. Web Design May 2017 to June 2017

Developed a website to represent my Architectural Thesis

The webpage link is provided here:

Layout ideas were developed in Photoshop keeping the website structure fixed.

Divi Builder for used for initializing the website and providing it a URL.

HTML was used to develop website structure and content. CSS was used to overlap the website with style and design. JavaScript was used for further behavior development.

SEO, UI, user experience and usability testing were kept in mind while designing the website.

Learned Laravel PHP web framework for developing a website. Understood the object oriented programming and model view controller.

Sudoku Solver February 2016 to March 2016

Implemented a Sudoku problem solver in C++. It was an individual project.

Inputs the Sudoku Grid and program fills in the empty spaces. Program can also deduce if it is unsolvable.

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