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Pgm Mgmt/Analyst, Pgm Acq Analyst, Contract Admin & Financial Analyst

Danville, Illinois, United States
April 08, 2019

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Constance L. Knight

** ******* **.

Danville, IL 61832

Mobile: 909-***-****


Current SECRET Clearance

References Available Upon Request

In applying for your job as announced I considered my total career package of education, additional job training education as provided in my resume, the positions and responsibilities I have successfully carried out and my personal work ethics and how I could contribute to your staff. I hope after reading my resume you will agree with my assessment.

I have over 20+years of experience working for the Dept. Of Defense, the Dept. of the Navy (DON), interfacing with and responsible to the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and the Missile Defense Agency. I have also supported the Dept. of the Treasury, the Commerce Dept. and the Dept. Of Homeland Security. I have worked at both the Agency and sub-Agency organizational levels working with both upper-level management and technical program managers as well as with inter/intra agency personnel as a senior program manager/ analyst/acquisition professional providing skills in the following areas described for the years 1986 – 2018.

My KSA’s include, but are not limited to: Program Management and Analysis, Acquisition and Contract Management (pre/post contract administration) for multi-million dollar programs, Total System Life Cycle Management (all aspects of DOD 5000, 8000, etc.), Budgeting and Funding Mgmt (PPBS using OMB, DOD COMPT, FMR-7000, etc.) for DOD Budgets in excess of $1B.

My experience and training have focused mainly on the support to the DOD through the Department of the Navy and the Missile Defense Agency's Electronic Warfare and Anti-Warfare Weapon Systems, missile weapon systems (defensive and offensive) hardware & software systems, manpower, the equipment and materials to support the platforms and systems, sea, air, various communication systems – satellite, radar, radio, etc., land systems and platforms. I have also worked in support of the DOD Counter Intelligence Field Activity and the US Treasury Dept.

• Acquisition Planning and Management (short and long range) for major RDT&E, APN, OPN, O&M, FMS funded weapons systems and their total system cradle-to-grave life cycle management (LCM) requirements from inception through contract award administration, performance, and closeout,

•Certified Program Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Finance & Cost Estimating

• ACAT Contracts for programs exceeding $52M per year, Pre- & post-administration of CPAF, CPAWF, FFPAF O&M, RDT&E, etc.,

•Contracting Officer's Warrant for actions up to $1M for 5 +years,

•Purchasing Agent Warrant ($25K open market contracts, unlimited GSA) for 2 years, issued and managed contract documents such as: RFP, RFQ, Determination and Findings,

•Authored program requirements documents for SOW, SOP, Performance-based Work Statement (PWS's), Statements of Objectives (SOO's), Delivery Orders, Task Orders, Letter Contracts in support of base/shore systems, services, all types of engineering services, etc.,

•Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (10+ yr) responsibilities for requirements preparation, submittal, implementation and management of referenced contract types.

(1)Program Management (GS-0343/13): Have 15+ years expertise and training in this area. Provided program management support for the following programs: DON platforms such as: F-14 and EA-6B Electronic Warfare Software Support, CNO-1348, CNO-APS-137, SDIO/BMDO programs such as: STARS, STARS II/ODES, the Space Shuttle, SKOL, various foreign military sales (FMS) programs, and several other DOD/DON programs. Provided a full spectrum of program management support to include programmatic life cycle management functions, configuration control processes, contract administration, and manpower, financial and budgetary requirements. Performed several system/acquisition audits/reviews on these systems to determine compliance with both DOD and DON rules and guidelines.

For eight years I worked issues in the Information Technology-21 (IT-21) and Year 2000

(Y2K) areas of responsibility. Participated in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) teams

looking at DON IT processes and other business functions within the organizations while

working for the DON. This included the analysis, determination and findings of the impacts

of such processes, plus the implementation of each process in affected organizations.

Implementation of such findings involved reporting and acting on short falls and/or gaps

between existing programs/process and newly identified business paths. In many cases a

BPR leads to complete or even partial organizational restructuring from the manpower and

funding requirements through facilities.

