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Floyd, VA
October 29, 2018

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Willis, JEFFERY VA ***/***-**** PETERS

Accomplished senior quality assurance automation engineer with broad array of skills and management experience seeking new challenge. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

Capably design real life & extreme testing conditions using functional, regression & stress test cases

Analyze and enhance test strategies to ensure a superior product

Train and manage test teams to coordinate resources and deploy high-quality software

Reliably demonstrate software quality as a set of repeatable, verifiable conditions

Locate and log problems, identify missing test cases, and document test plans, cases, procedures & templates

Produce the highest quality product on time and in a cost-effective manner

Continually research and master new technologies, programs and applications to keep abreast of advances

Innovate and drive test strategies through all phases of the software development life cycle

Home office has primary computer with Mint Linux & broad spectrum of programs, Windows computer, two smaller Linux machines, DSL connection, scanner, fax, landline and cell phone.


Competent with Web 2.0 technologies: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, SOAP, HTML

Capable in web design/ development programs: HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP

Comprehensive understanding of LAN

Programming languages: Java, Python, Ruby, C/C++, perl, Basic, FORTRAN, Forth, lisp, logo, Delphi, Ada, TurboC, TurboPascal.

Test / Development tools: iMacro, JUnit, Bugzilla, Hudson, subversion, SoapUI, Atlassian /Jira /zephyr, Bamboo project and bug management software, Eclipse, NetBeans IDE,lDAP network authentication.

Operating systems: Windows 7, Red Hat, Fedora, CENTOS, Debian, Ubuntu, slack, arch, mandrake, uclinux (embedded control application),CPM, MS Dos.

.Applications: cc, gcc, djgpp, dbase, Lotus 1,2,3, Quattro, Powerpoint, Postscript; Vi(M), WordPerfect, Cygwyn, MinGW, grep, diff, Microsoft batch files, freeMind, Microsoft Office etc., Google docs, Dropbox, Novell, Oracle, MySQL, Fedora repository software, Libre/Open Office.

Utilities: Awk, sed, perl,gawk, mawk. JCL (for an IBM 370), bash script. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Prescription Advisory

Systems & Technology



Contract: Quality Assurance Engineer/ Test Automation Developer Developed data analysis test suite;

Comprehensively scrutinized daily output web application; Facilitated issue investigation and correction

Developed test suite; utilized JIRA bug tracking; produced daily performance analysis reports

Platforms: Windows Mac-OS Linux

Software: Java, JavaScript, Python, Atlassian:




Tenable Network



Contract: Quality Assurance Manager

Developed strategies for expansion of quality assurance support beyond software testing;

Analyzed client potential for benefits in software quality; Software quality evangelist;

Championed automated testing and data visualization strategies; Analyzed test plans, cases and suites

Quality Assurance Engineer

Developed automation strategies for continuous development in an agile environment

Platforms : Windows, Linux

Software : Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, Zephyr, Bamboo, HipChat, Perl, SoapUI

High Bandwidth home office: Webex, cisco, VPN



Salem, VA


Contract: Quality Assurance Tester

Evaluated software development strategy to develop production metrics to measure productivity, goal prioritization, resource utilization and a path to quality driven agile software development; Developed a model for future design documentation and foundation for functionality test cases;

Developed a release/regression test matrix for software testing with a view toward automated continuous testing

Added statistical and database functionality/ reporting to existing non-automated bug/issue spreadsheet

Platforms: Windows

Software: Java, JavaBeans, Microsoft Excel

Intrexon Corp.

Blacksburg, VA


Quality Assurance Engineer

Wrote automated test cases for Ruby on Rails web applications in an agile environment;

Gathered requirements and developed software for new/upgrades to existing applications;

Researched and integrated third party applications; Produced clean, well-documented, concise code.

Wrote unit tests for automated testing

Platforms: Mac-OS

Software: Ruby on rails; Python

VTLS, Inc.

Blacksburg, VA


Quality Assurance Analyst

Manually tested all aspects of VITAL program, having first created a grid of tests to cover all aspects of functionality; Designed manual and automated test methodologies;

Embedded in agile environment;

Wrote regression tests to ensure conformance to design specs; Interfaced with development staff to develop and enhance testing. Implemented utilities to facilitate test case set-up and reporting, multi-tester regression, coordinated bug testing/tracking with customer support system

Platforms: Windows; Linux

Software: Atlassian/Jira, Google docs, Awk, Sed, Bash, Python, i-macro, Ldap

Harmonia, Inc.

Blacksburg, VA


Quality Assurance Tester

Trained and supervised quality assurance testing staff in test methodology and use of Eggplant and Auto-IT;

Wrote and managed manual and automated test systems in a quasi-agile environment;

Used functional, performance and regression techniques to support web-based software; defined and documented test cases; Evaluated improvements in company's testing environment. Administered multi-user testing, nightly automated widget functionality test suite with reporting

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Software: Awk, Sed, Auto-IT, eggplant, freemind

Sedona Staffing

Moline, IL


Installed IBM peripherals in State Farm offices throughout Virginia; provided on-site hardware support for State Farm equipment upgrade projects; trained agents and staff to use new equipment. Healthcare Research


Houston, TX


Analyzed code; ensured conformance of reports to government HEDIS requirements; audited client software; performed audits both remotely and on-site; reported in person to client companies. Validated methodology and procedures to conform to government HEDIS standards for accurate statistical results

Platforms: various desktop and mainframe environments

Software: various data repository systems


Fullerton, CA and

Willis, VA


Provided turnkey expertise for home and small business office systems; designed, constructed and installed local networks; wrote programs for database and spreadsheet applications; designed and administered websites for clients in California and Virginia. Canon Info. Sys.

Irvine, CA


Tested printer/driver software on NT platforms; wrote and maintained test case matrix and specifications; logged and verified bugs and fixes. Completed manual testing to ensure functionality and robust operation of printer drivers

Platforms: Windows

Software: proprietary printer drivers

Symantec –

Peter Norton Group

Santa Monica, CA


Performed functional, regression and release testing in software development environment; tested commercial software on NT, Win95 platforms; programmed automated software using MS-Test Tested Norton Utilities (win95) on pre-release NT4 platform.

Platforms: Windows

Software: Norton utilities

Simulation Sciences

Brea, CA


Tested on a variety of PC, micro, and mainframe platforms; scripted and designed automated testing and analysis procedures for software regression analysis; PC/ network troubleshooting and analysis; designed and implemented defect tracking database. Managed automated regression testing of large test suite, built new bug tracking system.

Platforms: Windows, various mainframe environments

Software: Awk, diff, mingGW,bash, MSExcel


Oregon State University Physics and Mathematics

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