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Engineer Manufacturing

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
August 28, 2017

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Petal, Mississippi 39465


Summary of Experience

Engineering and management professional with over 20 years’ experience in financial systems, manufacturing business models, overall project management, equipment programming and design implementation with domestic and global partners, and system integration and design for high volume production. Extensive background in international facility start up, budgets, quality focus, end product testing, computer systems integration, tooling efficiency, root cause analysis, focus on continuous improvement, and cost reduction.

2007 to


Kohler Co., Kohler Engines Hattiesburg Mississippi

Senior Staff Electrical Engineer Controls/Manufacturing Global Operational Support Engineering Group: Responsible for international engineering support for Kohler Co. first small engine joint venture. Stationed in daughter plant in Hattiesburg Mississippi to support and help propagate bill of process systems throughout Kohler Engine division.

Lead Engineer on implementation of EFI production in China facility. Purchase of equipment and design of testing system to simulate external governed horizontal shaft engine. Result: Project completed ahead of schedule and within total budget of $650,000.

Integration of automated robotic cell into traceability system with lot number generation assigning individual part serial numbers. Full tracking from final machining to assembly. Result: Ability to inhibit the automated systems from using parts that had not been quality released or were deemed non-conforming, providing a top tier quality response keeping possible quality concerns internal to the production facility. Did not incur a capital cost since used existing HMI computer to facilitate traceability.

Successful implementation of 4 new engine control systems into current production line and test. Electronic choke, smart temperature choke, propane with stepper motor controller system, and updated variable timing system. All for mentioned engine control designs are controlled by OEM application specifications. Redesign and modification of hot test control systems were done without any loss of production and completed during peak season production.

Lead Manufacturing Engineer to implement EFI engine manufacturing in Hattiesburg plant. Developed the software and integration into an automated robotic cell to flash calibration files by specification into the engine control modules. Incorporated existing quality flow and traceability system into production as well and control modification design for hot test. Automatic tracking and verification of the ECU through the manufacturing and testing of the engine with repair tracking to assure that EPA standards cannot be violated by mismatched engine specifications with calibration files. Result: Hattiesburg facility boasts 100% correctly calibrated EFI engines to Kohler OEMs since the onset of EFI production over two years ago. Traceability system was implemented using existing hardware with software written myself.

Design, development, programming, and implementation of quality tracking system of major parts in engine. 2d laser marking being done on raw casting parts into machining then subsequent traceability of the machining of the parts to finished product. Lot number assignment to individual parts through quality check, verify, release, and production. Final assignment of serialized part using 2d laser mark and RFID tag tracking through the final assembly of the engine with traceability and assignment of the serialized parts to the serial number of the engine. Result: Able to trace possible quality problems down to a finite number of engines by serial number rather than needing to block days of production due to random stock usage and not following FIFO. Budget to implement system was $20,000.

Implementation of self-designed OEE system that monitors 14 production pieces of equipment on the machining floor. The system provides instantaneous displays of machine efficiency as well as historic efficiency with automated email and reporting. Result: System has increased manufacturing output by over 5% due to management and supervisors being able to see trending of production. Total system cost $6000 with cradle to grave implementation of 3 weeks.

One of few Manufacturing Engineers to be part of the designer team of a global patent. The patent covers an electrical system to cut carburetor supply from the engine when the kill circuit is activated. This system is unique to Kohler and has been patented in three countries to provide a rapid engine stopping mechanism when the end product safety kill system is engaged.

Designed, programmed, and implemented hot test system for Kohler vertical twin cylinder engines. Conversion from run-tunnel to individual testing stands. Due to limited space and budget, conceived and designed control system to accept tested and untested production on single common conveyor system. Result: Zero quality spills of untested product to the customer. All testing parameters and results reported by engine serial number with complete history on time within budget of $440,000.

Designed assembly line equipment, process system, and testing system for a Kohler 4 cycle engine with maximum production rate of 70,000 engines monthly. Result: Established flawless installation and startup of new line in China location on time and within budget of $330,000.

Specified and designed new assembly lines for vertical and horizontal OHV engines with maximum production rate of 1,100,000 yearly per line. Result: Current installation of lines on time with capability of model expansion in future.

First to implement online compression chamber checking system in Kohler Engines. Result: Zero failures due to violation of combustion chamber integrity.

Designed and purchased two assembly lines, designed layout, created process system, testing system, and design/purchased assembly equipment for highest volume engine lines in Kohler Co. Result: Provided Kohler Co. with tools and knowledge to become future world leader in small OHV engine manufacturing.

1996 to


Briggs and Stratton, Rolla, Missouri

World’s largest producer of small, air cooled engines based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Manufacturing Engineer Board Leader: Responsible for support and mentoring of Rolla engineers, project management, and manufacturing issue resolution.

Programmed pallet conveyor system for robotic loader in Flywheel Die Cast Department and conceptualized and designed interface used on a mechanical compression release tester for vertical and horizontal engines. Result: Achieved $45,000 project cost savings and $100,000 yearly warranty savings.

Designed upgrade control system for die cast shot rod profiling to be networked, controlled, and monitored from central system. Setup and supported software needs of engineering staff. Result: Reduced plant costs by $225,000, instituted corporate wide usage, and delivered annual IT labor savings of $40,000.

Performed as team member in restructure and design of Engineer Board Leader objectives. Result: Championed Rolla’s Engineering Department, empowered staff to recognize and utilize tools and resources for performance of duties, and provided systematic communication conduit.




International Manufacturing Engineer: Responsible for international engineering support including plant layout, equipment design, and facility startup.

