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Manager Information Technology

Houston, TX
January 29, 2019

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An IT Manager with a diversified technical background that is motivated, meticulous, organized, hard-working, dedicated and dependable employee with a strong background in the IT department management, project management, and IT support with a proven ability to optimize IT solutions that decrease costs, increase performance and productivity. A versatile hands-on IT professional with vast knowledge in all areas of MIS / Information Technology and has demonstrated success in designing, implementing and supporting IT solutions that improve business functionality and productivity. An IT professional that has made a point to learn and continue education in every aspect of Information Technology to help me develop better business practices and IT solutions. An IT professional that possesses strong analytical skills and effective interpersonal and communication skills to interact with a range of users having different levels of computer expertise.

I design workable solutions to IT issues. My background in IT helps bring a fresh outlook to the Information Technology department. My experiences and current skill set help me bring a capacity for organization, prioritization, and management in a dynamic environment as-well- as a balanced knowledge base of departmental management, network system infrastructure design, network infrastructure monitoring, and systems support that would indeed be a benefit to all companies in any industry.

I maximized Information Technology department by reducing the cost of Information Technology infrastructure, Human Resources, Operations Management, and stayed within annual budgets without compromising IT services, infrastructure design, client IT network services, End-User support, website presence, and e-commerce design. Administers and support VoIP systems, Wireless Wi-Fi, and Cellular communication endpoints and gateways including Smart Phones, software, and system applications. Maintain and supported remote network connectivity, physical and virtual network servers. Analyze, monitor network usage to ensure the security of data, and troubleshoot server data and voice network communications issues. Coordinate special projects, software installation, and system installations. Provide user support, problem resolution and coordinated day-to-day operations of departmental staff, staff development, LAN\WAN systems connectivity, the infrastructure data, telecommunications, disaster recovery contingency, planning, and support. Information Technology Departmental Development

Improved department practices, developed sound IT policies and procedure, increased productivity and reduce cost.

Reduced IT administration cost by 32% by negotiating Vendor SLA contracts. Pricing, and fees tailored to specialized services, while ensuring the continuation and enhancement of services.

Generated project resource plans with detailed features that included action items with project targets and goals

Maintained professional communication with supervisor and departmental heads when significant problems and errors in the infrastructure occurred.

Reduced IT infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership and designed solutions to increase productivity with IT services.

Annual budgets remained within budget by providing qualified IT Technical solutions to end users and IT infrastructure needs also help department heads in their Return on Investment with sound researched IT solutions and created an IT asset database to help with future upgrade requirements and financial reports.

Mentored internal IT staff. Analyze user and departmental IT needs. Network Infrastructure Management, Monitoring, Security, and Support (Help Desk/Center Support)

Improved network infrastructure enhancements, remote network device solutions, IT security solutions, Infrastructure Monitoring solutions, and phone systems infrastructure wiring/wireless solutions.

Optimized Help Desk/Help Center, Data Center and campus building infrastructure design and operational support, troubleshooting and configuration within the LAN/Wan infrastructure and implemented support solutions for users.

Introduced maintaining an Activity Log of problems and known issues analyzed data and made operational support of known issue’s solution and recommendations to cut user downtime.

Introduced remote network device solutions, including smart devices and tablets, monitoring system health and performance, IT security solutions for local, remote and wide area network WAN devices and data.

Maximized IT infrastructure devices, Ethernet switches, routers, Cisco ASA firewalls, remote WAN access points, wireless access points, and power backup solutions to increase productivity and reduce user downtime.

Industry Experience

Information Technology

IT Consulting

Health Care

Legal Firms






Oil and Gas






Information Technology Business Development

Executive and Departmental Management

Business Policy and Procedure Development

Project Management

Project Planning and Procurement

Infrastructure and Architectural Assessment

IT Strategy Development

Implementation and Business Process Design

HIPPA Compliance

Help Desk / Help Center Development

Infrastructure Design, Systems Integration, and


Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Cisco Systems

Juniper Networks

Nortel/Bay Network


Infrastructure Security Strategy and


Firewall Security and Implementation

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)


Authentication and Encryption Consulting

Intrusion Detection and Penetration Testing

Telecommunications Design and Integration

Telephone Systems/PBX

Voice Over IP - VoIP

Voice, Data, and Video

Wireless Communication

Messaging Systems

Broadband Networks and Services, T1/T3,

DSL, ISDN, cable, Frame Relay, and ATM

Collaborative Communications

Messaging and Collaboration

MS Exchange

POP / IMAP Servers and Services

Lotus Notes

Novell GroupWise / Vibe

MS Outlook

Email Clients and Desktop Support

Smart Devices and Remote Email Clients

Networking Systems and Operations

Windows-based products

Windows Server products


Windows Terminal Server

Analyzed server, workstation smart devices, software, needs and resource requirements, improved server, and workstation rollout practices and procedure. Developed a remote desktop solution for both local and remote client needs. Designed and implemented server and workstation platform system migrations.

