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Manager Drilling

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
August 17, 2018

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Villahermosa, Tab. México // +52-993-***-**** //

//Summary: With over 17 years experience in the oil industry, focused primarily on project and operación management of Drilling Fluids, Completion Fluids, Workovers Fluids and Waste Managment with skills and knowledge in the area of development and promotion of new projects, I have lead projects based on teamwork and maximum efficiency. Experienced in managing engineering and administrative personnel at all levels. Proficient in delivering corporate presentations, and customer presentations. Offering many years of experience in the field, and specialized in fluids to fix problems in drilling wells such hole instability and lost circulation. Experienced in Mesozoic wells drilled to almost 7000 meters deep in IPS as the Navegante 1 presidential proyect, tertiary and horizontal wells and OBDC Waste managment expert.



REEC Racional Energy & Environment Company

Conroe, Texas and Villahermosa, Tabasco. Mexico (May 2013 - July 2015)

Drilling Fluids Manager


(April 2012 – May 2013) Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico.

Drilling Fluids Manager for Southern Region

Engineering and Business Development Corporate Coordinator ECOFLUIDS INC. (2006-2012) Houston, Texas

Project Coordination Manager for Latin America

(Drilling Fluids Division and Environmental Division) SUPERALL INTERNATIONAL INC. (2001– 2006) Houston, Texas

Technology Director Mexico – Mexico 2006

Technology Manager – México 2003- 2005. 2003- 2005.

Technical Consultant – 2001-2003.

VLG Drilling Fluids S.A de C.V.

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico (July 2015 - to the Present) Current Position

Drilling Fluids Manager

Lic. Carlos M. Legendre Alemán

• Responsible for all the technical, scientific and operational part of the VLG fluids company, including Oil Field Rigs Operations, Plant Operation, Fluids Design and Formulations.

• Manage and coordinate laboratory and quality control, plant, production and maintenance of drilling and completion fluids, solids control, operational logistics, drilling operation and well completion.

• Responsible for technical developing proposals with the laboratory and engineering department, as well as reviewing and approving all fluids engineering proposals for the operation of oil, geothermal and gas wells, bidding technical proposals, alliances with PEMEX, quotes of services to operators and drilling companies that won the oil fields with CNH in Mexico.

// Work


VLG Drilling Fluids S.A de C.V:

Drilling Fluids Manager


• Managed, operated and administered fluids division of IPS South Division, Tabasco, managed the drilling fluids division from the operational standpoint, engineering, administrative and human resources. With 100 workers under my management.

• Managed the Mesozoic (803) of Pemex since the division of fluid (comprehensive contract that included Drills, Directional Drilling, Drilling Fluids, Solids Control)

• Managed the Maintenance Contract Drilling Fluids Pemex Southern Region which included the supply of drilling fluid and completion, technical assistance, materials, chemicals, transportation and disposal of drilling cuttings in wells in the Southern Region.

• Managed the departments in the Division of Fluid Operations and Research Laboratory, Logistics, Peripherals, Design and Engineering, procurement, administration, maintenance, purchasing and storage. REEC Racional Energy & Environment Company

Drilling Fluids Manager

• Leading drilling fluids and waste management technology division.

• Research and development new technologies for patents

• Development of new markets in drilling technologies in Mexico.

• Laboratory formulations and oilfield implementation of new drilling fluid systems and chemicals, mineral oils and synthetic bases for drilling in Mexico.

• Client’s consultant as for Pemex, Weatherford, MI Swaco etc. and other world- class companies in Mexico in new HPHT fluids and low toxicity technologies.

• Positioning of our drill cuttings plant (AMBYER-CETRAT) and waste management division as the leader in Mexico market.

• Technical Consultant of all divisions of the company in drilling fluids and waste management.

• Promoted and coordinated strategic business lines IPS both new and conventional technologies, first in the line of fluids and filtration, and then the other lines.

• Tracked the development of certified products and systems required for the proposals fluids from inception.

• Corporate Management Support and Operations Engineering for engineering applications and solutions in the area of drilling fluids.

• Promoted the introduction of other advanced technologies such as drilling fluids and completion, implementation of the line of filtration degree pickles and all.

