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Human Resources Manager

Lorton, Virginia, United States
February 23, 2018

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EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: I am an Army/DoD Contractor with an active TS/SCI clearance with CI polygraph. I have amassed over 24 years of demonstrated experience in handling a wide array of Human Resources and Human Capital responsibilities from managing programs and supervising teams to overseeing and performing human resources management and administrative functions. Within my career, I have worked collaboratively with executive leadership, internal stakeholders and division leads, senior leaders from external organizations, Government officers, and external entities, such as finance, benefits, relocation, career, and educational advisors, corporate counsel, vendors, and external auditors. Notably, I have a knack for consulting and building strong, professional partnerships and employee engagement, including amongst company leaders, clients and hiring managers, and other pertinent entities. Overall, I am a highly-experienced senior leadership professional who possesses exceptional analytical and problem solving abilities; adept communication skills, including experience briefing senior-level officers and staff. I incorporate processes that will streamline business processes and programs to achieve targeted organizational outcomes in a more conducive and timely manner.


Contract Assignment: Thomas and Herbert Consulting duty at DoD National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), 7500 GEOINT Dr. Springfield, VA 22150 from 3/6/2017 – Present, Human Resources Management Analyst. Supervisor: Jonathan Wu 703-***-****. Contact: Yes Salary: $89,000.

I serve as a Human Resources Analyst to more than 720 selected candidates on a rotating basis. I perform recruiting and placement services for several directorates within the agency. I initiate and annotate performance and pre-employment updates. I articulate verbally and in writing, processes and procedures to selected candidates and internal (stakeholders) personnel, I adjust my delivery according to my targeted audience. I coordinate with external entities to finalize transfers, perform administrative actions, and schedule appointments. I critic, re-write, and generate letters of employment and confirmation. I communicate with various directorates about billet availability and dates to expedite the on-boarding processes and coordinate timely placement with supported offices. I perform record creation and maintenance. I participate in bi-weekly indoctrination classes. Apply critical methodology when necessary. Advise leadership on recruitment strategies, resource materials, and ways to streamline processes to facilitate a more cohesive, expedient, and coherent process. I also resolve employee relations issues.

Military Assignment: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), 7500 GEOINT Dr. Springfield, VA 22150 from: 8/25/2014 to 9/30/2016, Army Program Coordinator (HR 0201). Supervisor: Thomas Dickerhoof, COL, Sr. DIMA 813-***-****.

I served as the primary Program Coordinator at a DoD Joint combat agency for a Dept. of the Army program. I managed the entire Army Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program consisting of 80+ Soldiers. I was the primary conduit source of information for assigned Army Reservists and several active duty Soldiers. I increased the agency’s Army Reserve manpower by 45% with Geospatial Intelligence, Imagery, Engineer, and All Source Analysts by recruiting qualified talent to support and satisfy the agency’s mission and purpose. I identified, prioritized, and aligned teams with skilled, valuable, talented and adaptable professionals to support the global Intelligence, cyber security, and counter-Intelligence missions; while providing detailed program oversight and performing day-to-day HR operations. Through enforcement of DoA, OPM, DoD regulations, Directives, and agency regulations and policies, including Executive Orders and Joint Federal laws, I’ve created a more self-sufficient and reliable workforce in a Joint environment. I formulated and maintained all Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), quick reference materials, assisted with polices, and composed quarterly informational

newsletters spotlighting relevant program and agency changes and concerns. I managed the Mobilization Table of Distribution and Allowances (MOBTDA) for appropriate staffing to meet vital operational needs. I perform all aspects of

recruiting; performed interviews, collaborated with security to vet incumbents and coordinate the on-board segment. I arranged for sponsorship upon entry. I prepared and submitted all HR personnel actions and requests to the proper entities for finalization in accordance with policies and procedures. Served as the principle advisor to military officials and agency’s division leaders, I collected and scrutinized data for presentation and discussion (i.e. graphs, power point, or spreadsheets) purposes with military personnel and division leaders to illustrate and expound on manpower strengths, production levels, strategic planning; to include a variety of status reports, educational and career development, training requirements, promotion opportunities, evaluations, and awards. I preformed audit checks on travel and finance requests and submissions. I established a professional network of trusted professionals, who can provide necessary services and quality of work to assist with meeting suspense and achieving task success. I have and maintain a professional rapport with an array of quality professionals. I also managed training events and outlined protocols for various occasions.

