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Desktop Support Analyst

San Jose, CA
October 10, 2018

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San Jose, CA

Cell. 408-***-****


Hardware – Expertise with HP/Dell laptops/desktops, HP printers and MFP’s, air cards, Wifi’s, and mobile handheld devices including Blackberries, iPhones, Androids and various Smartphones using tethering and mobile hotspot technology, advanced troubleshooting skills of all devices and peripherals. Expertise with Mac OS X all versions, HW and SW..

Software – Expertise in Windows 10, 8, 7 and other Operating Systems. Excellent troubleshooting skills for any hardware/software related issues, skills to research and correct the problem. Expertise in SCCM deployments, Office 365 packages, Internet Explorer, SAP, VPN software, Microsoft Tools (Active Directory, Computer Management), PC-to-PC connectivity software, data compression tools, and an advanced knowledge of DOS commands. Have strong skills for remote setup /access using any internet service providers/carriers and any type of home/hotel configurations.

Expertise in Networks, Cloud, VDI, Citrix, Wireless Networks, LAN/ WAN, VLans, Servers, PC and MAC OSX.

Provided support to Human Resource, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT, and Finance and other departments.

Excellent written and verbal skills, Phone, Email, Chat Support, Vendor management, Analysis, Documentation.

Listen, comprehend and communicate effectively to all organizational levels, including VP’s, CEO, CFO’s.

Professional Experience:

HCL America/Micron, Milpitas, CA Desktop Support Specialist, Aug. 18 – Sept 18

Provided 2nd level support in Genius/Tech Store setting, internal employees and vendors. HP hardware and software support, SCCM image deployments to Laptops & Desktops via PXE boot. Created/Updated Remedy ticket to resolve rotine issues. Troubleshooting and resolving issue Remedy ticketing queue. Office 365, outlook, Moves, setup New Hires and orientation.

Apple Inc., Computer/Data Analyst, Sunnyvale, CA Apr. 17 – Mar. 18

Apple OS X Sierra/El Capitan platform derived Data and Source Codes from various sources and types of media, floppies, CD's, tapes/DAT, 5.25 Floppies etc., and then created images and archived them to external drives or network shares. I ran scripts to backup data to drives. Daily updated excel spreadsheets and color codes accordingly. Kept manager updated about progress and issues.

NASA Research center, Desktop Support Engineer, Mountain View, CA Sept. 16 – Nov. 16

I provided 2 level supports to employees, Scientists, and Executives (CEO, CFO) with their daily issues, provisioned new HP HW & SW, Windows 7 migrations to Windows 10. Mac OS X migrations/deployments, supporting Office 2016, HP Manager Queue tickets updated, followed with the end-users, resolved the issues and closed tickets. Virus updates; Security Compliance issues, Encryption, backups, Casper Mac imaging, PC imaging (SCCM) deployments, SSO/OKTA, troubleshooting/supporting phones and printers.

Aerohive, Help Desk Support, Milpitas, CA June16 – June 16

Provided 2nd level support in networked Enterprise environment to 500 employees and provided Executive level support, for Mac/PC, Mac OSX, Office Suite, OS/Windows 10 migrations, email, hardware & SW issues tickets, printers, inventory, moves and organization, Datacenter, patch panels. Setup phones, MFC printers, other duties as assigned by the manager.

Samsung Inc., Help Desk Support, Mountain View, CA Apr. 16 – Apr. 16

Mac/PC laptops Casper/SCCM image deployments, configuring troubleshooting and other tasks. I assisted in monitoring and troubleshooting issues at the SDC 2016 convention at Moscone Center in San Francisco, inventory monitoring and distribution of Laptops and there accessories and other task assigned by Manager.

Homedepot, IT support Analyst, Foster City, CA Dec. 15 – Mar. 16

Provided day-to-day 2 level IT support to local and remote offices Jira ticketing system. Assisted staff with email, Networking, and Executive support to CEO, CFO and other VP’s. Setup Huddle meetings and Conferences for VP’s, CEO, and Board Members, to deliver their speeches/updates. I supported Mac/PC HW & SW, Win. 7 migrations to Win 10, Office 13/2016 upgrade; Cisco VPN. I created images with Deployment studio, then deployed to new/old employees provisions, cloud backup, AD accounts, and Encryption. MAC OS X El Capitan, VDI, Office suite, SaaS, Antivirus, SSO/Okta, VOIP, Telepresence, AV systems, Mobile phones, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, phones and printers. Setup/configure plotter, 3D printing/imaging, and other projects, as directed by IT Manager.

