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Machine Cnc

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84129, United States
$27 an hour.
November 14, 2017

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I am forwarding my resume in hopes of obtaining

employment back into the machining industry with an important company such as yours. I have many qualities I have not stated on my resume for brief history review. I have worked as a supervisor, as well as, ordering, staging, and directing jobs in a tightened schedule flow. I look for detail and quality in employees while appropriately placing them on the most compatible machining process they possess. I setup Gleasan Hobs, Mills, Lathes, and Grinders. I am a tooling designer and have extensive maintenance experience. I have designed multiple cost saving ideas with the companies I worked and both Boeing and Umbra Cuschinetti where they have utilized many of my cost and manufacturing improvements. I know how the manufacturing business operates and I strive to complete and find solutions for improvement`s. We are willing to relocate anywhere for the right company for secure employment. You will not be disappointed in my work ethics.


Rick A. Reynolds

1829 West 4655 South

Taylorsville, Utah 84129



I currently have fifteen years machining experience. 2015-2016

Operation being mostly on C.N.C Mills and Turning Centers, Gleason Hob machines, CNC/ Manual grinders, and Broach machines. Toolmaking from design, hand sketch or blueprint specifications. I am currently employed with Umbra Aerospace Group but am seeking to relocate for lower cost area. I have deep respect for my knowledge and work characteristics that have helped the company in many ways. I have machined C-17, F-22, 777, A10, Contract work on the Trident Missiles for ATK Orbital plant. NASA and government parts. Security Clearance in U.S. Department of defense.

I have setup and operated many types of manual and C.N.C Lathes, Mills, Grinders, with live tooling and Mills with many types of controls. I have been involved in each company to offer better ideas to implement ideas for increased workflow towards production. This has given me a clear understanding towards the Complexity of manufacturing growth, and to utilize my skill in benefiting the employer I work for. I look for ways for increased production, while maintaining a lower cost effectiveness. I have been machining Aerospace parts and gearing for most of my machining career. I pay close attention for ways to cut cost. I also pay close attention to detail and if correction is beneficial, I bring it to the attention to the company I am employed at.


• Program and set up CNC machine including first article inspection

• Adjust program/machine per results if necessary and run machine

• Maintain the machine according the manual and maintenance sheet

• Generate and maintain records related to machining

• Report through the ERP system time and quantities

• Communicate within the team and Quality personnel effectively

• Maintain shift process controls and performance reports

• Administer personal performance program

• Perform other duties as assigned

Time off from machining;

Musician/ Lead Guitarist for tour RCA Records

1665 S Riverside Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84104Salt Lake City, Utah



Mental Healthcare Worker for abused children

Cottonwood Child Abuse Center

(This facility closed down and has relocated under a different name)

Salt Lake City, Utah


Schooling, Substance Abuse Counselor

Clark Community College

2007 E Fourth Plain Blvd

Vancouver, Washington 98663


Studied psychology to help Vet`s with suicide or psychological issues.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Re-enrolled in Salt Lake Community College for Fall Semester

but I cancelled enrollment in order to find full time work and finish my my remaining credit`s while working and studying part-time to finish.

Latest Status: 2016


Hill Air Force Base

Hill Field Road

Layton, Utah 84041


Setup and ran C.N.C. Gap Grinder to correct O.D. inner and outer landing gear parts. Utilized Tech Orders and work order`s under U.S. Government guidelines to manufacture parts. Repaired machine guiding cmc mechanics where and how to fix machine. Worked in inspection department finding multiple problems with many parts under and over size by .100-.200. ave recommendation to cmc lathe department on how to correct problems with proper paperwork and measuring tooling. I have machined C-17, F-22, F-16, B-52. B-1,777, A10 to name a few. The supervisor for machine repair asked me to join his group after finding my knowledge about machine repair exceeded most of his employees.


