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Data Analyst Sql

Columbia, South Carolina, United States
May 30, 2018

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James M. Williams

*** ****** ***** ****

Elgin, SC 29045


Software, Languages, Skills, and Tools

COBOL, APS (Batch and Online), JCL, MVS, VSAM, DASD, RACF security, Endevor, ISPF/SDSF, Visual Basic, Flow charting, pseudo code, CICS, HTML, SQL, DB2, IMS, StarSQL, Microsoft Office Products, Data Mining, Data Research, Data Analysis, Nessus, VMware, Retina, PGD, Lotus Notes, Pyramid, Business Objects, GRM (Novient), Teradata, WGS, JIRA, Confluence, Perl, XML,MySQL, Hiedi SQL, SQL Server


A position in IS Security, COBOL or SQL development, or data analysis.

Profile: 15.5 years of experience providing a range of IS related services, utilizing various programming languages and applications. I have 13 years experience working in an agile environment. I am personable, effective, and courteous in communicating with customers no matter what rank or management level and very confident in making independent decisions. I am a motivated individual with strong communication skills and an aggressive attitude toward responsibility.

Professional Experience

Virtual Business Office

Business Intelligence Analyst

September 2017 – May 2018

Import client data, currently indifferent formats, into the SQL Server environment. This also required examining the original data and determining what the proper data format should be once it is imported.

Utilize Data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) database management systems (DBMS), output design and data queries (SQL).

Develop solutions (project, scope, timeliness and tasks) working closely with all necessary teams to ensure an on time and on budget delivery.

Operate as the primary analyst on assigned projects within the department’s data driven environment. This required use of complex SQL server and Microsoft Access queries to merge data currently housed in separate tables.

Collaborate with developers and subject matter experts to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs on each project.

Use various intermediate to complex SQL queries to mine data sources and look for trends.

Create reports using the organized and processed data. These reports are used to determine what the data trends mean. This required several Microsoft Excel tools, such as Pivot tables and conditional formatting.

Communicate the findings to the company and/or managers. This was done using excel reports that are delivered to the subject matter experts and recommend solutions for creating more revenue and reducing loss.

Manage time in order to work on several large projects at the same time.

Notable Projects:

Proactively examined an existing process used to identify missing CPT code pairs that that should be always be charged together. The existing process was a two-part process. As a result, the process took and to complete. I merged the two queries into 1 complex query, using some advanced SQL server techniques. As a result, the decreased from an eight hour process to a one hour process.


Configuration Analyst

October 2016 – September 2017

Serve as a primary analyst responsible for configuring new products and partners within the systems data driven environment. This requires significant use of intermediate to complex SQL queries to setup the configuration and to support testing, issue resolution, and data analysis.

Develop solutions (project, scope, timeliness and tasks) working closely with all necessary teams to ensure an on time and on budget delivery.

Research customer defect tickets and conduct testing to replicate and pinpoint the issue. Then provide next steps and specs to developers to resolve the issue.

Collaborate with developers and subject matter experts to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.

Be involved in the planning process to enhance the solution through technology, identify potential risk areas based on various factors, such as timeline, budget and technology constraints.

Key Job Requirements:

Data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) database management systems (DBMS), output design and data queries (SQL).

Model systems and data to physical level, user interface design, prototyping, decision tables and data flows.

Knowledge of technology system interfaces, application architecture and data integration, networks, operating systems, commercial software, And Web Architecture.


Information Technology Customer Account Manager, March 2016 – October 2016

Write SQL queries on Teradata and Access databases to meet the needs of the business.

Check raw data files against output reports for accuracy, based on the schema of the report.

Function as the single point of contact for the Business and/or IT partners for their IT needs.

Lead small teams on initiating, developing, designing and implementing new change initiatives.

Initiated formal/informative communication and meeting with area lead contact to gather needs and issues; reviews other needs statements and requirements.

Help leverage initiatives and good practices from other areas.

Help to identify and coordinate independent initiatives across the organization and seeks to develop a corporate solution.

Identify needs and recommend ways to improve new or existing processes, methodologies and practices through observation, research and data analysis.

Identify and implement changes across the organization by working with other Relationship managers and key associates.

Monitor the adoption and use of processes, tools and practices to create action plans in collaboration with the user area to improve usage.

Assist areas with due diligence on new ideas by acting as a facilitator/ information contact.

Follow technology solutions from concept to reality.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Data Analyst III, September 2012 - March 2016

Use Sql on several different platforms including, but not limited to, teradata, Microsoft access, and DB2, to design, develop, and maintain databases and queries used to create claims, membership provider reports that are requested and used by various levels of management and internal and external customers.

Use data modeling techniques to map raw data into a database, used to query against to create reports.

Attend and host meetings with internal and external customers, as well as different levels of management to determine business needs.

Work independently and/or collectively with other technicians to determine technical requirements to support the business needs.

Work independently to execute technical requirements to satisfy the business need.

Create reports, as needed, to a third party audit group that is responsible for auditing claims data quarterly.

