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Lecturer in English

Abha, 'Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
March 20, 2019

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Lecturer in English

Al-Yamania Opposite Abha General Hospital Abha, KSA.

Mobile: 009***********



Personal summary

Key Skills Name: Rakhshinda Jabeen Shah Zaman

Good Communicator Marital Status: Married

Responsible Date of birth: 30th January, 1975

Positive attitude Religion: Islam

Passionate Nationality: Pakistani

Planning and organizational Languages: English, Urdu and Arabic

skills Career History

Fatima Jinnah Degree College for Women, Faisalabad, Pakistan

English Lecturer, Head of the English Department (2000-2007)

Duties and Responsibilities

Taught ESL classes to college students of various levels

Taught literature and language to graduate students.

Developed Exam questions for both mid semester and final

exam; providing efficient assessment on student’s performances.

Involved in mentoring students for academic achievements and

also in extra- curricular activities.

Provided timely, thorough feedback to students.

Incorporated available technology into course format and


Organized and got involved in cultural and social activities.

King Khalid University, College of Arts, Abha, SaudiArabia

Lecturer in English (2007- till date)

Duties and responsibilities

Taught EFL to Arab students of different levels, included Blended Teaching as well as facilitated teaching, incorporating online testing and evaluation methods.

Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a range of classes and age groups.

Preparing and setting tests, examination papers and exercises.

Marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work

Devising, writing and producing new materials including audio and visual resources.

Attending and contributing to training sessions.

Instructing students on interpreting literature.

Assigning books to read, including classical and contemporary Novel, Poetry and Drama.

Teaching students about the structure and contents of English Language

Including proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

Teaching about different literary styles and ages.

Creating positive educational climate for students to learn.

Creating projects designed to enhance lectures.

Participating in ongoing training sessions.

Reading and staying abreast of current topics in teaching.

Developing incentives to keep participants in class.

Working with program coordinators to ensure initiatives are being met.

Preparing required course report for each course in the end of each Semester.

Managing and evaluating student’s performances and behaviors with Disciplinary actions.

Using Blackboard as an active online tool for facilitated courses.

Preparing online assignments and tests through blackboard.

Providing relevant YouTube videos and slides with links on


Activating Discussion Forum on Blackboard to monitor students’

development in certain programs.

Replying blackboard mails to provide assistance and feedback to


Managing grade center on Blackboard for an online result


Publications: Published a paper on “Nature in the Hands of Wordsworth” in International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation(IJLLT).

Submitted manuscript: Motivation in English Language Teaching_ Where does it come from, where does it go

In Progress: “Shelley’s Romanticism- A World of Sheer Ecstasy”

“Woman- a victim of social norms and injustice, with reference to Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles”

Presentations: 1-Presented a paper on “Motivation in English Language Teaching”, under KSAALT- TESOL Abha chapter.

2-Presented a paper on Research Day of King Khalid University, titled: “Literature in EFL Classroom”.


Member of Examination committee

Member of MEC: Member of Measurement and Evaluation Center, Department of Languages and Translation.

Association of KSAALT-TESOL: Member and vice treasury of KSAALT

(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers),

Abha Chapter.

Workshops and Meetings: Attended live sessions of KSAALT on a variety of topics, especially related with EFL.

KSAALT sessions attended

“The Use of Dictionary in EFL Writing Exams”

“Literature an Element to Create Flow to make English Language

Learning Successful”

“Corpus Linguistics and its Pedagogical Applications”

“An Experimental study of Cohesion in the essays of Female EFL


KSAALT-TESOL, Abha Chapter Mini Conference:

“Using Personalization to Engage Learner” by Daniel Grave”

“Motivating Students through Teaching Techniques” by Theodor Lan

“Manichean and Dichotomous Opposites in Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot”

“Teaching Pronunciation in the Classroom-What to teach and How”

“Teaching English to Saudi Native Speakers and a question of Native like Proficiency in English”

“From Studying EFL to using it in KSA”

“Classroom Observation: A powerful tool for CPD”

“A Contrastive analysis of English and Arabic Proverbs”

“The impact of Native Culture on EFL writing: Challenges and Solutions"

Professional Development Workshops

Attended a workshop on “Unlocking Potential and Preparing for success”, by Claire Hattle, organized by Faculty of Languages and Translation in Cooperation with Cambridge University.

Attended a Seminar on the topic: “Mining for gold in Interdisciplinary Research: a Whole greater than the sum of its Parts”, by Dr. Barbra Rumbinas

Attended a workshop entitled “How do the academicians write?” in College of Languages and Translation KKU.

Attended a workshop entitled: “Quality Teaching and Learning” by the Committee of Development and Quality at the Faculty of Languages and Transalation in KKU.

Courses Completed

Lots of online courses completed, based on Blackboard usage and Illuminate Live.

E Learning Practitioner Course (2 week’s online course)

Completed Cambridge Course

References will be provided on demand

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