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Electrical Engineering Network Engineer

Anaheim, California, United States
November 14, 2017

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Karan Modha

*** * ******** ******, *** No. **

Anaheim, California – 92801

+1 (714) 749 – 4531


Resourceful Cisco Certified Network Associate R&S and Cisco Certified Network Professional (Route) Network Engineer committed to performing assigned tasks while working in a fast-paced environment. Looking for the challenging job opportunity in organizational environment where permit me to make use of my knowledge and to develop my professional experience as a Network Engineer.


oMaster of Science in Electrical Engineering [May 2017]

oCalifornia State University, Fullerton

oBachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering [August 2014]

oNarsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai


oComprehensive knowledge of Dynamic Routing Protocols like EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, IS-IS.

oClear understanding of routing concepts like Redistribution, Access Control List, Policy Based Routing, IPv6 Routing and its redistribution, Route-maps, summarization in IPv4 & IPv6

oStrong Attention to detail with ability to work in a team environment

oGood knowledge on the Cisco Nexus Switches like 2k/5k/7k and its command line interface (CLI)

oExtensive knowledge of DHCP, VPN, AAA using external server with technologies like TACACS+ and RADIUS.

oGood knowledge in F5 Networks configuration of devices such as LTM, GTM, Load Balancers.

oDedicated Individual eager to learn and willing to face challenges encountered in the production Network.


Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android

Programming Language: C, C++, Perl, Assembly Language (x86)

Tools/Software: Auto CAD, Python, LTspice, MATLAB, ADS (Advance Design System), Signal Analyzer, Cisco Packet Tracer, Spectrum Analyzer, FPGA, Wireshark, PuTTY, VMware Workstation Pro, Arduino, GNS3

Networking Protocols: (Layer 2) ARP, VLAN, Frame Relay, MPLS, Ethernet, (Layer 3) RIP, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, NAT, IPv6, IPv4, HSRP, NTP

Network Security: Cisco ASA, Palo Alto Firewall

Load Balancer: F5 Big – IP Appliance (LTM, GTM, APM)

Network Devices: Layer 3 Switch 6500 series, 4300 series, 3700 series, 3600 series, 3500 series, 2900 series, 1900 series. Routers 4300 series, 3800 series, 2800 series

Networking Concepts: Subnetting, Trunking, Inter - VLAN, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, Ether Channel, STP, RSTP, GRE, Standard and Extended ACL, OSI model and TCP/IP, VPN, DHCP, AAA (RADIUS & TACACS+), LAN/WAN, IPv4 Summarization, Default Routing using IGP, Redistribution, OSPF Virtual Links, OSPF Network Types/LSA Types, Routing Protocol Authentication, OSPF Stubs

Certifications and Training:

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA 200-125) Routing & Switching – LIC No: CSCO13182723

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP 300-101) Route – LIC No: CSCO13182723

BIG-IP F5 LTM (Local Traffic Manager) – CBT Nuggets

National Board of Accreditation - India (NBA) Certificate for minor project in Electrical Engineering Department Accreditation. (NMIMS University)



• Responsible for configuring VLAN, VTP, 802.1Q tunnelling, DTP, STP, RSTP, Physical Layer and Data link layer issues.

• Troubleshooting with BGP and OSPF routing protocols.

• Taking ownership of the requests raised by the customer in ticketing tool Service Now and provided them solutions efficiently.

• Implementation & troubleshooting of complex WAN, LAN, high availability solutions like HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, ether channels, site- to- site VPN, access control lists, NAT, PAT, routing solutions etc.

• Responsible for handling priority tickets and customer escalations as per the ITIL Process.

Performed RIP and OSPF Routing Protocol Administration

Configured RSTP, LACP and VTP on Cisco devices.

Created VLAN and Inter-VLAN routing with Multilayer Switching.

• ACLs management on Switches & Routers and VLAN communications.

• Assisted in design and documentation


Ultrasonic Motion Detector: Ultrasonic Range Meter is an efficient way to measure the distance of unreachable obstacle. It was based on sending sound waves through a specific medium and observing the returning echoes to measure the distance from the device to the obstacle. Operated on AT89C51 Microprocessor.

Deploying F5 Big IP: Configured BIG IP on VMware workstation pro. Set up virtual servers and tested traffic in round robin and other load balancing methods with three servers; Red, Blue, Green, Created LTM Nodes and Pools. Created customer facing front end with virtual server. Also, successfully set iRules and implemented HA and SNAT pools on the three local servers.

A* Pathfinding Project: The project dealt with optimization of path for a mobile robot, given a set of source and destination position. It calculated the shortest path given the data about the obstacle beforehand. It was based on the Dijsktra’s Algorithm using Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).

Designed Micro Strip based Rectangular Patch Antenna on ADS: At 10GHz, determined the width and length of the antenna using MATLAB Script, Simulated antenna with the desired resonating frequency, imported the touchstone file on the new schematic to get the optimized desired value of S-parameters.

Implementation of RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and ACL: Simulated multiple network topology routers, switches and hosts using GNS3/Cisco Packet Tracer. Implemented Standard and Extended ACL. Effectively performed troubleshooting between end-to-end sites. Configured Cisco Routers using RIP, OSPF and EIGRP.

Multi-Area OSPF Implementation with VLANs and ACLs and Troubleshooting: Simulated multi-area OSPF using 5 routers and 4 switches. Implemented OSPF authentication schemes, VLANs, Inter-VLAN routing. Performed troubleshooting of various problems related to OSPF routing protocol, STP and 802.1Q.

Remote IPsec VPN: Designed a layout of remote access IPsec tunnel using packet tracer. Used Cisco IOS router to connect with VPN clients. Configured dynamic crypto map to allow IPsec communication process to begin.

Analysing Network Traffic and Protocols (Wireshark): Analysed each packet when the computer connects to the internet, when a new browsing session is started. Analysed the entire IP protocol stack during the communication between a client and the internet. Traced the route from source to the destination

Network Firewall and DMZ: Created topology with the help of GNS3 and configure router and DMZ zone with an ASA firewall. Configured Outside and Inside zone for secure connectivity between Client and Server. For managing the Network Security, created access-lists, object-group and implemented NAT rules like Auto-NAT and Manual After Auto-NAT to configure it within the working topology.

Eligibility: Legally authorised to work in the U.S for any employer

Currently on F1 OPT for a period of 3 years, will need H1B visa sponsorship later.

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