I created a user interface that allows the user to formally request work to be done within the department. This process also tracks the requests in order to maintain and improve performance metrics.

Create membership reports used by SC DHHS to manage members in our network.

Use WGS to verify query results, research data and data mine.

Computer Science Corporation

Data Analyst, June 2011 - March 2012

Automated several manual processes to improve proficiency, efficiency, and productivity.

I have used various Excel functions including but not limited to iifs, vlookups, all of the arithmetic functions, all of the Date and Time functions in order to create reports and pivot charts that were used by various levels of management and my professional peers to display data.

I used various tools, such as Microsoft Access databases and SQL, to analyze data used by different areas throughout the world.

I exported excel spreadsheets into MS Access to create databases that I would then use SQL to query against. These queries were used to create reports, tables, charts, etc, that were used by my team members as well as different levels of upper management.

Attended and hosted meetings with team members to discuss changes needed and/or new reports needed to maintain and improve processes.

Create desk procedures for processes used in the area.

Create and run queries on several different databases including Pyramid, Business Objects, and Microsoft Access, to process data and create reports that are used by team members, customers and all levels of management.

Researched the origin of data in order to merge data into a centralized location for reporting.

Researched the layout of data for reporting and presentation purposes.


SQL Database Analyst, December 2010 - June 2011.

Created a database containing information for properties that are inspected. Create and run SQL queries against the database to find information on requested properties.

Created macros to automate several daily internal processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

I used various Excel functions, including but not limited to iff, vlookups, all arithmetic functions, and the Data and Time functions to process data.

BlueCross BlueShield of SC

Server Security Technician/ Data Analyst, July 2009 - December 2010

Perform Nessus, Retina, and/or PGD scans on requested virtual and physical servers in order to detect vulnerabilities that need to be remediated.

Use the PGD scan tool to detect vulnerabilities on servers that contain Tricare data.

Created a Microsoft Access database to automate the manual process of sorting and processing vulnerabilities captured by the PGD scan tool.

Run SQL queries against the database to create reports of vulnerabilities on the servers and analyze the data in order to have the server's owner remove the vulnerabilities from the servers or submit documentation to accept the vulnerability. This particular database cut process time from 40 hrs per month to 4 hours per month.

Analyze thousands of records of vulnerability data using data mining, SQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel and report the results back to upper management on a daily basis.

Create documentation and desk procedures for several area processes.

Automated the manual process to create a vulnerability matrix that contains all servers that hold Tricare data, introduced to the environment. This cut process time from 40 hours per week to 9 hours per week.

BlueCross BlueShield of SC

Application Development/ Systems Analyst/ Data Analyst, June 2002 - July 2009

Design, develop, and implement IT systems requests as needed by the customer.

Assist in post-implementation support and system systems enhancements. Develop design and functional specifications.

Accept logical steps from customers and translate them into language code that was used to perform the requested task.

Modify, install, and implement technical documentation for system software applications.

Monitor various systems' capacity and performance.

Used SQL to create and run queries against tables in order to extract, update and/or manipulate data.

Created databases from flat files of raw data, then write queries against the databases.

Led and attended meetings, where code was explained to a group of occupational peers and the team lead, to assure that all elements went into production using the proper software development life cycle principles and complied with the company Software Development Methodology (SDM). Once all participants agree with the details of e code, it could then be safely moved into production.

Made sure that data was backed up to the proper files and tapes were accessible in case of an emergency.

Assist in post-implementation support and system enhancements.

Wrote programs that processed EFT's via RJE and NDM processes for several different financial institutions, such as bank of America ad Wachovia.

Wrote and/or updated standards manuals, guidelines, and desk procedures to assure the same steps are taken when performing daily activities.

Researched the layout of data in order to develop code around the data for reporting and presentation.

Notable Projects:

Participated in the account conversion project when Wachovia merged with First Union. In this project, I was responsible for making programming changes to convert the accounts from 9 digits to 13 digits.

Converted the transmission protocol for Bank One and Wachovia, from RJE to NDM.

Developed a manual that documents all financial transmissions that are processed through the company.

Created DB2 tables that contained employees whose access had been deleted. Ran SQL queries against the tables and wrote several programs the data in the tables.

Participated in the disaster recovery exercises, where we restored all of our systems from the backups.


- Bachelors of Science in Computer Science,

Voorhees College, Denmark, SC

- Entry Level Server Technician Training Program,

Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC

Highlight of Qualifications:

- Application development programmer/analyst with a history of high productivity and

successful projects.

- Adaptable and proficient in the design and programming of systems in a wide variety of


- Strong communication and interpersonal skills that allows for more direct and effective

communication with customers.

- Proficient in using several different server-scanning tools.


Certified Systems Analyst, Furman University

A+, Midlands Technical College

Network +, Midlands Technical College

Security +, Midlands Technical College

Organizations and Activities

- Voorhees College Honors College

- Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated

- Voorhees College Men's Basketball Team

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