Journeyman Umbra Cuschenetti Aerospace Gear

6707 Hardeson Road

Everett WA, 98203 425-***-****

Setup Gleasan Hobs, Mills, Lathes, and Grinders. I setup cnc lathes, Hob gear cutter, broach machines in a single cell. Check parts on Klingelnberg gear checker. I have helped production greatly by improving shorter run cycles, utilizing top grade inserts and have cut insert spending by 22%. By my improvements, Umbra has been able to increase product and delivery time. I am used as a tool maker, fill-in machinist for any available machine, and asked for advice on lean practice solutions. I help repair machines as time is recommended.

2012-2014 Attended Clark Community College and helped setup CNC Milling Machine

Setup Katumari CNC Milling machine. Machine delivered and I setup all wiring and cable connections. Found communication was not valid. Had to reconfigure RS232 Ethernet USB communications Re-soldered connecting points and reset nc parameters to communicate properly. Increased table travel to further “X” travel from 15 inches to 17.5 inches. This allowed for increased machining applications for G54, G55, and G56 positions. Repaired coolant pump and re-aligned tooling turret to fit correctly when loading tools to spindle. Programmed all parts from blueprints. Manufactured tooling plate with all counter-bored and tapped features.

Operation being mostly on C.N.C live Turning centers and Mills.

2002-2004 Traveled to various Aerospace companies in different states during manufacturing downturn in Oregon State trying to save my mortgage payments where my family resided. I attempted doing short term contract work while trying to use equity of home for a secure transition for a stable company. I worked as a supervisor for:

Seastrom Corp

456 Seastrom Street

Twin Falls, Idaho USA 83301 Set up and edited Mori Seiki DMV 5000/ 8000 five axis Grinder machines as well as CNC Mills and Lathes. I also traveled to Smith Aerospace in Yakama, Washington, Sonju Aerospace in Kalispell, Montana, and Parker Hannifin Aerospace in Ogden, Utah, which I preferred to continue employment but my family would not.


1997-2002 Journeyman, Boeing

19000 NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR 97230


Setup and edit Mori Seiki 3, 5, and 6 axis, Dual Spindle Double Turret live turning center. Was assigned to operate complex Warner Swasey Titan CNC 7 axis lathe machine by Gary Smith. I was told they could not find an adequate machinist to run the machine. I was not trained on machine as trainer had taken leave of absence during my training period. I was setting up and programming machine within my first two weeks. I helped maintenance with turret issues and programmed machine as needed because it had an Allen Bradley control and I was one of the few that could understand the control. I machined A.O.G. parts as I was considered one of the most accurate and fast paced machinist in the gear-line area. I rotated on all machines in the gear-line department I was stationed in. CNC Lathes and manual Mills/ Lathes. Made special tooling for maintenance department and became very involved in helping the company as much as I felt an opportunity. Parts were made from bar-stock to finished dimension. Tolerances within .0002. Stock Ran was Titanium to Aluminum. Finished parts on a very, timely basis. Designed a tooling package that was utilized in the Lathe department. Became involved as an Employee Community Fund Board Chairman, along with being a Safety Focal for my area. Many of my ideas were utilized to benefit my work area in the company. Laid-off with 300 workers.

1996-1997 Machinist, Quadrant

(Company sold)

Setup and ran high production machinery on Mori-Sieki and Okuma turning centers. Programming and editing as needed. Close tolerance machining for parts manufactured for the aerospace industry. Aluminum metals to Titanium metals machined.

1994-1996 Machinist, Christiansen Boyles Corp.

(Company Closed. Moved to Mexico.

Close tolerance production. Tool sharpening as well as tool modifications. Setup and operated cell work machines. Manual and CNC lathe, which included single point thread to box, tapered thread. Setup and programmed CNC lathes/ mills. Machined complete parts using manual lathe and mill. Setup and operated Hydromat manual milling machine to house 10,000 pound parts. Machined inner I.D. with .0002 tolerance tapered bores. Company closed doors and moved facility.

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