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Sr Engineer

January 21, 2018

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B. vimal Kumar

Mechanical Engineer * yrs * month. experience.

E- mail ID:

Contact no: +91-90-66-961***, 97 90 186375.


Over all 5 years of diversified experience in Mechanical field with rich experience in construction field, HVAC Design, BMS controller design and many more in MP Services background. I am highly organized, self-motivated, to work myself independently as well as in team. Having strong experience in AutoCAD and Excel sheet.


Having strong experience in Mechanical field.

HVAC design with Heat load calculation for Ducting & Static Pressure calculations.

Controlling Temp & Humidity using Dew point understanding psychrometric chart.

Having good experience in Negative & Positive Pressure controlling in room. Take caring of Validation activities based on ISO 14644-1 and ISO 14698.

Designing plumbing, pipeline & firefighting with suitable pump & pressure drop calculation with BOM.

Prepare Heat load, cooling load & weight load calculation.

Experience in pharma medical clean room project.

Design for A/C and integration system.

Following design standards, QMS analysis activity.

Prepare assignment drawings of ducting, plumbing, Pipeline & Firefighting using Auto CAD.

Understating the shop drawing, interior & integration drawings.

Preparation Technical Specifications, Project schedule, Daily work progress chart and detail drawings i.e. Vendor Purpose Drawings.

Complete & handover project of proper Coordinate with client, vendor, site in- charge & management.

Selection and Preparing Cost estimation and Evaluation of offers.

Procurement of equipment like AHU, Fan coil units and other accessories like Filters, Grills, Diffusers and Dampers etc.

Skilled in Engineering design drawings, analytical abilities and Documentation work.

Executing the daily activity, coordinating with MEP team, conducting daily meeting with works, safety, vendors and contractors for effective work. WORK EXPERIENCE

• L & W Building solutions Pvt Ltd – Bangalore.

As a Sr. Engineer from Sep 2017

Sr.Engineer for MEP services in I-Gate Capgemini project Airoli Mumbai.

Coordinating with HVAC services, firefighting services.

• Takasago Engineering India Pvt Ltd. – Bangalore, Karnataka – India. As a Technical & Project Engineer. (June-2016 to Sep 2017) Sl. Project Details Job Responsibility Equipment & Services 1

Pharma medical Clean

Room Project in

Manufacturing Unit.

Technical Engineer

1. Checking Equipment technical details.

2. Over view the Duct rooting and execution.

3. Conducting Duct leakage test.

4. AHU assembly work.

5. Documentation part.

6. Clean room validation work.

7. Conducting meetings with another department.

8. Coordination with MEP process.

1. Equipment's - AHU, HRW, EAU & TOAU.

2. Service - Firefighting, Process Hot Water, CDA. 3. Utility - Process, Potable & General Drain

4. Controlling system - BMS, FAS, and PAS & EMS.

5. Filter - HEPA, Semi-HEPA & Pre-filters.

6. Interior works - Partition, Lighting system.


HVAC project

Design Engineer

1. Detailed cooling load calculation.

2. Duct layout with typical installation drg.

3. Plumping layout with Head calc & BOM.

4. Equipment selection with Cost estimation.

Equipment details

1. AHU, Chiller, Cooling tower, TOAU & EAU.

2. Duct laying, Plumbing items

3. Utility system like Dust exhaust, drain line.

• VSM Solar Pvt Ltd. – Bangalore, Karnataka – India. As a Design & Project Engineer (June-2014 to June-2016) Sl. No Project Details Job Responsibility Equipment used 1

225TR Solar Air-

Conditioning system

with full automatic


Site: IBM Manyata

Embassy Tech Park,

Hebbel, Bangalore-


Design Engineer

1. Detailed design for cooling system.

2. Prepared design & schematic drawings, Plumbing, Equipment layout with Structure design.

3. Submitted drawings, Technical details with design specs. I.e. Heating & Cooling load with Weight baring details. 4. Selection of Chiller, Cooling tower, storage tank, Plumbing item with other accessories.

1. 800 no’s of Evacuated tube solar heaters.

2. 1 x 250TR capacity of VAM chiller.

3. 1 x 500 TR capacity of air-cooled cooling tower. 4. 2 X 15Klitrs capacity of SS Hot water storage tank. 5. More than 2500rmts of PPR pipes and plumbing items.

(German technology fusing system pipes)

6. 6 no’s of Dan Foss motors and accessories

7. Electrical items like BTU meter, Flow meters, Temp sensors, Pressure sensors.

8. Expansion Tank

Project Engineer

1. Prepared BOM, Project Schedule.

2. Execute the work activities in site.

3. Conduct daily Meeting with labors & vendors.

4. Prepared document work i.e. MOS, site drg &TID. 2

60TR Solar A/C


Site: Switzerland

Embassy, New Delhi-


Design Engineer

1. Detailed design for Cooling system

2. Prepared design & Schematic drawings, Plumbing

layout, Equipment layout, Structure design.