(2)Program Analysis: (GS-0343) Have 18+ years successful experience and training in program

analysis. Have provided quality expertise for quantitative and qualitative information and provided recommendations relating to assigned tasks. Analyses were and are used by upper management to formulate, implement and maintain critical and non-critical programmatic decisions. In conjunction with tasks which were performed under the preceding major paragraph above, had direct tasking for Command Strategic Planning requirements, for implementation and accounting of those requirements within the on-going and planned programs, for maintenance and updating of correlating policies and business practices as they applied to affected programs and projects as well as for the tracking and reporting of these resultant requirements to upper management.

(3)Budgetary/Financial Management (GS-0346/GS-0560): Have 18+ years experience and training in these discipline fields. My exposure and knowledge was gained from working within the Department of Defense/Department of the Navy communities. Was responsible for the planning, programming and budgeting system (PPBS) data (such as the POM, ROD, etc.), for program fiscal accountability, for program planning, implementation and maintenance for assigned programs. This included working with program sponsors/resource sponsors both at headquarters and in field activities. I have worked with several types of Government funding such as RDT&E, APN, OPN, O&M, FMS, and others.

(4) Contracting Officer/Contract Specialist/Contract Administration (GS-1102/GS-1106: Have over 15+ years contract administration/contract acquisition experience with 5 of those years as a Contracting Officer with contract signature authority. Held contract signature authority granted by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM for O&M FPAF and IDIQ T&M engineering services contracts. Provided administration for an O&M contract of over $250M and obtained an Information Technology (IT) Acquisition Approval exceeding $800M. Managed and administered several types of DOD/DON/GSA contracts such as firm-fixed price, cost-plus, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts, and cost reimbursable contracts, both small and large acquisitions. These acquisitions dealt with all types of engineering services (RDT&E, APN, OPN, FMS, etc.), T&M support requirements, O&M for services and equipment, materials, supplies and equipment. Am familiar with many acquisition regulations controlling both large and small purchases. Utilized several other types of government contracting vehicles such as blanket purchase agreements, blanket ordering agreements, inter-service agreements, provision item orders (PIOs) and many others. Worked both in the Command Level Area Contracting Offices as well as in the technical engineering requirements areas during this time. Have extensive experience working with all manner of government statutes (Clinger/Choen Act, GRPA, Acquisition Streamlining, etc.), regulations (DOD/DON 5000 Series and 8000 Series), instructions and policies such as the various USCs, FAR, DAR, CALS, OMB and OPM, and many others.

JSL Technologies Inc August 31, 2016 – Mar 19, 2019

1701 Pacific Ave, Suite 270 Senior Contract Program Specialist

Oxnard, CA 93033 $114,700 per year

JSL PM: Jennifer Mapp

805-***-**** X104

Littoral Combat Ships (PEO LCS)

Fleet Introduction and Sustainment PMS 505

Ship Readiness Maintenance PMS 505R

As the JSL Senior Contract Program Specialist supporting PMS LCS 505R my duties addressed areas of contract administration such as technical analysis and assistance on existing Surface Ship Maintenance Engineering Support contracts, newly awarded maintenance contracts and on RFP’s (request for proposal) documents. Monitoring on going contracts status (25 awarded to date), the modifications associated with each and assisting, editing, commenting on new requirements in the form of an RFP.

Served as advisor on the interpretation of DOD/DON contract and funding regulations (FMR), guidelines and policies established by FAR, DOD and DON procurement rules and regulations, review documentation for completeness, for accuracy, for appropriateness and compliance in consideration of the controlling contract rules and regulations striving towards milestone schedules and costs expended.

Provided support and expertise in acquisition management for anticipated ship or system contract awards. Establish and maintain PMS office contract files in hard and soft copy, perform liaison responsibilities between the PMO 505 agency offices and the East Coast and West Coast Shipyards, with the Contracting Agency for each, provides analysis on SOW completeness, Contract Delivery Requirements (CDRLs) accuracy in content and fulfillment, performs contract surveillance for insight into contractor quality, cost, performance and schedule. Provided contract data to support the data costing group in the determination and development of possible solutions and alternatives to the many ship maintenance issues as they occurred, prepared reports of findings and made recommendations for preferred solutions to PMS 505R. When required, assisted with the implementation of proposed solutions through participation on contract RFPs, modifications and restructuring to meet the governments requirements.

