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QA/Test Lead

Columbus, Ohio, United States
December 01, 2017

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Thomas Attard


Experience in Project Management, Business/Testing/QA Analysis, IV&V, Life Cycle, Financial Analysis, Data Flow Diagramming, Content Management, and Data Management.

Waterfall and Agile environments.

Several years of experience writing Technical Procedural Documentation, User Manuel’s, Requirement Traceability Matrices, User Stories and Test Defects.

In-depth understanding of specialized terminology, concerns, policies, document inter-dependencies, and roles of life cycle management., computer security, risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, and gap analysis.

Has written Continuity of Operations Planning, system specifications, quality assurance testing report deficiency documentation and functional/testing specifications, scenarios, web site testing, mainframe testing and Test Plan/Strategy documentation. Additionally, has written Functional Requirement Documentation.

Experience Includes: writing Test Cases, Functional Specifications, and composing Data Flow diagrams between SDFC and Legacy interfaces and applications.

Several years’ experience in Regulatory and Compliance enforcement, (included in IV&V).


Areas of Expertise/ Technical Proficiencies

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Project Management

Requirements Elicitation/Management Business Process Modeling Systems Integration/ Design Change Management, Visio

Operating Systems

Solaris 2.8, HP-UX 11.2, IBM AIX 4.3.2, Windows NT, Win 95/98, Apple Macintosh

Testing Tools

Quality Center, QTP, WinRunner, Load Runner, Test Director, Test Partner, Rational Test Manager, QA Run, CARS


Oracle 10g/9i/8i/8.x/7.3.x/ 7.1.x, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase


SQL, PL/SQL, Java 2.0, J2EE


Agile, RUP, Scrum, Waterfall


IBM (01/14 to 03/17)

Engagement: DirecTV

Sr. Business Analyst and Test Specialist

Lead Business Analyst /Intelligence/ Software Quality Assurance Team Lead

Executed SQL Developer data queries on various DirecTV project data tables to extract data validation results that were extracted via the ETL process.

Additionally, monitored the EDW Process to ensure the data being loaded from the Source to the Target systems did not have any errors once this process was completed.

Met with Business Owners and End Users to gather Functional Requirements and System Specifications.

Reviewed DirecTV Business Intelligence Analysis Deliverables to ensure Requirement accuracy and clarity.

Wrote Functional Requirements documentation and Data Flow Diagrams.

Wrote and published numerous Test Strategies on several BI SQA projects.

Wrote and published numerous Test Scripts on several BI SQA projects, which included Test Cases and Functional Specifications as well as Data Flow Diagrams showing process and data flows.

Utilized QC/ALM to write the test cases and execute the testing scripts.

Utilized QC/ALM to track and store testing defects and to publish testing reports and recommendations to Senior DirecTV Management.

Conducted and executed EDW and mainframe testing and published the testing results.

Participated in and gave guidance (as a Lead), to numerous BI SQA project teleconferences. Revised several System and Functional Business Requirements on numerous BI SQA projects.

Engagement: Fannie Mae Financial Data Warehouse Project

Sr. Test Specialist

Involved in the training phase of the project and had access to all Fannie Mae Applications and Tools and various Oracle databases accesses and SharePoint data sites.

Completed three deliverable documents: FDW Overview Presentation, FDW Checklist, and the FDW Release 15.10 Test Plan.

In the FDW Overview Presentation, highlighted the main (operational) points on the Fannie Mae role relative to the consumer acquiring a home mortgage loan. Briefly described the different phases of a consumer mortgage loan and how the loan is conceived and transferred through the various Government and Private agencies.

Relative to the FDW Checklist document, this highlights all the procedures for acquiring the in-house Fannie Mae tools, applications and databases and roles.

Reviewed and updated the FDW Release 15.10 Test Plan, which outlined the testing objectives and scope of the upcoming Test Release that the IBM Team is working on.

Engagement: PepsiCo

Sr. Test Specialist

Responsibilities included testing of the Pepsi Spire 5.0, 3.0 and 2.0 machines that were being phased in throughout Pepsico worldwide.

Wrote Test Strategy for each automated release.

