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Microsoft Office Manager

Harrisonburg, VA
September 12, 2018

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Harrisonburg VA 22801



To obtain the position that will able to use mi strong organization skill, education of background and ability to work with people, “Impossible nots in my vocabulary”


2018 MASSANUTTEN RESORT-LOIDA CAMPOS-DOMESTIC SERVICES: in charge of the production material, receiving and dispatching orders that are needed in the different departments of the resort, as well as reviewing some units and securing the forgotten objects of the clients as well as placing in the units the new elements to be needed by the future clients .

2016-2018 LIBRE BY NEXUS-VERONA – SERGIO ANSELMO -CEM: : in this position the responsibility is total and absolute to 100% when creating new contracts and approving them on my account and obtaining information confidential and private both addresses and documents, interact with doctors-ice oficer- belbond companies-GPS monitorin programs, as well as handling money in cash and charges per card until you get more $200,000 in a month, as well as traveling the liberation of immigrants in the detention centers to take officines to process your contracts, verify that the gps devices used by customers are being charged through a program called 3m & little budy, report if there is any anomaly, for example if someone tries to remove his gps.

2012-2016 Georges, Harrisonburg, David Willson 4-17-12---10-20-2017

Knives Sharpener, responsible for cutting material and security, knives, scissors, gloves. controlling the use of equipment not miss, have much communication with partners to help work safe use of the work and material protection, be communicating with supervisors and union leaders to work and so not to lose any material on the product and I am also part of the security team at work to keep them safe and can return safe to their families…..etc

2012 Perdue, Bridgetwater, Adolfo Hernández

Brine mixer, responsible for having the work on timeand ready for when you need itthe line, fill the correct and accurate information to deliver directly to USDA.

2009-2012 Cargill, Dayton,Ron Darcus

Knives sharpener, responsible for all cutting materials, knives, scissors, blade. And BBS safety team member.

2007-2009 IGCAD - El Salvador - Lic. Isidro Hernández

Executive manager, charge of training a team of workers to work with young children and seniors, at the same time he was professor package office, also responsible to take care of 32 computers and the whole school at night.


2006-2007 El Salvador, IGCAD, Technical Operator and Computer Programmer.

2007 El Salvador, Liceo Europeo, High School Diploma.


Entire Microsoft Office package deal, also other programs operate, and repair computers: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Visual Basic 6.0, Corel Drawn 9.0


Name: Merced Chavira Name: Lic. Anna Vilma de Olmos Name: Leticia Flores

Phone: 540-***-**** Phone: 503-***-**** Phone: 540-***-****

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