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Sr. QA Analyst and UAT Admin

New York, New York, United States
January 12, 2018

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Phone: 646-***-****


Summary: Over 15 years of professional QA experience in finding systems and software defects and performing troubleshooting to resolve issues. Preparing and executing software Test Plans and Test Cases, analyzing Technical Specifications, Requirement documentation for Web and Client Server Financial Applications, tabulating and reporting software defects and publishing release notes. Experienced in API testing and validation of data flows in client server architecture. Proficient in creating of complex SQL query for analyzing data load in various Database Schema and tables.

Escalating and troubleshooting as a First Level Production UNIX Support System Administrator for Global Access Control.


Hardware: HP 9000, SUN SPARC, SUN NETRA, SUN Enterprise 4000/1000, IBM PC, COMPAQ Presario 7170.

Software: Eclips, Atlassian Jira, FootPrint, Autosys, VMW (Virtual Machine Ware), EMS, JMS, C, C++, ORACLE 10G/9i, Oracle Navigator, DB Artisan, Toad, MYSQL, SQL Server 6.5/7, SQL LOAD, Sybase, Access, Excel, PPT, Lotus Note 4.0, SQL* PLUS Export/Import, UNIX Korn Shell, Perl Script, MS-OFFICE 2010/2003, FRONT PAGE 2000/98/97, DreamWaver, Visual Studio 6.0, Visio 2002, SQL Editor, BEA Weblogic Application Server 5.01, LDAP, CrossLogic 2.03, Netscape Server, CMVB, Exceed 6.2, Vantive System 8, PVCS (Error Tracker), Jira, Clear Case/ Clear Quest, CVS, Source Forge, PC- Anywhere, Timbuktu Pro2.0, VNC, CollabNet and VeriFix (FIX Protocol Message Test Tool).

Operating Systems: Solaris 7,8,10 Sun OS/UNIX, HP-UX, MS-DOS, Window XP, Windows 10/2007/2000 Server/98/95, Linux6.2, Windows NT 4.0.

Networking: GateWay Clarent3.0, FTP, TCP/IP, FIX, Telnet, and E-mail.

Internet: MSIE 6/7, NETSCAPE4.x/6, HTML, XML, Java Script and CGI.

Automated Test Tool: Renorex, Mercury Quality Center, Rational Robot, Silk, Silk Performer, WinRunner (TSL) and LoadRunner.


4/2011 – Present Kligerweiss Infosystem Inc (KWI)

position: Senior QA Engineer/UAT Deployment Admin

Project: Back Office Account and Report Maintenance for clients. Running JAVA Server/Java Script base Applications Maintenance which calling shell to query the database and bring the data results set upfront to the users. Also setting and verifying UNIX cronjob scheduler for auto run of the desire reports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. KWI QA is the Agile Scrum testing environment, a lot of communication needed to deal with Client Representatives and development team during the Sprint-testing cycle. KWI offers end-to-end managed services solutions for a broad range of clients in specialty retailing and other areas of direct-to-consumer sales.

Environment: UNIX, MYSQL, MS.Net, JAVA Server, Apache, DTD XHTML, Agile Scrum, Atlassian Jira.


Analyzed Business Requirements and Technical Specifications publish on FootPrint and Atlassian Jira.

Developed Manual Test Plan, Test Cases for new release on TestRail and executed them manually from TestRail. After successful test of the new release, imported all test cases from TestRail to Automation Suite Renorex for creating automation test for Regression automation Test. Executed all test cases during QA test cycle under TestRail and created test reports.

Performed QA full functional, System, performance, Backend and UAT testing.

Any error found during the test cycle was reported to the Developing Team via JIRA defect tracking system.

Analyzed Multi types of reports based on the Client’s Back Office Data for Market Research.

Analyzed data flow and trace the log from front-end to back-end SQL database.

Analyzed Full Reporting Capabilities as follows:

Analyzed Back Office Real time flash reports - directly from Point Of Sale (POS) and KWI’s Cloud 9 Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) during same business day.

Analyzed more than 650 standard reports.

Schedule reports for automatic email or SFTP distribution.

Analyzed, review and adapt to customer provided specifications with the software design and developing codes of functionalities.

