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Systems Engineer, HPC, Linux

Fort Myers, FL
September 26, 2018

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Proven leadership in complex projects involving porting, engineering and migration of Unix and Linux system environments. Expertise in administration, analysis and engineering of high capacity storage environments. Designing and delivering high- performance, high-availability High Performance Computing (HPC) networked storage and system-managed storage solutions. A senior, authoritative technical leader who bridges the gap between operational requirements, end-users needs, technology, and management and executive understanding. Looking for position to guide high level architecture for the future. Prefer working in an HPC environment with Red Hat or CentOS Linux, but any Unix-based environment will do. TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES

Operating Systems: Current with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS 5, 6, and 7; Cygwin; Also AIX, HP-UX. HPC and Cluster Technology: Red Hat Cluster Suite, Red Hat Cluster Manager, xCAT, Ganglia, Nagios, Stacki; Grid Engine; Lustre file system over InfiniBand, Torque, Moab, NODUS. Virtualization: KVM, XEN. Some VMWare

Web Servers: Netscape Enterprise Server; Apache; Tomcat; Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Informix; DB2, Sybase;

Storage Tools: Tivoli Storage Manager; Veritas NetBackup, mksysb, DFS, NFS, AFS, GFS2, GPFS, Lustre and Isilon Programming Languages: Assembler; C; C++; Java;

Scripting: bash, sh, ksh, Perl, PHP,Windows Batch, MKS Toolkit Security: SSL, SSH, SFTP, MKS Toolkit, SSH via Cygwin, SSL configuration of Apache HTTPD and Tomcat, Kerberos, sudo, DCE Security Servicves, Single Signon technologies, Likewise, Active Directory access via LDAP and Kerberos. Source Control: SubVersion (SVN), SCCS, and others. Other: LDAP; DCE, including Cell Directory Server, (CDS), Security Server, Distributed File System (DFS); Andrew File System (AFS); MQ Series; Kerberos; Spacewalk


Adaptive Computing, Naples, FL January, 2018-August, 2018 Senior Technical Support Engineer

Supported the HPC products, Moab and Torque, primarily, as well as preliminary work in Cloud Bursting with the NODUS product, primarily using AWS for cloud technology.

Assist customers with new installations and configuration of their environments

Worked with documentation issues.

Assisted customers in resolving complex technical problems

Much of the work was in RHEL and CentOS. Additionally, worked with Ubuntu and Mint.

Worked with VMWare Virtualbox

Worked with LXC containers to create a simulated test environment. CSRA, Rockville, MD November, 2017-January, 2018

Senior Systems Engineer

Worked on HPC environment on the Human Genome project at NHGRI

Worked with “mock” to build library and application packages for a number of environments.

Worked some with git

Worked with SaltStack for SW distribution.

Engility Corporation, College Park, MD March, 2014-October. 2017 Lead Systems Engineer and Architect at US Food and Drug Administration engineering new HPC environment. Migrating Red Hat 6.4 environment to CentOS 6.5. Virtualizing HPC functions to save resources by moving them from standalone servers to KVM virtual guests, and adding LDAP authentication. Building and installing applications supporting genomics scientists such as R, Blast, OpenMPI and others.

Expansion of HPC to 3200 cores migrating from Red Hat 6.4 to Centos 7.2, from Univa Grid Engine 8.1.7 to 8.4.

Implement Nagios 4.1and Ganglia to monitor the HPC environment.

Configuration of Univa Grid Engine queues, Unisight

Configuration of xCAT and Stacki

Mentoring new engineers and administrators.

InfiniBand Networking

Alliance of Professionals and Consultants, Rocket Center, WV August 2013-February 2014 Consultant on contract to IBM at the National Archives data center in the Allegany Ballistics Center. Red Hat Linux environment, with NetApp and Hitachi storage, and Quantum LTO robot libraries.

KVM and Xen virtualization. VMWare to a much lesser extent.

Planning migration to RHEL6 from RHEL5.

Creating and updating scripts for hardening servers in RHEL6 environment.

Scripting configuration changes and backup for CISCO switches Pyramid Consulting, Inc., Frederick, MD March 2013 to August, 2013 Consultant covering the installation and administration of RHEL Linux environments at the Marriott data center.

Large scale Linux environment focused on RHEL5, with some RHEL6, and legacy RHEL4.

Electronic forensics gathering and analysis of processing anomalies,

Both Xen and KVM virtualization.

Red Hat Cluster Suite.

Problem resolution in both the remote hotel-based systems and the data center. Computer Sciences Corp., Greenbelt, MD May 2004 to October 2012

Lead Systems Engineer/Systems Administrator at NOAA, (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Lead Programmer/Analyst and Administrator at USPTO, (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Created system build environment for RHEL5 Linux.

Installed and implemented Subversion source control.

Migrated SCCS-based source control to SVN.

Secure scripting via “ssh” through proxy, and using PUTTY, MKS Toolkit (windows-based), Cygwin, and other mechanisms, including X-Windows, SFTP, SCP, PSFTP, PSCP, and others.

Using PKI, RSA keyfobs, and a variety of technologies to achieve a secure login environment.

Established Maven repository, Hibernate and the Web Framework Kit in the development environment for the System Evolution at NOAA, as parts of the JBOSS Development Suite.

Implemented Apache Tomcat 5.x with JBOSS 5.1.