The awarded multi-million-dollar contracts (25 at this time) for this organization are a compilation of cost plus award fee structures, cost plus incentive fee, firm fixed priced award fee contracts each having unique and specific requirements in support of the continuing DOD DON Littoral Combat Ships Maintenance Program. From the numerous awarded contracts and those in the acquisition pipeline I collected, reviewed, and analyze information and made recommendations to the Government.

The data I compiled was provided to other PMS 505R groups to assist in data analysis relevant to an operation being studied, interfaced and interviewed workers and managers both from headquarters and local for data clarification as needed and observed execution of the operation.

Engineering Services Network, Inc. February 02, 2015 – April 4, 2016

2450 Crystal Drive Lead Program Analyst

Arlington, VA22222 $115,000


Expeditionary Warfare Department

Weapons Systems In-Service Division (S50)

Sensors & Displays In-Service

Engineering Branch (S52)

Port Hueneme, CA

Lead Program Analyst in support of the SPQ-9B Program Management Office (PMO). Accomplishment of this task required higher than average program management/analysis knowledge, skills and abilities in the following areas:

Performed collected and reviewed financial data, monitored, tracked, reported results of analysis of problems/issues identified and recommended remedy to the government. Assisted in data analysis relevant to an operation/drill being studied, interview workers and managers and observe execution of the operation. Supported the determination and development of possible solutions and alternatives, prepare reports of findings and make recommendations for preferred solutions and provided recommendation to government.

Through the cooperation and skills of a software design engineer collaborated on the design and implementation of a new funds tracking, monitoring and reporting automated (2-button operation) software program for the SPQ-9B program’s financial data, providing accurate weekly status on the financial health of this program. This was the first automated SPQ-9B program to accomplish this much needed management tool.

Utilized DOD Information Technology tools such as Navy ERP, DTS, COGNOS, Electronic Data Access (EDA), Excel, etc.. Several analytical concepts were applied to the SpQ-9B financial management funding which normally consists of Navy Working Capital Funds (NWCF), other DOD DON funding types such as OPN, SCN, O&M,N, RDT&E, and FMS funding categories for both the funding received in-house and as further allocated to support groups. Implemented statistical, accounting, budget principles and techniques to ensure the financial integrity of the program. Applied complex fact-finding, investigative skills to analyze program problems, make recommendations for appropriate actions or solutions to improve program efficiency and effectiveness.

Provided recommendations for possible resolutions to a wide range of programmatic issues resulting from assessment of the assigned manpower, allocated panned and budgeted funding levels, other programmatic issues such as milestones met/missed, accepted or rejected incoming funding documents from headquarters sponsors program and budgeting offices.

Reviewed and analyzed funding documents for accuracy of accounting data, allocation of correct funding type for tasks performed, coordinated documents with other department and business managers as appropriate, assuring the appropriate allocation of the funding to programs and support areas.

Created and input data into the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) all NWA’s (job order numbers) associated with each reimbursable/direct site funding document, recording, tacking, monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all SPQ-9B funding documents. Performed accrual accounting on all program obligations, corporately managed the planned, budgeted, allocated, committed, obligated and expensed amounts associated with the funding documents and performed closeout procedures appropriately. Participated in various levels of programmatic meetings conducted weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and ad hoc meetings.

Visual Concepts, LCC August 31, 2012 – February 02, 2015

41 South Wake Forrest #3338 Project Manager IT41

Ventura, CA 93006 $126,800.00

Supervisor: Pricilla Becker


In this Dept Of The Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), NAVFAC Information Technology Center (NITC) supporting the IT services and infrastructure necessary to deploy and sustain the delivery of NAVFAC enterprise applications. The applications are developed, tested and deployed in distinct environments (such as Development, Test, Acceptance, Education and Production) that support the stages of the system development lifecycle. As a PM in this environment I am responsible for the planning, monitoring, scheduling and implementation of of resources required to support the database and system application upgrades as they are submitted by the government. Included in this effort is the daily operation and maintenance of all systems and applications hosted by the NITC on a 24X7X365 basis.