Optimized and maintained wireless architecture, configured and deployed access point, diagnose access point interference, management and monitoring of wireless devices and smart devices.

Analyzed and evaluated corporate hardware and software requirements for hybrid cloud technology business solutions, Data Center and data storage requirements, developed RAID, SAN, NAS and hybrid Cloud network solutions, also improved data backup solutions, mirrored site backup solutions, site replication, disaster recovery, data imaging solutions, workstation and remote systems data imaging.

Installed and supported telecommunications wiring/wireless infrastructure, phone system, and Video conferencing solutions also integrated phone system with network platforms for desktop services and voicemail retrieval.

Maximize the electronic mail solutions to deliver streamlined messaging and implemented electronic mail system end-user support services, also Analyzed Website hosting solutions and worked in the design and development of website e-commerce needs and web services.


Management of Corporate Technology Staff and Staff Development as either an Interim Chief Information Officer (C.I.O.) or Information Technology / MIS Corporate Manager.

IT Corporate Manager with company oversight, committed to the cost-effective management of resources and quality performance and driven to manage costs, beneficial partnerships and relationships with the user, vendors and service providers.

Reduced IT administration cost by 32% by negotiating Vendor SLA contracts, pricing, and fees, while ensuring the continuation and enhancement of services.

Demonstrated success in managing many simultaneous projects, team building and supervision, project management and leadership skills, with the ability to motivate teams to increase productivity.

High-energy, results-oriented leader with an entrepreneurial attitude that builds and retains high-performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals with a deeper understanding of all aspects Information Technology and Asset Management with the focus on delivering business solutions.

History of success managing other people and achieving scope, timeline, budget corporate goals, and customer satisfaction goals. Along with the ability to work as a team with other business units and departments.

IT Manager offering an impressive record of taking over troubled projects, developing new launch plans, executing to successful completion and boosting performance and productivity by establishing realistic goals, reducing mitigating risks and enforcing deadlines in cost-effective solutions.

A versatile IT professional with vast knowledge of the enterprise project lifecycle from concept development to launch. Expertise in full project life cycle development for implementation and integration.

IT Manager offering extensive experience working with all aspects of in-house developed systems in project management, product support, installation, configuration, migration and implementation of corporate Information Technology services and determined to deliver affordable high-quality and user- friendly solutions.

A diligent IT Manager adept at managing product development, release planning, customer requirements, change management, and product strategy. Skilled in requirements gathering, cost estimation and willing to go the extra mile to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

Project management, planning, design, procurement and installation of Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks in a large or small corporation. Whether enhancing current infrastructure or designing a new infrastructure from the ground level for better productivity.

Experience managing and monitoring Internet security, Cisco Ethernet switches and ASA configurations, specifying and managing server network infrastructure hardware. LAN/WAN infrastructure analysis, VPN solutions, Operational Support, strategic IT systems design, upgrade, implementation and deployment.

IT Manager possesses extensive knowledge of technical equipment, hardware, and software, as well as hands-on experience with telecommunications, corporate network hardware technology, and software support.

Telecommunication both Large and small-scale research, design, development, and implementation of phone systems, LAN / WAN network integration, PBX environments, unified messaging, facsimile and voice mail systems, corporate video conferencing and streaming voice over IP (VoIP) with corporate broadband.

Citrix Systems

MAC Servers



System Clustering and High Availability

Network Design and Implementation

Server, Workstation, and Laptop deployment

Novell Netware / ZEN Works

Enterprise Data Storage Methodology

Storage Assessment

Capacity Planning

Storage Area Network Solution Design,

Configuration, and Integration

Network Attached Storage Solution Design,

Configuration, and Integration

Storage Management

Information Technology Asset Management

IT Inventory Management

Support “Life Cycle” Management

Strategic Decision Making

Software and Hardware Procurement and


Risk, Cost and Control Management

Procurement Management

Total Cost Of Ownership

Process Development

Redeployment Management

System Support Planning and Systems


Disposal Management

Web and E-Commerce Management

Strategic Planning and Design

WEB development

Content Management, Design, and


Credit Card Processing and E-commerce

WEB Blog and Database Development and


Enterprise Management, Monitoring, and Support

(Help Center Support)

Network, Systems and Desktop Management

Design, Implementation and Support

Call Center Management, Customer Service

Support and Relationships

Unified Service Development for Service and

Support Deliverables.






Houston, TX.



Sr. IT




Houston, TX.



Sr. Network










Houston, TX.

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