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Management Engineer

Richmond, Virginia, United States
August 28, 2017

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Gowtham Chowdary

Email: Ph: 408-***- ****

Dev Ops Engineer Amazon Web Services (AWS) Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD) Build & Release Management Configuration Management (CM) Infrastructure Management Automation


DEVOPS Engineer with 6 years of professional IT experience in DevOps/Agile operations, AWS Cloud Management, Unix/Linux Administration, Build and Release Management with Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment/Delivery.

Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in SDLC methodologies like Agile, Scrum and Waterfall.

Experience working on various modules of AWS like Cloud front, S3, ELB, ASG, RDS, Cloud watch, VPC and Subnet.

Good experience in Unix/Linux system administration, Server Builds, System builds, Installations, Upgrades, Migrations and Troubleshooting on REDHAT Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Fedora, Suse and Solaris.

Adept at architecting and deploying fault tolerant, highly available, cost effective and secure servers in AWS.

Experience in real-time monitoring and alerting of applications deployed in AWS using Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail and Simple Notification Service to maximize resource allocations.

Experience in setting up and maintaining auto-scaling AWS stacks using cloud formation templates.

Experienced in setting up Amazon EC2 instances, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and security groups.

Setting up databases in AWS using RDS, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.

Configured AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Groups and Users for improved login authentication.

Experience in migrating various Java Applications from On Premise to AWS.

Experience running search indexes (Lucene, ElasticSearch) at scale.

Experience in working with version control systems/ source code repository tools like Subversion, Cloudforce, Bitbucket, Rational Clearcase, Perforce, GIT, CVS, Tortoise SVN, GitHub maintaining/troubleshooting the CM tool in UNIX and Windows environment

Experience in managing and setting up Continuous Integration using tools like Hudson, Jenkins, BuildBot, Bamboo, ANTHILL PRO, UrbanCode Build, Electric Commander, Sonar, Subversion, RTC, TFS, CruiseControl, Team foundation server, Accrue and Nexus, art factory.

Extensive working experience on working with the Deployment Tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Teamcity, CodeDeploy…etc.

Experienced in monitoring tools namely AppDynamics, Datadog, Zabbix, Blue Stripe, Splunk and Nagios.

Involved in performance testing applications using Load Runner and JMeter.

Experience in using Nexus and Artifactory, DockerHub Repository Managers for Maven builds.

Managed Ansible Playbooks with Ansible modules, implemented CD automation using Ansible, managing existing servers and automation of build/configuration of new servers.

Experience in using of Docker for virtualization, containerizing, and deploying the applications securely to fasten the Build and Release Engineering, performed automation tasks using Docker Hub, Docker Engine, Docker Machine, Docker Compose and Docker Registry

Extensively worked on Jenkins/Hudson & Bamboo by installing, configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining for Continuous Integration (CI) and for End-End automation of all builds and deployments.

Strong hand-on expertise on configuring and integrating the servers with different environment and creating new machines using configuration management/provisioning tools like CHEF (Knife, recipe, cookbook), ANSIBLE (Playbook, inventory) and PUPPET (Puppet manifests, Factor, catalog).

Extensively involved in Administration, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Build & Release Management, Cloud Infrastructure provisioning, Monitoring, and Automation using Jenkins, Hudson, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Nagios, SVN, GIT, Tomcat, Splunk.

Expertise in deploying the builds through web application servers like Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere and Web logic.

Good knowledge on IIS, Tomcat, Apache, WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Nginx, Open VPN,

Sensu, logstash and in design patterns such as Model View Controller (MVC),

Strategy Pattern, Command Pattern, Factory Pattern, Inversion of Control and Singleton Pattern.

Excellent knowledge in writing Bash, Ruby, Python and PowerShell scripts to automate the deployments.

Experienced in monitoring tools namely AppDynamics, Datadog, Zabbix, Blue Stripe, Splunk and Nagios.