Not employed April 2011 – Aug 2012

I was not employed due to family exigencies. Currently cleared for a DOD Secret Clearance.

URS Federal Technical Services April 2009 – April 2011

20501 Senica Meadows Parkway Acquisition Program Manager II (SME)

Suite 300 $125,600.00

Germantown, MD 20876

Supervisor: Graham Hall


Provided support to DON NAVSEA PMS415 for various aspects of the Anti-Torpedo Defense System (Countermeasures Anti-Torpedo (CAT)/Torpedo Warning System (TWS)), the AN/SLQ-25 and other PMS415 programs for the program requirements validation and acquisition milestone preparation and accomplishment of each.

Senior key position involving extensive interaction with Navy Personnel by provided high-level expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling to the government in support of DoD programs from a DOD Program Acquisition perspective, using the specifications contained in DOD Instruction 5000 Series documentation and other relating Navy specific regulations and instructions. These duties also included performance and analysis studies, and investigative efforts, development of reports documenting any proposed developmental positions and elements to include resulting implementation efforts/recommendations. Provided weapon system specific or functional area expertise in technical areas which may include: management, engineering processes, Test & Evaluation, financial (PPBE/PPBS), contracting, life cycle management, earned value management and/or business improvement, program oversight management, task execution, developing new and/or review of program reports, technical papers, drawings, specifications, procedures, etc., provide comments and recommendations, skill in adjudicating conflicting viewpoints and documents.

Provided technical and budgetary briefings and information to Navy Management using knowledge of Navy Acquisition and Contracting as well as the PPBE/PPBS practices which included those at the NAVSEA organizations and ISEA activities. Performed expert-level review, analysis, and validation of acquisition related engineering and logistics documents; preparation of executive-level reports and briefs. Also included supervision of junior team members, coaching and leading a team for a specific area of expertise as mentioned above and mentoring junior-level personnel in various areas of assigned work.

Government Contract Solutions (GCS) Senior Level Information Technology

1604 Spring Hill Road Acquisition Consultant

Suite 400 $115,500 per year.

Vienna, VA 22182-7514

Ms Samantha Elms 703-***-**** X245 09/2007 – 11/2008


Department of the Treasury, Senior Level Information Technology

Financial Management Systems, Acquisition Consultant

Acquisition Management Division, $115,500 per year.

401 14th Street, Washington, D.C 20227

Senior Level Information Technology Acquisition for the Office of Procurement Operations ITAC Division in support of the Department’s effort to consolidate several of its technical data collection centers currently located in its component organizations into two centralized centers. This effort was structured through an $840M contracted effort. Duties ranged from senior level acquisition/contracting officer to senior budget officer and senior program management responsibilities. Successfully identifying and corrected several departmental issues. Provided sound, decisive, responsible solutions to each issue identified and DHS management took corrective steps in each instance validating recommendations with the DHS PMO, the CFO/ budget offices to the DHS legal office.

The group phased out contractor support with FTE government personnel.


Department of the Treasury, September 2007- June 2008

Financial Management Systems, Senior Level Information

Acquisition Management Division, Technology Acq ITAC 401

14th Street, Washington, D.C 20227 Consultant $115,500 per year

Performed contract administration functions focused on contract audit and close-out. Conducted in-depth, comprehensive independent research and analysis on the Dept. of the Treasury’s Debt Collections Program. Assessed acquisition requirements and funds reconciliation for each contract closeout action. Prepared reports and provided briefing information to the customer based on analysis and program tracking information, compiled and submitted for proper contract close-out based on FAR and DOT FMS AMD Contract Close-Out procedures. A major DOT FMS AMD contract named Federal Debt Collections, whose sole purpose is to collect delinquent funds owed to the Federal Government from all areas of the U.S. economy. This inter-agency effort is a Federal-wide effort servicing such areas as the Dept. of Internal Revenue, Social Security, all DOD Agencies, Educational and Personal Loans (VA), private businesses, personal and business taxes, state and local entities, colleges and other educational institutions, veterans home loans, student loans, income taxes, real estate taxes, virtually touching all aspects of Federal lending and financing.

