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Computer Science Software Developer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
May 31, 2017

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YUKUI YE * *** City Avenue, Apt #J***, Philadelphia, PA, 19131

917-***-****, a


Syracuse University, L.C.Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (Syracuse, NY) M.S. Computer Science, May 2013

Zhejiang University (Zhejiang, China)

B.S. in Information Management and Information System, June 2011 Self-estimate: Bright character with teamwork spirit, interpersonal skill and willingness to take challenge; strong ability to work under a dynamic environment TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming Language: Swift, Java, Objective-C, C, C++, html, css, Javascript, Java, XML, R Operating System: U nix, Linux, Window, Macintosh

Software: X code, Android Studio, Matlab, Unity, VisualStudio, Bugzilla, RStudio Speaking Language: M andarin, English


CoreDial, LLC 0 3/13/2017 - Present

Senior Software Developer h ttps://

Maintaining existing iOS mobile app, Building android mobile app. New York University, The Kavli HUMAN Project 0 2/2016 – 03/01/2017 iOS Mobile Developer h ttp:// C onstructed the foundation of the company’s mobile app UI. S et up authentication communication between mobile app and the server. I mplemented google Firebase Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification to receive survey. I mplemented Bluetooth detection feather, iPhone device contacts, call and wifi connection data collection. I mplemented twitter, google plus, linkedin social network data acquisition module. S wCrypt.swift, OAuthenSwift, SQLite.Swift, FirebaseMessaging, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON,

Boomset.Inc, 0 3/2015 – 02/2016

iOS Mobile Developer

M aintaining & Upgrading iOS company’s mobile apps, C reating relative W atch app; R esponsible for controlling Core Data flow between iPhone/iPad app and Watch app; Deploy third party libraries, such as HoneyWell(Captuvo SDK), uniMag-SDK, ScanAPI, BrotherFiles. Small Planet Digital, 0 6/2015 – 10/2015

iOS Mobile Developer

Implementing new Palace Pets: image assets management, treat animation, process image animation sequences, accessories.;Implementing Styling.xml, including positioning pets, treats animation, gallery, princess big reveal; Convert, Renaming, Implementing Audio for different pets.; Key-Value-Observe design pattern; FrameClearner, Xcode

YUKUI YE 3 900 City Avenue, Apt #J704, Philadelphia, PA, 19131

917-***-****, a

h ttps:// Columbia University Information Technology, 03/2015 – 06/30/2015 Software Tester h ttps:// Independently developed full life-cycle object oriented RASCAL testing solutions, including analyzing and designing of application specifications, concurrently coordinating with other software developer in the process of detecting faults of the implemented system components, dynamically set the alive/staging system to meet with the updated RASCAL design and implementation requirements from shareholders. Involves the execution of the full circle implementation of RASCAL project in the regards of professional researchers and execute Rascal system with the intent of finding system bugs (errors or other defects), the complex new protocols approval procedure in RASCAL system, both for Human Subject Protocols and Animal Care Protocols. M ake sure all the web pages on Human Subjects Protocols, Animal Care Protocols, Safety Officers, HIPAA Compliance Office, Environmental Health and Safety, Annual Conflicts of Interest and Clinical Trials, met the requirements that guided its design and development. M.Shaken Communication, 387 Park Avenue, New York City, NY, 10/2013 – 03/2015 iOS Mobile Developer

1.5+ years experience in developing iOS mobile apps by using Objective-C & Xcode. E xtensive knowledge of MVC design pattern, apple build-in frameworks, such as MapView, TableView, CollectionView, etc, and ability to deploy third party libraries from Cocoapod such as R eactiveCocoa, Mantle, TSMessage, Google Analytics, Appirate, GoogleAdMob. H ave knowledge of Block, Grand Central Dispatch in order to write complex multithreaded application that keep UI responsive and fluid. Experience working with RESTful APIs. Thorough understanding of Objective C, XML, Web Services, JSON technologies and data structure fundamentals. h ttps:// BitcoinCenterNY, Wall St, New York City, NY, 02/2014 - 05/2014 Intern, Bitcoin Technology Evangelist


Face Recognition System, 02/2013 h ttps:// Implement a face recognition system using the Eigenfaces described by Turk and Pentland. First, randomly separate the faces in the data base into training and test data set. Read Images from the training set, and collect them in one matrix. Then find the average face of the training set. Perform the principal components Analysis(PCA). Find the n significant eigenvectors with the largest associated eigenvalues. Read images from test set. For each image, subtract off the average image, and project it onto the basis spanned by the top n eigenfaces. Reconstruct the test images by using the weights and the n eigenfaces, Show the original and reconstructed images for 10 of the test images.Pick 20 images from test set, and find the closest image in the training data set to each of these 20 images. Show 10 of the matches. Remote Software Repository, 04/2013 h ttps:// Propose: This project requires to build a Software Repository, a place to store and retrieve packages. The storage mechanism is based on the use of XML metadata to build version and developer information as well as dependencis. Repository will provide package check-in, display of Repository contents, and YUKUI YE 3 900 City Avenue, Apt #J704, Philadelphia, PA, 19131

917-***-****, a

automatic versioning, according to rules specified below. It also require to build a client that accesses the Repository functionality even if the Repository resides on another machine in the same network as the client. Use services of the c++ std::iostream library and Win32 sockets for all input and output to the Repository server and .Net Winform or WPF and sockets for all input and output to and from the Repository client. Both Repository client and server should use the C++ operator new and delete for all dynamic memory management. Suppose user log-in, accepting credentials and storing those in an XML file. Provide a check-in facility, using Win32 sockets for all client server communication. This communication consists of passing messages from the client to server to initiate actions in the server, passing files between the client and server and sending notification messages from server to client indicating success or failure of the specified operation. For newly stored package, create the package XML metadata and record the logged-in user name as the owner of the package and its version number. If the login user is the package owner, the package version number increased by one, and stored in the repository. Each version of package should have their own package folder.

K eyword: C++,managed c++,CLI, winforms or WPF Implementation of StairCase Scheduler In FreeBSD, 09/2012

Changed the timeshare policy of the FreeBSD 5.2.1 scheduler to implement a staircase scheduling algorithm. R ecorded how many quanta a process consumes, Create one system call to insert a process with given priority in the system. Implemented Variable length time-slice staircase scheduler for timesharing class. Tested and compared the staircase scheduler’s performance with FreeBSD 4.4 scheduler.

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