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Sql Management

Falls Church, Virginia, United States
August 31, 2017

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Muhammad Yasir Shafi

Address: **** ******** *****, ***** ******, VA, 22042.


Professional Summary:

•Around 12 years of experience in Application Development using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, and Developer Forms and Reports.

•Experienced in interacting with Business Users, Business Analyst, IT Leads, Developers and System Analysts to gather and analyze business requirements and translating requirements to functional and technical design specifications.

•Involved in complete SDLC including architecture, analysis, design, documentation, development, implementation, testing, deployment, training and maintenance of internet/intranet based applications, in a process based environment.

•Rich experience in writing SQL queries, Views, Materialized views, PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, triggers, cursors, collections, Ref cursor, cursor variables, System reference cursor, Dynamic SQL.

•Over 7 year of experience in team-management, project management, project coordination, product development/deployment.

•Over 4 years of Financials Industry Experience.

•Experience in using several built-in database packages such as DBMS_JOB, DBMS_OUTPUT, UTL_FILE, and DBMS_SQL.

•Training in Oracle ERP Implementations, Upgrades and support mainly in General Ledger, Account Payables, Account Receivables, Fixed Assets, Cash Management, Purchasing (PO), Inventory (INV).

•Experience in using DBMS_SCHEDULER to run jobs in parallel to improve time-constrained performance.

•Strong knowledge of Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes SQL, PL/SQL and SQL Loader.

•Expertise in loading data from legacy systems using SQL*Loader.

•Extensively worked with third party database tools like TOAD & PL/SQL Developer.

•Strong interpersonal skills, ability to interact with people at all levels. Good communication and presentation skills.

Technical Skills:

•Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i/, SQL Server 2000/2005, PL/SQL, MS-Access

•GUI : Oracle Forms 6i/9i/10g and Reports 6i/9i/10g

•ETL Tool: Informatica Power Centre, SQL*Loader.


•Tools : SQL Developer, SQL Navigator,TOAD, SQL plus, Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports 2.5

•Applications: MS Office and MS Visio.

•Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP

•Informatica Power center.

Professional Experience:

Currently Working Online Client ( KAH Mart Pakistan)

Working on POS System.

The University of Faisalabad

Designation Software Engineer

Tenure June 2011 to November 2016


•Built complex queries using SQL and wrote stored procedures using PL/SQL.

•Expertise in Client-Server application development using Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, PL/SQL, SQL *PLUS, TOAD and SQL*LOADER.

•Effectively made use of Table Functions, Indexes, Table Partitioning, Collections, Analytical functions, Materialized Views, Query Re-Write and Transportable table spaces.

•Experience in Oracle supplied packages, Dynamic SQL, Records and PL/SQL Tables.

•Worked with Bulk Collections for bulk load processing.

•Involved in the migration project to load data from mainframe systems into oracle database.

•Involved in Troubleshooting performance issues and bugs within packages and stored procedures using DBMS_OUTPUT and Explain Plan.

•Involved in developing data conversion programs using SQL *Loader, PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripts.

•Developed Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL.

•Partitioned large Tables using range partition technique.

•Involved in code walk through and review sessions with the development team.

•Experience in using DBMS_SCHEDULER to run jobs in parallel to improve time-constrained performance.

•Coordinated physical changes to computer Databases; and Codes, Tested and Implemented Oracle and SQL Database, applying knowledge of Database Management System.

•Specified which users can access databases and what data can be accessed by users.

•Selected and entered codes of utility program to monitor database performance, such as distribution of records and amount of available memory.

•Developed interface for item data conversion to load items from flat file to Oracle Inventory using SQL* Loader, PL/SQL and import items program.

•Atomized routine jobs using DBMS_JOB. On completion of these jobs an email will be sent out automatically with the help of UTL_MAIL.

•Worked on the Data Replication from Source systems to Target systems. Designed Data model and new Schemas to maintain daily transactional data.

Project Description

Hospital Information system:

OPD: System aimed at Admission, Physician Order, Patient Progress, Clinical Summary, Examination Sheet, Medication Order, Discharge Summary, Daily Patient Record, Cash Collection, Daily OPD Graphical Structure View, Online OPD Patient Dashboard, and OPD Pharmacy System including all kinds of reports.