N/A - Voluntary Civil Service Retirement 1/2006 - 9/2007

I was not employed due to family exigencies. Currently cleared for a DOD Secret Clearance and was within 1 day of being granted a Top-Secret Clearance.

DOD Counterintelligence Field Activity May 5, 2005 – Jan 06, 2006

1570 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202 Program Analyst Mger, GG-0343/13

Ms Lisa Davis, 703-***-**** $100,554.00

Program Management/Analysis functions (PPBS), including COTR responsibilities for this organization. Participated in contract source selection activities for the following CI acquisition programs: SPHINX (4-years behind schedule when assigned), Travel Net (2-years behind schedule), Personnel Net (identified and implemented classified and unclassified data structure for this program, it too was over 2-years behind schedule), Horizontal Fusion Wrapper (1-year behind schedule). Brought these programs up to contract conclusion in 4 weeks. The success of these tasks was brought about not only through automation and integration of the processes available at that time to the organization to provide faster, more current and accurate data depositing and retrieval and reporting to the agency, but also through the combined efforts and interaction of the personnel I managed while conducting this task. Provided senior level acquisition and pogram management, contract and budgetary KSA’s to support the DOD Joint Services PORTICO IT System program. PORTICO is a multi-million dollar, real-time, single-source, military messaging system for all DOD Intel. and CI Agencies and eventually all Federal users.

During meetings many sensitive, critical program issues and concerns having national security impacts were addressed, discussed, negotiated, agreed to and/or disagreed to. The resulting decisions were later implemented into the membership agencies' strategic planning and budgetary strategies and requirements packages. Their mission and goals postures were at times changed to meet the emerging PORTICO program requirements, which resulted in changes to existing agency policies, and affected their budgetary and funding levels as the changes touched all aspects of the program.

Missile Defense Agency (MDA) February 2, 2002 – May 5, 2005

1550 Crystal Drive Program Analyst/Manager, GS-0343/13

Arlington, DC $98,600.00 per year

Supervisor: Capt S. Curtis

The MDA has established strategic missions and goals with the expectation that the GMD C-3I systems would successfully interface with other MDA programs such as the THAAD, MEADS, ARROW, AEGIS and eventually with other DOD military defense weapon systems. As the MDA GMD PMO program senior analyst in this MDA organization, provided senior level expertise in the areas of program management of this major DOD RDT&E National Defense Weapon System's acquisition profile, in contracting (including LCM functions) actions and issues, for budget responses (PPBS & ROD1; Program Objective Memorandum (POM), FYDP, President’s Budget Submittal (PBS), etc.) and submittals, for financial functions/actions (allocations and expenditures), monitoring milestones and reporting the status of the program's progress in achieving its mission and goals.

Initiated and developed guidance materials to further explain regulatory and policy changes and made recommendations to the PM JPO and provided the changes to the subordinate level organizations on the resulting policies and procedures. By identifying, planning, developing and negotiating required program controls (milestones – LCM requirements, contract deliverables, etc.) and by using narrative, statistical and fiscal background information along with the associated DOD COMPT., FRIMR, OMB, Office Of Federal Procurement Policies (OFPP), Congressional and MDA directives, policies and plans to support the required management strategy positions, was effective in forging paths for the program to follow towards its strategic missions and goals.

Supported MDA GMB RDT&E ECP technical engineering documentation review and approval group made up of senior level engineers and scientists. The group's focus was on contract and system configuration management of the Aegis S/W System, specifically to the System Requirements Document, the Software Design Document and the Risk Management Document. The program had no way of meeting the EOC expectations and would be tremendously overrun in the budget as allocated and projected. Recommended a get-well strategy which resulted in the contract being rewritten and formally issued in less than 1 year. This corrective action reflected an approx. 45% increase in program efficiency and approximately $5.5 million dollars in cost savings.

