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Sr Network Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
January 20, 2018

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860-***-**** (M)

781-***-**** (H)

Boston – MA

Executive Summary

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) & Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certified with 18 Years of hands on experience with Cisco equipments.

Possesses 15 years of diversified experience in the plan, design, implementation and support of LAN/WAN, VLAN, VPN networks, Cisco and Microsoft network environment. Strong knowledge in network/security/systems administration and systems support.

Expertise in medium/large sized LAN/WAN design/configuration & implementation with CISCO, equipments, wireless network design/configuration & implementation, strong working knowledge on Wide Area Networks (WANs) e.g. T1, Frame Relay, ISDN, Comcast Metro E, Verizon etc., support of multi-vendor routers and switches.

Strong hands on experience in configuring CISCO based routing e.g. RIP, EIGRP, IGRP, OSPF, BGP, HSRP, VRRP, route redistribution etc., and switching e.g. VLAN implementation, STP, VTP, Access lists, L3 Switching etc.

Professional hands on experience in designing cable and wireless networks, structured network cabling such as STP, UTP, coaxial etc., installation and configuration of LAN, WAN and wireless networks with active components such as routers, switches, firewalls, modems, access points, repeaters etc.

Strong hands on experience in Windows 2003 server administration with Active directory, Novell server installation & administration, Lotus Notes 7 Secure Mail administration.

Strong knowledge in complete Systems and Network Administration.

Very good Experience in Inventory System, Purchase System, Accounts System, Sales System

Well experienced in System Administration of large and complex systems

Strong ability to lead a team and finish the task

Quick learner with ability to grasp new technologies, both software and hardware. Proven ability to work under pressure and team environment. Fluent in English, reading, speaking and writing. Willing to relocate.

Technical Expertise

Issue Reporting System

Service Now, Sales Force, Team Track and RIT


Cisco WebEx Connect and Cisco Jabber, Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

Chassis Management

Dell Power Edge System, Dell blade servers

Network Monitoring

Solar winds Orion Network Performance Monitor SL2000, Netflow Traffic

Analyzer - SL2000

Wan Optimization


Load Balancer

Citrix NetScaler 5500 MPX9.3, Citrix NetScaler VPX 10.1, Big IP F5, Cisco ACE 4710, Cisco CSS and Cisco CSM

DNS Management

Ultra DNS Managed Service Portal

Operating Systems

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7,8&10, Windows 2003/2008, 2008 R2/20012&2016 Server, Novell Netware, Active Directory, Citrix, VMware


TCP/IP, DNS, LDAP, DHCP, IDS/IPS, RAS, RADIUS, ATM Network, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ISDN, Switching/Routing, Multicasting, Access Lists, SIP/SDP, VLAN, VTP/STP, IPsec/GRE, MPLS, HSRP/VRRP/GLBP, IPv4/Ipv6, Dedicated line, Metro Ethernet, PIP

Network Devices

Cisco Routers 1700s/2500s/2600s/2921/3700s/3845/3925/3945/ISR4451-X/7206, Cisco Switches CSS 11500, Catalyst 1900, 2950, 3550, 4500, 6500, 3750, 3850, Nexus 93108TC-EX, Nexus C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis, Nexus 5020 Chassis, CAP3702I-A-K9, Brocade ICX, VDX and Extreme Switches.

Wireless Implementation

Cisco ISE (Radius) SNS 3415, Cisco Wireless Controller CT 5520 & 2504, Cisco APs AIR-CAP3702I-B-K9, AIR- CAP3702I-A-K9

VM Implementation

Cisco Prime 3.1

Routing Protocols

RIP v1 & v2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, GRE, BGP, IPv4/IPv6 Addressing

Network Security

Firewall Service Module 6509, Cisco ASA 5510/5520/5545/5550/5580, Juniper Net Screen 5400, Palo alto 3000,5000, 7000, Fort iGATE 90 D and Barracuda F1000


