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C#, Visual Foxpro, ASP. NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, Crystal Reports, HTML

Brooklyn, New York, 11234, United States
January 30, 2019

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Sergey I. Akerman

Certified Scum Master

Brooklyn, NY 11234

Phone: 347-***-****



Accomplished professional with extensive experience in mission-critical applications design, development, implementation & support.

Extensive experience customizing and supporting of ERP and CRM systems.

Strong experience in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle, including technical analysis, requirements' gathering and functional design as well as project management. Reach experience in proposals & project specifications writing.

Strong skills of customer facing and client interactions.


Skills: C#, Visual FoxPro / FoxPro, ASP. NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, VB .NET, Crystal Reports, HTML, CSS, JIRA, SpiceWorks, MySQL, MS Access, DBase


G&G ELECTRIC SUPPLY, Inc., New York, NY 05/17 – 10/18

ERP Consultant / Technical Business Analyst

Gathered business requirements and created functional project specifications.

Developed of a sub-module to exiting ERP System to calculate Sales Velocity for each item sold an interface for purchasing manager to routinely order only items that may run low in stock. (Visual FoxPro, MS SQL Server)

Design, development and implementation of modifications and enhancements to exiting ERP System for various business needs. (Visual FoxPro, MS SQL Server)

Provided end-user and field support and database administration. (Visual FoxPro, MS SQL Server)

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS & DESIGN, Inc., Brooklyn, NY 10/14 – Present

Independent Computer Consultant / Owner

SJ Computers project

Designed and developed a web-scraping application to read data for a list of Real Estate properties from NYC Department of Finance website, update results to database. (C#, SQL Server)

Developed new features and resolved issues of an existing ERP website of a client. (ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server)

Quantum Equities project

Developed new features, resolved issues and design flows in an existing Real Estate Investor CRM System.. (C# .NET, MS SQL Server Express)

Law offices of David B. O'Connor PC project

Performed Data Analytical work with Electronic Medical Records & Billing Software (EMR) to provide report for litigation. (Visual FoxPro 9, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel), Brooklyn, NY 12/13 – 04/17

Programmer Analyst

Responsible of the maintenance and support of AccountMate ERP System and numerous add-on applications to it for customer service and Warehouse management staff to provide order handling of a large e-commerce company. (Visual FoxPro 8, SQL Server/2008/2000, Crystal Reports)

Worked with standard Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools to establish collaboration and traceability among members of three different development teams. Have hands-on using collaborative tools such as JIRA Kanban board and GIT / GitHub.

Performed query normalization of the ERP System database remote views to comply with SQL-2003 standard from T-SQL-92 standard and query optimization. (Visual FoxPro 8, SQL Server, T-SQL)

Designed and developed stored procedures to check data integrity of the AccountMate data (separate store procedure for each module) to identify potential data problem and conflicts such as improper currency exchange rate application, improper tax amount calculation, payment transactions not completed, etc. and produce reports sent via email to parties responsible. Each stored procedure was set ad SQL Server job to run on daily bases. (SQL Server, T-SQL)

Developed application to update information of Return Authorizations from system database to Magento e-commerce platform via API protocol. (C#, SQL Server, MySQL, T-SQL)

Developed stored procedures to update information of Return Authorizations from system database to NOP Commerce e-commerce platform. (SQL Server, MySQL, T-SQL)

Designed and developed an application to read data from via API protocol with information of leads processed, created a stored procedure to compare to what is in the database and upload CSV file back with information of the orders placed via FTP protocol. (C#, SQL Server, T-SQL)

Designed and developed an application to charge credit cards via API protocol accommodating PCI Compliance requirements and updating charge results back to system database. (C#, SQL Server, T-SQL)

Designed and developed an application to reconcile monthly transaction and charges report from Amazon Seller Accounts with Invoices and Returns in the database, create detailed reconciliation report showing all Amazon charges and credits, create General Ledger pre-posting batch. (C#, Visual FoxPro 8, SQL Server, MS Excel)

Created a semi-automated routine & reports for checking Accounts Payable data to be accurate and consistent, have proper consolidation of different data representations. Inserted transactions to out-set and eliminate data batches to be posted to General Ledger because of missing or duplicate information. (SQL Server, T-SQL)

