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AdultGeriatric/Acute CareNurse Practitioner

Peconic, New York, 11958, United States
December 29, 2017

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T erry L . P ontino A GACNP

* *** * ***** * eck L ane

P econic N Y 1 1958

P hone: ( H)(631)- 7 34-8477 , C -631-***-**** Education:

Fairmont S tate U niversity 0 8/1978-05/1980, D egree-(AND) West V irginia U niversity 0 8/1982-05/1984, D egree ( BSN) Long I sland U niversity 0 8/2013-05/2015

Walden U niversity 0 8/2015- 0 5/2016, D egree ( MSN) Clinicals- Cardiology/Primary C are O ffice, O utpatient P rimary C are C linic, V eterans Administration H ospital-Medical-Surgical U nit/Emergency R oom, M edical P sychiatry a nd Cardiothoracic S urgical U nit.


08/17/2017 – 0 9/29/2017

Barton A ssociates ( NP) A rch C are S enior L ife. L ong T erm C are O utpatient C linic f or a ges 5 5 y ears of a ge a nd o ver. P erform a nnual a nd s emiannual p atient a ssessments. T reatment o f a cute patient p roblems. O rder m edications s ent e lectronically a nd o rder d iagnostics. W ork a s p art o f an i nterdisciplinary t eam o f S W, n utritionists, M .D., R .N., a nd N P’s, a ttend i nterdisciplinary meetings.


Barton A ssociates ( NP) L oretto C are f or t he E lderly. A cute c are r ehabilitation c enter f or e lderly adults w ith a cute a nd c hronic i llnesses. D iagnose a nd t reat p atients w ith m ultiple comorbidities. P rescribe m edications, p erform a dmissions a nd d ischarges. U se o f d ictation. 07/2013- P resent

Shene N ursing A gency ( RN) P erform h ome c are a nnual p atient a ssessments. I nsertion o f intravenous c atheters a nd i nfusion o f m edication i nfusions v ia I ntravenous p umps. C hange P ICC line d ressings.


Island H ome C are A gency ( RN) C are o f h ome c are a dults/children, p atient a ssessments, administer m edications o rally a nd v ia g astric t ubes, a ssist o ut o f b ed w ith H oyer L ift, a ssist w ith ADL’s, w ound c are, T ube f eedings. P atient t eaching. 05/2000-07/2005

Brookhaven M emorial H ospital ( RN) E mergency R oom L evel 2 T rauma a nd T elemetry. Care o f e mergency r oom p atients w ith a cute a nd c hronic h ealthcare p roblems. A dministration of m edications, w ound c are, v entilator c are, e xternal p acing,. A ssist M .D. w ith p rocedures, i .e. spinal t ap, c onscious s edation, i nsertion o f c entral l ines, i nsertion o f i ntravenous l ines, administration a nd m onitoring o f m edication i nfusions, a dministration o f b lood a nd b lood products, P articipation i n e mergency c odes a nd T rauma. P atient e ducation,. P articipation I n a multidisciplinary t eam.


Eastern L ong I sland H ospital ( RN) M edical-Surgical U nit, A cute A lcohol D etoxification U nit, L ong Term D rug a nd A lcohol R ehabilitation.

Care o f m edical s urgical p atients; p erformed a ssessments, a dministered m edications, intravenous i nsertions, a dministration o f b lood a nd b lood p roducts a nd c hemotherapy. W ound care, t ube f eedings, i nsertion o f n asogastric t ubes a nd u rinary c atheters. P atient t eaching. V ital signs. W orked a s a m ember o f a n i nterdisciplinary t eam. Treatment o f A cute a lcohol d etoxification, m onitoring f or w ithdrawal s ymptoms, A dminister medications f or a ssistance o f d ecreasing w ithdrawal s ymptoms. V ital s igns. P atient e ducation. Care o f L TC A lcohol a nd d rug r ehabilitation p atients, a dminister m edications, m ethadone, perform p atient t eaching, W ork a s p art o f a n i nterdisciplinary t eam; d rug a nd a lcohol counselors, s ocial w orker, n utritionist, M .D., R .N.’s, a nd P sychiatrist. 07/1987-08/1989

Central S uffolk H ospital ( Peconic B ay M edical C enter) ( RN) Care o f m edical- s urgical p atient, a dministration o f m edications, b lood a nd b lood p roducts, insertion o f i ntravenous l ines, n asogastric t ubes, u rinary c atheters, p erformed w ound c are, tracheostomy c are, m onitoring o f c hest t ubes, v ital s igns, p atient t eaching. A ssisted M .D. w ith procedures; i .e., c hest t ube i nsertion, c entral i ntravenous l ines a nd s pinal t aps. 05/1980-08/1989

West V irginia U niversity M edical C enter ( Ruby M emorial H ospital) ( RN) Care o f m edical s urgical p atients w ith a cute a nd c hronic m edical h ealthcare p roblems, postoperative c are o f s urgical p atients, a dministration o f m edications, b lood a nd b lood products, m onitoring o f i ntravenous i nfusions a nd l ines, w ound c are; i .e., r adical p ost-surgical cancer w ounds, t racheostomy c are a nd s uctioning, T - t ube, g astric t ubes, j ejeunostomy t ubes, chest t ubes, p atient t eaching. W orked a s p art o f a n i nterdisciplinary t eam Skills:


Suture r emoval.

Chest t ube i nsertion.

Mole r emoval.


Gerontology a nd A cute C are N urse P ractitioner ( ANCC-board C ertified), A CLS. B LS

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