EBay, Inc., San Jose, CA, Mac/Desktop Support Engineer, June 15- Nov. 15

In TechBar, provided 2 level support to 10,000 employees, using Remedy ticketing system for daily issues, email, Networking, Mac/PC HW & SW, printing, Okta/SSO, VPN issues, HP Connected backup, AD account management, SAML, PBX/Shoretel, Lync server, VM’s, Filevault Encryption. MAC OS X EL Capitan/Yosemite support, Office suite 365/2016, SCCM/Casper imaging, deployments/Migrations and recovery, AutoCad, Jabber/Lync; VOIP/phones support, Joining Macs to domain, Virus remediation, security threats/Security compliance/issues, moves, inventory, AV/Video Conferencing, projectors, Mobile phones, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, printers, 3D printing and other projects as directed by Manager.

SugarCrm Inc., Cupertino, CA Mac Support Analyst, Month of April

I provided 2-3rd level solutions to Sugar’s 400+ employees, along with Executive level support to VP’s, CEO & CFO, via SugarCrm ticketing system. Opened, updated and closed tickets. We managed AD, exchange Mailboxes, SSO/OKTA, supported Lenovo laptops, Mac HW & SW support, email issues, image deployments, assisted with Rackspace migration to Exchange, printers, Cisco IP phones, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, cloud backup/restore, virtualization, Security issues and other duties as assigned by team lead & IT manager.

Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA Mac/Desktop Support Analyst, Oct. 14 – Feb. 15

I provided 2nd level dynamic solutions, along with Executive support, to VP’s, CEO, Board members etc., to end-users issues, in-person, by email, phone & Chat, for Dell PCs & Mac Hw/SW and printers issues, OS Migrations, to 2000 employees & contractors, remote Sales Teams and SE’s, Bitlocker/Filevault Encryption, user access, SSO/OKTA, SCCM/Casper image Deployments. Created/Managed Active Directory, exchange Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, Lync server, GoToMeeting, Shortel, user accounts. Installed/supported applications Office Suite 2016, Project, Visio, Crash Plan Backups, Google Apps., AV/Video Conf., VM’s, projectors, vendors and others duties as assigned.

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA Mac/Desktop Support Analyst May 14, – Aug. 14

Created, updated, refresh Ghost images for Dell & Lenovo hardware, troubleshooting and other issues, Mac image creation with Deployment Studio, Mac/PC and printer support, assisted in resolving Telecom issues, activated phone ports, setting up / moving phones. Troubleshoot phones/Data ports issues with Toner and other tools. Opened, updated and closed Service Now tickets and other duties assigned by the manager. I installed all software and applications, tested, bench marked images, had them QA, and then uploaded to Server. I created updated documentation for IT staff and end clients, created, tested, deployed Mac images with Deployment Studio, other duties as assigned by manager.

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, Mac/Desktop Support Specialist Jan. 14 – Mar. 14

I provided 2nd level support to PC & Mac users, 3000 Students, Managers, Directors, with their hardware & software issues. Making calls, sending emails, WebEx, Backup data, migration, imaging, Bitlocker/Filevault 2 encryption, installed Remedy 7.5, BigFix, Crashplan and Exchange, Office Suite, SaaS, configured and deployed, IPhones & Ipads, Airwatch and MDM issues. I installed Windows 8.1 & 7 on PC, supported Mac systems & BioTech Lab machines.

John Muir Hospital & Samsung, CA, Desktop Support Analyst, Oct. 13, – Jan. 14

Microsoft SCCM/MDT Imaged, HP hardware, All in One 8300, building/setting up medical equipment, printers, inventory, deployments, Wi-Fi, documentation, Office Suite, exchange, and other duties as needed.

Provided 2nd level support to 2000 clients on Dell/Samsung hardware/Allen ware, Unbuntu Linux, printers, imaging, Laptops, administration/moved Users in Active Directory, Wi-Fi issues. Created/updated excel spreadsheet reports, for all users in Active Directory. Moved objects & users in Active Directory, Encryption on laptop/Desktops, inventoried old hard drives for Users, and data entry, supported Labs, and attended IT meetings, to improve service and productivity.

