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Project Manager Engineer

United States
December 27, 2017

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Charles C. Mikula Sr., P.E. Contact: 302-***-**** cell

Areas of Expertise

- Civil Engineering Design - Structural Construction Management

- Structural Design and Evaluation - Design-Build Contract Management

- Construction Management - Program Management

- Project Management - Space Utilization and Re-Allocation

- Design and Structural Analysis - Environmental Management

- Business Development - Technical Submittal Compiling/ Review

- Energy Trend Analysis and Reduction - Corrective Problem Solutions

- Multiple Project Coordination - Quality Control Management Employment





436 CES SQUADRON, DOVER AFB (positions outlined below) ASSET MANAGEMENT FLIGHT CHIEF, GS-13, 2007-2013









• Project Manager, JB Charleston SC, Repair/Replacement B164 Passenger Terminal

• Project Manager/Quality Control Manager, McGuire AFB, CIPP Lining Project

• Quality Control Manager, Wallops Airfield Repair Project Phase 1 (A–2C, A–3B, A–4B, & TA–3A)

• Project Manager, Lakehurst ALZ Reconstruction, Lakehurst NAS NJ, 2014-2015

• Project Manager, CERDEC Helicopter tie-downs, Lakehurst NAS, 2013

• Project Manager, Repair Taxiway Quebec, McGuire AFB, NJ, 2013

• Project Manager, Repair Loading Dock Doors, McGuire AFB, 2013

• Project Manager, Decentralize the Base heat plant, Dover AFB, 2006-2012

• Project Manager, Dorm Improvements Phase 1 project, Dover AFB 2009-2012

• Project Manager, Design-Build, Remove jet fuel from hydrant system leaks, Dover AFB Project Manager, Drum Removal at LF 18 (Golf course), Dover AFB 2 Page


Demonstrated leadership capabilities that include: Strategic and systems-thinking skills; Problem solving; Consistent delivery of results to the satisfaction of internal and external customers; developing dynamic, constructive working relationships Excellent interpersonal skills characterized by effective interactions with a diverse range of internal and external constituents, stakeholders and audiences. Ability to communicate effectively in a manner that achieves desired outcomes and promotes strong partnerships. I am a highly accomplished and motivated Registered Professional Engineer with excellent organizational, multi-tasking, oral and written interpersonal communication and teaching/mentoring skills. I have extensive practical experience in Civil Engineering Design, Management and Supervision. In-depth experience in Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental, and Business Development skills. I am capable of navigating through a multitude of tasks, prioritizing the needs of the organization, establishing, and accomplishing the goals set forth. My computer skills include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Project List

- Repair 47,000 square foot Passenger Terminal Facility ($14.3M)

- Repair 3-120” Diameter storm sewer lines w/Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lines, McGuire AFB ($2.3M)

- Wallops Airfield Repair Project Phase 1 ($2.1M)

-Repair Assault Landing Zone, ($6.5M)

- Taxiway Golf Repair/Replace, ($22M)


- Taxiway Quebec Repair/Replace, ($1.5M)

- Loading Dock Doors Modification ($275K)

- CERDEC Helicopter tie-downs, ($250K)

Current Project

Dec 2016-Present

Project Manager

- - $14.3M Add/Repair Passenger Terminal B164

JB Charleston SC

My Project Manager duties include working with the client to ensure all parties understand the project scope and vision. I oversee the project, including details like permit submission and design evaluations. I manage the schedule for the project and match talent to the job. I produce and process change orders, collaborate with the client and construction subs to ensure feasibility of each task. I conduct meetings on- site with the client, subs, and construction crew. I negotiate with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure cost control and compliance with our budget and construction schedule. I prepare and submit project estimates to upper management, and develop and utilize engineering procedures, including document control, submissions management, creation and tracking of RFIs, material samples, documentation, and tracking of potential cost changes. I document and track approved change orders and confirm they are within budgetary requirements. I oversee the implementation of the project-specific QA/QC Plan in coordination with the QC Manager, and project safety plan. I understand and assure compliance with the project execution plan and coordinate QA/QC procedures at appropriate stages of the work, in line with the project schedule. I continually improve the construction strategies and utilize 3 Page

available tools to efficiently and effectively document, track and record compliance with the contract documents. . I analyze and report our results to upper management and the customer. I expand the development of the plan as the project progresses as appropriate, to expand the program by continually improving procedures. I utilize my experience and very strong verbal and written communication skills to provide proven leadership qualities. My skills, and the desire to teach, also mentor our staff and junior personnel.

