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Manager Design Engineer

Austin, TX, 78759
March 16, 2018

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Porthos Labault

Enterprise Systems Architect

More than 16 years as a Senior Enterprise Architect in High Technology and Defense Industries. Excellent expertise in Enterprise Distributed Platforms, Windows/VMware/Linux/UNIX, hardware procurement, Enterprise System integration, Project Management and Leadership. Top Secret clearance with SCI since 11/02/2010 by Army CCF. Independent and self-managed with strong problem solving ability and leadership. Achieved excellent performance rating with recommendations and references.




12206-A Dundee Dr.

Austin, TX 78759



Mozido, Austin, TX

June 2016 to Sep 2017

Sr. System Administrator and Architect.

Maintain manage all the physical cloud systems.

Installed, Administer and Maintain/Troubleshoot RHEL, CentOS, Windows Servers 2008R2, 2012 and 2016 AD and domain controllers.

Powershell and bash scripting experience.

Experience with Windows 7/10 and MAC OS workstations.

Created CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu server and nodes on AWS and maintain them.

Monitor and maintain the physical Watchguard and cisco network infrastructure.

Administer all the access account for local and international employees.

Architect a couple of VMware systems for software development group.

Implemented and manage performance and monitoring servers (Zabbix and Snort running on CentOS).

Created a Domain controller to centralize, control and apply company policy. This help eliminate the numerus amount of ID to a single one for the employees.

Work with company attorney to apply and follow PCI compliance.

Redesign their Avaya digital phone system.

Redesign their wireless network infrastructure.

Manage a team of 4 people in the IT department.

Potomac Fusion/Sotera Defense, Austin, TX

September 2009 - May 2016

Senior System Architect and IT Manager.

Installed and maintain Cisco routers, switches and firewalls throughout the network and make configurations changes needed.

Manage a team of 68 IT employees in multiple locations across the United States.

Experience designing solutions and testing using HCI and Dell PowerEdge servers.

Architected large numbers of server for virtual environment using VMware vSphere 5.5 and 6.0, vSAN, ESXi and vPhereCenter form managing all VM servers.

Integrated a Barracuda server for each site to monitor for spam and internet attack prevention.

Setup and maintained CentOS server to run Zabbix, Snort and SOATA servers for monitoring the overall performance of each site and company in general.

Installed and maintained Windows 2003/2008/2012 Active Directory and Exchange server to the facility and manage them with SCCM “System Center Configuration Manager”.

Implemented, maintain, manage and change security principles, PKI rules in MS AD in accordance to company policy.

Work with company and costumers attorneys on litigation process and IT support (data review and litigation hold).

Work with Soteradedfense IT team on migration and merging of Domain tree and Exchange email servers.

Created workstation configuration with RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows 7 and 10 and MAC OS.

Responsible for the integration of Linux and Apple MAC systems into Potomacfusion MS Windows Exchange/AD and Domain networks environment.

Years of experience managing system using PowerShell and command prompt.

Review and improve system performance, also meet with customer to ID solution requirements and gather metric for future redesigns.

Quarterly financial requirement needs for each department, companywide.

Designed internal network, power infrastructure to meet industry standards.

Created SAN DB system for Cloudera environment using Dell iSCSI Vaults.

Deployed the proper systems, software and networking equipment to support the need of the end user.

Created and maintained RHEL Subversion, Bugzilla and Testlink servers.

Created and maintained Ubuntu, RHEL and CentOS server for the Scientist of the company.

Architected Austin and Denver site network infrastructure for both computer and VoIP including wiring and configuration of Cisco switches and firewalls.

Installed and maintain Avaya and IP Office VoIP telephone systems on all sites.

Integrated disaster recovery servers for key system through the entire company.

Key Achievements

Created and maintained VMware ESXi and vSphere server virtual environment farms.

Design solution and implementation on SAN and NAS for VM and Cloud Systems.

Oversee the business needs by analyzing, optimizing and implementing IT policies and procedures to achieve business objectives.