Sephora, San Francisco, CA Remote Desktop/Refresh Support Sept. 13- Oct. 13

Provided 2nd level phone /email support to Sephora 1500 clients/Stores after refresh issues. Provided support to field support Engineers with various issues, Dhruva cloud backup, installation, user account creation, monitoring, troubleshooting backups. Windows 7, XP, Office, emails, MFP’s/printers, Sophos Antivirus, AD management, Excel spreadsheet formulas/updates. Receive and make phone calls to clients and stores, all across US and Canada.

Irvine Company, Milpitas, CA, Desktop Support Analyst June 13 – Aug. 13

Provided 2nd level support for 1500 users, including Executive support, to VP’s, CEO, Board members daily issues with Windows 7/XP troubleshooting HP desktops, laptops, printers/Multifunction printers, PBX/Avaya phones, Mobile computing. I supported 14 resort/rental properties throughout Bay area, provided support to managers, Directors and VIP’s and Project Managers. Installed/supported Office Suite, Okta, Wi-Fi networks, VDI, supported Apple Iphones/Ipads and BlackBerry devices. Installed and supported AutoCad, Auto-desk, Navisworks, Citrix, Service Now, Blue Jeans, McAfee, AirWatch, VOIP, Conference rooms.

Solazyme, BioTech company, Mac/Desktop Support Analyst, South San Francisco, CA June 12 – Jan. 13

Provided 2 level support to 360 employees internal and across the Globe, in a hybrid environment, deployed Lenovo laptops, HP desktops, Exchange, Office Suite, MACs, Mac Airs, WIFI, encryption, PBX/ phones, Apple Iphones IOS 5/Ipads, mobile computing and printers, BioTech equipment & Lab support, Setup IP phones and AV systems/projectors.

Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, Desktop Support Engineer, Palo Alto, CA July 11 – March 12

Provided 2rd to 3rd level support to 2000 users, HR, Finance, IT and other departments, via ITSM Remedy ticketing, imaged & deployed HP laptops, desktops with Microsoft SCCM/MDT technology, downloaded / updated patch & packages using BMC marimba. Resolved daily issues, imaging, data migration, Office Suite/Outlook, WebEx, wireless, Epic issues, encryption, HP printers, supported Mac’s, IMacs and Macbook pros, Supported BioTech Labs, tended to administrative tasks, and performed other duties as assigned. Provided IP and mobile phones support, resolved NTFS security & permission’s issues. I received great feedback and comments from many of my clients.

UCSF, IT Support Engineer San Francisco, CA, Nov. 10 - Apr. 11

Provided 2nd level support using Remedy system for Windows 7 deployments /migration with BartpE technology. Rollout new laptops/desktops, supported PC/Dell and Mac, Laptops/Desktops, diverse clients, Doctors, Surgeons, nurses and others. Imaging, backup data, End-users training, AD accounts, moved computers to different OU’s. I supported BioTech Labs & equipment; resolved issues after Push Deployment of Office 2010 installed Symantec Endpoint protection, Sophos, Endnote and other applications. Encrypted/decrypted Dell and Mac Laptops, using Checkpoint/PGP software. Attended IT meetings and provided feedback and attended Windows 7 training classes, an ITIL environment.

Saint Mary’s College, IT/Desktop Support Engineer, Moraga, CA, Sept. 10 - Oct. 10

Provided 2nd level support to 2000 employees/students, included Executive level support, imaged Macs using Disk Utility, configured, Setup MacBook’s, Desktop pro and IMacs, migrated Macs data, responded to urgent calls for support, drove Golf cart to various locations. Provide support to diverse clients, managers, Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, coaches and other employees. Resolve and follow up with trouble tickets, via phone, in person and email. Printer support, Labs/Classrooms checks, administration and Wireless support, end-user training.

Symantec, Mountain View, CA, Site Services Analyst Feb. 08-Mar. 09

Provided 2-3rd level technical support to 1500 users, for Windows Vista, XP, Linux and various systems, software and hardware, secondary network infrastructure support. Contacted Vendors warranty related issues.