Analyzed IBM-COGNOS Power-Play 3-D data cubes (allowing drill down) for both merchandising and store operations metrics

Analyzed Full Data Warehouse by KWI tools

After completion of QA Test Cycle, deploying the final version code to the client’s testing server by using Eclipse version controlled tool and in house deployment tool.

06/09 – 03/2011 ALLHDD Corp, New York, NY (Contractor)

position: Lead QA Engineer/Market Data Analyst

Project: ALLHDD Market Research – Web base Ecommerce market data research and pricing System

Environment: MS.Net, PHP, Apache, DTD XHTML, SQL


Analyzed Business Requirements and Technical Specifications.

Developed Test Plan, Manual Test Cases, Executed test cases.

Supervised testing team during testing cycle.

Performed QA full functional, System, performance, Backend and UAT testing.

Any error found during the test cycle was reported to the Developing Team via Defect Tracking system.

Analyzed Market Research Data daily basis.

Developed item list and pricing list, Executed to the site.

Analyzed data flow from front-end to back-end SQL database.

Generate a daily billing reports and publish to clients via Email and FAX.

01/08 – 02/09 GFI INC, New York, NY

position: Sr. QA Engineer

Project: Power Trade Capture Mid-Back Office application, ForexMatch – Web base Foreign Exchange Option Trading and Matching System

Environment: UNIX, Linux, Oracle 10G, Window XP, Shell, Perl, VB Scripts, XML, JAVA. Jira


Analyzed Business Requirements and Technical Specifications.

Developed Manual Test Cases on Excel and executed them for new release from QC. After successful test for new release. All Excel test cases was imported to QC for executing regression automation Test cases developed by QTP.

Published test reports under Quality Center and bugs reports in Jira during the test cycle.

Analyzed data flow from ForexMatch Dashboard to FX_Blotter based on the entitlement set in Admin console.

Verify STP, FAX, Email confirmation process to clients.

Using VeriFix tool to verify FIX protocol Messages of the security instruments that coming in and out from the backend system.

01/07 12/07 NYFIX INC, New York, NY

position: Sr. QA Analyst

Project: Millennium Backoffice, Mill_Billing, Mill_OATS, Super OATS, Mill_Database, Mill_EOD, Mill_Reports, Mill_Customer_Report, Bus Tools, FixTrader, ISE Executor.

Environment: UNIX, Linux, Oracle 10G, Sybase, Window 2003, Shell, Perl, VB Scripts, XML, JAVA.


Analyzed Business Requirements and Technical Specifications.

Developed Test Plans and Manual Test Cases.

Executed test cases from CollabNet, analyzed data flow in server and verified server performance

Wrote Deployment Procedure and Release note.

Testing FIX protocol messages in the server pipeline to the established client.

01/05 12/06 Credit Suisse, New York, NY.

Position: Quality Assurance Analyst/ UNIX SYSTEM ADMIN

Project: Trade Services: ASCOTs, CSAR Integration, Order Audit Trail System (OATS), OTC NTS/NTSI Trading, GOMAN Trading Application and NYSE Regulation 92.

Environment: UNIX, Linux, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Window NT, VB Script, XML, JAVA and Mercury Quality Center.


GAC (Global Access Control):

Giving permission for the users to UNIX FAO, FID and Equity Domain according to their needs after ACM/LCD approved.

Escalating and troubleshooting any user access error to the production server.

Creating account on NIS Map and Distribution server for permission the FTP account, Become Account, Adding in SUDOERS, Net-Group, Group etc.

Also serve as production support for following application: GEO FAX, ISO FAX, Vista Plus and in house built Beeper Services for production servers monitoring system.

QA (Quality Assurance):

Analyzed Business Requirements and Technical Specifications.

Developed Test Plan, Manual and Automate Test Cases (Excel,VBB,Perl, QTP).

Executed test cases from Mercury Quality Center.

Analyzed data flow in server and server performance

Using Aegis Software's Client Simulator for FIX Exchange Testing in the backend trading system Services.

10/02 02/04 Omgeo Corp. (DTCC & Thomson Finance), New York, NY.

Position: Quality Assurance Engineer (Contractor)

Project: Omgeo Central Trade Manager and Trade Suit 5.21 GUI application.

Environment: UNIX, WINNTC, C++, Java Script, VB, HTML, XML, Main frame IBM DB2, middle tier IBM RS6000, Oracle8i and Access, Rational Robot and Vantive System 8.