PL/SQL in Oracle, Lotus Notes Script


Oracle 9i/11g, Visual FoxPro 9.0, MS Access 2000/2010, 2016

ERP Systems

Boss(In house develop) –Back Office Stock System (Inventory), Jaws (In house develop)-Ware House Management System (Logistic), Cops(In house development) –Corporate Order Process System (Purchase), Oracle Financial (Accounts), Pays (Salary),POS (Sales), HRM-Human Resource Management System(HR)

Customer Relationship Management System




Mail System

Lotus Notes 6.5x,7.0x and 8.0x, Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016

Time& Attendance Management System

Bio Metrics

Telecom Management System


Project Lead/Support

RMS-Retail Merchandise System, Micro Strategy, Cisco Ace to Citrix NetScaler Migration, Cisco CSS to Citrix NetScaler Migration, Cisco CSM to Citrix Netscaler Migration, Juniper NetScreen to Cisco ASA 5545 Migration, Cisco Wireless Access Implementation, Cisco ASA 5525 x Video FW Implementation

Work Experience

EOEEA - Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Apr 2017 to till date

Sr. Converged Network Engineer

State Organization

Implemented Barracuda NG Firewalls F1000 at two data centers. (Winter Street Boston and Cambridge street Boston)

Implemented Solar winds Orion Network Performance Monitor SL2000, Netflow Traffic Analyzer - SL2000

Implemented Infoblox. (DHCP Migration)

Implemented EMC Connectrix Manager for centralized

Migrated all the life ending network devices with Cisco, Extreme XOS devices.

New layer 2 and layer 3 switch configuration.

New router configuration

Migrated non magnet STATE agency remote sites with magnet network (RING-DYNAMIC ROUTING-BGP and OSPF).

Network performance monitor and Reports

Security audit and Reports.

Conduct security meetings every Monday and take action.

Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Support.

Big IP F5 Load Balancer Implementation and Support.

Data center operation and support.

Lead the New Projects.

Vendor Management.

Day to day operation support.

New state agency office setup.

Create network diagrams.

Mass DOT- Massachusetts Department of Transportation Nov 2014 March 2017

Sr. Network Engineer

State Organization

Designed and set up for new RMV and RMV AAA branch offices with Cisco 3850 Switch, 4451 router, 819 4G router Fort iGATE 90 D firewall, Comcast primary Metro E and Verizon backup using EIGRP.

Highway Division Hopkinton office and Branch office setup.

HOV lane Braintree office setup.

Highway Division Sign boards and cameras secure connectivity to Main data center through VPN

Setup model offices for new development projects.

Lead and Implemented the Wireless Access for all the RMV HQ –Boston, Quincy and Hopkinton

Implementing Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) SNS 3415.

Implementing Cisco WLC (Wireless LAN Controller) CT5520 and CT2504.

Implementing Cisco Prime 3.1 and adding all the Aps, network devices and heat MAPs.

Prepared Wireless Access document. Trained the users and send to all the users for the easy access

Configuring Cisco switch Catalyst WS3750, 3850 and 6509 E layer 3 switches.

Configuring Cisco integrated service routers 819, 2921 and 4451.

Implementing Cisco ASA 5525 X Video Firewall.

Configuring Cisco PIX Firewall.

Building secure VPN tunnels.

Configuring Sonic Firewall.

Configuring Palo alto 3000, 5000 and 7000 Firewall

Configuring Fort iGATE 90D and 1240B Firewall.

Big IP F5 Load Balancer Implementation and Support.

Creating network diagrams.

Supporting new projects.

Monitoring network activities through Solar Winds Orion and new node configuration.

Day to day network operation support for all the RMV, RMV AAA, Toll Booths.

Mass DOT servers and website support

Maintaining device security policies.

Infrastructure design and support.

CIT Group May2014 to Oct2014

Sr. Network Engineer

CIT provides commercial financing, lending, leasing and advisory services to small and middle market businesses and the transportation sector. It operates its commercial businesses under North American Commercial Finance and Transportation & International Finance.

Cisco CSM to Citrix NetScaler VPX 10.1 migration.