3. Design of Storage tank, expansion tank.

4. Calculate Pump head and selection & Procurement of Pump. 1. 250 no's of Ritter make solar heaters

2. 2 x 60TR capacity of VAM and Electrical chiller. 3. 2 x 4.5Klitrs capacity of SS hot water storage tank. 4. 4 no's of Heat exchangers

5. 1 x 150TR capacity air-cooled cooling tower.

6. 1500Rmts of PPR pipes and plumbing accessories. 3

400TR Solar A/C


Site: Infosys,

Mahindra Tech park,


Design Engineer

1. Detailed design for Heat system includes weight load baring.

2. Prepared design & Schematic drg with plumbing.

3.Selection & procurement of equipment like Solar

heater, storage Tank, Heat exchanger & Pumping

items etc.,

1. 1200 no's of Evacuated tube solar heaters

2. 1 x 120KW capacity of Heat exchanger.

3. 6Klitrs of Thermic fluid oil (High flammable)

4. 1 x 4Klitrs capacity of SS hot water storage tank. 5. Expansion tank

6 Electrical Automatic controlling system.


100KW of Solar

heating system.

Site: L&T, Mumbai.

Project Engineer

1. Prepare Project Schedule. Procured material like solar heaters, storage tank, Pump, plumbing items & other accessories.

2. Scheduling the works to labors and handled site activity. 3. Submitted As-Build drg, and technical details.

4. Hand over the Project successfully.

1. 30 No's of solar heater.

2. 2 x 2Kliters of SS storage tank.

3. Plumbing item with Pump and other accessories

4. Electrical Automatic controlling system.

5. Residential plumbing connections.


20KW of Solar Hot

water system.

Site: Indian Institute

of Research and

Science Collage

(IISC), Bangalore

Project Engineer

1. Prepare Project Schedule. Procured material like solar heaters, storage tank, Pump, plumbing items & other accessories.

2. Scheduling the works to labors and handled site activity. 3. Submitted As-Build drg, and technical details.

4. Hand over the Project successfully.

1. 20 No's of Evacuated tube Ritter make solar heater. 2. 2 x 1Kliters of SS Storage tank.

3. Pump and plumbing items.

4. Electrical Automatic controlling system.


200KW Solar Heating

system. Site: Poclain



Design Engineer

1. Heat load calculation and design spec.

2.Cost estimation, Quotation submission.

3. Prepared Technical documents.

4. Prepared Payback & energy efficiency chart.

1. 600nos of Evacuated Tube Solar heaters.

2. Heat exchanger

3. SS Storage tank with Expansion tank.

4. Plumbing item

5. Electrical Automatic controlling system.

Other Projects:

300TR Capacity Solar A/C system- Puttaparuthi, Andra.

Hot water system for Research purpose in BHEL, Bangalore.

• Exide Industrial Battery Manufacturing Company – Bangalore, Karnataka – India. As a Production Engineer -GET (May-2013 to June-2014) Achievement:

Awarded for Talented GET in assembly line.

Taken 90% of production in all period.

• Vijay Fabrication & Erection Pvt Ltd.

As a Site Engineer (June-2012 to May-2013)


Successfully Fabricated 4500MT of steel.

Successfully Erected 8500MT of steel.

Working platform STG.

Worked in Mettur Thermal Power Plant capacity 600MW. ACADEMIC S & CREDENTIALS

BE (Mechanical Engineering) From Hindusthan College of Engineering & Technology Coimbatore (Anna University Chennai) in 2012 with a CGPA is 7.71% out of 10%. SOFTWARE SKILLS

Modeling : AutoCAD, Solid Works, Revit (learning)

Basic : MS office, MS Project, All version of windows OS. Additional : Adobe Photoshop.


Date of Birth : 24/05/1990

Permanent Address : 10-1/54, Muthukumara Samy Kovil Street, Pudhusampalli, Raman Nager (P.O) Mettur Dam, Salem, TamilNadu, India.

Languages Known : Tamil, English, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu. Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Unmarried

Passport : I have Passport

License : Two-wheeler


Mr. Murugaval, Project Manager from Construction dept. - Takasago. Ph.: +91-968*******. Mr. Pugalendhi, Project Manager from VSM Solar Ph.: +91-95-85-839***. Mr. Saravanan, Production Manager from VRLA plant - Exide Inds. Ph.: +91-900******* DECLARATION

I do here by confirm the information provided above id true to best of my knowledge and belief. Thank you


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