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Engineer Test

Herndon, Virginia, 20170, United States
February 07, 2018

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To obtain a senior technical position in software/system engineering such as software test manager, IV&V engineer, systems engineer, systems test engineer, or systems analyst.


Mr. Harper has over thirty-five years of experience in all aspects of software systems development. This includes the testing, verification and validation of software systems, models, and simulations. Applications include web based systems for force management, logistics, and mine counter warfare. Tools development included a wrap around simulation including development of a language to control this simulation based on Ada. This simulation was used to independently test a series of fire control systems. The computer applications developed include engineering and scientific applications, assemblers, compilers, and database applications. Mr. Harper participated in the development from design to software integration of a track and database management CSCI for a real-time system CCS/MK-2. Other applications have included orbit determination, data reduction, file management, and report generation


M.S.E., Computer Science, George Washington University, 1981

B.A., Quantitative Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, 1971




Top Secret based on 19 December 2012 SBPR.


October 2014 – December 2017 Pragmatics, Inc. Senior Test Engineer

-Provide testing support for the DISA Joint Planning and Execution Services (JPES) Framework (JFW). This includes manual and automated testing. Jira is used to track workflow stories and to report bugs.

-JPM testing is primarily manual based on test scripts maintained in Jira. The goal is to demonstrate proper functioning of JPM in maintaining user accounts, their roles, and permissions defined in terms of access to plans. In addition maintained and updated Selenium test cases for JPM testing.

-Use of SoapUI to develop test scripts to test functionality of the Data Virtualization Layer (DVL) used by JFW to provide access between external clients and the Joint Planning and Execution Sytem (JOPES) databases. These test scripts include a combination of soap requests with appropriate assertions and Groovy scripting to automate the testing.

-Develop SoapUI and Groovy data driven test scripts to measure the performance of JFW components. These components primarily function to provide snapshots of data and notifications of changes to that data in an XML feed format. The scripts involve gathering start and end time data and formatting that into reports using Groovy in the teardown script. In order to correctly identify the end times it is necessary to parse the XML notifications. These performance tests are executed both from Windows and Linux clients.

-Assist developers with the diagnosis and characterization of bugs. This involves using SQL to examine data and the use of putty to capture trace back information.

January 2014 – October 2014 Pragmatics, Inc. Senior Test Engineer

-Provide testing support for the Trademarks Next Generation project components of Content Management System (CMS) and Trademarks ID Manual. This includes manual and automated testing with workflow tracked in Rally.

-CMS is a portion of the system that uses Alfresco to store metadata and files related to trademarks. My manual testing includes using a Chrome application to send REST requests, access Alfresco, and legacy databases using SQL Developer to ensure the appropriate content and metadata is being stored.

-Utilize SoapUI an open source tool and associated Groovy scripts to automate some portions of the CMS testing to automate regression testing.

-For TM ID Manual develop manual test cases housed in Rally to test web interfaces and system functions.

-Test user stories for the One Portal Dossier (OPD) using a combination of manual methods and development of scripts in soapUI for functional testing.

May 2011 – January 2014 Pragmatics, Inc. Application Programmer/Software Test Engineer

-Provided project wide testing support for Joint Capabilities Requirements Manager (JCRM) and Preferred Force Generation (PFG) projects. Both of these projects are web based multi-tier applications employing Java, HTML, Javascript, XML, SOAP, Oracle, and Weblogic for web services and database servers.

-For PFG served as a liaison between Engineering Review Board and PFG software development team.

-Provided weekly status reports to ERB and participated in keeping defect databases consistent and current.

-For PFG developed a complete set of functional test cases for use in release and regression testing.

-Delivered software test plans, software test reports, and software test descriptions.

-Mentored more junior personnel to take over responsibility for preparation of these reports.

-Coordinated between ERB and Information Assurance (IA) staff on IA issues.

-Tested for IA issues utilizing SoapUI, Burp, and a Firefox add-on SQL Inject-me.

-IA testing included SQL Injection threats and compliance with Information assurance vulnerability alerts (IAVAs)

-Performed IA testing due to application of Critical Patch Updates.

-Tested PFG and JCRM utilization of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates for access control.

October 2006 – May 2011 Pragmatics, Inc Application Programmer/Test Analyst

-Provided on-site testing and functional support as an integrated member of the Global Combat Support System (GCSS) PMO test team at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

-Worked with the GCSS PMO test team and developer to achieve process improvement in an agile development environment.

-Created test plans, test cases, and reports for GCSS which functions in a web based environment which includes BEA WebLogic, MetaMatrix, Vignette, Virtual Databases VDB, and Palenterra Map Services.

-performed functional testing during contractor integration testing, government acceptance testing, and regression testing.

-Utilized a tool, Rally, to report defects and findings to developers along with other communication with developers to ensure software quality.

-Used best practices including a scheduled report capability to provide data for evaluation of Key Performance Parameter (KPPs).

-Provided written recommendations for improving the current GCSS testing practices.

-Provided technical support with testing automation tools and assisted junior team members with development of test cases and test scripts/procedures.

-Attended design reviews and provided recommendations of possible test strategies.

-Assisted in all aspects of testing to include monitoring the contractor integration testing and performing the functional testing, and performance testing.

-Provided support for the development and/or updating of the Test and Evaluation Master Plan in support of Program Milestone Reviews

-Developed a comprehensive Functional Acceptance Test report at the conclusion of each test activity.

