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Bengaluru, KA, India
March 08, 2018

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E-MAIL: MOBILE- +91-994*******


4+ years of experience in ERP using SAP R/3 ABAP/4 programming.

Programming experience in Classical, Interactive and ALV reports, Function Modules, SAP Scripts, BDC (Batch Data Communication) using both session and call transaction methods, LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench),BAPI (Business Application programming Interface), Enhancements, Smart forms, BADI(Business ADD-INS).

APO Functionalities (Function modules, BADI).

Recently started working on Data Services(Data Validation) and Information Seaward(Preparing Business validation rules)

Good communication and presentation skills. Demonstrates consistently strong work ethic and very capable of delivering timely results. Possesses strong analytical, creative thinking and problem solving skills.



Operating System : Windows XP.

Programming Languages : ABAP, C, C++, JAVA, WP, and WT, BODS, IS.

ERP Software : SAP ABAP ECC 6.0. & APO 7.0


B.Tech (IT) - April 2013 - Percentage: 80.73%

Priyadharsini college of Engineering and Technology (JNTU University), Nellore.

Intermediate (MPC) – April 2009 - Percentage: 76.5%

Govt. Junior. College, Kondapuram

SSC – March 2007 - Percentage: 59.4%

Z P High School Kondapuram.

ABAP/4 Skills:

Good exposure in Data Dictionary.

Good in ABAP Data Dictionary Objects(Data Types, Tabl es, Structures,

Table Types, Views, Search Helps, Lock Objects).

Good exposure in Table Maintenance Generator .

Internal Tables Concepts & Control Break Statements.

Knowledge on Open SQL Statements (Select, Insert, Modify, Update, Delete).

Ability to build the reports on Classical, Interactive and ALV Reporting.

Worked on Dialog/ Module pool programming / Transactions.

Worked on Scripts, Smart Forms.

Good exposure on Message Classes.

Good in Modularization Techniques (Includes, Subroutines, Macros,

Function Modules), RFC, BAPI.

Worked on Data Migration Techniques (BDC’s and LSMW).

Strong debugging experience.

Worked on Enhancements( User exits, Customer exits, BADIs,

Enhancement framework).

Having knowledge on cross-application technologies like ALE and IDOC.

Worked on Interface Programming and Enhancements including EXITS.

Uploading Bank data using BAPI in LSMW.

Good at SD, MM Flow.

Knowledge on OOABAP Basics.

Project Details:

Project #1 :( Support)

Client: ITC November 2013 – March 2017

Client : ITC

Company : ITC InfoTech

Environment : ECC 6.0 & APO 7.0

Role : SAP Technical Consultant

ITC is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Its diversified business includes five segments: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging and Agra Business & Information Technology. Established in 1910 as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited, the company was renamed as the Indian Tobacco Company Limited in 1970 and further to I.T.C. Limited in 1974. An expert in tobacco and tobacco products like pipes, pipe tobacco, and cigars.

In ECC Coded a BDC program for populating the Bank Details to SAP R/3 database using Flat File. The tcode is FI01.

Developed LSMW object to upload the Vendor Master Data records from legacy system into SAP R/3 system

In ECC I added new tab in the material master.

Developed a report for sales order which displays corresponding sales details using ALV reporting.

Displaying mass purchase order history Details.

Display the list of cost center.

Developed a report (Displaying delivery details for a range of sales orders and downloading material information in flat file).

Developed ALV reports (Displaying the list of companies and customers from customers in the same block and displaying hierarchical list of purchase order and item).

Developed reports (Displaying Details for Credit memo with Account document number, Document flow for sales order report and displaying material and plant details).

Worked on reports in both classical and interactive.

Developed a report sending email with master record pdf attachment.

Developed print format for invoice using smart forms and scripts.

Developed a purchase order creation using scripts.

Developed a purchase order layout using smart forms.

Coded a BDC program for populating the Material Master data to SAP R/3 database using Flat File. Transaction code used MM01.

Developed Customer exit (Implemented menu exit for VX11 because to create a financial accounts).