In my QC role, I execute the project-specific QA/QC Plan in a manner that engages all project staff, subcontractors, vendors and consultants. I coordinate, check, and oversee the testing and inspections and arrange for third-party testing and inspections. As the QC Manager, I am responsible for planning, coordinating and developing the project-specific QA/QC Plan that incorporates the policies and procedures necessary to deliver the project fully compliant with the contract documents. I manage, supervise, and administer the implementation of the project-specific QA/QC Plan. I manage the development and implementation of the project-specific QA/QC Plan in coordination with the project team, the owner/architect team and the contract documents. I assure that sufficient, qualified specialized staff are assigned to provide the required knowledge and experience to execute the plan. I maintain a collaborative working relationship with owners, architects, consultants, subcontractors and vendors to ensure that the project-specific QA/QC Plan delivers a fully compliant project. I lead, and develop all Cutter project staff to ensure strict adherence to ethics and compliance requirements at all times. I develop a comprehensive working knowledge and understanding of the contract documents (including Cutters contract, plans, specifications and applicable codes.). I direct removal and replacement of, and document all non-compliant materials and/or workmanship. I document compliance after corrective work is completed prior to starting any subsequent work. I research and apply additional QA/QC and LEAN procedures to enhance the quality of project delivery. I have oversight of the project close-out and quality reports.

This project is the complete $14.3M renovation of the existing JB Charleston AFB Passenger Terminal, Building 164 (approximately 37,000 square feet) and incidental related work. The project includes demolition, foundation additions and modifications, hazardous materials asbestos floor tile mastic, and lead based paint abatement, site work, concrete slabs, footings and shot-crete, concrete masonry units

(CMU) additional and repairs to existing walls, brick veneer, high profile structural curved steel erection, including a clerestory, metal over metal re-roof system, new structural steel canopies with standing seam metal roof systems, Blast Resistant and High Impact resistant storefront systems, wall and roof insulation, metal stud walls, gypsum wallboard, paint, wallcovering, ceramic tile, natural stone, terrazzo floor system, tile, carpet, carpet tile, sheet vinyl, VCT, acoustical and 3-D acoustical ceiling tile, playground equipment, inbound and outbound baggage handling systems, entire facility HVAC replacement, plumbing, fire protection, electrical and communication system. The project also includes relocation of the current operations to temporary modular space (approximately 12,500 square feet) to accommodate staff and customers during construction and all associated utilities. Mar 2016 –Nov 2016

Project Manager/Quality Control Manager

McGuire AFB

Project Manager and Quality Control Manager for the $2,300,000 project, which is currently the largest of its kind in the country, to install three individual 120 inch diameter x 30mil thick by 300 foot long Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lengths of storm drainage pipes under the McGuire AFB Aircraft Parking Apron. The project involves 2 phases. Initial phase work consists of pre-inspection of the 120 inch diameter 4 Page

storm sewer piping. This phase involves confined entry procedures, and all confined space operations complied with all necessary OSHA safety requirements. The Inspection crew entered the three individual 120 inch diameter storm pipes for visual inspection. A video record was performed, and confirmation of the actual lengths, and finished diameter measurements of the pipes was performed. We then cleaned the pipes and removed all debris in the approximately 900 linear feet of 120 inch diameter storm pipes under the apron without disturbing aircraft operational activities. This phase of the Project included repairing pipe leaks and failures as well. The initial phase is preparation work for the CIPP Lining was completed in May. The second phase of the CIPP lining consists of installation using proprietary industrial strength polyester resins, wet-out on site. To install the lining material involves water curing it with heated water used to fill the lining “bags” and curing the resin inside the pipes. Scheduled t o complete by September 15, 2016.

