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NVH, CAE, Structural Dynamics, Testing, Simulation

Columbus, Ohio, United States
November 28, 2017

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Quanqi Dai

*** **** **** ********, **-43214 614-***-**** Self-motivated mechanical engineer and research associate with excellent academic performance, proficient design and fabrication skills, and strong research experience in structural dynamics, electromechanical systems, and acoustics. Published 10+ academic journals and conference papers, with B.S. and M.S. degree earned within 5 years. EDUCATION

- M.S., Mechanical Engineering Aug 2016-Dec 2017 (expected) The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Overall GPA (4.00 scale): 3.868

- B.S., Mechanical Engineering with honor research distinction Aug 2013-May 2016 The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Overall GPA (4.00 scale): 3.818 RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

- Graduate Research Associate The Ohio State University, Advisor: Prof. Ryan Harne Aug 2016-present Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvester Design, Modeling, and Optimization

Design, fabricate, and test piezoelectric vibration energy harvester under shock, harmonic, and random excitations. Innovate state-of-art by studying harvester performance under ambient excitation conditions.

Propose new analytical model to simulate and predict electromechanical responses of energy harvester under ambient excitation, published relating works in 3 top-rated academic journal and conference paper.

Optimize nonlinear vibration energy harvester design for realistic wireless sensor in structural health monitoring applications, submitted relating work for an academic journal review. Multi Degree of Freedom (DOF) Energy Harvester Design and Simulation

Design and fabricate magnetically coupled multi-DOF energy harvester system with strict weight constrain.

Construct theoretical model to accurately simulate the overall electromechanical responses of multi-DOF energy harvester system under impulsive excitation.

Quantify energy harvesting efficiency and vibration transmissibility through simulation and experiments. Lightweight Materials Design for Vibration and Noise Control

Design and fabricate hyperdamping specimen, including 3D printing and silicon elastomer molding.

Measure vibration attenuation performance of specimen, which demonstrates improved ability on vibration absorption with less weight, published relating works in 3 top-rated academic journal and conference paper.

Mentoring and training undergraduate students on experiments and fabricating specimen.

- Undergraduate Honor Research The Ohio State University, Advisor: Prof. Ryan Harne Aug 2015-May 2016 Dynamic Responses Measuring of Buckled Ferromagnetic Cantilever

Designed and fabricated magneto-elastic post buckled structure, including aluminum mount and steel beam machining, and acrylic material laser cutting.

Measured structural dynamic responses of post-buckled cantilever beam under noisy excitations.

Post-processed raw time series data to conduct frequency spectrum analysis in MATLAB.

Published a 60-page thesis and 2 top-rated academic journals and conference papers.

Awarded Undergraduate Research Scholarship by College of Engineering, and 4th Place on Denman Forum. QUALIFICATIONS

- Software Skills: MATLAB; SolidWorks; Pro-Engineer; COMSOL; LabVIEW; ANSYS; Abaqus; Arduino.

- Hardware Skills: Machine and fabrication work (3D printing, CNC, milling, laser cutting etc.); hands-on experience with testing equipment: Micro Epsilon laser sensor, microphone, accelerometer, electrodynamic shaker, amplifier, impact hammer, National Instrument data-acquisition etc.

- Major courses: Advanced Dynamics; Advanced Acoustics; Vibration of Discrete Systems; System Integration and Control; Measurement and Data Analysis; Applied Finite Element Method; Product Design; Machine Element. QD Resume Page2 of 2


- Acoustic resonator design, modeling, and experimental validation Course: Advanced Acoustics May 2017

Designed tunable acoustic resonators to achieve effective sound noise attenuation. Prototyped to validate the design with broad tunable frequency range for noise attenuation.

Conducted absorption coefficient measurements of acoustic resonator specimen in impedance tube.

Used COMSOL Multiphysics to construct 3D FEM model to simulate the experimental measurements by coupling solid mechanics, fluid, and acoustics fields.

- Customizable daily backpack design Course: Product Design May 2016

Lead small team to design and quick-prototype innovative light-weight and easy-assembled backpacks for daily usage of college students as target consumers.

Conducted qualitatively user shadowing, and quantitatively market investigation to identify consumer’s needs and existing product benchmarks.

Conducted failure analysis tests and FEM simulations to optimize design strength while keep light-weighted.

- FEM structural modeling Course: Applied Finite Element Method Dec 2015

Used ANASYS and Abaqus conducted stress, structural, and modal analysis of structures (for example, windshield wiper blade, cello resonant chamber); and formability testing process of sheet metal. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS

1. Q. Dai and R.L. Harne. “Investigation of direct current power delivery from nonlinear vibration energy harvesters under combined harmonic and stochastic excitations.” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. 1045389X17711788. Jun. 2017.

2. Q. Dai and R.L. Harne. “Charging power optimization for nonlinear vibration energy harvesting systems subjected to arbitrary, persistent base excitations.” In review. 3. R.L. Harne and Q. Dai. “Characterizing the robustness and susceptibility of steady-state dynamics in post- buckled structures to stochastic perturbations.” Journal of Sound and Vibration. 395:258-271. March. 2017. 4. R.L. Harne, Y. Song, and Q. Dai. “Trapping and attenuating broadband vibroacoustic energy with hyperdamping metamaterials.” Extreme Mechanics Letters. doi:10.1016/j.eml.2016.05.017. Feb. 2017. 5. J. Bishop, Q. Dai, Y. Song, and R.L. Harne. “Resilience to impact by extreme energy absorption in lightweight material inclusions constrained near a critical point.” Advanced Engineering Materials. 18: 1871-1876. Nov. 2016. Featured on Front Cover.

6. Q. Dai and R.L. Harne. "Maximizing direct current power delivery from bistable vibration energy harvesting beams subjected to realistic base excitations." in Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 10164 Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems 2017, 1016419, Portland, Oregon, Mar 2017. SELECTED PRESENTATION EXPERIENCE

- Center for Automotive Research Seminar Series. (60 min) Mar 2017 Presented research on vibration energy harvesting in realistic excitation environments to students and faculty members in the Center for Automotive Research, The Ohio State University.

- H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco esteemed visit to OSU. (5 min) Aug 2016 Invited to present research with Dr. Harne on sustainable vibration energy harvesting before H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco during His Highness' esteemed visit to The Ohio State University. REFERENCE

- Prof. Ryan Harne (academic advisor)

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The Ohio State University. Email: Phone: 614-***-****

- Dr. Jason Dreyer (former instructor)

Senior Engineer, Vehicle Performance Group for Ride and Handling, Honda R&D Americas. Email: Phone: 906-***-****

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