Supported IT requirements to all Potomacfusion and Soteradefense sites.

Involvement on infrastructure design and Expansion Companywide to different locations in the US. And created and implemented majority of the policy’s in the company.

Architected a Cloudera cluster for an in house large cloud system project.

Designed, Integrated, manage and maintain Jira, GIT, Atlassian, Confluence and Artifactory Servers running on CentOS.

Lead the design of hardware architecture, solutions and procurement.

Manage the Purchasing and Procurement department.

Created and Manage the IT department that consist of a 68 people spread across different states around America.

Design multiple DB servers using MySQL, MS-SQL, Posgret and Artifactory.

Optimize site processes to ensure high team performance.

Reduce expenses by minimizing waste and allocating resources correctly.

Interview, hired, and trained new staff.

Evaluated employee’s performance, set goals, and development improvement plans.

I became the ISSM and CNOCEPT custodian for the Austin site.

Created and deployed many of the SCIF for the company.

IBM, Austin TX

February 1996 - September 2009

Senior System Architect

Architected solutions for security directives and specifications mandated by IBM, providing tools and services assuring department compliance.

Supported AIX and Linux shell scripts to support the Software Development Management (SDM) Team. These scripts enabled offshore support to stop and start Documentum services, clear memory, clean logs, and check status of OS and Application with limited access for security reasons if necessary.

Created an NAS and SAN environment for computer backups, software repository storage and virtual environment for blade servers. Hardware includes Netapp Fiber Chanel, IBM iSCSI vault systems, Dell iSCSI Vault systems, EMC SAN Fiber Chanel and SUN multilayer iSCSI SAN/NAS.

Performed software and Document upgrades Linux, AIX and Solaris systems. Created Procedure and Process Document that allow anyone with minimal training to perform all necessary upgrades. I worked with Developers and DBAs to get these upgrades done quickly and correctly the first time.

Architected laboratory network for 500+ clients and server system.

I lead a team of 30 IT employees in Austin TX for 6 years.

Recreated, debugged and provided solutions for complex errors within all platforms and hardware.

Created a department knowledgebase and published various educational and instructional documents for business processes.

Designed, configured, and maintained Network Installation Managers, software warehousing, and database via a well-designed web interface front end, as well as NFS file systems.

Integrated Ghost Images solutions for use with user backups and systems installation.

Authored educational User Guides in English and Spanish.

Led educational and training material for Tivoli products deployment, installation and configuration.

Lead Software instructor for Tivoli Storage Manager and Tivoli Identity Manager in English and Spanish speaking business clients.

Developed and maintained multimedia-rich documentation and training curricula and other publications for print, web and other media, according to established guidelines.

Participated in on-call support for problem determination and solutions on customer facilities.

Architected solution concerning hardware procurement and systems design, based on project and lab infrastructure requirements.

Tandem Computers, Austin TX

June 1994 - January 1996

FCC and EMC Technician

Field test engineers for test of various components for EMC/EMI compliance under FCC and U/L regulations and guidelines.

Designed and implemented EMC tests for the defense/aerospace (i.e. Apache helicopter cockpit), industrial, marine, consumer, medical, telecoms, IT, rail and automotive applications.

Performed high frequency radiation stress tests on AT&T mainframes and military electronics until burnout to learn the imitations of EMC shielding and make design improvements.

IBM, Austin, TX

April-1992- May 1994

Circuit Design Engineer

Designed system level architecture for multiprocessor RISC platforms working with IC designers on developing custom silicon chipsets for platforms.

Manage the IT department that consist of a 34 people.

Mentored junior team members to improve their performance.

Developed system and IC level specifications; performing motherboard topology analysis and selection, control algorithm selection, simulation, and implementation, as well as magnetic component definition and design.

Performed motherboard design modifications and reengineering of existing designs for international customers.


ITT Technical Institute

1990 - 1991

Associate Degree

Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology

Microsoft MCSA has expired. Want to renew it and take the exam for MCSE.


English and Spanish

(Fluent in English and Spanish. US Native Citizen)

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