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Engineer Quality

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
January 06, 2018

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Aaron L alinde

(954-*-**-**** **** N E * *t h A ve Wilton M anors, F L 3 3305 Biomedical E ngineer w ith e xperience i n M anufacturing a nd P roduct D esign. C reated innovative d esigns t hat m et b udget a nd d eadline r estrictions. U sed 3 D C AD s oftware t o s imulate, model, a nd a nalyze p roduct d esign. P articipated i n t eams t o e nhance e xisting m edical d evices. PROFESSIONAL E xperience

Endeavor M anufacturing I nc., C oral S prings, F L Biomedical E ngineer, S eptember 2 017 - P resent

● Responsible f or p rojects t hat i nvolve p roduct d esign, v alidation, f abrication, t esting, a nd verification

● Designed a nd p rototyped a n e lectromechanical d evice f or a n e xisting c ustomer t o alleviate l ower b ack p ain a nd s tiffness

● Ensure p roducts a re p roperly m anufactured w ithin t he b udget p roposed f or t he g iven deadline.

● Support q uality d epartment w ith i mprovements i n p roduct d esign, a nd b uilding instructions

● Responsible f or c alibrating t esting e quipment a s w ell a s e nsuring d ocuments a re u p t o date f or t he q uality d epartment

Florida I nternational U niversity, M iami, F L Biomedical S ystem a nd D evices C ourse P roject s ponsored b y N ikao M anufacturing August 2 016 – A pril 2 017

● Objective: t o p rovide a d esign s olution t hat w ill i ncrease t he s afety a nd r eliability o f t he Radio F requency T herapeutic D evice b y d ecreasing t he f ailure r ate w ithin a b udget o f


● Performed a r oot c ause a nalysis o f t he f ailures o ccurring i n t he f ield, t o d etermine t he necessary d esign c hanges

● Determined t he m ost a ppropriate d esign c oncept t hat w ill f ulfill t he m arket r equirements of t he p roduct

● Created n umerous v erification m ethods f or t he v arious d esign i nputs t o e nsure f ull functionality a nd s afety o f t he d evice

● Ensured t hat t he d esign c hanges t o b e m ade w ould m eet t he e xisting r egulatory s tandards

● Received B ME f aculty a pproval t o p roceed w ith t he v erification t ests a nd p rototyping o f device

Florida I nternational U niversity, M iami, F L Transport P henomena P roject, J anuary 2 017 – A pril 2 017

● Objective: T o m odel t he s hear s tress e xperienced i n a T rans-Catheter A ortic V alve Replacement ( TAVR) p rocedure.

● Used d ifferent b lood p ressures i n o rder t o b etter u nderstand h ow t hey c an a ffect t he s hear stress e xperienced b y t he a orta.

Custom F it P ro L abs, T amarac, F L

Lab T echnician A ssistant, A ugust 2 015 – M ay 2 016

● Assist w ith t he d evelopment a nd p roduction o f m edical d evices a nd a ppliances r elated t o motor c ontrol a nd s upport, i ncluding o rthotic b races, i nsoles, a nd a rtificial l imbs

● Evaluated p atient n eeds t o d esign m edical d evices c arefully t ailored t o e ach i ndividual patient

● Distinguished b etween a ppropriate m aterial f or d evice ( leather, p lastic, o r m etal) a nd t he tools n ecessary t o c reate t he p rosthetic a nd o rthotic d evices.

● Modified o r r epaired p rototypes a nd d evices a ccording t o s pecific i nstructions s et b y t he orthotic a nd p rosthetic p rofessionals d irecting t he t eam

● Initiated 3 D p rinted p rototyping t o a ssist t echnicians w ith o rthotic a nd p rosthetic developments

Extracurricular A ctivities

Biomedical E ngineering S ociety, F lorida I nternational U niversity, M iami, F L Member, F all 2 013 – P resent

● Promote k nowledge a bout t he i ndustry a nd d iscussion o f t rends a nd e vents i n t he bioengineering f ield, a s w ell a s i ts u tilization Event C oordinator, F all 2 014 – F all 2 015

● Organized u niversity l ab t ours, c reated a nd p romoted e vents t o n ew m embers, e ngaging with t hese m embers t o i nform t hem o f p otential c areers i n t he i ndustry Technical & L anguage S kills

● Software: S olidworks, P TC C reo, A utodesk F usion 3 60, M atlab, R eplicator G, M S O ffice

● Fluent i n S panish ( speaking, r eading, w riting, c omprehension) Education

Florida I nternational U niversity, M iami, F L Bachelor o f S cience i n B iomedical E ngineering, G raduated S ummer 2 017 Majors: B iomedical E ngineering; D ean’s l ist, S pring 2 016 References u pon r equest

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