Cisco CSS to Citrix NetScaler VPX 10.1 migration.

Citrix NetScaler MPX 9.3 to Citrix NetScaler VPX 10.1 migration.

Building Secure VPN tunnels.

Solar winds Orion node configuration.

Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 6500 switch configuration

Nexus 7010 and 5020 configuration

Managed DR TEST process with SUNGARD.

Firewall configuration Palo alto 5000 and 7000

Implementing new technologies.

Eagle Investment Systems (BNY Mellon), Wellesley, MA May 2011 to Apr 2014

Sr. Network Engineer

Eagle Investment Systems provides high-quality and innovative data management, investment accounting and performance measurement solutions to support today’s global financial services industry.

Resolving Customer Network Issues through client’s network ticketing system Service Now.

Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN which includes TCP/IP, DHCP, NAT, Frame Relay, Firewall, Routers, Switches.

Providing support for Cisco Routers 3845/3925/3945/7206 & Catalyst Switches 1900, 2950, 3550, 3750, 4500, 6500, Cisco Nexus 5000/7000.

Supporting client’s customers for upgrading, improving and expanding their Networks.

Configuring IP, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP protocols.

Organizing meetings and discussions regarding Network optimization and BGP issues.

Implementing switching protocols like Spanning Tree Protocol in the network, VTP, VLANs.

Configuring Fast-Ethernet channel between switches.

Creating dedicated VLANs for Voice and Data.

Design, implementation and configuration of GLBP, HSRP on multilayer switched network.

Using Load balancers with multiple components for efficient performance and to increase reliability through redundancy.

Configuring Cisco Nexus C7010, Nexus 5020 switches and troubleshooting.

Group Policy Configuration for Citrix NetScaler VPX, Juniper NetScreen 5400, Cisco ACE 4710

Troubleshooting Corporate MPLS Network issues.

Configuring and troubleshooting Dedicated line(T1)

Supporting and administrating Cisco Firewall Service Module 6509, Cisco ASA 5510/5520/5545/5550/5580.

Configuring Cisco ASA to ASA IPsec tunnels.

Building and troubleshooting VPN Tunnels.

Handled Cisco Ace to Citrix NetScaler migration.

Handled Cisco CSS to Citrix NetScaler migration.

Handled Juniper NetScreen to Cisco ASA 5545 migration.

Register and maintenance the DNS through Ultra DNS Managed Service Portal.

Network monitoring with Solar winds Orion.

Chassis configuration with Dell Power Edge System, Dell blade servers.

Johnson Controls, Milwaukee, WI Dec 2009 to Apr 2011

Network Engineer,

Johnson Controls is a diversified technology and industrial company serving worldwide customers.

Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN which includes TCP/IP, DHCP, NAT, Frame Relay, Firewall, routing, hardware and networking issues.

Provided network support for Cisco Routers 2500, 2600, 2800, 3600, 7200 & Catalyst Switches 1900, 2900, 3500, 6500 series.

Provided Cisco router configuration, technical support for the configuration and installation for the customers.

Provided technical support to the customers like upgrading, improving and expanding their network.

Configured IP, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP.

Organized meetings and discussions regarding network optimization and BGP issues.

Involved in configuration and management of different Layer 2 switching tasks which includes address learning, efficient switching etc.

Implemented switching protocols like Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) in the network, VTP, VLANs, and configured Fast-Ethernet channel between switches.

Created dedicated VLANs for Voice and Data with QOS for prioritizing VOICE over DATA

Worked in design, implementation and configuration of GLBP, HSRP on switched Network and managed entire multilayer switched network.

Extensive work on load balancing technique to obtain efficient network performance, maximum throughput, minimizing the response time and optimal resource utilization.

Used Load balancers with multiple components for efficient performance and to increase reliability through redundancy.

Experience with Nexus 5000 & 7000 series switches

Juniper Ex 4200 & 4500 experience.

Performed design, planning for LAN/WAN, and implementation for Network Engineering.

