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Thembisa Malumla

Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa
September 28, 2018

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ID No. : 790***-****-***

Postal Address : 248 St. Frusquin, Malven

: 2094

Cell No. : 073-****-***/ 076-***-****

Email Add. : m


Surname : Malumla

Name : Thembisa

Date of Birth : 1979/01/01

Identity Number : 790***-****-***

Gender : Female

Disability : None

Nationality : South African

Race : Black

Language Speak Read write

English Good Good Good

Xhosa Good Good Good

Afrikaans Fair Fair Fair

Zulu Good Good Good

Health : Good

Availability to start employment : Immediately



Last school Attended : Colana S.S.S.

Highest Standard Passed : Grade 12

Subjects : Xhosa C in HG

English D in HG

Physics F in LG

Mathematics F in LG

Biology E in SG

Agriculture E in SG

Year Obtained : 1998


Name of Institution : Cape Town institution of Computer Studies Course : Certificate in Microsoft Office

Subject : Typing, Windows, MS Word,

MS excel and MS PowerPoint. I also

have knowledge of Outlook, Publisher and Internet. WORK EXPERIENCE

Institution : G4S Security services

Position : Patrol Officer & CCTV operator

Duties : Doing patrols in Cape Town CBD removing loiterers, approach suspicious persons, assists members of public to locate the streets or business places they looking for. Stop anyone who is doing public indecency or drinking in public and hand them to SAPS. Call SAPS for people caught committing crime. Call emergency response when needed by business or public members. Searching and observe for crime, reporting the incidents to the supervisor, attending court cases Page 1 of 4


ID No. : 790***-****-***

Postal Address : 248 St. Frusquin, Malven

: 2094

Cell No. : 073-****-***/ 076-***-****

Email Add. : m

when needed, logging of the incidents in the computer. Dispatch officers to any incident happened under my observation or reported by fellow colleagues.

Duration : From 2005 May to 2008 September

Reason for leaving : Contract Ended

Duties : Reinstated again in 2013 – 2015

: Work at Woolworths Head office as a straight day shift controller where I had to, every morning make sure that the dayshift officers are standing on their post, the site is covered and if not I phone the head office to send us more people. After that is done then I will send the posting sheet to the management and the client via email. I also monitor the alarms in the complex, should there be one activating, I send supervisor to go check and contact the engineer give him full details regarding the matter. Coordinate the complex keys, check lifts if they are running, if there is a problem I call their company to fix. Test the alarm every evening before end of my shift. Make sure the clients equipment is always safe and in good working condition by reporting any fault that is sent to me to the engineers. Receive, make note and keep safe every lost and found products until the owners claim them back.

Duties : Work by the harbor contracted by De Beers Marine, doing searching, alcohol test and checking access cards and PPE of everyone getting on site. Report and deny access to alcohol positive tested contractors. On Thursdays I used to attend safety meetings. Update the co-workers about safety on site and the results of the toolbox talk. Take pictures and details of the contractors in order for them to get access cards. Make sure that the site is covered and send the posting to the HR. Make sure that all faults that happen on site at the workshop, I send emails to necessary people so they can be fixed during the course of the day. Seal the sea gravel bags and put them in the safe and make record of all seals that I have used. Secure the building and switch off the lights at the end of my shift. Deactivate the alarm and switch on the lights every morning before anyone comes in. View footage every morning to see if anything happened during the night. Institution : Securitas Security Solution

Position : CCTV operator/acting supervisor and also assist in the reception Duration : From 2008 until 2013

Duties : Receptionist, making calls and receiving

incoming calls, Receive and send email

messages, typing, photo coping, fax

out and receive faxes and filling


Institution : Federal Gaming at Grand West Casino and Entertainment World Position : Control room operator

Duration : 08/08/2015 until 30/06/2016

Reason for leaving : Contract ended


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ID No. : 790***-****-***

Postal Address : 248 St. Frusquin, Malven

: 2094

Cell No. : 073-****-***/ 076-***-****

Email Add. : m

Pro-active: C onversant with all instruction regarding Securities duties at Grand West Casino and a good knowledge of the area they serve, to assist security personnel without delay and give advice and guidance to personnel issued with radios. Responsible for the coordinating and control of all radio communication of the radios booked on the air at the control room, as well as the surveillance of the non-gaming CCTV for security and emergency purposes. When reporting on duty I make sure that I am aware of the management on duty and any incident/ event/ function on site.

Re-active: Immediate deployment of security personnel to perpetrating incidents. Immediate deployment of security personnel and paramedics to medical emergency. Control and coordinating of emergency procedure in the cases of emergency incident.


● Assist in control and coordinating of emergency procedures.

● Control and enforce correct radio communication procedure.

● Identification of perpetrating incidents and speedy response and reports.

● Monitoring of all CCTV cameras and detecting of incidents.

● Sending compliment figures to management not later than 30 minutes after my shift started.

● Saving of recorded events/ incidents for view and investigation purposes.

● Assist security personnel without delay.

● Maintaining and ensuring high standard of service.

● Completion of relevant register CR forms and other admin are kept correctly and up to date.

● Incidents are reported to the control room supervisor.

● Acquaint myself with all instructions regarding security duties and the area I serve in order to assist personnel without delay.

● Comply with any other duties as determined from time to time by management.

● Charging of all batteries.


● Mitchels Security Training Academy – Grade B

● SAFMA – Basic fire fighting

● NOSA – SHE Representative

● G4S – Safety Training

● G4S – UK Bribery act

● Cape Town International Institute of Professional Studies- Data capturing and computer applications SKILLS

● Professional and Presentable

● Telephone etiquette and Switchboard operating procedures

● Good Communication skills written and verbal

● Team work

● Clerical skills

● Initiative

● Attention to details

● Typing skills

● Problem solving skills

● Good Interpersonal skills

● Organizing and planning skills


● I am a self-motivated person with good manners,

● I have perfect knowledge of MS Office Suite,

● I am able to work under pressure and coping with a high work load,

● I am Ready to work independently,

● I am adaptable,

● Ready to hard working,

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ID No. : 790***-****-***

Postal Address : 248 St. Frusquin, Malven

: 2094

Cell No. : 073-****-***/ 076-***-****

Email Add. : m

● I have high motivation to learn and try, Have a high motivation to be a successful person, Discipline, and Open-minded.



Donovan Maarman

Supervisor @ G4S

Manager @ G4S

083******* or



Stanley Mashamba Supervisor@



Gcinumzi Bongoza Constable Cape Town




Aubrey Nobangela Manager @ Federal



Florence Frenchman Manager @ Federal


021******* &


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