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Austin, Texas, United States
November 30, 2017

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How Emails Work: Tip #*

Perfect Your Subject Line

33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone.

You could spend an entire day writing the best email body copy known to man, but if no one opens the email, your efforts will go to waste.

Figure out what you are trying to say and then boil down that request to 5 7 words that speak to the interests of your recipient and clearly communicate what you'd like from that email exchange.

Examples of Successful Email Subjects:

[First Name], quick question for you

[Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch

Ideas for [what’s important to them]

Question about [recent trigger event]

Question about [a goal they have]

Thoughts about [title of their blog post]

Have you considered


Q: Why do you think these Subject Lines examples are effective? How Emails Work: Tip #2

Provide a clear call to action

It’s important to always tell your recipient exactly what you want them to do next.

Be clear and direct about what you’re asking for. Instead of “I’d love your feedback,” ask “When’s a good day this week for a 15 minute call to discuss?”

Your CTA should clearly explain how Indeed can improve your prospects’ lives.

Don’t overwhelm your prospects by asking for too much Focus on a single CTA Q: W hat are some examples of powerful calls to action we can use in our emails? How Emails Work: Tip #3

Consider where your email is read

Here are a few statistics to consider about the changing landscape in the way people read email

40% of emails are now opened on mobile first, and the average mobile screen only fits 4 7 words.

74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their email.

81% of tablet owners use their devices to check emails.

It is important that we are shaping our prospecting emails in a way that will be easily received on any platform. Long emails that require extensive scrolling are often deleted without being read or receiving a reply.

It is recommend to keep your emails to 3 to 6 sentences, not 3 to 6 paragraphs Q: H ow does the length and format of your emails translate to mobile, tablet and desktop? How Emails Work: Tip #4

Pair Voicemails with matching emails

Voicemails + Emails can be a very effective 1 2 punch..

Make sure the email is relevant to the voicemail you left and include any studies you mentioned during that call.

Q: Why might sending an email after leaving a voicemail be effective in moving the sale forward? How Emails Work: Tip #5

Personalize the subject with your client’s name

According to “Dan Zarrella’s Science of Email research”, adding a name in the subject line significantly increases open rates.

Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened.

Company names can also be effective in improving open rates Q: What are other ways that you can customize the subject line? How Emails Work: Tip #6

Think about when emails are most likely to be opened The 2014 email open rates report shows that most emails are sent on Monday.

This report finds that the worst days for open rates are Monday and Tuesday.

The open rate gradually increase over the course of the week.

Consider the day to day responsibilities our clients face and try to anticipate those times that they will be most receptive to an inbound email.

Q: When do you think the best times to send an email might be for our clients? How does this vary by industry?

How Emails Work: Tip #7

Don’t send “Just Checking In” emails.

Worst Practices:

Using a generic opening with no personalization to your relationship with the prospect

You have no value to add, you admit you are just “checking in”

You’re asking the prospect for the information rather than giving them information

You end with a generic call to action, rather than giving a specific next step

Instead, find ways to build value with every interaction Q: What are ways that you can build value with your emails? How Emails Work: Tip #8

Create a sense of urgency

You won’t be able to create urgency by emailing a message about about how great Indeed is.

Instead, focus the email on their needs, solving their problem, and how we can help. Q: What are some ways that you can create urgency in your voicemail? Why is this important? How Emails Work: Tip #9

Test Everything

Every prospect and industry is different, so you need to test to find out what works.

Keep track as you get call backs or replies from the emails that you send to your prospects. look at your notes and track which messages are getting responses. Try these messages with other clients as well.

Third party plugins for Gmail like SideKick and YesWare will also let you easily track when a prospect opens your email.

Q: Who currently tracks the open rates of their emails? How might you effectively track?

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