Implementation and support for the fast Ethernet, switched LAN in to the network.

Troubleshot networking issues causing service disruption for LAN/WAN.

Installed multi-protocol on multi-interface Cisco routers and juniper routers.

Designed and implemented a new network architecture connecting corporate office and the branch offices.

Worked on Corporate MPLS Network. Prepared Network Design to implement it.

Evaluated and understood the business need, requirement and suggested cost effective solution for integration and implementation of MPLS Network.

Troubleshot IPSec VPN tunnels and implementation of QOS.

Established IPSec VPN tunnels between branch offices and headquarter using ASA Firewall.

Supporting and administrating Checkpoint Firewalls.

Implemented, configured and engineered Cisco ASA to ASA IPSec tunnels and Cisco router to router GRE Tunnels between branch offices and headquarters for VPN networks.

Configured GRE tunnels to pass the multicast OSPF routing updates to remote sites.

Configured, implemented, monitored and maintained Cisco VPN and security parameters.

Responsible for support of TCP/IP, various networking protocols, network management, routers, data Switches, Ethernet and Frame Relay.

Provided technical support for configuration and implementation of IPv6 and upgrading from IPv4 to IPv6.

Used Adaptive Security Device Manager (SDM) while performing security audit on routers.

Active Directory Migration with ADMT

VMware Installation.

Lotus notes 7.0x and 8.0 x single users, multi user configuration.

Lotus notes domino administration.

VB, Power hell & Win batch Scripting.

Knowledge of SAN & DMZ.

Experienced in SDM and configured Cisco IOS Firewall using SDM for monitoring the originating and returning traffic.

Network monitoring with Solar winds Orion.

Worked with engineers and network consultants on numerous projects. Documented and researched processes and hardware. Wrote various test cases and involved in documentation of test results and test documents.

Landmark Group, Dubai Jan 2001 to Nov 2009

Network Engineer

Landmark Group is one of the largest retail organizations in the Middle East and is expanding rapidly in Asia Pacific region. It currently operates over 600 stores across the region. In addition to its retail sector, it has also diversified into leisure, food, hotels and electronics. It has created a comprehensive infrastructure including its own logistics and distribution division to support its retail operations and other businesses. Oracle and D2k based Back Office and Front Office Packages supports the Logistic, Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Accounts and M.I.S.

Responsible for Point of sale systems, Windows 2003 servers, Switches, Routers, Telephone systems, Printer, Xerox machines, Attendance systems etc.

Responsible for complete Network across the region.

Primary responsibilities to administrating a network infrastructure with Cisco routers and switches, supporting a fast-paced 24x7 enterprise environment with mission critical backup systems.

Technologies handled to routers, switches, firewalls, and servers, Windows Vista, Xp, 2003, Exchange Server, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, VPN and much more.

Additional responsibilities included implementation and testing of network related activities with multiple vendors and troubleshooting to ensure optimal system performance.

Special projects included managing migrations as needed, converting a network to a switched one using Enterasys core and distribution switches.

Managed, Support and Configure Cisco 2500, 3000, 4000, 7500 and 7000 routers in a Frame Relay Environment.

Manage Support and Configure Cisco 2900, 3000, 6500 series of Switches.

Manages network operations to include: troubleshooting connectivity problems; installing & maintaining routers; adding/terminating users; assigning rights and access; resetting passwords; establishing e-mail addresses; assessing and reporting operational status; performing backups and restores; etc. Performs routine preventive maintenance on hardware and software.

Planet Computers, India Jan 1999 to Aug 2000

Network Engineer


Training the Hardware professionals

Responsible for implementation of the systems at various client places

Team leader for setting up new offices

Systems service and software installation

Maintaining and creating Computer section Labs in Colleges and Schools for contract basis.

Project consultant


MBA – Systems Engineering from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (MSU), India

B.S Computer Science from Bharathidasan University (BDU), India

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Diploma in Computer Management

Diploma in Desk Top Publishing

Masters Diploma in Information Technology

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