Red Hat, Apache, Informix, Perl, with some mySQL.

Configuring secure HTTP communications via SSL for both Apache HTTPD and Tomcat.

Designed Linux build and installation procedures.

Built from scratch and deployed new RPMs for third party software packages that lacked RPM/YUM installation capability.

Created “idiot-proofed” simplified install procedures for System Administrators to use on production servers receiving, distributing, and archiving 5TB of satellite data daily

Installed and configured Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat using mod_jk.

Worked in virtual environment to test and evaluate BMC management tools on Windows and Linux.

Coordinated porting effort of large application environment from AIX to RHEL 5.

Installed new environment for use on development and test servers.

Created procedures for System Administrators to use for production server installation..

Coordinated customer, contractor and subcontractor resources to accomplish tasks.

Manage critical problems to resolution.

Negotiate customer requirements.

Develop, configure, administer, and maintain software according to USPTO Software Development Life Cycle process requirements.

Mentor new/younger employees

Estimate resource requirements for management planning.

Installed and configured Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat using mod_jk.

Administer Operations application environment and web services.

Virtualized web services.

Worked with administrators to ensure sufficient resource availability for virtualized servers.

Interface with customer security organization to ensure software meets needs.

Red Hat, Apache, Oracle, PHP, C, C++, Java, Perl, Visual Basic.

LDAP implementation to Open LDAP.

Documenting requirements specifications including maintenance and creation of requirements traceability matrices.

Creating and maintaining system and design specs, installation guides, and various other government documents.

Directory implementation with LDAP access to Active Directory for authorization, and Kerberos access to Active Directory for Authentication.

Work with customer to select technologies that meet current and future needs.

Capacity and performance planning and monitoring;

Reporting/recommending enhancements and technology changes.

Consolidated primary functions of 14 servers down to 4.

Disaster Recovery Planning.

Led team to create large web-based database environment utilizing single-signon technologies to provide USPTO with protection via authorization and authentication through Active Directory via LDAP and Kerberos interfaces, and auditable logging.

Some Java porting under Apache Tomcat and Websphere.

Supported SCORE application at USPTO, based on Documentum. SBS, Washington DC October 2003 to April 2004


Consulting and perform work for architecture, installation, and configuration of Dell and EMC Storage Area Network

(SAN) software, hardware, and services.

Working with customer to set and review goals

Installing highly available SAN solutions.

Configuring RAID servers, switches, and servers.

LUN creation and zoning.

SAN multi-pathing with EMC PowerPath.

Backup consulting.

User training

Self-employed, Washington DC March 2002 to October 2003 Consultant

Defined and configured environments to provide Disaster Recovery solutions.

Administered and managed data center servers.

Administered and managed backup services.

IBM Corp., Washington DC July 1988 to February 2002 Senior I/T Specialist

Provided marketing technical support in both pre- and post-sales environments.

Led teams supporting AIX Porting Center, Network Computing, Client/Server, Open Systems, Internet-based, and SAN solutions,

Secure remote logins via ssh, putty,

SSL-based secure configuration.

Established IBM’s Enterprise Java Beans in the WebSphere environment on IBM AIX platforms and worked with mainframe systems programmers to integrate EJB environments for benchmarking CICS, IMS and other packages in a multi-tiered environment. It is the definition for Enterprise Java Beans that JBOSS is built from –

(Enterprise) Java Bean Open Source Software.

Managed Open Systems lab and Porting Center.

Managed Linux workstation and server environments for large scale benchmarking.

Specified systems required for customer benchmarks of non-IBM hardware, including SUN and HP.

Installed and configured Solaris and HP-UX and integrated into the benchmark environment.

Coordinated teams to architect solutions and address technical issues to close sales.

Assisted development with customer feedback to improve products.

Provide skills transfer to IBMers and customers.

Hosted internships to IBM Systems Engineers to transfer skills.

Worked with backup solutions such as NetBackup, ADSM, and TSM to drive peak performance.

Assisted marketing through support of trade shows, presentation and demonstration development and delivery, and as a conference speaker.

Implemented DCE environment for a Top Secret facility with 15,000 employees.

Showed communications company how to implement a secure Single Sign-on environment using DCE to save them millions of dollars every year, and more than pay for the project to implement it.

Coordinated activities and resources to implement application environment under DCE using CDS, DFS, and Kerberos security services for a large oil company.

Wrote an API for a hospitality company to integrate Unix mail with Informix 4GL programming.

Modified Unix login for a university to utilize DCE login instead of classical Unix login.

Worked with Independent Software Vendor to implement IBM firewalls, AIX, Websphere Commerce Server, DB/2, and MQ Series for a grocery industry stocking service.

Provided consulting in open systems, networking, security and data center infrastructure.

Installed and configured Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat using mod_jk.

Implemented and managed Class B subnet of IBM’s internal internet, with hundreds of servers and workstations, defining routing and addressing between IBM offices independent of external Internet connections.

Provided SAN and Disaster Recovery consulting and benchmarking, using multi-pathed storage, Robotic LTO tape library,


Principal Systems Engineer, Four Phase Systems/Motorola, Inc. – New York, NY; Cupertino, CA; Washington, DC Programmer, Transamerica Corp, Interway Container Services Programmer, A&S Department Stores – Brooklyn, NY


State University of New York, New Paltz

B.A. Philosophy

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