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Mechanical Design

Pittsburgh, PA
June 19, 2018

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Kevin Kaniecki

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15239

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Position in the field of Mechanical/Piping/Electrical/H.V.A.C, and Structural Design utilizing my extensive experience.


Background knowledge consists of piping, mechanical, electrical and structural design and layout, as well as computer operations, with experience in process and service piping, HVAC, electrical and mechanical components. Proficient in various C.A.D., 2D and 3D systems, IBM Cadam, Autocad, Propipe, Solidworks, Inventor,Vivid, Computervision, PDS Intergraph, Microstation, Prime Medusa, Ideas Master Series and plastic or ink on mylar, and graphite on vellum board drawings. Also have P.C. at home with C.A.D. and Windows.


Pittsburgh Technical Institute

Associate Degree in specialized technology

Major: Mechanical drafting and design technology –GPA 3.5/4.0

Forbes Road East Technical School – GPA 3.5/4.0

Certificate of Welding Technology / Certified Welder

Courses included, welding in M.I.G., T.I.G., Electric and Gas welding from blueprints.


10/16-2/17 Dormont, Watts Water Technologies Export, Pennsylvania

Operator Technician

*Packaged and developed piping through automated pipe bending machines for gas and water piping systems.

2/16-3/16 Sci-Tek, Penn Hills, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete civil, mechanical, piping and development of various construction projects and facilities.

5/13-11/15 Tetra Tech, Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete civil, mechanical, piping and development of marshellous shale natural gas production with use of various Autodesk and Microstation C.A.D. software.

* Designed and checked complete piping instrumentation and layout drawings of natural gas stations and petroleum tank farms and production facilities from start to finish with C.A.D. software.

2/08-5/13 Westinghouse, Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete structural, mechanical, piping and electrical design and development of new age AP1000 Nuclear Power plants throughout the world, with use of various C.A.D. software.

* Designed and checked piping instrumentation and electrical schematics variable frequency drive from start to finish with SmartPlant and SmartSketch C.A.D. software.

* Developed 2-D orthographic construction drawings from 3-D Plant Design System, Intergraph model with latest Autocad & Microstation C.A.D. systems, following the NRC, ANSI, ASME, AWS and ISO engineering design standards, policies and procedures.

*Mechanical design of machine parts and lifting rigs for loading and removal of large components using 3D Solidworks and Inventor C.A.D. systems.

2/07-2/08 T.S.I. contract assignment @ S/D Engineers, Inc. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete mechanical and piping design for USS Steel plant in Great Lake Works storm water management system project used for water and wastewater treatment facilities, also complete Rolling Mill Caster project Nucor Steel, Memphis Tn.

* Extensive pipe scheming and mechanical design for development and modification of plants and project process systems throughout the U.S. on latest C.A.D. systems.

9/96–2/07 Northrop Grumman Newport News, Virginia

Senior Designer

* Upgrading, layout and design of various facility functions, piping, mechanical, electrical and structural design with various C.A.D. systems.

* Mechanical design of machine components for cranes, pipe bending machines and welding and cutting equipment, for latest technology in robotic automation.

* Complete facility design and layout of 1st nuclear refueling of Nimitz Class carrier, the Steam Generator Chemical Cleaning and the Radiological Support Facility projects.

7/96 – 9/96 9/93 – 8/94 7/92 – 3/93 Hoogovens Technical Services, USA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete design development and layout of blast furnace project in Ahmsa, Mexico, Siderar Argentina, Chicago, Illinois and Lorain, Ohio, of open and closed cooling systems with latest releases of C.A.D. software.

* Extensive pipe scheming and mechanical design for development and modification of furnaces and rolling mill processes thoughout the world.

* KOBE-Lorain, Ohio and Siderar Argentina, PCI pulverized coal injection system, vessel design, mechanical equipment and piping layout of complete systems

* Rehabilation and modernization of furnaces, rolling mills and service utilities to the latest technology and environmental standards.

1/96 – 7/96 Technochem Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete layout and design of ferrox-oxide plant, recycling of acid used to pickle steel and extracting the steel for multiple applications.

