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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Naperville, Illinois, United States
May 31, 2018

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**** ******** *****,

Naperville, IL 60565 (U.S.A.)

Cell: 331-***-**** E-mail:


A rewarding technical leadership position in the automotive, agricultural, bio-tech, chemical, process, aerospace/defense & oil/gas industries. WORK EXPERIENCE

* Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN.

Adjunct Professor (2016 - present) - teaching Mechanical Engineering courses in Thermodynamics & HVAC.

* T.I. Automotive, Ligonier, IN.

Engineering Specialist (2015 – 2017) – FEA, modal analysis & frequency response for fuel rails, using SolidWorks software.

* Bergstrom, Inc., Rockford, IL

Principal Engineer (2014 – 2015) - Design & development of Thermal/HVAC, airconditioning & refrigeration systems. Managing global design (Pro-E) & CFD analysis (Ansys) teams, & using Autodesk CFDesign & LMS/AMESim – for automotive, truck & agricultural industries.

* Simutech [ANSYS Partner], Des Plaines, IL

CFD Engineer (2012 – 2013) - Thermal & HVAC engineering with CFD, using ANYS/CFX & FLUENT software.

* Navistar, Inc., Lisle/Chicago, IL

Senior Manager/SeniorTechnical Specialist (2010 - 2012) - Powertrain engineering, Engine Cooling, HVAC and Thermal management, for various truck & engine platforms. Developed hydraulic piping circuits with directional valves - for diesel trucks & electric/hybrid vehicles. Sizing & selection of heat exchangers & cooling fans. Developed DFMEA & DVPR for launch of several vehicles. Reviewed CAD (UG/NX TeamCenter & Pro-E), FEA (Nastran & SolidWorks), Thermal & CFD (ANSYS/FLUENT, STAR-CCM+, AMESIM, FLOWMASTER) projects of engineering staff. Reviewer of SAE Thermal & Engine Cooling conference technical papers.


* B.A.E. Systems, Sterling Heights, MI.

Manager/Staff Mechanical Engineer (2008 – 2010) - design & development of engine cooling systems, HVAC, heat exchangers and cooling fans for Bradley & Paladin defense vehicles. Hydraulic & Exhaust system design using 1-D analysis (FLOWMASTER), Pro-E, MatLab & SolidWorks. Reviewed CFD projects of engineering staff and conducted CFD simulations using FLUENT, ANSA, STAR-CCM+ & HYPERMESH. Selected as “Aerothermodynamics” session co-chair at the 47th AIAA Aerospace Meeting in January 2009. Reviewer for 10th Biannual Joint AIAA/ASME/SAE Thermophysics & Heat Transfer Conference in June 2010.

* Ford Motor Co./ Visteon Corp. / A.C.H., LLC [Ford subsidiary], Dearborn, MI. Product Design Engineer (1999 – 2008) – Lead thermal/CFD engineer (FLUENT, STAR-CD, Pro-E, SolidWorks, MatLab) as well as CAE Program Management for Chassis (Steering), Powertrain (Exhaust) & HVAC airflow components. Made significant impact on product design of electro-hydraulic power-assisted steering motors, engine compartment/Underhood cooling (HVAC), as well as hydraulic noise reduction in steering pumps. Received 5-year service excellence award in 2004 and S.A.E. recognition award in 2006. Also received Ford employee recognition award in 2006. Invited speaker at IQPC Automotive Chassis & Powertrain conference in 2007. Chair for “High Speed Flows” session at the Joint 39th AIAA Thermophysics & 18th CFD Conference in June 2007. Also Chair for “Nonequilibrium Flows” session at the 46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in January 2008. Six Sigma Green Belt training.

* Bquad Engineering, Flint, MI.

Senior Project Engineer (1994 - 1999) -

On-site contract at General Motors - Small Car Group, MI (1997 - 1999) - Computer aided engineering - synthesis, analysis and simulation - for future GM small cars. Underhood/underbody, engine cooling/fan selection and passenger compartment Thermal / HVAC product design and engineering for various vehicle platforms - using Aero/Thermal & Computational Fluid Dynamics tools. The passenger compartment HVAC system design (Unigraphics/UG, STAR-CD) was a part of the team that was awarded G.M. Chairman's Awards for 1998.