• Acted as liaison between the CEO of IPS and other areas and companies involved to exercise Pemex Mesozoic Contracts.

• Promoted successful results of applications and reflect them in obtaining more work both for new technologies to conventional technologies.

• IPS commercialized Drilling Fluids and business partners Ecotherm system applications, and products and Strataplug Strataseal-LCM, as well as cleaning fibers, opening and developing markets for these products.

• Technical consultant fluid Operations Management, Quality Control Fluids and solution recommendations to technical-operational problems during drilling. IPS Engineering Coordinator Corporate and Business Development

• Gave lectures and presentations at conferences techniques PEMEX personnel and contractors involved in the various sanitation projects of soil and water contaminated with hydrocarbons Technology and Marketing Consultant. Mexico.

• Market Opening and introduction bioremediation and treatment of oil spills on land. PEMEX, Mexico Exploration and Production, Southern Region.

• Market Opening and introduction of environmental liabilities, treatment of drill cuttings and oil spill contingency in Colombia. Companies PERENCO, Ecopetrol, RANCHO HERMOSO, Petrocol, Colombia

• Market diversification of chemicals for drilling fluids in Mexico, PEMEX Southern Region Marine Region and Northern Region.

• Supported Research and Development of New Drilling Fluid Technology Technical Department Ecofluids laboratory expert. Houston, Texas

• Supported research and development of new technologies for environmental treatments oily sludges and liquid wastes at hydrocarbon Laboratory (Emulsion Breakers and Breakers Colloidal Clays) Technical Department Ecofluids expert.

• Technical review of proposed Drilling Fluids services tender and bidding maintenance among other for IPS Mesozoic in Villahermosa, Mexico.

• Market Opening and introduction bioremediation and treatment of oil spills and liability in the Amazon jungle of Peru Pluspetrol operating companies (Argentina), Perenco (France), Talisman Energy (Canada). Peru.

• Development of market research: Market research of oil dispersants in Mexico and market research to treatment plant cuts South. Mexico. ECOFLUIDS INC.

Project Coordination Manager for Latin America

• Technical consultant technology for different oil-based cuttings (OBDC)

• Treatment of drill cuttings, burning pits, contaminated soil, oil spills and oil- based mud pits.

• Product Development Laboratory water extractors oily sludge emulsions and Oil Base Drilling Cuttings advisory processes in southeastern Mexico.

• Specialized technical support and field training and personnel training in the Bioremediation division.

• Drill cuttings treatment: Burning pits, contaminated soils, oil spills and oil-based mud. in companies like: PEMEX (MEXICO), CORPESA (COLOMBIA), PLUPETROL


Technical-Operational Experience and Business

• Absolute Filtration Course – Ecofluids Inc. Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico (Jan 2011)

• Post Graduate in Control Fluids (Drilling, Completion and Work Over fluids) – Universidad Popular de la Chontalpa y CONDHUCE Consulting Group Empowering People. Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico (Jul 2010 - Jan 2011)

• Drilling Fluids Engineering School / Drilling fluids Engineer – Mudtech Laboratories Inc.

(Drilling Fluids Technology) Houston, Texas (2008)

• Post Graduate in Management Skills – Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC de Monterrey) and Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, Mexico (Jul 2001-Dec 2002)

• Bachelor’s Degree in Economics – Universidad Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Venezuela


Other Studies:

• Advanced training in bioremediation of hydrocarbons (2002-2005) SuperAll International Inc. Expertech Division, Sammy Roberts Staff Student

(International Expert in Hydrocarbon Bioremediation. Houston, Texas)

• English – Advanced (2005-2006) Oxford Institute, Mexico (Bilingual)

• IPS Security Basic Course (2012)

• Underbalanced Drilling Course, Weatherford (2012)

• Second Degree black belt in Aikido, Japanese martial art (2001-2012) Federación Mexicana de Aikido/ International Aikido Federation, Aikikai Japan grade.

// Academic


- Ing. Arturo Lopez Castillejos

IPS Directional Operation Manager

+521 993-***-****



- Lic. Claudia Cobos García

IPS Administration Manager

+521 993*******

- Ing. Julio Cesar Ferrer

FMX International Industries Project Manager

+ 521 993-***-****

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