Wrote Rational Robot Scripting for Trade Suit 5.21 GUI application for verification of overall window screen and button functionality and communication with the main frame IBM DB2, middle tier IBM RS6000 for RPC and RDC.

Executed the test scripts in QA Test Lab for complete test cycle and executed real time sanity test on production server for production deployment.

Setup the QA environment for Rational Robot Automation Testing. Configured a test lab consisting of 9 QA Machines with VMW (Virtual Machine Ware) for multiple OS (W98, W2K, NT, XP etc) for multiple Trade Suite versions and multiple configurations for Broker SID, Institution Manager SID, Agent SID, TSS STD and TSS near Match etc.

Ran nightly Silk Automation scripts for verifying the GUI Data and Non-Data on the web site after the Robot auto-batch data feed for the Central Trade Manager.

Verified functionality of Omgeo CTM V.1.2.1, enable clients using the Settlement Notification feature to preview a valid, formatted SWIFT message prior to releasing the message over the SWIFT network for Institution Manager and Broker.

Analyzed the over all performance of Omgeo Central Trade Manager using Silk Performer automation tool.

Responsibilities included performance load and stress testing to verify the Omgeo CTM server-system capacity to handle multiple users sessions of Omni Testers and Trade capacities by Rational Robot and Silk Performer automation Tool. Conducted extensive data entry in to the backend system data base and executed front-end test scripts simulating multiple GUI users.

03/02 4/02 JP Morgan Chase, New York, NY.

Position: Load Runner Performance Analyst (Contractor)

Project: EnCompass 360:

Environment: WINNT, SQL Data Server, C, C++ and Access. GUI: Java, XML, and HTML.


Conducted automated testing to verify the performance of the EnCompass 360 application for JP Morgan Chase web-based enterprise wide employee feedback tool.

Generated automation test and debugging scripts (TSL) and executed them as a member of the automation team with Load Runner Automation tool.

03/00 3/02 Deutsche Bank, World Trade Center, New York, NY.

Position: QA Manual/Automation Analyst (Contractor)

Projects: Re-Branding (280 Park Ave), Disaster Recovery, Global Deployment, db Focus 2.0 Load and Stress Test, Client Management Strategic (CMS) and Global Investment Web (IPO, Private Equity).

Environment: UNIX, WIN NT, Oracle, Sybase, HTML, Java J2EE, EJB, BEA WebLogic, PVCS and Silk Performance.


Developed Test Plan and Test Cases derived from Business Requirements and Technical Specification documents.

Executed test cases and verified the data flow from front end to back end to complete the full Test Cycle in preparation for deployment to Production with high quality and performance capability.

Performed load test as a team member of the test automation group using Silk Performer.

09/97 03/00 AT&T

Position: MR System Administrator and System Tester. (Contractor)

Projects: AT&T Personal Rewards Program, Click2Dial (C2D), AT&T MACD (Move, Add, Change and Disconnect), AT&T Local Service (ALS), Connect & Save and Project EW3 R4.0 & R3.0

Environment: UNIX Solaris 2.6, HTML, JAVA, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6.1, Dynamo Application Server 4.1, Oracle 8.05, JAVA Server Page, Visual Basic, Windows NT Server 4.0, Java-Script and SQL Server.


Published the IT Test Plan and generated Test Cases based on the Business Requirements and Technical Specifications.

Executed all test cases during the System Test Cycle and analyzed the data flow in the backend server.

Any error found during the test cycle was reported to the Developing Team via MR Tracking system.

Tabulated and reviewed MRs at the MR Review Board Meeting.

As a team member, performed Silk Performer Load testing during the performance test cycle.


Master of Science from Jagannath University College Bangladesh.

Training Classes:

Successfully completed the advanced technology course - Hands-On Introduction to UNIX and Linux from Learning Tree International, New York, New York and awarded certification in 2005.

Successfully completed Credit Suisse First Bostons training for Equity and Fixed Income Trading and Settlement in 2005.

Successfully completed Sun SOLARIS 2.6/7 SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR courses from Xincon Technology School, New York, March 1999.

Completed Automated Test Tool SILK classes at AT&T Lincroft, New Jersey, April 1998.

Citizenship: U.S.A

REFERENCE: Available upon request.

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