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Data Information Technology

Kansas City, Missouri, United States
January 28, 2018

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Naveena Nallamotu

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Recent graduate with strong math background and experience in Statistics, Machine learning, Deep learning, Natural processing language and able to build data models according to requirement.

Experience in Software Analysis, Design, Development and maintenance of software applications

Strong Knowledge in programming Languages like JAVA, Python, R

Experienced with developing data analytics pipeline: data cleansing, transforming, feature extraction, visualization

Hands on experience in using the version control tool GITHUB and Unix commands

Effective communication and interpersonal Skills, an excellent team player work towards the growth of an organization


University of Missouri - Kansas City, MO, USA Dec 2017

Master of Science, Computer Science – GPA (3.4/4.0)

GRIET, Hyderabad, Telangana, India May 2015

Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology – GPA (3.6/4)


Methodologies: Classification, Regression, Clustering, Neural Networks (ANN, RNN, CNN), Natural Processing Language.

Statistical Methods: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, K Nearest Neighbors, Support Vector Machines,

Random Forest, K Means Clustering, Association Rule Learning, XGBoost and Dimensionality Reduction, time series.

Software and Programming Languages: Python (scikit-learn, numpy, SciPy, pandas, NLTK, tensorflow, keras(API)), R, SQL

Spark, Hadoop (PigLatin, MapReduce), D3.js, Tableau, Linux, Oracle, Microsoft Excel

Selected Coursework: Introduction to Statistical Learning, Big Data Analytics and Applications, Principles of Big Data, and

Probabilistic Graphical Models


IBM India Private Limited, Hyderabad, India June 2015-July 2016

System Associate (Full time)

Developed the classes and interfaces needed for the front end, according to the business requirements

Created the action and form classes, based on the Struts framework to handle the pages

Implemented JDBC to access Oracle Database and performed Stored Procedures

Collected data from the different source and managed using Oracle DB

Created SQL Queries using Joins, Unions, Nested Selects and Aggregate Functions

Integrated Web Services with java backend using RESTful (HTTP methods - GET, POST, DELETE)

Attend daily scrum meetings as a part of agile methodology to discuss business rules and to track the support of application

IDEXCEL Dec 2014-April 2015

Front-end Developer Intern

Maintained and updated responsive web templates using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Used jQuery and JavaScript for validating the input given by the user interface

Worked with web API’s to provide services to HTTP request


NBA Winning Predictions Using Logistic Regression: (R language)

Developed a project to identity the strong predicators which decide the winning possibility of a NBA team using logistic regression.

Includes data preprocessing, fitting the model, visualizing results, and predicting the values

Time Series Analysis of Blast Motion Sensor Data Using Tensorflow (Python, Pandas, RNN)

Developed a project to forecast the swing speed of baseball player by analyzing the time series data which is generated by sensor

Preprocessed data by Pandas library and recurrent neural networks are used to build the layers of model

TWEET ANALYSIS on Presidential Elections

Analysis of Donald Trump Impact on US Elections using Apache Spark

Collected tweets using Twitter API on specific topic load the json file using Spark SQL.

Queried the twitter data sets using Spark SQL and visualized the results using d3.js

ENVISAGER: Real-time Navigation System for Visually Impaired

Working on a project Real-time Navigation System for Visually Impaired using TensorFlow and Apache Spark

Developed android application and image analysis using Clarify API, Apache Spark and TensorFlow

R and Python Repositories

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