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PhD student at University of Central Florida

Orlando, Florida, United States
September 17, 2018

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M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering

PhD Student in Industrial Engineering

and Management Systems

University of Central Florida


Sale Manager

Marketing Manager

Responsible For Orders

Sales Manager

Adonis Shomal Private Co.

Sari, Iran

February-2005 - February-2009

Managing and Supervising on Conductors and Technical Workers Planning and supervising on equipping and dispatching of train of sari-Mashhad

Observation of administrative and organizational regulations Analyzing the companies problems and tackles them promptly Coordination with the local departments and organizations Vaniarail International Railway Co.

Sari, Iran

March-2009 - June-2016

Organizational resilience factors

Organizational maturity

Organizational performance management

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

January-2017 - Currently

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

May-2018 - August-2018


I am a highly innovative and motivate graduate research assistant that love problem solving and learn new stuff and gain experience. I am a quick learner which gives me a head on in this regard. I either find a way or make one Seyedreza


2350 River Park Cir., APT 1736,

Orlando, FL, US



Phone 513-***-****

Status Permanent Resident

Orlando, Florida


Manager and Supervisor

Amir Kabir University of Technology

Tehran, Iran



University of Central Florida

Systematic Review of Factors that Affect Organizational Resilience Developing a Multi-Level Model of Organizational Resilience North Railway Organization

Understanding and identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats points of Railway organization also prospect of organization, analysis of external factors and stakeholders and finding of faults via IEFE and SWOT methods. Supervisor: Assistant Professor Kaveh Mohammad cyrus Assessing of the railway Passengers satisfaction by SPSS software and Cronbach’s (alpha) is used as a (lowerbound) estimate of the reliability of a psychometric test and suggest feasible solutions based on fishbone diagram. Supervisor: Associate Professor Majid Aminnayeri,

A research on Degrees of freedom and the cultural role of railway organization. Furthermore, motivation and qualitative analysis, behavior and organizations position on life curve by the questionnaire of degrees of freedom and strategic planning and organization software. Supervisor : Assistant Professor Kaveh Mohammad cyrus LANGUAGES




R, SPSS, Minitab, Microsoft Office, MS Project, NVivo B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering

Mazandaran University of Science and Technology

Babol. Iran



Risk Management: Master FMEA/FMECA & Criticality from A to Z, Udemy online course on Jan. 3, 2018 Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma held by The American Society for Quality (ASQ) at the University of Central Florida, 4/21/2017 EAQA-Iran’s three days course on ISO9001:2000 International Quality Auditing From ANAFAQ Group Company, 2005 International Commerce, From World Wide Science School of Business, Nov-13-2012 MIS, From World Wide Science School of Business, Sep-16-2012 ISO Standard Auditor, from International Training Accreditation Awarded,ICS Group-12-Aug-2012 Supply Chain Management, from International Training Accreditation Awarded,Lloyds Tec Academy, IRAN Office -2012 Exchange, from International Training Accreditation Awarded, Lloyds Tec Academy, IRAN Office,4-sep-2012 Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), from Alliance Education & Training Academy Canada, 2013, 200 Hours PUBLICATIONS

Seyedreza Baharisaravi, Ramtin Rasoulinezhad, How could green supply chain management facilitate the operations of business? Has been accepted for publication and oral presentation at ICSEEF’ 2016, which will be held at Montreal, Canada, Aug 27-28, 2016.

Seyedreza Baharisaravi, The prominence of an organizational situation on lifecycle and its success. has been recommended for oral presentation at the 2016 Academic OASIS/ IAABR – LAS VEGAS International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, as well as for publication in an Academic OASIS or IAABR peer-reviewed journal, subject to your satisfying the conditions this acceptance letter and the confirmation by the Editorial Boards of the Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic OASIS) and the International Academy for Advancement of Business Research (IAABR). Seyedreza Baharisaravi, Assessing of the railway Passenger's satisfaction: Case study of north railroad stations, paper has been reviewed by CIJST International Editorial Team and it will be published at Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education, Volume 6, May 2016, ISNN 2356-9085

Seyedreza Baharisaravi, The importance of supply chain management in prosperity of organization, has been selected for 31st International Conference on Economics and Business Management (ICEBM) on April 15, 2016 at Sydney, Australia which will be organized by IASTEM.

Seyedreza Baharisaravi, The effect of marketing in energy industry, especially renewable ones, has been selected by the Scientific Committee of the 4th International Conference on power Science and Engineering for oral presentation that presented at the conference that will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 15th–16th of December 2015. Seyedreza Baharisaravi, Status and potentials of renewable energies in Mazandaran Province-Iran, accepted for oral presentation in 2nd International Conference on Modern Research’s in Management, Economics and Accounting,Malaysia, Kualalampur, 15 december 2015

Seyedreza Baharisaravi, The importance of contemporary advertising and consumer behavior in the business, has been selected by the Scientific Committee of the 15th International Marketing Trends Conference for oral presentation to be presented at the conference that will take place in Venice on the 21st–23rd of January 2016. Seyedreza Bharisaravi, Mehdi Goudarzian Orimi, 2014, Study of relationship between macroeconomic variables and stock returns in Tehran Stock, ISC, International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences© 2014 Available online at www. irjabs.comISSN 2251-838X / Vol., 8 (4): 401-412.

Farshad Nikoubakht, Seyedreza Baharisaravi, 2013, Targeted Effects of Subsidies on prices of selected commodities ISI, Life Science Journal 2013;10(7s),Impact Factor 2012: 0.165 Seyedreza Baharisaravi, 2012, Prioritization of transformational leadership in the industry (case study of petrochemical industry of Iran), ISI, J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2(6)5527-5533, 2012, © 2012, Text Road Publication Seyedreza Baharisaravi, 2012, Prioritization of transformational leadership in the industry (case study of petrochemical industry of Iran), ISI, J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2(6)5527-5533, 2012, © 2012, Text Road Publication Seyedreza Bharisaravi,, 2012, new approach clustering algorithm for customer segmentation in automobile retailer industry, ISC, International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences. Vol., 3 (7), 1437-1442 Seyedreza Baharisaravi, Farshad Nikoubakht, 2012, Solution of Multi-Objective Location Model when Users Select Serving Centers on the Basis of Distance Criterion with Use of Tabu Search Algorithm, ISI, J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2-10-983*-****, 2012, © 2012, TextRoad Publication

CRM Implementation – Training Workshop, from The CRM Academy of Europe, 2014- 8hours Vocational Training Workshop

Internet Marketing Workshop, from the IQS International Academy, April 12, 2015- 20hours

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