Conducted Integration and Regression testing of newly developed enhancements that were made to enhance and automate the functionality of the Spire machines.

Tasked with testing all software changes and remote changes both onsite and to off-site Pepsi Spire machines.

Responsible for all releases that were released to the Pepsi customers throughout the U.S. and world.

Engagement: BNPP Bank

Sr. Business Analyst/HP ALM Analyst

Worked on the Data Management Dashboard Report which reported on various testing results and defects impacting BNPP testing operations.

Wrote System Functional Specification documentation.

Responsible for serving as the HP-ALM Sr. Analyst for the BNPP user community regarding maintaining HP ALM user accounts, maintenance and user inquiries on using this tool to its full capability.

Received daily calls from the user community asking for guidance on downloading HP ALM reports and defects and user access and rights.

Engagement: Lowes

Sr. Test Analyst

Performed automated testing for Lowe's Pro Line Project.

Wrote Test Strategies, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Executed SQL queries to validate database results of testing execution.

Documented testing discrepancies, manual test requirements & analysis (BA), technical writing, assisting with team leadership and offshore resource management.

Key skills used in this engagement: Agile, Jira, Confluence, Java, Postman, SQL, Sr. Test Analyst, Testing Requirements writing, technical writing.

Ohio Department of Public Safety (06/13 to 12/13)

Sr. Business Analyst /QA Test Lead Consultant

Project: Automated Titling Processing System (ATPS)

As the Sr. Business Analyst Lead, wrote System/Functional Business Requirements for the Automated Title Processing System (ATPS).

Edited previously written ATPS II Business Rules and corrected the applicable Rules that needed clarity and conciseness.

Wrote Data Flow Diagrams utilizing Visio.

Wrote Test Strategy, Test cases/scenarios for the ATPS System that was added to account for additional system functionality in later releases.

Conducted extensive mainframe testing on the ATPS System.

Validated ATPS test cases/scenarios by executing tests in the ATPS Application.

Documented testing defects and wrote test results documentation.

Submitted the Test Defect Report to the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), for review.

Executed Load, Stress, System, Mainframe and Regression testing on ATPS System Application.

Wrote Visio Flow diagrams on the ATPS Process Scenarios.

Wrote Test Cases and Test Scripts for Automated Titling System for State of Ohio. Wrote testing defects, tracked the progress of defect resolution and conducted re-testing to ensure all testing issues were identified and resolved.

Utilized ALM to write and track testing defects.

Burger King Headquarters (06/12 to 05/13)

Sr. Business Analyst / QA Lead / Test Manager

Worked on the Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Project.

Served as Test Manager/Quality Assurance Manager for all testing activities on the project. Responsible for reporting all testing activities, documentation and reporting of testing status to the Project Director.

Served as the Test Manager responsible for coordination of all testing plans, executions, testing results and reporting of testing errors and issues. Wrote the Test Strategy Document.

Served as the Lead Business Analyst on this project. Responsible for writing Functional and System Requirements for all related projects and documenting all Functional documentation.

Wrote all functional documentation for the Data Warehouse Project.

Executed SEMS financial business reports which summarized daily Burger King restaurant receipts and financial sales data.

Executed SEMS Informatica data query data (SQL queries) to analyze Burger King financial sales data.

Conducted mainframe testing on the Burger King Data Warehouse financial sales system

Utilized QC/ALM to track testing defects and to submit testing reports to Senior Burger King Management. Utilized QC/ALM to write test cases and test scripts and stored testing results for Project Team review.

Actively engaged in all phases of the Project Lifecycle.

State of Ohio, Bureau of Workers Compensation (02/12 to 05/12) Lead Business Analyst / Test Lead Consultant

Wrote Work Breakdown Structure for Test Team Project Tasks.

Met with Business Executives and End Users to gather Business Requirements.

Wrote Functional Requirements Documentation.

Wrote Test Strategy, Testing Plans, Test Scripts and Testing Schedule for Test Team.

Conducted mainframe testing.