Designed and developed an application to auto-respond messages in the Seller Account. Application used a browser automation to read message subjects and first x-number of characters of a message body and decide which template to choose to send as an answer. (C#)

Created a semi-automated routine to import monthly reports from Forter Fraud Prevention service and create invoice for the service. Created routine to produce report to reconcile invoice for the service with fraud verification requests and insurance payments received from shipping carriers. (Visual FoxPro 8, Excel, SQL Server, T-SQL)

Designed and developed a web-scraping application to read data for all items in a provided scope from and avoiding being banned by Proxy settings, update results to database. (C#, SQL Server)

Designed and developed a web-scraping application to read data from various websites of the company competitors for all items in a provided scope, update results to database. (C#, SQL Server)

Developed an application to prepare data for weekly offers to Wholesale by importing data from previous offers, calculating competitive prices based on cost and exporting in a formatted MS Excel file. (SQL Server/2008, T-SQL, Visual FoxPro 8, MS Excel)

Provided management personal with custom reports upon their requests (SQL Server, T-SQL, Visual FoxPro 8, MS Excel)

AUTOMATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, Inc., New York, NY 11/98 – 11/13

Programmer Analyst / Technical Lead

Responsible for gathering business requirements, design, development and implementation of modifications, enhancements and custom sub-modules for the Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC/SBT) Accounting System according to the users and clients’ needs and requests. Developed internal routines and third-party stand alone applications to issue Import/Export files for data exchange with other accounting software and/or processing orders via client’s on-line stores. (FoxPro 2.6, Visual FoxPro 5, Visual FoxPro 8, Visual FoxPro 9)

Maintained, Managed and performed Periodic Checks of clients’ databases. (FoxPro 2.6, Visual FoxPro 5, Visual FoxPro 6, Visual FoxPro 8, Visual FoxPro 9)

Designed and Developed websites for major clients. (HTML)

Provided on-site and on-line technical support of accounting applications and MS Windows to end-users.

Performed basic administration functions with MS Server 2003 & MS Server 2008 such as maintaining users & managing open shared resources

Landlord & Tenant Legal System

Solely responsible for architecture, design and building from scratch a large scale fully-featured landlord & tenant legal case management and process auditing system which is use in over 70 of real estate law firms in NYC. This complete legal ERP system consists of a number of modules that facilitate data entry, data mapping, form generation, form transportation, document processing, legal case tracking and status gathering, various reports generation. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Designed and developed a comprehensive workflow for case tracking which capable of handling over 20 different types of legal proceedings for the real estate industry including Non-Payment, Holdover, HP. Co-Ops & Condos proceedings, facilitating over 30 different legal forms to support litigation in Housing, Civil. Supreme, Appellate & Bankruptcy courts as well as with government agencies like DHPD, DHCR, ECB & DHR. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Designed and developed a legal action routing system which allows performing time base document tracking, prioritizing and categorizing, thus allowing for trouble-free, real-time, partially paperless, case management system. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Designed and implemented a case tickler feature which uses a sophisticated home grown algorithm that provides complete case analysis and generates recommendations for appropriate legal actions based on case history and other case and legal action related key criteria. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Designed and developed a court litigations tracking feature to provide the attorneys with complete case reports and summaries. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Developed accounts receivables sub-system with ability to handle all basic billing, receiving and applying to invoice(s) payment and tracking features. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Designed and developed features to export all data (both legal and accounting) to files in over 10 different output formats like DBF, CSV, XML, XLS, etc. to be used with small to midsize property management, accounting and other applications. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6)

Designed and developed feature to import data from an outside property management software (Yardi Voyager, MDS, RentRiter). (Visual FoxPro 9, Visual FoxPro 6, SQL Server)

Designed and implemented an interface to be accessed via remotely by lawyers and 3rd party agents (lawyers’ clients) through their desktop over the internet. (Visual FoxPro 9, FoxPro 2.6, HTML, Citrix 4, MS Server 2003/2008)

Affinity Health Plan project

Designed, developed and implemented modifications, enhancements and custom sub-modules for the ACCPAC/SBT Accounting Systems for company needs of health insurance billing. (Visual FoxPro 6)

Provided data management, database administration and consultations to take a part of merging The Bronx Health Plan, Genesis Health Plan and Fidelity Health Plan into Affinity Health Plan. This included data import, export and/or synchronization with other accounting software from both PC and HP machine platforms (from HP mainframe system over MS SQL Server 2005, Visual FoxPro 8, Visual FoxPro 6).

