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Project Service

Saratoga, California, United States
January 29, 2018

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Aboli Bal (USA- Green Card holder- No need of visa sponsorship)



To make use of my knowledge in the field of IC layout in Analog or Digital Work Experience Peregrine Semiconductor(working on 110nm technology)

(Nov 2015 - Sept 2017)

● Knowledge of layout of analog and digital circuits

● Expert in Cadence tools (Virtuoso, layout XL, Assura)

● Expert in LVS/DRC on hierarchical Level.

● Worked on Cell level, Block level and top level


SILICON DRAFTING INSTITUTE, San Jose, California ( Aug 2012 – June 2013) Certificate course in Advanced CMOS/BICMOS

● Final Project: A BICMOS Mixed-Signal Transceiver Circuit. (0.1um) 5-layer metal Mask Layout Skills

● Strong Foundation of Transistor, Schematic, logic and complex logic functions.

● Clear understanding of IC Fabrication Steps and cross sectional view.

● Understanding of Resistance/Capacitance and associated R/C parasitics.

● Techniques used to reduce IR drop and Antenna Issues.

● Understanding of Inductance and associated L parasitic. Techniques used to reduce EM.

● Applying device matching/noise reduction techniques in Analog Circuit Layouts. Hands-On Layout Experience:

● All basic & complex logics, Data Latch, D Flip-Flop, Shift Register, Sram, PLL, Bias, Analog blocks, Digital blocks

● Clock Generator, ESD’s, I/O Devices, and Bond pads.

● Final Project: A BICMOS Mixed-Signal Transceiver Circuit. (0.1um) Layout tools:

● Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor (VLE), Cadence VXL,

● PCELL utility, Cadence Assura DRC/LVS/Soft-Check

● Layout Tools: Dracula DRC/LVS. Cadence Chip Assembly Router (CCAR, a routing tool). UNIVERSITY OF NAGPUR, INDIA, MASTERS IN COMPUTER MANAGEMENT ( July 2006- July 2008) EXPERIENCE

Service Delivery Executive : Caliber point, India ( 11/07/2008 – 11/07/2009) M anaged data-base for Health Insurance Companies. Operating System: W indows, Linux

Programming Languages : C, VB,HTML, Knowledge of SQL queries, Tools : MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

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