* Mechanical, piping, structural and vessel design through calculations and with the latest C.A.D Software.

10/95 – 1/96 1/95 – 4/95 Pitt Des-Moines, Inc. Neville Island, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete tank design and piping layout for manufacturing of petroleum and propane products and storage tank farms with Autocad 3-D Propipe C.A.D.system.

* Mechanical design of jib cranes and various components to lift materials.

* Plant design and layout of various size piping of extreme temperature variation with insulation, by fabrication details and isometric drawings.

4/95 – 10/95 8/94 – 1/95 Paul Wurth, Inc. Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Dofasco, Ontario, Canada complete mechanical and piping design rebuild of blast furnace ##3 with latest C.A.D. software system.

* Mechanical design to update blast furnace top, skip incline, hoist house, furnace charging, burden level detection and equalization and relief piping.

* Scope layout of blast furnace reline through inspection, then price estimating of vendor refurbishing and replacing furnace items.

* LBE process, Siderar, Argentina, complete design layout of argon nitrogen control valve station cabinets, for tempering steel in casters.

* Follow through of bid proposals to manufacturing and shipping of LBE cabinets.

* Equipment layout and mechanical design of mudgun and taphole drill and design of hydraulic piping and stations for operating.

3/93 – 9/93 U.S. Filter Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* Complete mechanical and piping design of clarifiers RBC’s rotating biological contractors used for water and wastewater treatment facilities on C.A.D. system.

* Mechanical design of various equipment used in wastewater treatment plants.

* Bill of material calculations and ordering of and shipping various materials.

4/90 – 7/92 Chemtech Consultants Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Senior Designer

* USS Clairton Works, new design development and modification of various processes, tar/water tank farm, debensolization, gas blanketing and sulfur pits.

* Pennzoil, Aristech, Elchem, Arco, Welch’s, resin, and acid plants, complete design rehabilitation and modification of chemical plants though out U.S.

* Designed mechanical device for railcar loading and unloading various materials.

* Complete layout and design of piping instrumentation diagrams and vessels.

* Developed structural steel and concrete for various foundation projects.

* Assigned checker of various plant development drawings and field designed modifications with latest C.A.D. and computer software.

9/88 – 4/90 Fluor Daniel (Dupont Delta Division) Greenville, South Carolina

Senior Designer

* Developed layout and routing of polymer, solvent, utility and process piping systems to suit expanding Dupont facilities, Waynesboro Lycra project.

* Prepared checked and issued mechanical and piping drawings to best suit design specifications and OSHA standards.

* Modeled scale size mock-up of equipment, piping, vessels, structural and electrical to best suit operation, cost, maintenance and construction.

* Developed piping instrumentation and stress analysis drawings for best effective design performance on Intergraph Microstation.

* Prepared, checked and issued piping fabrication details with bill of materials and field routed piping at plant site with isometric details.

9/84 – 9/88 Tenneco Newport News, Virginia

Engineer Analyst /Designer

Seawolf project - modular construction, 688 Class submarine, Nimitz Class aircraft carrier

* Designed and developed mechanical, piping, HVAC and electrical arrangements on VIVID 3D computer program for mock-up of Seawolf, new fast attack submarine.

* Developed programs from computer for automatic pipe bending machine process.

* Prepared checked and issued mechanical, piping and HVAC work package drawings from 3D modeling computer to IBM Cadam for construction.

* Detailed mechanical components for new submarines and carriers on 3D IBM Cadam.

* Designed hydraulic operating systems with mechanical components in latest technology for various advanced operating systems.

* Developed new methods of construction for modular construction of submarines.

* Resolved piping liaison design problems and detailed piping and HVAC support.

* Developed piping test and equipment installation procedures for nuclear and non-nuclear propulsion systems on CVN Nimitz Class aircraft carriers.

9/82 – 9/84 GAI Consultants Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


* Designed and developed fossil burning power plant, flyash process, sewer drainage and various other civl projects.

6/80 – 10/80 Speck Marshall Company Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


* Constructed fabricated pipe and mechanical components with various weld techniques and materials, from fabrication details and drawings to AWSS specifications.



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