-Assisted in coordinating Operational Test and Evaluation with external agencies

-Reviewed and provided written recommendation for testing process improvements

-Used Rational to configuration control manual test cases.

January 2006 – June 2006 Stanley Associate, Inc Lead Test Engineer

-Created and modified test plans, procedures and schedules

-Performed system integration and government acceptance testing.

-Wrote software test reports for system integration test

-Performed system testing communicating results to development staff

-Used Rational to configuration control manual test cases.

-Project was a network management system developed in JAVA

July 2004 – January 2006 Titan Corp. (Now L-3 Communications Titan Group)

Systems Engineer I (Quality Assurance)

-Functioned as a member of IV&V team at the Office of Naval Intelligence.

-Evaluated a collection of open source tools for the testing of web applications.

-Utilized MaxQ, Jython (Jython is an implementation of the Python programming language designed to run on the Java platform.), and Java to develop a library of automated regression tests for the Collection Requirement System All-Source Intelligence Resource (CORSAIR) 1.0 project.

-CORSAIR provided a computer-assisted, step-by-step methodology for preparing, routing, and managing Intelligence Information Needs (IINs) also known as Request for Information

-Integrated MaxQ scripts into Grinder, an open source tool for performance testing and utilized Grinder to verify that system changes would provide improvements to the CORSAIR user experience

-Developed an ANT script to execute the Jython regression tests as part of the build process producing an HTML report summarizing test results.

-Performed manual testing of the CORSAIR application

1990 – 2004: SAIC, McLean Va.

SMART Management Team 10/2003 – 04/2004

- Develop the Simulation Modeling, Acquisition, Requirements and Training (SMART) policies, procedures, tools, and training to achieve an integrated coherent SMART management approach across all elements of the program

- Update and maintain the UA SMART Simulation Support Plan (SSP) in coordination with the PM FCS Unit of Action (UA) SMART Management Office

- Review and coordinate changes to IPT and supplier Simulation Support Plans

System Engineer 07/1996 – 10/2003

- Defined requirements and test plans for mainstreamed version of the Mine Warfare Environmental Decisions Aids Library (MEDAL) to be available on all Global Command and Control System – Maritime (GCCS-M) platforms

- Defined requirements and test plans and procedures for implementation by MEDAL of changes to the United

States Message Text Formats (USMTF)

- Defined requirements, test plans and test procedures for implementation of the Route Survey Contact Database

- Define requirements, test plans, and test procedures for implementation of fusion for tactical and Route Survey contacts

- Authored changes to the USMTF for Mine Counter Warfare Measures

- Executed developed test plans and procedures in formal acceptance testing

Supervised the development of all test plans and procedures for a maintenance release of MEDAL

Senior Computer Scientist 06/1994 – 07/1996

- Participated in Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) activities for the U. S. Army Operational Evaluation Command for Comanche and Hand Emplaced Wide Area Munition (HE-WAM)

- Developed Verification and Validation Plans for Comanche and HE-WAM

- Evaluated simulators, models, and simulations capabilities to determine their appropriate function in the assessments

-Reviewed software test plans and test and evaluation master plans especially in the areas of software development, modeling and simulation

Systems Analyst 03/1992 – 06/1994

- Lead the Data Transport Device Certification Processor (DCP) Independent Software Nuclear Safety Analysis (ISNSA)

- Performed DCP code review

- Developed the Test Plans and Procedures for DCP 1.24

- Executed ISNSA Plan including review of software, hardware and test objectives to ensure compliance with nuclear safety procedures

- Reconstructed the system from the base lined software modules and the test scenarios covering the identified test objectives were executed under formal nuclear safety procedures.

- Reviewed and analyzed for consistency, correctness, and completeness system and software development documents involved with the Theater Mission Planning Center.

Software Engineer 02/1990 – 03/1992

- Developed a software message processing module for CCS/MK-2 from top level design to unit test using Ada as a design language following MILSTD-2 167A with CMS-2 as the implementation language

1980–1990: Vitro Corporation:

Section Leader

- Led the computer applications section in pre-certification test operations in Program Test Center

- Developed, enhanced, and tested the program design language used for fire control system and environment simulation and test script development

- Implemented automated certification test programs for SM- 1, SM-2 AEGIS, TARTAR, and TERRIER fire control systems

- Implemented an executable Ada like program design language


- Designed, coded, and tested computer programs that were used in testing fire control systems and engagement schedulers

- Developed cross assemblers and parsers related to various engineering tasks

1979-1979: Tesdata Corporation

Senior Programmer

- Developed programs utilizing International Mathematical and Statistical Library routines to make projections of computer performance measurements


1974-1979: Computer Science Corporation


- Served on a system integration and testing team for the Goddard Real-time System

- Maintained on two orbit determination systems written in Fortran on the IBM 360 and a satellite tracking data collection system written on a Honeywell 632

- Developed, designed and tested a guidance data reduction program

1971-1974: Department of the Navy


- Developed programs to generate tabular and statistical reports from Navy Enlisted Personnel database at the Bureau of Naval Personnel.

- Developed COBOL programs on the IBM 360 and UNIVAC 494 to perform file maintenance and data validation at the Ships Parts Control Center.

- Made significant enhancements to an assembly program used by a Burroughs L4000 in the processing of purchase orders at the Ships Parts Control Center

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