Experience on Virtualization technologies like VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Combined Protractor with powerful tools and technologies such as Selenium, web Driver, Cucumber and Behave.

Adept at using Version Control tools like Subversion, Perforce and GIT on multiple environments to track changes made by different departments in source code and held extensive migration of Centralized to DistributedVCS (Git).

Strong working experience with Relational and NOSQL Database Management systems like MySQL, MSSQL.

Experience in using MAVEN and ANT as build tools for building of Deployable Artifacts (jar, war & ear) from source code.

Experienced in Bug Tracking tools like JIRA, BUGZILLA, Mantis and Trac.

Excellent understanding of reference models like OSI Model protocol suite (IPv4, IPv6, all supported IEEE standard protocols), TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP TFTP, SSH)

Knowledge of using Routed Protocols like FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Direct connect.

Expertise in troubleshooting at System level, Application level, Network level sues generated while building, deploying and in production support.


Version Control, Build Tools

Subversion, GIT, CVS, Tortoise SVN, GitHub, Rational Clearcase, Cloudforce, Bitbucket, Ant, Maven, Gradle, NAnt, MSBuild, Buildr, Gant, make, Rakel

Continuous Integration Tools

Jenkins, Hudson, BuildBot, Bamboo, ANTHILL PRO, UrbanCode Build, Electric Commander, CodeShip, Go, TeamCity, Sonar, RTC, CruiseControl

Configuration Tools

Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Salt

Monitoring Tools

Nagios, Splunk, Cloud Watch, NewRelic, Graphite, Datadog, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Wily-introscope, Icinga, Microsoft Network Monitor, Fiddler, Pandora FMS

Programming/Scripting Languages



MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, Cassandra, CouchDb and MongoDB

Bug Tracking

JIRA, Remedy, BugZilla, Atlassian, ServiceNow, Greenhopper, ITSM, BMC Remedy, HP Service center

SDLC Methodologies

Agile/Scrum, Waterfall

Cloud Technologies

Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, Salesforce,

Web/ Application Servers

Apache Tomcat, JBoss 4.x/5.x, WebSphere 8.5, WebLogic 10, NetBeans.


Nexus, Artifactory, Docker Hub


Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, VMware

Testing Tools

Selenium, Cucumber, TestNg, JUnit, Karma, Jasmine, Qunit, DbUnit, webrat, easyb, Fitnesse, JMeter, JUnit, NBehave, SoapUI, RSpec

Networking, System administration Technologies

IPv4, IPv6, IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP TFTP, SSH, DNS, DHCP, NFS, SAMBA, SQUID and postfix, send mail, FTP, remote access, security management


Dun and Bradstreet, NY Aug’16 - Till Date

DevOps &Cloud Engineer


●As a Dev Ops & Cloud Engineer, worked in AWS environment, instrumental in utilizing Compute Services (EC2, ELB), Storage Services (S3, Glacier, Block Storage, Lifecycle Management policies), Cloud Formation (JSON Templates), Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, VPC, RDS, Trusted Advisor and Cloud Watch.

●Managed EC2 instances utilizing Launch Configuration, Auto scaling, Elastic Load balancing, automated the process of provisioning infrastructure using Cloud Formation templates, and used Cloud Watch to create alarms and monitor environments.

●Designed & implemented VPC service for extension of on-premises datacenter with AWS Cloud using VPN & Direct connects services.

●Migrating present Linux environment to AWS by creating and executing a migration plan, deployed EC2 instances in VPC, configured security groups & NACL’s, attached profiles and roles using AWS Cloud Formation templates and Ansible modules.

●Implemented CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins2.3, Ansible Playbooks and Ansible Tower.

●Used Amazon Route53 to manage DNS zones globally as well as to give public DNS names to ELB’s and Cloud front for Content Delivery.

●Used IAM to assign roles, to create and manage AWS users, groups, and permissions to use AWS resources.