Federal career: U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command Division, 27130 Telegraph Road, Quantico, VA 22130 from: 4/15/2013 to 3/18/2017, Civilian Human Resources Coordinator (HR 0301). Supervisor: Elizabeth Jenkins GS-12 571-***-****. Contact: Yes Salary: $69,751. GS-09; Appointment: Permanent. Other GS grades: GS-11. Hours per week: 40

I served as the primary Civilian HR Specialist for the Criminal Investigation Division Command 701st MP Group, supported a 450+ manpower organization. I collaborated with the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC), Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA), Foreign Entitlements (FE) Branch, DFAS, AG-1 Staffing and Classification office, and the Division HR advisors on implementing and properly addressing civilian related personnel actions, hiring methods, benefits, entitlements, and requests. I actively served as the primary functional and technical expert for internal civilian HR matters. I specialized in recruiting and staffing (placement), assisted with orchestrating, restructuring, and managing command’s TDA and JMD requirements. I collected and analyzed various data to determine position analysis, including gains and losses, to meet the Organization’s current and future needs. I prepared and presented strength and location reports, funding (budget) documents associated with the mobilized civilian workforce. I also, prepared a wide variety of reports and other documentation required by CPAC and HQs in meeting the Department of the Army (DoA) Department of Defense (DoD), and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) policy and procedural requirements associated with recruitment and other administrative functions. I created a variety of job announcements for positions in five Battalions and Headquarters. Generated Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders; applied research capability, prepared budgetary cost estimate worksheets for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expense (TQSE) and Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA), and Living Quarters Allowance (LQAs) for PCS moves supporting CONUS and OCONUS missions. I created numerous types of Request for Personnel Actions RPAs (SF52) advertisements with Gatekeeper questionnaires. I reviewed a variety of leave requests for processing. I also created and monitored remedy requests and submitted pay cap memorandums. I have submitted medical rosters on deploying personnel, reviewed Foreign Lodging Requests (FLRs) for location change and generated SF1190s for proper processing. Coordinated and advised ATAAPS managers on upcoming assignments for proper coding, benefit changes, and other authorities. Researched, interpreted, and enforced policy writers and higher headquarters regulatory HR guidance and procedures. Consulted with and advised senior leadership on ways to resolve difficult problems in areas of; HR complaints, customer relations, recruitment, deployment, awards, benefits, performance management, and special programs. Extracted, summarized, and disseminated pertinent administrative, personnel management information, and data to five Administrative Officers and numerous bodies of leadership. I served as a mediator increasing communications and response time by 87 percent between five battalions, HQs, Division, and external agencies resulting in a more time-sensitive and efficient work assembly. Actively engaged in employee and client relations to ensure fair treatment, wellness, and regulations were applied and followed. I worked with and evaluated 5

Administrators’ workloads, processes, and quality of work. I also ensure all were proficiently trained in a variety of civilian and military personnel administrative actions.

Federal career: Department of Defense Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Joint Task Force, 9900 Dalrymple Road, Bldg. 714, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 from: 09/22/2010 to 3/9/2014, Human Resources Manager (Military/Civilian Personnel). Supervisors: Ms. Janet Petties, GS-12-571-***-**** or 240-***-**** Yes. Grade GS-11; Appointment: Term, Salary: $67,971. Hours per week: 40

Served as the Lead Human Resources Specialists for the, CID Joint Task Force. Four years of specialized experience providing analytical data with qualitative and quantitative values and techniques to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses within the HR offices. Evaluated the functionality and operational activities of the HR offices and provided

recommendations on various considerations on human resources to resolve complex HR problems and alignment issues. Coordinated, supervised, and trained staffs of joint military and civilian personnel on office procedures and various personnel actions and processes associated with the different branches of services. Interpreted and implemented regulatory and procedural guidance as it pertained to the Navy, Air Force, and Army services. Analyzed material, streamlined processes, defined work roles; delegated work assignments, identified ways to improve the organization’s alignment of duties which improved the efficacy and effectiveness of communications, workflow processes, and areas of responsibilities between personnel, administrative offices, and the HRO by 65%. I also specialized in military personnel management to include, in and out processing, entitlements, records management, employee relations, recruitment, assignments (mobilization), staffing, promotions, awards, finance (pay issues), and professional development courses. Assisted with composing and maintaining the joint manning document, consisting of more than 212 positions, collaborated with Pentagon personnel on manning procedures. As the lead military Personnel Manager (PM) maintained an ongoing professional communicative relationship with multi-levels of leaderships and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assist with resolving personnel issues. Compiled and critiqued various memos, letters, spreadsheets, strength reports on manpower and a variety of personnel performance ensuring that processes remained in compliance with the various regulations, policies, and directives. I directly coordinate with the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), U.S. Army Human Resources Command (AHRC), Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS), Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO), the Personnel Information Management office (PIM), the Installation processing center, and other replacement and assignment agencies. I performed secondary duties such as; secondary to mobilizing civilian personnel, physical security, and as an Executive Assistant (EA) to a command staff of four. Performed ID checks and verification of clearance level using the, Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), properly badged visitors and assigned escorts. Performed safe checks and maintained the main key control log. As the Executive Assistant for a command staff of four, coordinated VTCs and TCs, and scheduled meetings. Managed command staff calendars and two conference rooms. Maintained the Commander’s GOV, performed recon, trained and supervised clerical staff on front office procedures, standards, policy, and command group preferences. Critiqued and updated command policies and memos before signature and dissemination.