Provided end-user and field support and database administration. (Visual FoxPro 8, Visual FoxPro 6)

Knoedler / Hammer Galleries project

Designed, developed and implemented modifications and enhancements for the ACCPAC Accounting Systems to serve needs of orders taking and on-demand artist royalties’ calculation in these New York major art galleries. (Visual FoxPro 8, Visual FoxPro 5, FoxPro 2.6)

Sunrise Baking Corp. project

Designed, developed and implemented modifications and enhancements for the ACCPAC Accounting Systems to serve needs of quick orders taking 24/7, produce shipping and drivers activity tracking in the one of biggest baking plants in Brooklyn. (Visual FoxPro 8)

NET@WORK, Inc., New York, NY 05/97 – 11/98

Senior Programmer

Responsible for the design and development of custom modules and sub-routines for the SBT Accounting System according clients needs and requests. This work had done of number of projects in many different types of business such as Apparel Retail Businesses, Handbags manufacturing and sale, Custom Rugs import and sale, Jewelry production and sale, Worldwide petroleum shipping, Asbestos removal, Magazine Subscription system. (FoxPro 2.6, Visual FoxPro 5)

Had been responsible for the installation of the SBT Accounting System on the clients’ network.

Provided on-site, over the phone and remote technical support.

Mail Order Management System

Solely responsible for development of Business Applications for a Mail Order Management System, based on SBT Accounting Systems. The application featured fast order entry by telemarketing salesperson, processing credit card payments, batch shipping. (Visual FoxPro 5)

Developed imaging features for the SBT Inventory Control. (Visual FoxPro 5)


Guarantee, Ltd. project

Designed, developed from scratch a Point of Sale and Inventory Control System for a Wholesale company - exclusive Reseller of Pepsi-Cola., Dole, McCormick, Ferrero and other American and European brand products in Western Ukraine. Application had ability to track inventory in warehouse and retail store, print all necessary documents for customers/retailers, warehouse manager and accounting department. (FoxPro 2.5)

Business Document Center, Ltd. project

Designed, developed from scratch an application for Retail tracking, Inventory Control, CRM, Payroll, Commissions calculating and Sales Staff Management of an Authorized Dealer of Xerox Corp. (FoxPro 2.5)

Procom Investment Fund, Ltd. project

Designed, developed from scratch an Application for registration of government issued privatization certificates and assigning them to investment packages. (FoxPro 2.5)

Mercury Globe Ukraine, Co. project

Developed from scratch using FoxPro 2.5 an application for preparing information for publishing of Yellow / White Pages Directory featured data processing and output in format of Corel Ventura 4.2 for publishing.

FORGING AND PRESSING MACHINERY PLANT, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine 09/89 – 07/93


Participated in development of the Factory ERP System, had been responsible for development of a module for data entry and reports processing. (FoxPro 2.0)

Developed a prototype system to design drawings of electric control panels (AutoCAD, G-Lisp)

Developed data exchange program between AutoCAD and software of a proprietary plotter. (Borland Pascal 6)


Khmelnytskiy National University of Technology, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine 1987 – 1992

M.S. in: Computer Technologies in Machine Building

Khmelnytsky Polytechnic College, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine 1983 – 1987

A.S. in: Maintenance and Support of CNC Equipment and Industrial Robots


Certified Scrum Master 10/18

International Scrum Institute, Certificate # 357***********

AccountMate ERP Solution Provider 05/14

AccountMate Software Corp., Certificate

SBT Accounting Systems (Sage 300 ERP / ACCPAC) Solution Provider 06/98

Sage Software, Inc., Certificate

REFERENCES: Available upon request

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