●Created Master-Slave configuration using existing Linux machines and EC2 instances to implement multiple parallel builds through a build farm, expertise in troubleshooting build and release job failures

●Deploying and maintaining production environment using AWS EC2 instances and Elastic Container Services with Docker.

●Container management using Docker by writing Docker files and set up the automated build on Docker HUB.

●Installed and configured Nexus repository manager for sharing artifacts between internal teams and created proxy Nexus repositories to speed up the build process.

●Responsible for CI and CD using Jenkins, Maven and Ansible.

●Used Ticketing tool JIRA to track defects and changes for change management, monitoring tools like New Relic and Cloud Watch in different work environments in real and container workspace.

●Managed Ansible Playbooks with Ansible modules, implemented CD automation using Ansible, managing existing servers and automation of build/configuration of new servers.

●Worked with Ansible for Orchestration of Deployments for various servers.

●Writing ansible playbooks, replacing the dependency on Chef Cookbooks and Chef Recipes to automate infrastructure as a code.

●Created Maven scripts to create multiple deployment profiles and deploy the applications to Apache Tomcat.

●Responsible for writing various scripts in Jenkins to monitor server health and self-heal if necessary. Also, configured email plugin to send alerts based on groovy script.

●Involved in performance testing applications using Load Runner and JMeter.

●Build and Release software baselines, code merges, branch and label creation in Subversion and GIT, worked on migration from Subversion to Git(DVCS).

●Expertise in Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins Continuous Integration tool on Linux machines along with adding/updating plugins such as GIT, ANT, Ansible, EC2, Sonar, Check style, Deploy to Container, Build Pipeline etc.

●Provided on-call support for production issues.

Environment: AWS, Ansible, Ansible Tower, Jenkins, Maven, JIRA, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, NewRelic, PowerShell, Bash, Python, Chef.

State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IN Sep’15 -July’16

DevOps Engineer


●Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous delivery (CD) in development, Quality Analysis, and Production environments.

●Responsible for configuration management, maintenance and troubleshooting of projects, implemented a Continuous Delivery (CD) framework using Jenkins, Ansible, and Maven in Linux.

●Installed, Configured and Administered Hudson/ Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool, experienced in working with Jenkins to build and test the applications.

●Installed and configured Artifactory for sharing artifacts between the teams internally.

●Virtualized the servers using the Docker for the test environments and development environment.

●Used Ansible as a configuration management tool on DOCKER containers for some scripts.

●Ansible automation, installing and configuration of Ansible server and agent setup.

●Setup the Jenkins jobs for Continuous integration process and to execute test cases.

●Written PowerShell script to automate Active Directory and server tasks and generate reports for administrators and management.

●Designed and administrated databases for Oracle and MYSQL to support various web programming tasks

●Performed CRUD operations on Oracle database and PostgreSQL.

●Log monitoring using Splunk and Nagios in different work environments.

●Build Jenkins jobs to create AWS Infrastructure from GitHub repositories containing Ansible playbooks.

●Handled JIRA issues to prioritize and act per issue sensitivity.

●Worked with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of Dev and Test systems.

●Ensured Network Uptime and troubleshoot any issues or outages to ensure business continuity.

●Worked on GIT and Subversion (SVN) version control systems, by setting up the GIT and SVN repositories for Jenkins build jobs, polled Version Control Systems in a periodic manner using Cron Jobs.

●Managing and maintaining development and production systems. Troubleshooting issues as they arise by viewing logs, attempting to reproduce in a controlled environment and applying periodic updates, patches, etc. to servers.

●Involved in 24X7 Production support, Build and Migration Assignments.

Environment: Solaris, Docker, Ansible, Cloud Watch, Oracle, MySQL, Jenkins, Ruby, PowerShell, Bash, ANT, Maven, Puppet, MS AZURE, JIRA, SVN, GITHUB, Apache Tomcat.

Camirine Technologies, Hyderabad, IN Apr’13 - June’15

Linux Administrator


●Deploying the Redhat Linux enterprise server as like existing versions 5.x, 6.x version.