Reviewed and wrote System/Functional Requirements and created Cross Matrix to Testing Scenarios to Requirements to ensure all requirements were included in Test Scripts

Big Lots Distribution Center/Nationwide Insurance (06/11 to 01/12)

Test Lead / Lead Business Analyst (Split Consulting)

As the Lead Business Analyst, wrote functional specifications and User Requirements utilized in checking the Expiration Date on perishable items that were eligible for pricing discount.

Automated the process of checking Expiration Dates on perishable items and applying pricing discounts to those items.

Created new GUI screens to display the pricing discount of each item that was eligible based on upcoming item expiration date.

Wrote Use Cases for retail distribution projects. Wrote detailed requirements on retail distribution projects. Wrote Test Strategy, testing the scripts based on the technical/functional requirements of distribution projects.

Conducted mainframe testing on the Big Lots retail distribution system.

Wrote Story Cards on Nationwide Insurance Policy modifications. Wrote Functional/System Requirements for Nationwide Insurance for SameTime 8.5 conversion.

Wrote Functional/System Requirements for Nationwide Insurance for DB2 and SQL Server database automation tool (Foglight).

JP Morgan Chase (10/09 to 06/11) Sr. Business Analyst / Test Analyst

Assigned liaison between IT and business end-users, translating business requirements into IT application impacts and business process impacts.

Developed and updated functional requirements/specifications which included Use Cases, Mockups, Formula Sheets, Flow Charts, Traceability Matrix etc.

Worked with the development and QA teams to explain the functional requirements.

Responsible for writing the Test Strategy, conducted testing during the development phase, and validated / testing defects during the QA/UAT phase of the project. Provided production support and conducting risk analysis.

Used the ETL Tool Informatica as a means of extracting data from the database to generate reports from SharePoint.

Used an Agile Methodology during the development iterations.

Experience with engaging development teams during the Design, Build & Testing phases to ensure that business requirements are being met.

Experience with testing applications & validating defects. Worked with the QA Team to create the Test Plan, writing Test Strategy, writing Test Cases and validated Test Scripts.

Wrote SQL queries to validate data while testing.

Proactive in learning the business processes, data flows and mapping, and systems functionality to provide guidance/advice to business partners and assist in Validating/Testing requirements.

Evaluated system impacts because of changes and regression testing.

Executed mainframe testing on the JP Morgan Treasury System Pricing System.

Quality Center also used to track testing defects and used to update the correction of testing defects.

Utilized QC/ALM to track testing defects and to submit testing reports to Senior JP Morgan Management.

Utilized QC/ALM to write test cases and test scripts and stored testing results for Project Team review.

Bearing Point (12/07 to 09/09)

IV&V / Business Analyst /Sr. Consultant

Engagement: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Part of the IV&V Team. Joined the ODJFS for the third time to evaluate and assess the Operational Continuity of the SACWIS Project, i.e., those items that impact the ability of the State to manage SACWIS effectively following the turnover of the system from the Development Contractor.

Assessed State project sponsorship, management reporting, configuration management, project schedule, and project budget for the post-implementation period.

Assessed items related to the State’s ability to assume operational continuity of the SACWIS system upon the departure of the Development Contractor.

Provided findings to the State of Ohio SACWIS Project Leadership and issued this information in the SACWIS Operational Continuity Report at the conclusion of the task.

Engagement: State of Pennsylvania Child Welfare Study

Collected, documented and validated a set of business and technical requirements for the Commonwealth’s Child Welfare Program. These requirements were used as the basis for determining appropriate technology options to be evaluated for the future direction of Pennsylvania’s Child Welfare Program. Furthermore, within the gathering and validating of these requirements is the process of discovering and clarifying the business and technical needs, conditions, and capabilities that are required of a system that addresses current Child Welfare Program case practice issues and concerns. This process involved eliciting, analyzing, specifying, and validating requirements.

Participated in conducting gap analysis studies to determine if the Child Welfare Program could be optimized by implementing a SACWIS Project throughout the State. Secondly, completed a Feasibility Study which was used to determine the feasibility of implementing a SACWIS solution within the Commonwealth’s Child Welfare Program and identifying and evaluating other viable technological solutions.

Engagement: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Provided independent verification and validation (IV&V) support for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services' Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) Implementation.