Military assignment: Human Resources Command Center 200 Stovall St. Alexandria, VA 22332, Start: 12/14/2008 – 8/31/2010 Human Resources Specialist (Military), Supervisors: SFC(R) Bridget Perras 703-***-**** or SFC(R) Perry Perez 706-***-****; Contact: Yes. Salary: $ 27,300 Hours per week: 40

I served as a Human Resources Specialist assigned to the Army Human Resources Command Center. Specialized in military human resources, applied and shared comprehensive knowledge and interpretation of the Army’s doctrine, policies, procedures, and regulations to all areas of responsibility. I consistently enforced and defended the terms and conditions of the guidelines, regulations, and policies set in place. I served as the primary subject matter expert (SME) on various types

of Leaves to include Post Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence. I assisted with inputting information into the Defense Travel System, consulted with Soldiers to explain debts and recoupment options. I maintained the Division’s filing systems

(manually and electronically) for more than 330 personnel. I assisted with processing all Personnel Action Reports (PAR), prepared Soldier Readiness Packets (SRP), conducted readiness and in and out processing briefings and established a

judicious out-processing timeline that alleviated personnel support failure and Orders extensions. Served as Supply Clerk; purchased, inventoried, recorded, itemized, and disbursed requested products and merchandise. As the Assistant, Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), Training Coordinator, ensured all personnel remained incompliance with their perspective Branch guidelines and the statute of medical profile reports. I served as site locator and ensured the division fulfilled the requirements associated with the Combat Lifesavers guidelines. Monitored and updated all mandatory military personnel web-based training records and personnel records. As the secondary Mobilization Non-Commissioned Officer recruiting

Soldiers for high-profile missions by examining documents on potential recruits, identifying training and developmental needs, prepared packets for submission and monitored the Department of the Army Mobilization Processing System for Overseas Contingency Operations (DAMPS-OCO). I successfully maintained open communication levels with Army HQDA with regard to statuses and generation of assignment orders. I coordinated with other internal and external agencies and organizations to finalize processes. I masterfully composed numerous spreadsheets reflecting an array of accountability and status reports. I formulated accurate weekly on-hand strength reports, gains and losses reports, future Table of Distribution

and Allowances (TDAs), and other miscellaneous reports. Performed office-related functions required to sustain the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Support Division.

Private sector: DJ’s Music and Video/Bolin Music Company, 3230 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA 23509, from: 08/14/1992 – 04/2/2007, District Operations Manager, Portsmouth/Norfolk, VA (Left for Basic Combat Training)

Supervisor: Larry or Randy Bolin; Owners 757-***-****; Contact: Yes Salary: $ 27,700 Hours per week: 65-70