Conceived and managed 3-step project to transform Chinese plant’s product line and location. Result: Provided no delay in manufacturing and increased volume.

Designed and purchased 33 manufacturing machines from Chinese sourced vendors. Result: Installed $3,500,000 of machinery and directed manufacturing to required specifications without project timeline delay and within budget.

Directed installation and runoff of washing system, assembly line, and paint system for 1,000,000 engines per year production line in China manufacturing plant. Result: Accomplished facility startup with 1 US engineer instead of 4 projected.

Designed and outlined manufacturing and assembly process for manufacturing 5 Japanese single cylinder diesel engines with an overall capital investment of $5,000,000 at production rate of 350,000 units per year. Result: Provided President of International Operations with analysis needed for exact ROI.

Taught SPC, capability requirements, and designs concepts using poke yoke, PST locating systems, and control systems to Chinese manufacturing engineers. Result: Established baselines for high quality, high volume manufacturing and insured production part conformance to specifications.

Designed 8000 gallon above ground machining coolant filtration system.

Result: Delivered 100% up time and required no floor modifications.

Redesigned qualification procedure and documentation for new international part vendors and critiqued Taiwanese suppliers on machining processes for quality assurance of 8 engine parts. Result: Streamlined and improved system from a manufacturing perspective to guarantee quality of multiple model engine parts.

Designed assembly line, process system, and testing system for a 2 cycle engine originally located in Oxford, Mississippi with production rate of 360,000 engines yearly. Result: Established flawless installation and startup of new line in China location.

Designed process controls and assembly procedure of Murray Inc. walk behind mower using Chinese type practices. Result: Established system for manufacturing facility in Shanghai to produce quality products at high volume.




Manufacturing Engineer (Crankshaft, Camshaft and Model 12 Cast Iron Flywheel Machining): Responsible for project management, equipment design and qualification, process modifications, new product implementation, and departmental support.

Conceived flywheel magnet dial assembly machine design and implemented dial machine control system design and replacement. Result: Saved engineering costs of $10,000, repair costs of $20,000, and reduced down time by 5 %.

Organized and programmed tool life management into machining dial control systems. Results: Reduced tooling on 2 machining centers by $15,000 per year, down time by 35%, and scrap by 20%.

Modified existing Balance Technologies’ flywheel balancer to incorporate tool life management. Result: Produced savings of $15,000 in contracted programming and $22,000 in annual scrap and tooling costs.

Initiated idea and implemented gantry loader for dial machine. Programmed interfacing and control systems. Result: Eliminated $100,000 per year labor overhead and $30,000 engineering project design costs.

Conceived, designed, programmed, and implemented machine to position crankshaft for setting valve lash. Result: Saved $120,000 for 2 assembly lines.

Prepared lesson plans and taught Electrical I and Electrical II for setups at Rolla facility. Result: Eliminated $32,000 yearly outside contacted service costs and provided employees with customized learning for manufacturing environment.




Engineer Technician (Crankshaft and Camshaft Machining): Responsible for setup mentoring, new product implementation, project support and leadership, and machine programming/troubleshooting.

Managed project to improve production capacity and reorganize manufacturing process of vertical crankshaft machining department. Result: Increased production from 3600/day to 6200/day with purchase of only 3 machines.

Designed and collaborated with outside vendor to combine flywheel keyway and sled run keyway machine. Result: Achieved design and programming cost savings of $18,000 with no loss of manufacturing during transition.

Designed and installed first Briggs &Stratton DVT visual inspection system. Result: Reduced warranty costs due to missing PTO machined features $50,000 per year and established system now used throughout corporation.

Led project to increase production capacity of horizontal and vertical crankshaft machining, purchased 15 machines, and reorganized manufacturing process. Result: Tripled horizontal production from 925 to 2900 daily and increased daily vertical production from 1200 to 3600.




Setup (Aluminum Cylinder, Cover, Head, and Flywheel Machining): Responsible for troubleshooting, repairs, process improvement, and assured manufacturing quality for departments consisting of 38 stand alone, 3 dials, 2 transfer lines with 30 stations, and 5 coolant pits.

Wrote preventative maintenance procedures for aluminum cylinder, cover, head, and flywheel machining departments and setup vertical cylinder initial production line. Result: Installed and qualified 13 stand alone machines for production on schedule, increased efficiency, and reduced downtime exceeding goals.

Converted Kingsbury hydraulic feed unit from proportional to 2 stage, reprogrammed control system on mill, shuttle machines, smooth bores, transfer lines, and dowel drill units. Result: Provided $55,000 cost savings.

1987 to


Held managerial positions of increasing responsibility as Midwest Computers Technician, Wards Food Mart Assistant Manager, Park Lane Shoes System Programmer Manager in Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Waffle House Assistant Manager, Golden Corral Assistant Manager, and previous Owner of Johnny’s Smoke Stak Restaurant and Bar in Rolla, Missouri.


Bachelor of Science-Electrical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO, 2001

Completed numerous courses from Briggs & Stratton University

Technical Knowledge:

PLC5, PLC500, Micrologix, Control Logix, DVT, Cognix, Mazak, Okuma, Indramat, Linear Rail Drives, CNC Systems (machining and grinding), Networks, SPC, FEMA, Database Design, OEE, MES, Banner Camera Systems

Software Proficiency:

Total Control Products Touch Panel, Panelbuilder 32 (now RSView 32), RSLogix 5, 500, 5000, RSEmulator, DriveTop for Indramat Servo Controllers, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Macro Programming in Excel, Visual Studio .NET, Pascal, MS Project, AutoCAD Mechanical, SQL, Linux, Python, Banner Presence Plus Vision Software, Solidworks

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