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Project Manager

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
32000 SAR
April 20, 2018

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Mustafa Abdelsalam Mohammed (PMP)



Mobile: 009***********

Current location: Saudi Arabia

Date of Birth: 1/1/1972

Years In Firm: 21 Years

Nationality: Sudanese

A project management professional (PMP certified),an accomplished registered architect and medical planning specialist, with over twenty years’ experience in the field of health care facilities projects, construction management and architectural design .well versed on design and construction management for many building types, such as residential projects, hotels, mixed-use buildings, education buildings, administrative and public servicing facilities, with a concentration on health care facilities projects through working in a Medical Service development Program which was executed at Sudan, with a versed knowledge and applying of international standards for health care facilities,such as (FGI, ASHRAE, NFPA ),in addition to applying (PMI) standards & guidelines on projects management.


Expert in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, medical planning, design management and construction management taking into account:

- Well versed in local and international Building Codes.

- Well versed in Healthcare Facility Codes and Standards e.g. (FGI- NFPA –ANSI-ASHRAE)

- Stand on the latest upgrades and specs of Medical Equipment & Furniture.

- Excellent knowledge of QA/QC procedures.

- Well versed in infection control procedures in healthcare facilities.

- Good experience in applying safety precautions and risk mitigation plans.

- Extensive experience in applying (PMI) guidelines to managing project activities.


1995 Faculty of Engineering & Architecture - University of Khartoum

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Honours)


2015 Project Management Professional (PMP Number: 1863128) (PMI)

2012 Membership of Saudi Council of Engineers. (113255)

2000 Licensed Architect- The Sudan Engineering Council (EC/ER/GE/2005).

2000 Licensed Architect- The Sudanese Institute of Architects (SIA)

COURSES & Skills:

Up to date Continue studying the latest trends & standards relating to health care architecture

2012 Project Management Professional Preparation Course (PMP).

2012 Workshop in ASHRAE Standards for Hospitals (Jordon)

2010 AutoCAD, Rivet (BIM), 3D max, Lumion, Photoshop skills.

2010 Primavera, MS Project, Word, Excel, Power point skills

2010 Workshop in Medical Equipment (China)

2009 Workshop in NFPA Standards for Hospitals (Turkey)

2007 Value Engineering Course (Egypt)

2001 Diploma in General law – National Ribat University


2012 – Present: Saudi Consolidated Engineering Company (Khatib & Alami) KSA

Type of Business: Engineering Consultancy Company.

Job Description: Construction Manager

1.(SHAGRA’A Housing Project),client : Ministry of Housing, PMC was Parsons,the project composed of 250 villa + four mosques each200 prayer + one mosque 1500 prayer & infrastructure for 485 villas)

Responsibilities: Assist the Project Manager in carrying out the day-to-day management of the project. Manage, & direct the assigned work in such a manner as to assure completion on-schedule and within the budget, up to the required quality, and in a manner satisfactory to the Client and the Company. Act practically and give directions for site works. Review/monitor work progress and prepare progress & status reports. Interact with contractor and its sub-contractors to find out any issues that holds / delays work progress. Regularly monitor the progress against a baseline using Earned Value analysis, make forecasts and propose catch up plans in case of variances. Proactively review& monitor the quality of works and raise necessary instructions for defect rectification. Inspect materials and supervise necessary installation tests carried out on or off the site. Coordinate responses to technical queries received from contractor. Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, health and environmental management policies, procedures. Insure that all agreed on methods of statement, inspect and test plans are followed &QA/QC activities and processes are taken. Review and analyze change requests, variations, & claims and endorses recommendations to management. Arranging meetings and ensuring project files are well maintained, as required for the execution of project management services.

2006 – 2012: General Directorate of Projects & Engineering Affairs (Ministry of Interior)

Type of Business: Project and Construction Management

Job Description: Projects Manager

1.Alribat Hospital External Clinic Complex (B+4floors, 24450m2, 350beds)

The project composed of: Basement: sterilization, laundry, kitchen, stores, archive, and engineering and medical gases departments. Ground: imaging suite (4X ray+CT+MRI), 27 examination clinics, emergency suite, laboratory, pharmacy, waiting &utilities area. First: endoscopy suite, ENT department, patient care units (PCUs), blood bank. Second: ophthalmology suite, orthopaedic suite, physiotherapy unit, dermatology suite, PCUs, offices. Third: surgical suite (6 operation rooms), critical care unit (ICU+CCU), cardiology unit include catheterization lab +ECG +ultra sound, PCUs, seminar rooms.