During this program, which gave ODJFS a more efficient and effective case management and reporting system, was responsible for reviewing vendor deliverables, tracking project status against the project plan and reviewing system code. Provided IV&V support and helped bring issues during the implementation and defects in the system to the client's attention, and provide an opportunity to address those issues before the system goes live.

Wrote Technical Assessment Reports.

Conducted IV&V on SACWIS System Interfaces relative to functional testing requirements.

Conducted systems analysis on SACWIS data screens and menu functionality.

Ensured all SACWIS data mapping was complete and executing as assigned to the SACWIS Application.

Reviewed and provided feedback on deliverables submitted by the SACWIS implementation vendor.

Tracked project's progress against the implementation plan and advised the client of risks and issues.

Assessed SACWIS coding to ensure consistency with J2EE standards

Engagement: Department of the Army

Joined the Army’s LMP Project and immediately began supporting the development of the Data Migration Matrix. Created the Source Document for the Data Migration Report Template. Additionally, researched numerous source documents to extract and summarize the scheduled data migration and data mapping analysis information.

Focused on helping develop a comprehensive set of metrics to assess the LMP’s ability to deliver the core application.

Responsible for the LMP document Configuration Management in ensuring the IV&V Team had all the current documentation that is pertinent in the evaluation and assessment of the LMP Project.

Provided assessment of the Critical Path and Risk Analysis of all LMP testing and project activities and ensuring they stayed on schedule.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (08/06 to 11/07) Business Analyst / Technical Writer

Created and maintained project deliverables such as System Requirements Design (SRD), System Requirements Specification (SRS), Use Cases, Test Scenarios, and Test Cases.

Utilized Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) being worked on main project modules such as Rate, Registration, Monetary Accounting, Monetary Payments, Compliance, Collections and Common Functions.

Wrote the Test Strategy, testing scenarios and test objectives, wrote testing use cases, specifications and business rules in testable requirements.

Participated primarily in project documentation reviews, requirements management, integration testing, system testing, mainframe testing, user acceptance testing and defect tracking.

Provided independent verification and validation (IV&V) support.

Responsible for reviewing vendor deliverables, tracking project status against the project plan and reviewing system code.

Wrote technical Assessment Reports.

Conducted IV&V on System Interfaces relative to functional testing requirements. Conducted mainframe testing. Conducted Systems Analysis on data screens and menu functionality.

Reviewed and provided feedback on deliverables submitted by the implementation vendor.

Tracked project's progress against the implementation plan and advised the client of risks and issues. Assessed coding to ensure consistency with J2EE standards.

JP Morgan Chase (06/05 to 08/06) Sr. Business Systems Analyst (Consultant)

Member of Global Production Assurance Team.

Attended/moderated all project meetings and providing technical and functional guidance on impacts, which affect the project to the Project Manager.

Represented the Project Manager on all business requirement meetings and system specification meetings.

Tasked with writing all business requirement and system specification documentation.

Provided document/data flow and data mapping diagrams (using Visio) to the Project Manager and Business Owners at JP Morgan Chase.

Ensured all project milestones were met and documented any issues that needed to be brought to the Project Manager’s attention.

Lotus Notes was used as the email and report generating application.

Utilized QC to write and review test cases and test scenarios. Utilized QC to write and store testing defects and stored testing results in QC for Project Team reviews with Sr. JP Morgan Management Teams.

Department of Defense (05/02 to 05/05) Life Cycle Manager / Software Lifecycle Management

Managed software lifecycle documentation development for Defense Finance system implementation.

Planned and developed a comprehensive Test and Evaluation Master Plan and orchestrated lifecycle testing for several financial systems.

Wrote portions of the Mechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS) Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP).

Participated in the writing of the MOCAS Initial Capabilities Document (ICD).

Edited, consolidation/creation of various Life Cycle documents, e-Biz testing and test documentation (including testing scenarios).

Responsible for automating the work count compilation process between each Defense Finance command and operating system.

Managed the software lifecycle documentation development and testing analysis, for implementation.


Bachelors of Science in Management/Logistics

Park University, Parkville, MO

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