IPD: System designed for Patient Registration, Filter Clinic, Emergency Room, Appointment Maintenance,

Doctor Prescription, Graphical View of Patient Admission, Online Patient Admission and Discharge Status,

Wards Patient Management including IOP and Patient History Charts, Nursing Notes, Patient Bed Allotment, Discharge Slip and Patient Medicine Chart.


Systems dedicated for Registration, Billing, Contract Management, Accounts Receivables, Work List, Processing and Reporting, Quality Control, Barcode - Generation, Printing and Reading, In-built Bi-Directional Interfaces with Equipment, Complete Patient History in single view.

Human Resource Management System:

Online Leave\Approval System includes Employee leave requests automatically routed to their manager for approval and easily track team members' leave info, Automate selection process, facilitate high graphical user interface to the user, generate appropriate reports, and generate appropriate and concerned information to the user using dynamic queries, Centralized Payroll system which is implemented all kinds of university campuses.

Online Demand\Approval System for Inventory:

Paperless Requests and Approvals including Customizable Approval Routing and Create requisitions quickly and easily for commonly purchased items, Online Record of Maintenance and service Contract for Inventory, GRN & Service Contract Auto Voucher Posting with Finance, Purchase & Inventory Control System (Stores) includes purchase orders, Gate pass Generation, Purchase Orders Status, Inventory Materials or Stocks Reports.

Hostel Management system:

It maintains all records for new hostel enrollments, room’s allocation, statistical reports, and Occupancy statistics, allocation and scheduling of hostel resources, management of priority lists. It also includes administration module and configurable reports as required by

Hostel Staff.

Accounts Management System:

Working on Accounts Management System Including all kinds of reports like Party Ledgers, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet, and student Ledgers and reports like Group Reports, Financial Reports, Ledger Reports,

Students Admission Management System:

Students Admission Management System is fully implemented through Admission to Degree submission, Student’s all processes handled through this Information system like Student Class Room Online Attendance. and all examination reports handled through this system Like transcript sheet, result sheets.

Kay &Emms (Pvt) Ltd, Faisalabad-Pakistan.

Designation Software Engineer.

Tenure Oct-2006 to May-2011


•Interacted with Business Analysts and participated in user requirement sessions to analyze and gather business requirements.

•Involved in data modeling team for identifying tables and relations between them.

•Built complex queries using SQL and wrote stored procedures using PL/SQL.

•Involved in development of interface programs to import parts information to inventory base tables.

•Converted open purchase orders from legacy system to Oracle Purchasing using SQL* Loader, PL/SQL, Packages/Procedures

•Involved in development of shell scripts to send invoices to customer through mailing.

•Developed various reports ‘Customer Statement of Account’, ‘Core Debit memo’ and AR Invoice Report.

•Involved in updating procedures, functions, triggers, and packages for validation and loading of data into target table based on the current requirement.

•Designed and developed various custom packages triggers and forms.

•Involved in implementing Order to Cash (O2C) cycle and P2P cycle.

•Extensively used for all and bulk collect to fetch large volumes of data from table.

•Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning and Application tuning using various tools like TKPROF, AUTOTRACE and DBMS_SQLTUNE.

•Performed performance tuning using the DBMS_PROFILER package, this checks the run time behavior.

•Involved in data migration from Production to test and created test data for analyzing problems, providing solution.

•Involved in integration testing.

•Debugging and Fixing Production Data.

•Used PL/SQL and SQL*Loader to create ETL packages for flat file loading and error capturing into log tables.

Project Description

•HRM System with all kind of Forms and reports including employees Grading system and Organization Structure as well.

•Purchase & Inventory Control System (Stores) includes purchase orders, Gate pass

GRN(goods Receipt Note),SIR(Store Issuance Receipts) transactions, Purchase Orders, Status, Inventory Materials or Stocks Reports with different Dimensions, Stocks Evaluation with Actual Price, Process Stock Evaluation, Party Balances, Parties Reconciliation, Parties ledgers.

•Dying Recipe includes Lab and Production Receipts, with all consumption reports.

•Financials includes Chart of Accounts, Party Ledgers, Trial Balances, Profit & Loss Statements, and Balance Sheets. Financial module is integrated with inventory module through auto posting vouchers from inventory.

•Export System Including Packing list & export Invoice. As well as all Parameterized Reports as work order status, Shipment status Reports work order wise as well as Bayer PO wise and packing list reports including Yearly graphical shipment analysis reports.