2.Police Central Hospital: (4 floors, 34500m, 500 beds)

The project composed of: imaging suite (CT, MRI, fluoroscopy, angiography, radiography), surgical suite (8 operation rooms), critical care units, renal dialysis unit (open treatment rooms with nurse Stations, water treatment equipment), urosurgery & lithotripsy unit, obstetrical suite (labor, delivery, operation, recovery rooms, caesarean& infant resuscitation section), dental unit, patient care units, laboratory, pharmacy and administration offices.

3.Forensic Psychiatric unit (3 floors, 3600m2, 50 beds)

The project composed of: patient rooms, seclusion rooms, social spaces, visitor’s room, examination &treatment rooms, dinning facility, nurse stations, group therapy space.

4.Dental Clinics & Labs (National Ribat University) (2 floors, 960 m2)

The project composed of: 31 dental treatment clinics each with dental chair, phantom heads lab for 30 students, sterilization unit, imaging unit, compressed air & water treatment unit, waiting area, staff offices.

5. Sahiroon Special Hospital Renovation Project (6floors, 3360m2, 60beds) The project composed of: delivery suite, 60 patient care rooms, examination clinics, imaging unit, laboratory unit, pharmacy, administration offices.

5.Shambat Residential Complex (6 buildings, each 7 floors, total: 144 flats)

6.Mahmoud Shareef Residential Complex (4buildings each 5 floors, 40flats)

7.Electronic identification & immigration documents factory (floors, 6,293 m2).

8.Headquarter of Foreign Affairs Directorate (basement+3 floors, 4570m2)

9.Headquarter of After Retirement Services Directorate (6floors, 3,489m2)

Responsibilities: Manage project participants, general contractor, specialist contractors, and vendors, operators to achieve project business needs. Ensure that project resources (Staff-Labours-Materials) will be delivered according to approved resource calendar dates.

Ensure that all project deliverables are processed through the approved method of statement, ITP plans & that QA/QC procedure and measures are taken according to approved quality plan. Control project constraints (scope, schedule, quality and cost) to project baselines. Control changes by processing through the change control plan before execution. Perform integrated analysis of the impacts of the requested changes and give recommendation to the change control board. Audit the project management system and recommend for improvement to the PMO. Conduct periodic updates to project registries (Stakeholders-Risk-Bending Issues) Review contractor’s interim payments and give recommendations. Meet periodically with the project participants to follow-up &resolve bottlenecks. Report actual performance of project controls (schedule, quality and budget) and communicate with the PMO and stakeholders to take the appropriate actions to bring the project to the planned performance. Ensure that the required technical standards of safety, environment, and health are implemented on the projects sites. Complete site certificates, checking and approving all materials to be used in construction and or finishing works, evaluating and approving any subcontractor that maybe employed to work in the projects. Measure, evaluate & forecast project cost & schedule performance and recommend actions to be taken to achieve project baselines.

Upon completion of construction and finishing the completed buildings, take the commissioning activities including observation, verification/testing and maintain the building documentation for all engineering disciplines to ensure proper operation, and handling over completed buildings to clients and ensure proper familiarization.

2005 – 2006: General Directorate of Projects & Engineering Affairs (Ministry of Interior)

Type of Business: Project and Construction Management

Job Description: Design Manager for: Police medical services development committee

1.Police Central Hospital Renovation (4 floors, 34500m2, 500 beds)

2.Alribat Hospital External Clinic Complex (B+ 4 floors, 24450 m2)

3.Alribat Hospital future extension (oncology unit proposal)

4.Typical Primary Care Outpatient Centers (2 floors, 1350m2)

5.Typical Regional Police Hospitals (3floors,6750m2,100bed)

