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Data Sas

Newark, New Jersey, United States
November 13, 2017

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Parita Kunwarji Ratnani 914-***-****

SAS programmer with almost 4 years of experience with good knowledge of advanced statistical methodologies.

Expertise in analyzing and reporting using tools like Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACRO in UNIX and Windows environment.

2+ years of experience in generating tables, listings, and graphs (TLGs) according to the statistical analysis plan (SAP) using statistical software packages like SAS, SPSS and R.

Experience in generating customized reports for statistical results using SAS procedures MIXED, GLM, LIFETEST, and PHREG, LOGISTIC.

Expertise in SAS/Base, SAS/Graph, SAS/Macro, SAS/ODS, SAS/SQL, and SAS/STAT on Windows and UNIX platforms.

Working knowledge of General linear models, Categorical data analysis, Survival analysis, Multivariate analysis, Design of experiments, longitudinal data analysis, health care data standards and codes, e.g., ICD -9/ ICD -10, National Drug Codes, elements of claims data.

Thorough knowledge of various experimental designs and statistical modeling, analysis of standard and non-standard safety domains, and outstanding analytical and problem solving skills.

Experience in reviewing case report forms CRF’s/SDTM/AdaM to ensure that the protocol objectives are met and the project standards are maintained.

Exposure to Bioethics, IRB guidelines, HIPAA guidelines.

Experience in developing and maintaining Statistical documentation, including description of statistical methods like SAS programs, results and discussion.

Possess a strong ability to adapt and learn new technologies and new business lines rapidly.

Effective team player with strong communication & interpersonal skills.

Active member of American Statistical Association (ASA).


Masters of Public Health– Concentration in Dental Public Health May 2018.

The Rutgers University Newark, New Jersey.

Bachelor of Science – Concentration in Dental Surgery Aug 2011.

MIDSR College Nashik University Latur, India.

Professional Experiences

Rutgers School of Public Health. Jun’17 -Present .

Role: Research Analyst.

Using big data( NJ hospital discharge and Vital statistics data) to assess the impact of medical treatment and screening on Hepatitis C related morbidity and mortality using complex SAS procedure like building arrays, SAS/Macros, model trends in HCV-associated hospitalizations and deaths through 2016 by municipality by age, race gender, birth cohort by Sorting and Merging techniques on the raw data sets for value added data preparation, to get the required Reports or Analysis data sets.

Modification of existing SAS programs and creation of new programs using SAS Macros.

Built Macros and create macro variables to help generate analysis data sets and create specified structure of TLFs.

Effectively developed SAS code for modeling data and implemented SAS/STAT procedures such as Proc Lifetest, Proc lifereg, Proc Phreg, proc reg and Proc Glm for Survival analysis, logistic regression analysis and other statistical analyses.

Used SAS ODS to report outputs in different formats like RTF, PDF, and HTML.

Majorly worked with the data management team and was involved in handling documentation and submission processes (under managers’ assistance).

Environment:Windows, LiNUX, SASV9.4, Base/SAS, SAS/Macro,

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Aug’17 – Present.

Role: Jr. Statistician

Collaborated with Statisticians, Data Manager, and other SAS programmers to provide ad-hoc and routine analyses and reports with regards to the assigned projects(NSQIP database 2005 to 2015)

Imported external files like Excel files, text files, and Database files into SAS data sets using INFILE, LIBNAME, PROC IMPORT, SAS/Macros, and SAS/Connect, etc..

Worked on datasets in domains of treatment, baseline and demographics characteristics, individual and derived endpoints, adverse events, laboratory, vital signs, and other characterizations.

Create statistical reports for continuous, categorical, and survival efficacy endpoints.

Created SAS data sets by extracting data from various sources and prepared them for statistical analysis. Manipulated data sets by using RETAIN, ARRAY, DATA _NULL_, SAS Functions, etc.

Extensively used SQL language queries and joins in SAS programs creating datasets and TLGs.

Created Summary Reports and Tabular Reports using Proc Report and Proc Tabulate.

Environment:Windows, SASV9.4, Base/SAS, SAS/Macro.

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Jan’16 to Oct’17.

Role: Research Assistant (Oral Biology Lab)

Assisted with Basic lab techniques including PCR, gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, restriction enzyme analysis, protein purification,

Bacteria genetics including genomic DNA prep, plasmid prep, E.coli transformation, cloning using competent cells, PCR mutagenesis.

Laboratory safety, infection control.

Assisting postdoc in study projects.

Obtained, reviewed for appropriateness, and processed regulatory and administrative documents from investigator sites.

Dr. Vora’s Dental Care Mumbai India Sep’11 - Aug’15.

Role: Jr. Analyst/ Associate Doctor.


Data analyst, performing clinical trials on demographic data, discrepancy, adverse events, serious adverse events, laboratory data and vital signs.

Data migration and statistical analysis using various analysis procedure such as Proc freq, Proc means and Proc univariate.

Automated/manual means of Data validation and Data warehousing

Participated in clinical trials, developed graphs and diagrams relatable to average patients admitted.

Dealing with various dental procedure like Prosthosontics, Endodontic, Implant prosthesis, Oral surgery, Periodontics, Pedodontics & Cosmetics.


Certifications: SAS BASE.


Environment: Windows and UNIX.

Office Tools: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel.

Statistical tools : SAS v 9.4/9.x/, SPSS, R/S-Plus.

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