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Embedded Control Engineer

Rochester, Michigan, United States
May 31, 2017

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Saibabu Merakanapalli

Email: Phone: 516-***-**** Profile Summary

I am an SAE, EIT Certified Master’s level Electrical Engineer with 2 years of professional full-time experience as a Control System engineer. I worked as a Control Engineer in one of the lead manufacturing Industry and also worked as a project engineer where I was responsible for control panel designing by CATIA V5 CAD Software. I have also SAE certified professional on Control System of Gasoline Engine. I am expert in modeling, designing and simulating systems for planning and hardware-in-the-loop(HIL) testing of electrical and electronics equipment. Academic Qualification

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Aug 2016 New York Institute of Technology GPA 3.4/4.00

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering May 2013 JNTU Kakinada, India GPA 3.1/4.00

Technical Skills

Software Skills: MATLAB, Simulink,LabVIEW,NI Veristand, Moto Hawk(Model-based Design Tool),Moto Tune(Calibration Tool),Allen Bradley PLC,Siemens PLC,SCADA,Solidworks,AUTOCAD,CAPL Programming Skills&OS: windows xp/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux,C with Data Structure, Embedded C,C/C++ Hardware: CAN Communication (J1939 protocol), Woodward ECUs, LHP’s DTE (HIL System),GM EcoTech engine CANalyzer,dSpace HIL Test System,Kwasker CANking

Professional Training

LHP Engineering Solutions Pontiac,MI

“Fundamentals of Control Systems – Gasoline” SAE Certificate of Mastery Course Sep 2016

Implemented Control strategy and successfully ran the GM EcoTech Gasoline Engine in all speed modes by establishing CAN Communication, Wire harnessing, modeling, PID Controller and min-max speed governor on the Engine

Flashed Engine Control software and machine control software onto their respective ECMs(Electronics Control Modules) and Validation their function

Calibrated,validated and tested ECU Programming and device Calibration with Moto Tune Calibration Tool

Developed model-based engine Controls strategy of throttle and fuel injection system using Simulink and Moto Hawk

Intrepid Control Systems MI Dec 2016

Control System Trainee on Vehicle Spy

Simulated the GM Engine model, created Vehicle Spy 3 databases such as HSCAN and MSCAN .dbc files

Filtered certain Engine IDs in Arbitration block and given custom filters

Used Filter bar Standard Filters in combination with the Custom Filter and monitored displays of all HSCAN and MSCAN message in the traffic

Created messages in 3 ways TX, HSCAN, MSCAN messages and observed the periodic rate and plotted the signals

Developed CAPL program and complied in a different browser

Created the decoder platform and choose the selected channels

Optimized the power management to improve battery life

Created a new Capture function block by scripting and Automation, set an Event sound Work Experience

K.C.P. Sugar & Industries Corporation LTD, Andhra Pradesh, India May 2013 to Aug 2014 Control System Engineer

Programmed and coded Siemens PLC-based Thyristor controlled system used to separate heavy particles from heavy liquids in centrifugal machines and also by Allen Bradley PLC programmed

Developed designs and PLC/HMI Programming for SCADA systems, distributed plant control system for industrial process controls

Distributed Control system(DCS) provides total plant control at a single level by combining the wind turbine control as well as balance of plant equipment control in a single distributed control

Developed electrical control diagrams for integrating new PLC base control systems to existing motor control circuits

Disha Electrical System

Control Design Engineer Aug 2014 to Dec 2014

Hyderabad, India

Coordinated installation of the construction with client engineering team

Designed accurate Software layout drawings for to build desired Electric Control Panel using CATIA V5 CAD

Analyzed Cable size and Component type based on required voltage and load currents

Programmed and coded Modicon Siemens(S7-300)PLC to control all components in Electric control panel

Implemented the ladder logic for an excellent graphical representation of Circuit design and it depicts the diagram logic and also debug faults


SAE Certification on “Fundamentals of Control Systems-Gasoline Engine” Sep 2016

Certified Embedded Hardware and Operating systems by EIT Digital on Coursera Where the knowledge about Implemented the Wireless sensor networks by Using Cooja simulator on Contiki-2.7 Operating System and also on Internet of things(IOT) Dec 2016