●Creating the VM shell and pushing the operating system using the kickstart server.

●Creation of Kickstart images for the different version of Redhat Linux Operating system like 5.x & 6.x

●HPblade centerC7000 hardware management using ILO console

●Creating the server profile and making the network and SAN virtual configuration using Virtual Connect in blade centre C7000

●Creating the filesystems using Redhat volume manager and performing the health check on regular basis for all Linux serves

●Scanning the newly assigned LUNs to the serves and assigning them to volume group and increasing the filesystem using Redhat volume manager

●Mounting &unmounting the netapp storage LUNs to the Redhat Linux servers and troubleshooting the issues encountered

●Performance Tuning and Management for Linux/AIX server and working with the application/database team to resolve issues.

●Creating the filesystem and RAW logical volumes for the Oracle RAC based on the requirement

●Upgrading the kernel in all the Redhat Linux servers and creating initrd image to boot from the Upgraded kernel

●Migration of Redhat Linux servers from 4.x version and working with the application team to resolve the issues post migration.

●Installation/Configuration of ESXi 3.5, 4.x servers and applying security patches to the ESXi servers

●Managing the ESXi servers using the Vsphere client and Vcenter for managing the multiple ESXi servers

●Building the Red hat Linux server in Vmware ESX client through Vsphere client

●Storage mapping on Red hat Linux and create the Volume group, Filesystems using Logical Volume manager

●Installed/Configured redhat Linux cluster 5xversion & Configuring the cluster resources

●Adding storage to the cluster disks and increasing/ decreasing the filesystem in RHEL.

●Creation of Fence devices in the cluster, Creation Failover domains for the cluster and Flipover/ Failover test in between the nodes in the cluster

●Working on SAN storage on ESXI servers and assigning the LUNs to the Virtual Machines running on the ESXi server.

●Working with backup team for the Legato backup & Restore, Legato client Installation in the Redhat Linux server

●Installed and Configured SAMBA Server in Linux for accessing the shared files from the windows environment

●Configuring and Maintaining of Network File Systems like (N.F.S) and Auto mount in networks

●Installing and updating Kernel. Created and modified swap files and added swap space

Environment: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6, Sonar, Jenkins, VMware, Windows 2003, Samba, NFS, SSH, Apache, Secure FTP Server, ESXI, Kernel, Patches

Ricetec Machinery Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, AP, India. July’11 - March’13

Jr. Linux Admin


●Installing software packages on RHEL 4.x/5.x and Solaris 8/9

●Build and Installed PXE boot server, DHCP server, Kickstart and XCAT server to automatically load OS on test machines in the LAB environment.

●Worked on User and Group management, Security and access control using LDAP.

●Used FTP, Samba Protocol to transfer data between servers for code drops.

●Installing and upgrading of packages and patches configuration management, version control, service pack and reviewing connectivity issue regarding security problem.

●Network traffic control, IPsec, Quos, VLAN, Proxy, Radius integration on Cisco Hardware via RHEL software.

●Package and Patch management on Sun Servers.

●Creating, Mounting and Troubleshooting Network File System (NFS) file systems on different OS platforms.

●Kernel tuning, writing Shell scripts for system maintenance and file management.

●Configuration and administration of DNS servers using BIND on Linux as the Operating system

●Installed and configured ClearCase 6.x for version control on RHEL. Helped with the creation of Versioned object base (vobs), branches and trained the users with usage of ClearCase.

●Configuring Peripherals -Remote/ Network printing, Modem configuration for remote access.

●Supporting Hardware Problems in the systems.

●Troubleshooting of day-to-day operational problems and Client side issues.

●Provide 24/7 on call-support and resolution of operator requests concerning system hardware, software, and network issues.

Environment: UNIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (4.x/5.x), Solaris 8, SUSE 10, Sun Ultra Enterprise 600/450, SUN Ultra 10/5/2/1, Samba, VMware, Bash.

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