Developed a report in OO ABAP (Displaying customer traffic signals and displaying list of company codes )

Developed BADI’s ( Maintained key information in an excel sheet at the time of create and save the vendor,

To present the Recon.acct and Cash management group based on the given

Company code,

To present the Terms of payment and Purchase Organization

And displaying error message if they pass invalid cost center at the time of goods issue against cost center).

Developed BAPI (Displaying vendor posting details, Displaying post GL documents).

Developed sales order reports (Company sells electronic goods that it manufactures and retails through its various stores. It takes bulk sales order and determine the price of each item sold according to the custom type).

To create a custom transaction of MEK2 (Because To hide same personal data related to vendor and material and to restrict the further drill downs from the menu bar).

Developed BADI (Raise an error message whenever the vendor belongs to German and Region not specified).

Developed IDOC (On change or create of SAP delivery document on automatic IDOC should trigger and IDOC file to be created in the SAP application server).

Developed BADI to add additional fields in FBL5N (Because to track the customer residual invoices and aligns them to original invoices).

Adding custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 Header detail screen (because The Data automatically populates to the database table when the data s entered into the custom field).

Developed BAPI (Displaying Details for Purchase Document Item, Service, History

Details and Displaying Details for Customer Cleared items).

I worked on the below APO concepts.

Addition of new field in the selection window to filter the data while loading in to the planning book.

Modified STR process by using BADI’s (When manual STO is created in ECC which is less than STR quantity then the remaining STR will be fixed in APO. With this change the STR does not fix).

Displaying to combine all the CVC’s to maintained in all the country related selection profiles into a single selection profile.

Project #2 :( Implementation)

Client: Walmart March2017 – Till date

Client : Walmart

Company : UST Global

Environment : ECC 6.0 & DS (Data Services) & IS (Information Rules)

Role : Entraprice Resource Developer

Walmart India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Walmart India owns and operates 20 Best Price Modern Wholesale stores in 8 states across India. The first store opened in Amritsar in 2009. Best Price stores, a membership-based wholesale store, offers best prices with unmatched convenience, choice, quality and hygiene.

UST Global is an American multinational provider of Digital, IT services and solutions, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, United States. Stephen J. Ross founded UST Global in 1998 in Laguna Hills.

Developed a report (Displaying IDOC error status messages).

Developed a report (Displaying LSMW passed records, failed records and total records counts).

Developed BDC recording to repressing idocs automatically

Developed LSMW object to upload the Merchandise categories from legacy system to SAP system using inbound IDOC processing

Developed LSMW object to upload the Sales price Conditions from legacy system to SAP system using inbound IDOC processing

Developed LSMW object to upload the Cost price Conditions from legacy system to SAP system using inbound IDOC processing

Developed LSMW object to upload the Assortment data from legacy system to SAP system using inbound IDOC processing

Developed LSMW object to upload the Any condition record purchase/ Sales from legacy system to SAP system using inbound IDOC processing

Developed LSMW object to upload the Inventory gfr -Initial stock upload from legacy system to SAP system using inbound IDOC processing.

Developed LSMW batch input recording for to assign THAW article numbers to the frozen articles.

Developed LSMW batch input recording for to create a project and assign WBS elements to the project.

Calculated Capex budgets.

Developed Reconciliation report after loading the data into SAP, we extract the loaded data from SAP and compare it with the LSMW files provided to us by business. We match record to record, column to column to identify the issue using DS (Data Services). (Objects: Sales price, cost price, Merchandise categories, Assortment, Condition Record, Inventory-GFR Initial stock upload).

Developed new function modules to read the PO and label text stored in STXL and STXH tables from data services.

Enabled normal function modules to RFC Function modules.

Developed Business rule validations using Information Steward for Sales price, Cost price, MCH, Assortment, Inventory-GFR initial stock upload, Condition record Purchase info record and Article master (Single and Generic ) (Based on the issues identified, we create business rules and run these rules on the data provided by business so as to identify the issues before loading into SAP).

Developed VLOOKUP jobs for each object using DS (Data Services).


Fathers Name : K. Kondaiah

Date of Birth : 25-07-1992

Languages Known : English, Telugu & Hindi


I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date: (Srilakshmi)

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