Certified on CATIA V5 CAD where the Skills about design of electronics,electrical and Automotive Systems all the way the production of documentation for manufacturing May 2013 PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS

Model Based Design Engine Speed Management Sep 2016

Designed model-based state machine for stall, crank and run modes using MATLAB and Simulink

Designed minimum and maximum governors and a speed target manager to achieve idle speed control strategy

Designed PI controller with feedback to eliminate occurring errors to further control throttle position

Developed Moto Hawk plant model for Hardware-In-Loop (HIL) model-based sensors and actuators to test the build

Calibrated PI controllers,TPS(Throttle Position Sensor),APP(Accelerator Pedal Position), gain and offset to optimize the desired output

Model Based Control System for Spark Ignition and Fuel Injector Characterization Sep 2016

Architected control strategy to design a controller model for fuel pump, fuel injection and spark ignition using Simulink

Characterized the specification into the model through logical and mathematical calculations of engine combustion principles

Determined pump state, injection and ignition start and end angle to actuate the respective drivers

Designed a Simulink model to control the different run conditions, stall, and crank of GM EcoTech 2.4L I-4 engine

Calibrated, tested and ran a 2.4L 4-cylinder 4 stroke EcoTech gasoline engine in a test cell by flashing designed model into Woodward ECU and communicated the spark ignition timing to a separate ECU Electronic Throttle Position Controller using Linear Potentiometer Sep 2016

Developed control model for electronic throttle controller using Simulink

Calibrated electronic throttle position and pedal position using Moto Tune

Tested and validated controller while varying the pedal position using Moto Hawk Distributed Control System for Electronic Throttle and CAN Communication Sep 2016

Designed Hardware-In-Loop(HIL) model-based sensor and actuators plant model to regulate the throttle control

Designed and calibrated PID controller to calculated offset and gain and tuned PID controller to minimize the oscillations of the throttle position using Moto Tune

Developed a distributed control system to communication between the sensors and actuators of different ECUs using J1939 CAN messages

Monitored CAN message using Kvaser’s CanKing and observed the impact of these messages on the module

Development of Min and Max Governor Control Model Sep 2016

Developed in Simulink minimum and maximum governor models for controlling engine speed

Developed a Controller model for Hardware-In-Loop(HIL)testing using dSPACE HIL setup

Prepared test cases for bench and vehicle testing from system requirements to document

Tested final engine control model on GM Ecotec 2.4L gasoline engine at different load conditions reading and sending data using controller Area Network(CAN),J1939 protocol

Documented the calibration guidelines for gain and offset values of the controller model used for HIL testing

A Versatile Control Scheme for UPQC for Power Quality Improvement Mar 2013

Served as Project Leader for team of 8 members

Achieved a solution to improve the power quality and reduce the harmonics in power factor

Developed and simulated models for to reduce distortions in the power factor

Designed capacitive and inductive filter to eliminate the harmonics in power and get the output power factor as 0.89

Designed a schematic diagram by using MATLAB to get the efficient power factor waveform through scope Automatic Engine Locking System Based on Microcontroller May 2016

Designed the model block diagram with required components Specifications

Downloaded the program using ISP programming socket

Generated the clock pulse to the internal processor for to run the program in the AT89552 microcontroller

Activated the Microcontroller with 5V DC input supply using the step down Transformer

Established the Analog signal of MQ3 Alcohol sensor from the drunken Driver to LM358 Amplifier and Vehicle Engine and Buzzer will be work as per the signal

Monitored message display on 16*2 LCD display unit VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

Organized an event “POWER 2K12&POWER2k13”during undergraduate Dec 12,Mar13 ACHIEVEMENTS/AWARDS

Won the best student award in K.G.R.L College for final semester percentage Apr 2013

Presented a PowerPoint presentation on Power generation by using Wind Turbine Mar 2012

Presented a power point presentation on Intelligent of Energy Saved System Apr 2013 516-***-**** Saibabu Merakanapalli

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