On-site contract at DaimlerChrysler Technology Center, MI (1994 - 1997) - Designing automotive powertrain components (including catalytic converters and mufflers) using CFD/CAE software tools such as STAR-CD, FLUENT, Pro-E, HYPERMESH and ICEM/CFD. Investigated engine combustion and EGR mixing of intake manifold airflow. Performed external aerodynamic and acoustic (wind noise) simulations using Pro-E and EXA. Worked on heat transfer and noise problems of mufflers and catalytic converters, as well as engine cooling issues for future Chrysler vehicles..


S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers) – Member [Heat Transfer & Thermal Mgmt. Committee]

A.I.A.A. (American Inst. of Aeronautics & Astronautics) – Associate Fellow [Thermo-physics & Heat Transfer Tech. Committee].

E.I.T. (P.E. - Part 1) – Jan. 1994.


Ph.D. (Mech. Engr.) - Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, U.S.A.

M.S. (Mech. Engr.) - Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

B.Tech. (Aero. Engr. - Honors) - Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kharagpur, India. PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS

“Turbulent and Compressible Flow Effects in a Hydraulic Power Steering Pump", SAE Paper 200*-**-****, April 2006.

“Improved Hydraulic Power Steering Pump Design Using Computer Tools", SAE Paper 200*-**-****, April 2005.

Conference Proceedings, The ICHMT International Symposium on Radiative Heat Transfer, Kusadasi, Turkey, August 1995.

“Numerical Investigation of Radiation and Turbulence Interactions in Supersonically Expanded Hydrogen-Air Diffusion Flames”, AIAA Paper 95-0135, January 1995.

“Application of a Reynolds Stress Model to a Supersonic Radiating Hydrogen-Air Diffusion Flame”, AIAA Paper 93-0447, January 1993.

"Studies on Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Supersonic Chemically Reacting Flows", NASA Contractor Report 194662 [also Ph.D. Dissertation, (ISBN: B00010IYVG )], 1993.

“Thermochemical Nonequilibrium and Radiative Interactions in Supersonic Hydrogen-Air Combustion,” AIAA Paper 92-0340, January 1992.

“Radiative Interactions in Nonequilibrium Flows,” AIAA Paper 92-0122, January 1992.

“Application of a Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model to a Supersonic Hydrogen-Air Diffusion Flame”, AIAA Paper 91-1786, June 1991.

“Investigation of Radiative Interactions in Chemically Reacting Supersonic Internal Flows,” AIAA Paper 91-0572, January 1991.

"Radiative Interactions in Chemically Reacting Supersonic Internal Flows", NASA Contractor Report 188067, 1991.

“Radiative Interactions in a Hydrogen-Fueled Supersonic Combustor”, AIAA Paper 91-0373, January 1991.

Master’s (Mech. Engr.) thesis in CFD – “Finite Volume Solutions of the Euler Equations on Cartesian Grids” [ISBN: 031*******]. COMPUTER SKILLS

Operating Systems - Unix (HP/Sun), PC - Windows XP ( IBM/HP), Windows 7 & 8, Office 2007.

Software - Excel, Adobe PDF, Powerpoint, MatLab, SolidWorks, Pro-E, UG/NX, Autodesk/CFDesign, Ansys/FLUENT, Ansys/CFX, Star-CD, STAR-CCM +, FlowMaster, AMESim.


Chair for “Aerothermodynamics” session at the 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in January 2009.

Chair for “Non-equilibrium Flows” session at the 46th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in January 2008.

Invited speaker at I.Q.P.C. Automotive Chassis & Powertrain conference in Sept. 2007.

Chair for “High Speed Flows” session at the Joint 39th AIAA Thermo-physics & 18th CFD Conference in June 2007.

Ford Motor Company employee recognition award in Dec. 2006.

S.A.E. recognition award in April 2006.

Visteon Corp. service excellence award in Sept. 2004.

G.M. Chairman's Awards for 1998 (team member) in July 1998. MISCELLANEOUS

Willing to relocate.

Willing to travel.

Adjunct professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue Univ.-Fort Wayne.

U.S. Citizen .

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