Business Development

I am directly responsible for enhancing team revenues through the maintenance and expansion of existing client relationships and by developing new relationships. I also function as a subject matter expert for specific products or services. I am skillful in communicating all of our available service offerings of our company. Additionally, I contribute to the development of new products and service delivery ideas for our business unit.

April 2015-Feb 2016

Quality Control Manager

Wallops Flight Facility

Quality Control Manager for the $2,100,000 project to repair and replace a deteriorated apron adjacent to the control tower on Wallops Flight Facility. This project required slip form paving 30’ wide lanes, on- site batch plant, and strict compliance with specifications and encountered several issues that required alternate decisions and directions to the plans and specs. I developed the successful solution to the unsuitable soil condition encountered across the entire site. I designed the geo-grid section to replace the original section, implemented it, and constructed the 13” deep slip-form placed concrete pads with no further issues with the sub-grade. Additionally, when we determined that a concrete collar installed during the repairs was found to be under strength, I devised the solution to deepen the slab over the area to alleviate the concern, and allow concrete placement to continue. May 2013-April 2015

Project Superintendent/Quality Control Manager

McGuire AFB/Lakehurst NAS

Project Site Superintendent, Quality Control, and Site Safety Health Officer for $6,500,000 project to implement a system to stabilize areas adjacent to the paved shoulders at each end of the 4,000 foot ALZ against jet blast and/or wing vortex forces, as well as stormwater runoff. Drainage improvements included installation of three Stormwater Infiltration Basins on either side of the existing Runway to meet Federal and state environmental regulations. Basins were constructed with “ free” draining K5 sand, and grades were raised outside the basins to meet the SWPPP design. The overall import for the project was 55,000 CY of material. The existing ALZ shoulders were constructed of 10 feet of asphalt and 15 feet of Rip Rap for an overall width of 25 feet. The Rip Rap was removed from adjacent to the shoulders and an additional 12” of material was also removed. The new shoulder profile included installation of Articulated Concrete Block (ACB) mats which replaced the Rip Rap. The ACB mats were also covered with topsoil and seeded to project a more unimproved landing area to pilots utilizing this training facility. This project also included removal of existing airfield signs and placing new visual landing zone marker panels that 5 Page

will withstand jet blast and/or wing vortex forces without damage or becoming dislodged while remaining frangible, and now complies with current UFC Criteria. Project Quality Control alternate for repair and upgrade $22M 9,300' Taxiway Golf at Joint Base- McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. Project scope included providing improved pavement geometry at critical pavement intersections; new taxiway lighting and underground electrical infrastructure from the lighting vault; taxiway edge lighting and signage. Providing airfield markings and new airfield drainage systems as required; improving drainage parallel and perpendicular to the Taxiway Golf and its adjacent intersections at Taxiway L and Taxiway U. Also new 25' taxiway shoulders were constructed within the project limits.

As the Project Superintendent for the Loading Dock Doors to raise the door headers of 8 semi-trailer truck loading dock doorways and the removal of concrete architectural panels located above them. As a Value Engineering proposal, I determined that bolts placed through the wall and extending through the panels would support the panels while the headers were raised. Using bolts would not require removal of the panels, and would be much safer as this method would eliminate the necessity for a crane. The successfully implemented changes saved $40K. As the Project Manager for the CERDEC tie-downs, I provided a Value Engineering alternate to the proposed concrete tie-down bases. The alternative saved $70K in concrete costs and allowed shorter tie-down anchors to be utilized. I also perform Site Superintendent Construction management and Quality Control duties for projects worth nearly $30M. My duties include coordination of multiple subcontractors ensuring compliance with design and specifications for each project. I manage the initial survey work, any periodic updates, and the final survey to determine compliance with design requirements. I coordinate all contractor and subcontractor on-site activities as they relate to schedule compliance. I manage and resolve any issues that may arise, including development of cost and time delay data that may impact completion schedule. I develop and maintain all correspondence for job activities including: requests for information (RFI’s), tracking logs, transmittals, drawings, and correspondence. I am responsible for daily logs that include: work progress, construction site activities, and photo documentation. I work directly with Government Project Managers to meet the requirements of the project, and meet strict project timelines.