For 15 years, I served in several key positions culminating to the title of District Operations Manager. For six-years I managed a multi-million dollar business, overseeing the full-scope of day-to-day operations for 7-stores, throughout the Hampton Roads and Eastern Shore areas of Virginia. I conducted site visits, evaluated and recorded inspection findings and reviews. I coordinated, scheduled, and monitored the company’s random urinalysis drug testing program. As the Head Supervisor (14 years) of a staff of 50+ employees I coordinated all elements of operations, hiring and firing, training, and employee relations. I also served as a Logistician and Comptroller (12 years) performed site research, reviewed leasing agreements and contracts for new establishments, purchased merchandise and equipment, and managed the orders of production and services. I helped manage and balanced the corporation’s $7M yearly budget, coordinated and negotiated with contractors, electricians, vendors, and entertainment agencies for merchandise, hardware, security equipment, electronics, and product supplies, to set up four business locations. Negotiated and approved advertising packages and marketing strategies increasing sales and revenue averaging a 45% yearly increase. I served as Human Resources and Personnel Manager (14 years), responsible for recruitment, staffing, training, scheduling, performance evaluations, disciplinary measures, recording of unfavorable performances, and terminations. I resolved most conflicts/issues amongst employees and immediate supervisors. I implemented positive customer care service strategies which lead to a 24% increase in capital gains and customer relations, resulting in years of repeat business. I ensured the welfare of personnel and the livelihood structure of the business by recommending incentives, moral boosters, promotions, and implementation of a new ranking order and position titles and duties. As the Staffing Manager (14 years) composed and analyzed operational reports and schedules for all seven businesses. I incorporated appropriate training programs and security measures and ensured strict adherence to policies and regulations; infusing State and Federal laws as required. I arranged and lead quarterly employee meetings and monthly conferences with owners to discuss employee benefits and business projections, economic constraints, competitors market, new marketing techniques, incentives, cohesion, employee morale, events, and the future of the company in the marketplace. As the Network Liaison Manager (14 years), coordinated with a variety of officials to include local law enforcement leaders to arrange extra security and roadblocks for special guests,

arranged media coverage, and coordinated with numerous retail representatives throughout two regional markets. As Records Coordinator (13 years), input and maintained personnel data information, accounting, and business data in the company’s intranet database. Served as Training Coordinator (14 years), trained all personnel on company policies, client relations, employee relations, and proper operational procedures. Implemented confident and defusing security measures on how to identify potential problematic or controversial customers and how to execute without major disruptions or negative impact. As the Accounting Manager (12 years), ensured preparation of daily and monthly financial statements and worksheets were analyzed and recorded; posted adjustment and closing entries, transactions for accounts receivable/payable, inventories, and payroll. As the primary Inventory Control Manager and Buyer (14 years), I was accountable for $7.2M merchandise and inventory budget. I also managed the shipping and receiving activities, purchase orders, invoices, and real property inventory.

Web base experience and/or familiar with the following HRIS and databases: PeopleSoft database, Worldwide Individual Augmentation System (WIAS), Electronic Joint Manpower Accountability Personnel System (EJMAPS), Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS), Soldier Management System (SMS), Personnel Network System PERNet/AORS, and the Navy Transaction Online Processing Systems (TOPS), the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS), Civilian Personnel On-Line (CPOL), Automated Nature of Action (AutoNOA), FASCLASS, USA Staffing, the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMIPLO) databases, Electronic Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS II), Integrated Web Services (IWS), Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS). Department of the Army Mobilization Processing System – Active Duty Operational Support (DAMPS-A), familiar with the process of the Tour of Duty (TOD) database, Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), learning DPMAPPS, PeopleSoft, Microsoft: Windows XP, excel, power point, Word, and VISTA. Regulations: Office of Personnel Management (, DSSR, DTMO, AR 25-50, AR 600-8-10, AR 600-8-22, AR 600-8-19, AR 623 series, AR 600 series, and other military regulations to include ALARACTs, Executive Orders, MILPERs, 5-CFR, JFTR, etc.


*Pursuing Master’s Degree – Criminal Justice with Homeland Security current GPA 3.75

University of Mgt. and Tech. – Degree (BBA / Strategic HR) August 2013 magna cum laude 3.67 / Honor Society


U.S. Army Sergeant Major Academy – Master Leader’s Course - March 2018, Fort Bliss, TX

Master Résilient Trainer (MRT) – October 2016, Fort Belvoir, VA

U.S. Army Substance Abuse Prevention – Unit Prevention Leader (UPL), August 2016, Fort Belvoir, VA

U.S Army Sergeant Major Academy course – Structured-Self Development Course 2014

U.S. Army Adjutant General School - Senior Leader Course, 2014, Ft. Devens, MA

U.S. Army Structured Self-Development Courses, 2013, online

U.S. Army Adjutant General School – Advance Leaders Course, 2012, Camp Parks, CA

U.S. Army Adjutant General School – Advance Leaders Common Core Course, 2011, online

Combat Lifesavers Course, 2011, – Fort Belvoir, VA

U.S. Army Equal Opportunity Course – EOL, 2010, Fort Myer, VA

U.S Army NCO Academy - Warrior Leadership Course, 2008, Fort Campbell, KY

U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute, Adjutant General School, Human Resources Specialist, 2007, Ft. Jackson, SC


Unit Prevention Leader (Drug Tester) – Aug 2016

Master Resilient Training – Oct 2016

Pursing Certifications in:

Criminal Justice

Homeland Security

I also have a residence in Chesapeake, VA. I am open to relocating.

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