Installed, configured, and troubleshot various systems, servers, and network and wireless issues. Created/extracted images to Laptops and desktops with Ghost/Altiris. Deployed patches E-mail archiving, and E-vault system.

Remedy tickets management, Phones, WebEx and email support, Social Media, Vendor management, Documentation. Project management and deployments and migrations. An ITIL environment.

Resolved issues in a timely manner. Attended IT meetings, trained end-users.

Communicated highly technical information to both technical and non-technical personnel.

Nvidia, Santa Clara, CA, Server Build Engineer Nov. 07-Feb. 08

Build Servers from Remedy Helpdesk queue, IBM 3550, 3650, 3850 Series, Dell 1950, 2600 and others. Created, updated, and closed tickets, data entry. Installed HBAs, IO cards, firmware’s, patches, updates and MSFT Windows server OS. Configured RSAII’s updated. Updated information in Active Directory on Servers and moved to different OU’s. Prepped Servers delivered to Data centers. Attended IT meetings.

Stratalight Communications & EBay Inc., CA, Desktop Support Engineer June 07,-Oct. 07

Provided 2nd level support to 350 users for windows 7/XP, to customers, Remote Users, via phone, in-person and email. Routers, Switches, KVM and Servers. Imaged, setup HP 6510 laptops and desktops, and then deployed for end-users, trained end users. Created Groups and user account management, in Active Directory. Assigned rights and permissions to Shares and Users. Supported Trend micro, MS GreatPlains9, Microsoft and Agile products. Project management and deployment, maintained HP, Brother Printers. Backup data and transfer.

Worked on Upgrade Project, Ran scripts to Uninstall SMS client and to reinstall client, ran tests. Updated/installed Norton Antivirus client on Laptops, Desktops and Servers. Performed Updates via using Remote desktop. Updated excel spreadsheet, printed reports, attended meetings, an ITIL environment.

Symantec Inc., Mountain View, CA, Site Services Analyst Aug. 06-Mar. 07

As a full time employee provided 2nd level support on windows XP, Mac, Linux, to 1500 employees for desktop and laptop systems, software and hardware and secondary network infrastructure support.

Installed, configured and troubleshot desktop, laptops, workstations, Office, Exchange and network issues in a heterogeneous environment supported Macs, Active Directory, asset Inventory, Wireless, and HP printers.

Created/extracted images with Ghost / Altiris to Laptop or desktops and deployed the systems.

Remedy tickets, Phone, email and WebEx Support, Vendor management, Analysis, Documentation.

Communicated highly technical information to both technical and non-technical personnel.

Maintained passwords, data integrity and file system security for the desktop environment.

Technical Skills:

Expertise in protocols, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, VOIP, Windows 10, 8 & 7, Bitlocker, Filevault 2, SaaS applications, SCCM, Log files, MDT, USMT, migration tools, Wireless Support, Email support, Cloud computing, IIS, Server HW & SW, Salesforce, INSYNC backups, BioTech Labs, PBX/Shoretel, Phones, Iphones, Ipads, Android, IOS, Java, WebEx, IIS, FrontPage, Citrix applications, Matlab, AutoCad, Financial services applications, Epic, Tivoli, SnagIT, HIPPA, many hospital apps., Unix, Linux, windows scripting, backup management and HP/Canon/Xerox-Ricoh printers.

Soft Skills:

Personable, Self-Motivated, self-starter, fast learner, Professional attitude, Team-player, appearance, excellent customer service oriented, hardworking, excellent interpersonal skills, patience, and diligence to perform the best services possible.


High school in India, 2yrs ITI course in Radio & TV and some college.

UCSF provided Window 7 training on-site Via Global Knowledge March 2011

MCSA/MCSE Certifications from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server & Cisco Routers & Switches. March 2003

Computer Learning Center, Network Engineering Management, March 1999, San Jose, CA GPA 3.29

Computer Learning Center, Computerized Business Systems, September, 1997, San Jose, CA GPA 3.73


Taking ITIL training.

Certificates from New Horizons Computer Centers, in Msft Window server, Exchange server, Cisco router & switches, ICND Certificates.

A+ certified and Network+ certified by CompTIA, never expires, constantly updating my skills.

MSFT Windows 95 Administration by Brainbench. MSFT Windows NT 4.0 Administration by Brainbench.

Web Profiles: LinkedIn:;,, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, and indeed com.

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