July 2007-April 2013

Asset Management Flight Chief, GS-13, 436 CES Squadron Dover AFB

Program Management budget $15M/yr

The Programs I directly managed included: Energy, Real Property, Housing, Facility Optimization, Community Planning, and Environmental.

I developed the goals and objectives that integrate all organization and functional area objectives for the Asset Management Flight. I established procedures, mission objectives, and organization design for the staff of 26 personnel including civilian, and military, as necessary to eliminate work problems or barriers to mission accomplishment.

Additional to my management responsibilities, I managed and directed the efforts for the $26M project to Decentralize the Base heat plant. The project included upgrades of 70 facilities and their associated boiler conversions, and the installation of gas lines across the Base. This work also included the installation of the first phase of the Energy Management Control System (EMCS) to be eventually installed across the entire Base to tie together and centrally manage the Bases energy use. I managed and directed the $600K utility meter conversion project for 128 facilities, and the implementation of meter reading software to assess the 6 Page

energy consumption trends on Dover AFB. The effort led to the development of a road map for meeting annual energy consumption reduction goals of 3% per year ($1.2M annual electric bill average) which Dover AFB exceeded each year. This effort also earned Dover AFB the AMC Energy award of $50K. I directed the project to retrofit facilities with inefficient high use lighting, to more energy efficient lighting. The project netted a 30% energy usage reduction per building. I directed a project to install low flow sink, shower heads, and toilets cutting water usage by 3M gallons, saving 10% on water costs. Additionally, I initiated and implemented an energy usage trend analysis program, providing energy consumption data by building, that assisted in the analysis of energy consumption trends, targeting specific “energy hog” facilities for projects to reduce consumption, and optimization energy reduction planning . In the Real Property Management Section, I initiated and coordinated the relocation and space allocation for 15 organizations simultaneously, requiring communication equipment, electrical support, furniture, and personnel moves among LRS, Education, and Chapel services to 4 facilities. This was the initial step for space reutilization efforts across the Air Force, requiring relocation of existing organizations into smaller areas to ultimately demolish outdated and energy inefficient facilities. I directed and managed

$400K in funding to prioritize improvements that included: interior and exterior facility painting, carpet upgrades and bathroom upgrades for 4 Airman Dorms. Budgeted and received $1.2M for Dorm replacement furniture to drastically improve moral and living conditions for our young Airmen. In the Housing Management Section, I developed and implemented metrics to determine whether our housing privatization contractor was achieving compliance with the services set forth in the contract, saving more than $100K in over charges and maintenance fees. This effort also resulted in our metrics being utilized throughout the Air Mobility Command as the “go-to” document to assess compliance in privatized housing contracts across the Command.

I established, developed, and maintained effective working relationships with numerous functional areas on base to include organizations through the Civil Engineer Squadron, Contracting Squadron, Comptroller Squadron, the Civilian Personnel Flight, functional personnel at MAJCOM

(AMC) level, AFCEC, AFCESA, as well as personnel from other Federal (EPA) and State (DNREC) agencies, contractors, etc I promoted team building, implemented quality improvements, and strived to meet or exceed customer requirements.

Environmental Flight Chief, GS-13, 436 CES Squadron Dover AFB

Program Management budget $12M/yr

I managed and directed a base-wide project utilizing ground penetrating radar and magnetometer survey of unknown sites that provided data to assess buried drum and waste locations across the Base. By utilizing GPR and the magnetometer, this effort saved the Base more than $200K in exploratory Site Investigation costs. Managed and directed the initial PCB transformer survey across the Dover AFB to assess more than 100 electrical sources that possibly contained PCB’s. This was the first of its kind at DAFB, and led to Dover AFB becoming PCB free the next year. Project Manager for a fuel recovery site with more than 1 million gallons of JP-4 jet fuel from underground hydrant system leaks on the groundwater table. Directed and managed the pilot study to determine the most cost efficient method for extraction of the fuel. I coordinated the results with the Air Force Center for Engineering Excellence and obtained funding to begin the 10-20 year, $10M project. Additionally, I managed, identified, and programmed projects for environmental funding. The Programs I managed were: Environmental Compliance, Restoration, Pollution Prevention, and Conservation. I managed the funds for each Program, and I ensured contract award was in a timely manner, and provided project oversight until completion. I provided technical environmental engineering authority for the air program as well. I prepared permitting applications and related correspondence for regulators and Air Force officials 7 Page