Sigmatch, Inc. (Corporate Office) February 2, 2000 – February 2, 2002

Huntsville, AL 35806 Jr. Scientist, $76,500 per Annum

Mr. Benny Pinkley, 256-***-****, X1112.

Action Officer ; U.S. Army THAAD JPO

Washington, DC

Supported the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) U.S. Army program and managed assigned aspects of the THAAD, MEADS, ARROW and JTAGS programs by identifying very real, program impacting issues relating to exchanges between the US and Friendly Foreign Countries. Was successful in providing sound, acceptable and timely remedies addressing the challenges of long-range budgeting/funding, the acquisition of and T&E on equipment and materials needed in support of these programs and in acquiring appropriate Federal approvals from the Dept. Of Commerce and/or the State Department for a Foreign Disclosure Approval (FDA) required to procure each foreign country’s acquisition services.

Experiences with DOD/DON tasks with emphasis on DOD 5000 Series Regulations and Instructions for Acquisition Management and ability to explain the precepts of the cause and effect of compliance and non-compliance with this structured process was of great value to the THAAD Program. This documentation series focuses on DOD's model for proper Acquisition and Program Management, total Life Cycle Management and DOD Planning, Programming Budgeting Systems and Cost Estimating processes and procedures.

It took approximately 3 months to re-organize the THAAD program according to the DOD 5000 acquisition model and to implement DOD's acquisition policies and processes into the program’s organizational processes. By restructuring according to the DOD 5000 model and the realignment of the systems, manpower, facilities, and budget resources, the new program model provided a means of identifying possible and real cost avoidances, as well as making cost savings strategies to be evident. It helped maintain and monitor multiple types of programs requirements and milestones, helping to assure the mission could be met and resources appropriately expended within specified time frames.

Government Contract Solutions (GCS) October 1999 – February 2000

Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA ; Senior Acquisition and IT Consultant

Ms Susan Briar, 703-***-****. $83,200.00 per year

Dept Of Commerce IT Consultant Duties:

Identified IT inventory on hand, correlated the inventory with the allocated budget for that inventory as well as the Requirements Acquisition documentation package for this Agency’s sub-organization. Through the structure of this IT acquisition document, management had the tools to identify, justify and implement their program requirements more efficiently and effectively and change a crisis-driven environment to that of a planned management approach.

DOD Department Of The Navy (DON0 February 1997 - September 1999

Chief Of Naval Operations (CNO) Program Analyst, GS-0343/12

Space Information Warfare Command and Control $96,800.00

Satellite Communications (N61)

Assigned to the Dept. of the Navy (DON) Chief Of Naval Operations (CNO) Space Information Warfare Command And Control and Satellite Communications Directorate with principal assignment to the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) & the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF). The combined mission of these organizations focused on the program management and analysis, acquisition, contract management, planning, programming, budgeting and cost estimating functions systems (PPBS) using funding allocations for RDT&E, APN, OM&N, FMS, WPN and other funding structures as appropriate to the mission, cost and performance tracking and monitoring and measurement techniques, for quality assurance oversight and quality related evaluation factors - the total life cycle management (LCM) cradle-to-grave infrastructure functions for assigned DON Electronic Warfare Information Technology software and hardware systems, engineering, systems implementation, testing and operation and maintenance for assigned programs. This included such DON platforms as the F-14, EA-6B, Helicopter’s, Missile Systems, Un-manned Aviation Vehicles (UAV’s), Submarines and Aircraft Carriers and other boat and ship platforms. We provided defensive and offensive software support, operation and maintenance, research and development, and test and evaluation.

Chief of Naval Operations Shore Based Satellite Communications Staff Action /Switching Requirements Officer/Liaison Officer for:

Shore Defense Switched Network (DSN) Program,

Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN),

Y2K Shore Based Switching requirements for the FTS-2000/2001 CONUS Defense

Information Systems Network (DISN),

Shore Based Communications Office Functional Transfer Program. Responded to BRAC recommendations by aligning (down-sizing) Commands and

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