Bilal Textiles (Pvt) Ltd, Faisalabad-Pakistan.

Designation Software Engineer

Tenure Jul-2005 to Oct-2006


•Worked with the Business analysts and the DBA for requirements gathering, business analysis, testing, metrics and project coordination.

•Involved in logical modeling and physical modeling of application.

•Developed Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and SQL Scripts using PL/SQL.

•Involved in creation of Conceptual Modeling covering all the business requirements.

•Loaded the data into database tables using SQL*loader from text and excel files.

•Developed data model, SQL Queries, SQL Query tuning process and Schemas.

•Created SQL*plus reports as per client's various needs, and developed business objects.

•Developed SQL scripts for Referential Integrity check, which checks validity of incoming data with master tables in database.

•Developed SQL scripts, packages and procedures for Business rules check to implement business rules.

•Developed SQL and PL/SQL scripts to transfer tables across the schemas and databases.

•Data loaded from legacy systems (ETL Operations) using PL/SQL and SQL*Loader.

•Developed custom Forms and Reports as per client requirements and making them web enabled using Oracle Reports builder 10g and Oracle Forms builder 10g respectively.

•Developed Master Detail, Detail reports using tabular and Group above reports.

•Developed Procedures for efficient error handling process by capturing errors into user managed tables.

•Developed Shell scripts to automate execution of SQL scripts to check incoming data with master tables, insert the valid data into Customer Management System and invalid data into error tables which will be sent back to sender notifying the errors.

Project Description

•Yarn management system with Conversion Contract,& related reports

•Financial Management System Including all reports

•Gray Stock Management system, including Folding management system, Sales Contract wise export analysis reports as well as all kind of stock Reports.

Msc Textiles (Pvt) Ltd, Faisalabad-Pakistan.

Designation Software Engineer

Tenure Aug-2003 To Jul-2005


•Involved in analysis, Design, Development phases of the project.

•Designed ER diagram using Visio, to set the logical and physical relationships of database.

•Involved in walkthrough sessions with business users during Analysis and Designing phase. Writing PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, and Packages to meet the business requirements.

•Involved in implementing the data integrity validation checks through constraints and triggers.

•Writing SQL reports and scheduling these reports from UNIX scripts.

•Created SQL*Loader control files for moving the data from flat files to staging area tables.

•Worked on performance issues and used EXPLAIN PLAN for tuning the queries.

•Used the advanced features of PL/SQL like collections, nested table, array & Dynamic SQL.

•Developed data entry forms, complex and template forms in Forms 6i.Creation of Pop-up Menus and maintaining Master Detail relation-ship.

•Used Cursor Variables to pass query results sets between PL/SQL programs and client application.

•Used various LOVS (List of Values) and record groups at various points in runtime.

•Development of client side program units and sharing them among multiple applications for processing business logic in the database.

Project Description

•Folding Management System with all kinds of Transaction Forms reports.

•CMT Costing Management System.

•Processing Invoice System.

•CMT Employee Payroll system.

•Maintenance Of gray & Yarn management System.

Oracle Developer and Analyst

Freelancer Oracle Consultant

June 2011 – November 2016 (5 years 05 months) Faisalabad, Pakistan

•Provided technical full support for the development, design, and systems integration for client engagement rom definition phase through implementation.

•Applies significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to clients.

•Review work of development team.

•Recognized system deficiencies and implemented effective solutions.

•Created and executed development plans and revised as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

•Own the development life cycle and is responsible for managing technical risks throughout the project.

•Communicated and enforced coding standards

•Performed code reviews and mentors junior developers.

•Consistently delivered high-quality services to clients.


Master in Computer Science

Additional Info

•Enthusiastic, resourceful, and trained graduate with academic background in I.T management and handful experience in the same context as well.

•Offer both old-fashioned as well as mod work-ethic and excellent prioritization abilities developed through balancing of rigorous academic and employment objectives throughout career.

•Professionally committed and responsible. Adapt easily to new situations. Successfully handle a wide range of functions using a combination of creative, organizational, and writing skills.

•Maintain focus in demanding work environments, under deadline and pressure conditions. Meet challenges head-on and always find a way to effectively complete multiple assignments or tasks.

•Excellent communication & negotiation skills.

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