Restoration Program, GS-13, 436 CES Squadron

Dover AFB

Program Management budget $12-$20M per yr

Directly responsible as the oversight manager for the removal of 3- 20K gallon Underground Storage Tanks

(UST’s) associated with a Military Construction project for the Squad Ops and AMU facilities. Project Manager for removal of base-wide contaminated concrete lined industrial waste collection basins, the existing RCRA cap of the site, and re-plumbing of industrial waste lines. Project Manager for the removal of buried drums on the Base golf course. I executed the project while maintaining golf course operations, solving numerous removal issues associated with this project, and completed it on time. As part of my Restoration Program Management at Dover AFB, I initiated and implemented a ground- breaking partnership with public and private companies Ciba, DuPont, Monsanto, General Electric, Department of Energy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Remediation Technologies Development Forum (RTDF). As part of this partnership, I introduced these innovative technologies to Dover AFB to help determine the best way ahead in treating the issues at Dover AFB. As part of this treatment solution train, two methods became part of our treatment solution. In situ bioremediation technologies that degrade chlorinated solvents, and accelerated anaerobic biodegradation. Additionally, I executed the $15M average per year Dover AFB Restoration Program in compliance with applicable federal, state, and Air Force regulations and policies, to include the National Contingency Plan

(NCP), the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

(RCRA), Corrective Actions, and AR 200-1. I provided oversight, planning, coordination, and direction to conduct cleanup activities at 72 sites throughout Dover AFB to identify and cleanup (where required) the presence of possible chemical, biological, radiological, munitions and related contaminants or hazardous materials. I formulated plans of action, reviewed, analyzed, evaluated, and presented the results of concept, feasibility, and investigative studies involving each assigned cleanup project. Delaware Department of Transportation

Bridge Management Engineer

I supervised the Bridge Management Section which includes working with the Bridge Design Section to create the annual bridge program, managing the inspection under the National Bridge Inspection Standards

(NBIS) of more than 1200 bridges statewide, including all sign structures in the state's inventory. I prioritized and coordinated maintenance of these structures, managing consultant agreements, managing the load rating of bridges, and issuing special load permits. I also managed the Bridge Inspection program, providing expertise in the areas of bridge inspection, and assisting in the review and establishment of policies relating to bridge inspection for the Delaware Department of Transportation. USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training

United States Air Force, Second Lieutenant, Undergraduate Pilot Training, Williams AFB, AZ Delaware Department of Transportation

Bridge Design Project Engineer

I planned and designed transportation solutions for hydraulic systems and structures, following construction and government standards, using design software and drawing tools. I analyze survey reports, maps, 8 Page

drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects. Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility. Manage and direct staff members and the construction, operations, or maintenance activities at project site. Provide technical advice regarding design, construction, or program modifications and structural repairs to industrial and managerial personnel. Compute load and grade requirements, water flow rates, or material stress factors to determine design specifications. FORMAL EDUCATION:

Old Dominion University

Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering


Professional Engineer, DE License 7894 (Current)

Private Pilot License

COE Contractor Quality Control Certificate (Current) 30 Hour OSHA Certificate

40 Hour HAZWOPR certificate

Secret Clearance (Current)

Restricted Area badge (Current)


2010 Air Force Commander in Chief Installation Excellence Award Team (3) briefer 2007 Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense (Installation and Environmental) Annual Environmental Award winner

2007 Air Mobility Command Restoration Program Award winner for installations Air mobility Command Restoration Program Manager of the year Air Mobility Command General Thomas D. White Environmental Restoration Award winner for Environmental Excellence

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