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Chemical Engineering Six Sigma

Tempe, Arizona, United States
November 29, 2017

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OBJECTIVE: Seeking to obtain a challenging position where I can incorporate my Chemical Engineering, Lean Six Sigma and TPM skills in order to ensure maximum workplace safety and product quality. Available immediately with EAD card. EDUCATION SUMMARY:

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ May 2017

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering GPA: 3.55/4.0 Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India May 2013 Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering GPA: 7.57/10.0 TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE:

Languages: MATLAB, C/C++ Operating Systems: MS Windows based OS

Tools: MS Office, GIS Technologies: Six Sigma, TPM, FMEA


Graduate Research Aide (Pyrolysis, ASAP 2020, MATLAB, MS Excel, Spectrophotometry, SEM, TEM, HTL) Deng’s Renewable Energy and Advanced Materials (DREAM) Research Group, Arizona State University, Tempe, Az, US Feb 2016 – Present

Greywater/waste water treatment using algae derived biochar as a filter material pyrolized at 300 C, 400 C and 500 C in presence of N2.

Prepared Activated biochar from dried Chlorella Sorokiniana algae by activating it in the presence of ZnCl2, followed by the pyrolysis.

Column Experiment was set up to treat greywater using the biochar and 80% reduction in COD, tot-N and tot-P was observed.

Currently working on improving the efficiency of the bio-crude produced from the Hydro-Thermal Liquefaction of the Algae. Research Analyst (Product Development, MS Office, Process Engineering, Manufacturing, HPLC) Bridgedots Techservices Private Limited, Noida, India July 2014-Feb 2015

Identification & Analysis of various innovative technologies using Six Sigma and DOE tools to facilitate plant working.

Supervision of Extraction of Green Silica from ash generated from rice/husk based boiler/power plants.

Used FMEA to suggest improvements in water proofing and crack prevention membrane for weather coating paints.

Did extensive primary and secondary research and designed the results in MS Excel to have a detailed understanding of the target market and coordinated among various departments to manage the various processes in the company.

Prepared layouts using AutoCAD for the new manufacturing facility according to TPM standards. Front Line Entrepreneur (TPM, lean Six Sigma, MS Office, SAP-ERP, EHS, Process Engineering, Waste Management) Trident Limited, Barnala, India July 2013–July 2014

Managed Effluent Treatment Plant and achieved 17% improvement in the COD reduction of the effluents by implementing TPM principles of ZERO defects, ZERO accidents and ZERO breakdowns during my tenure.

Supervision of the daily lab experiments done in Environmental Lab to maintain and implemented UV spectrophotometry/TNT method for calculation of COD and other effluent properties instead of traditional methods for more accurate results.

Daily reporting of effluents properties to the top management on a spreadsheet and created graphical representations to compare the daily trends of the discharged effluents.

Won the best kaizen of the year on Green day for saving 60 KW/hr of electricity by changing the position of the centrifugal pumps from a 20 feet deep pit to the ground, through which the plant saved $ 0.6 million worth of power in a calendar year.

Increased the methane production from 4000 cm3 to 4400 cm3 per day in the UASB reactor by organizing monthly Planned Maintenance of the UASB, which reduced the leakages from the top of the hood and thereby increasing the energy production.

Commissioned Reverse Osmosis and Multiple effect Evaporators plant to treat the effluents of ETP plant that increased the COD reduction from 75% to 96%, to reuse the effluent which was a milestone in company’s vision of achieving Zero Liquid Discharge.

Implemented EHS to ensure the plant safety and trained the operators to follow PPEs and prepared MSDS/SOPs thereby leading the plant to be a ZERO accident zone.

Used Quality Control tools and Statistical Process control to ensure maximum product quality.

Used SAP-ERP to maintain the inventory and purchase materials from the vendors to meet the requirements on time. ACADEMIC PROJECTS:

Improved Air Quality from stack emissions (MATLAB, Selective Catalytic Reduction): Reduction of NOx compounds from stack emissions using Lox NOx burners and selective catalytic reduction and the emissions were estimated using the inlet parameters and theoretical conditions in MATLAB.

Development of a Catapult Model for high target hitting accuracy (Six Sigma-DMAIC, DOE, Root Cause Analysis, JMP): Developed a 2^4 factorial design model using launch angle, tensile strength, arm length and fulcrum length as the factors. Applied DMAIC and DOE tools to achieve high target hitting efficiency and the predicted model was created in the JMP-PRO software.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells efficiency improvement (MS Excel, Fluid Transport, CFD analysis): Analysis of the transport of carbon products to increase the cell life and optimization of its operation to have a better end product formation, transportation and harmful carbon removal to improve cell life and efficiency.

Thermal design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger at Larsen and Toubro (HTRI, Visual Basic). Analyzed and designed the most compact STHE possible for a given process with inputs provided by the clients on HTRI and Visual Basic.

Feasibility of Fuel Cells Electric Vehicles (Economics, Costing, Fuels): A better infrastructure for hydrogen production and distribution to meet the supply and demand was proposed. Proposals were made to improve the start/stop cycle of the fuel systems to make the FCEVs more competitive in this sector.

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