Responsibilities: Engage with various project stakeholders to fully developing projects briefs. Review the facility planning and the compliance with healthcare codes (FGI) and other related ANSI, ASHRAE, NFPA codes & standards to ensure the design meet the requirement of patient health safety such as airborne infection prevention and other health safety precautions. Check & coordinate building service equipment, medical, nonmedical, movable & fixed equipment, and ensure they are integrated in all drawings. Review the room lists, medical layout cut sheets and pre-installation drawings. Ensure required systems are in place, coordinated and integrated in all drawings. Supervise the preparing of front – end engineering design documents (FEED), including drawings, specifications, general conditions, bill of quantities and bid selection criteria. Conduct formal validation for facilities for qualification, commissioning, licensing, post occupancy operations and the facilities accreditation requirements. As a member in bidding committee, participate in tendering activities like Pre-qualification of Contractors, sending (RFQ), response to bidder questions, evaluate bidders quotations, negotiate proposed bidders, select and recommend to higher management awarding the contract.

2000 – 2005: General Directorate of Projects & Engineering Affairs (Ministry of Interior)

Type of Business: Project and Construction Management

Job Description: Design Manager

1.Forensic Evidence laboratories building (4floors, 6468 m2)

2.Police Hotel (7 floors, total built area 13104 m2)

3.Police Forces Social Insurance Fund Hotel (B+13 floors,10670m2)

4.Police Club Swimming Pool (3200 m2)

5.Alwakeel Commercial Tower (2B+12 floors,1870m2 )

6.Africa Towers (residential project) (10 floors)

7.Agrab Residential complex (10buildings, each 5 floors, total: 200 flats)

8.Shambat Residential Complex (6 buildings, each7 floors, total:144 flats)

9.Sudanese Petroleum corporation staff residential flats (4 buildings, each 7 floors, total: 40 residential flats)

10.Alribat University Complex (buildings + infra-structure)

11.Headquarter of Wildlife Protection Department. (Three floors,1710m2)

Responsibilities: Ensure all designs meet recognized standards, codes and requirements and fulfil obligations under contract agreements. Coordinate with the government authorities in getting building construction permits and licenses, connections of public utilities, civil defense permit and completion certificates. Engage with various project stakeholders to fully understand the project requirements and developing a project brief that provides all team members with a clear understanding of the project requirements and key performance indicators. Supervise make and develop the conceptual and preliminary design, including discussions with the clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the proposed designs and their requirements were met. Develop the design, managing and coordinating the preparation of engineering drawings for all disciplines and their specifications. Coordinate among Architectural, Structural and MEP departments, manage the input of specialist design and ensure their inputs are integrated on drawings. Assist in the preparation of tender documents, including liaising with the Cost Management department to ensure a full and comprehensive understanding of the project is conveyed and reflected in project tender documents. Review tender returns to determine technical compliance. Lead negotiations with contractors on behalf of clients to ensure construction values represent best value. Participate in selecting the most appropriate bid and recommending to higher levels of supervision awarding the bid to selected contractor. Response to technical queries received from contractors.

Review and approve proposed materials and their substitutes.Participate in testing after completion & handing-over committee.

1998 – 2000: Coptrade for Housing & Construction Company

Type of Business: Contractor

Job Description: Site Architect (Execution Department)

1. Police Academy Conference Hall

2. ABUSEID Housing Project (150 Houses + infrastructure)

Responsibilities: Direct and manage the execution, the direct labours & sub-contractors.

Finalize the project execution up to hand over. Review & monitor sub-contractor progress and commercial matters and prepare reports relating to the current project status. Review & monitor the quality of works on-site and raising necessary instructions for defect rectification; coordinating with design consultants where required.

Coordinate responses to technical queries received from sub-contractors.

1996 – 1998: Coptrade for Housing & Construction Company

Type of Business: Contractor

Job Description: Architect (Technical office)

1. Khartoum Medical City

2. Coptrade Company Headquarter building

3. Logistics department headquarter (admin. building:4 floors & 5 warehouses)

Responsibilities: Revise the design drawings

Make the shop drawings & as build drawings

Quantities surveying

1995 – 1996: Aljazeera Engineering Company

Type of Business: Project and Construction Management

Job Description: Architect

1.Private Villas

Responsibilities: Make conceptual & develop designs

Make working and presentation drawings (2D &3D drawings)

April 2018

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