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Java Developer Project

Shanghai, Shanghai, China
May 31, 2017

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Andrii Stetsenko

Position: Senior Java/Scala Big Data Developer – Team/Tech Leader;


Have 8 years’ experience in software development and having my hands on most of the enterprise languages such as python, golang, java, scala, javascript with major focus on java and scala (7 years continuous usage)

Currently my main focus is Big Data engineering, data science and data mining, among technologies mostly open source, such as Hadoop, Spark (including Machine learning), Hive, Impala, Hawq, Storm, Kafka, zookeeper, and some of ML frameworks such as Spark Mllib and TensorFlow.

I’m trying to be updated on all newest technology coming into horizon, so I take part in different conferences and Hackatons, which most of the time we are successfull enough to win with my team.

I’m usually the one who bring up and driving ideas on improving current projects with new technologies.

In spare time I usually play with my kid, go for gym or bicycling, learn new things in Machine learning.

Personal Data:

Date of birth: 06/03/1989

Address: China, Shanghai, Zhengfu street

Phone: +86-156-***-**-***


Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine

Marital status : Married

Children – lap child

Education (Master degree):


Odessa National Polytechnic University, Specialization – Information Security

Diploma work:

Integration of encryption and coding. Algorithm and software was created by me.

Additional Education

2010 – 2011

American English Center (Curses) – English level – Advanced.

2015 – Agile ambassador education course from Agile manifesto creators.


2015 – Winner of China global Shenzhen Hackathon.

2015 – Winner of EPAM China Hackathon.

2015 – Winner Hong Kong UBS Hackaton.

2016 – Significant Effort to Successful Release Award (EMC)

2016 – Silver Award of the year, influencer (EMC)

2016 – Shanghai International Big Data Hackathon in Code bunker. (Everyone was winners, since no prizes)

Job Experience:

2016 January – Now –

Company: EMC - DELL

Position: Senior Big Data Java/Scala Developer

Project: Federation Business Data Lake (Company Focus Project - RnD)

Project Link:

Project Description:

The Federation Business Data Lake is a fully-engineered, enterprise-grade data lake that makes big data initiatives radically simple.

Pre-configured building blocks, converged infrastructure, and an intuitive recommendation engine let you focus on new capabilities instead of new infrastructure.

A flexible, self-serve, virtualized ecosystem means you can prove the value quickly, scale out rapidly, and keep things like security and governance under confident control.

With the hassles of integration eliminated, you can realize the value of analytics by this time next week.

I was responsible for deploying, publishing, quota, machine learning and other components architecture.

I was usually initiator of migrating the codebase to scala and new technology as Rx libraries and Akka and lots of other relatively new but stable frameworks.

I am the scrum master for 5 people team.

Really Hand ON technologies:

Java 8, Scala, Golang, Spring (Boot, Batch, Security), Spring XD, Reddis, RabbitMq, Kafka, Zookeeper, GreenPlum DB, Pivotal HD, Akka Framework, Swagger, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Storm, Impala, VMware, HAWQ, Bedrock API, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), MongoDB, Mysql, Isilon. Extreme IO.

Position: EMC Consultant - Senior Big Data Java/Scala Developer (Architect)

Project: Recommendation Infrastructure Services

Project Description:

Recommendation Engine with Self learning approach (ML) for Universal Entity types, with fulfilling engine by different sources such as crawling, user inputs, system generated.

Based on Lambda architecture, and following DASE architecture.

Really Hand ON technologies:

Scala, Akk Rest, Kafka, Zookeeper, Akka Framework, Swagger, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, ElasticSearch, Impala, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), MongoDB, PredictionIO.

2013 August – 2016 January –

Company: EPAM

Position: Team Lead.

Project: Hybris B2B application

Huge B2B Hybris Project. Implemented on base of Hybris platform.

Lots of innovative features was presented from our team. For both B2B and B2C.

Really Hand ON technologies:

Java 8, Scala, Spring (Boot, Batch, Security), Hadoop, Spark, Play Framework, Alipay, PayPal API, Union Pay API, Hybris


Team leader for 8 people -> I was scrum master and Architect of the system.

Data Scientist -> My responsibility was predict popularity of the products in next selling season, predict when product will be out of stock.

Position: Co-Founder.

Project: Reme Developers Social Network

(Play Framework, Scala, Require js)

Developers social network to share different projects for education or outsourcing, highly integrated with git. System should provide modern functionality to learn new technology by coding the real examples, anonymous code reviews, create interviews functionality. Outsource code parts functionality.

I was one of the System architectures apart of being the idea holder.

Project: UBS -Secure chat

Position: Co-founder.

Obligations: Tech Lead, Co-founder

(Java, Spring MVC, jQuery, JS)

Developed a new client-bank secure chatting system, with 3 security layers on top of communication channel.

Regular HTTPS + Honey encryption + based on Shenon's encryption principals own encryption algorithm

Project: One Day Trip

Position: Co-founder.

Obligations: Tech Lead, Co founder

(Scala, Java, Spring MVC, Mongo DB, Google API, Open Street Map API, React JS, Backbone JS)

Developed a fresh, innovative application for automatic creation of one day trip with automatic booking process, detailed planned trip steps, including timing and where to get bus, etc...

Design system with very cost effective fast graph based trip construction with asynchronous, background processes such as booking prices collection.

System should have been recalibrating itself if users are not following timetable.

Points of interests were stored in Mongo DB.

Position: Sr Java Developer.

Obligations: UBS -SSENG

(Spring, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Couchbase DB, Oracle Endeca, Jbehave(BDD), Scala, Java Script, Groovy, Grails, Drools, Spring integration, Spring batch Jetty, ESB, Gradle, TestNg, Guava)

Huge project with mix of lots technologies partially moved to java 8, and using scala.

Project: DataArt

Position: Sr Java Developer (Remote)

Obligations: Apple Vacations Java developer, Architect.

(Spring, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Couchbase DB, Oracle Endeca, Jbehave(BDD), Jetty, ESB, Gradle, TestNg, Guava)

Implemented a Couch-base, Spring MVC, and Hibernate based Web application.

Integrated other sub-systems like loans application, equity markets, payment system JetPay, and documentation system with the structured products application, REST Web services, and JSON, XML.

Improved the build process, by migrating it from Maven to Gradle.

Built and deployed Java applications into multiple Unix based environments and produced both unit and functional test results along with release notes.

Implemented BDD methodology using JBehave framework;

Project: UBS

Position: Java Developer – Team Lead.

Obligations: UBS RDDH (DB Hub) developer.

(Using Hibernate, Spring, TestNg, Guava, Maven, Jenkins, bash/ksh scripting)

Support complicated heavy loaded DB Hub, using java concurrency library, working with different ways of receiving/sending data - JMS, CSV, XML, JSON, DB row data, flat files, writing Reconciliation tool, Reporting systems, Ksh and bash scripting

2011 March – 2013 August–

Company: Lohika

Project: HP

Position: Java Developer.

Obligations: HP Performance Center and LAB Support Engineer. (Using Hibernate, Spring, jUnit)

Support Tasks, work with Spring, Java EE, Hibernate, Maven.

2011 August – 2012 January –

Diploma work (Java SE): Algorithm for Integration of encryption and coding based on perfect

binary arrays.

2010 March - 2011 March –


Position: PHP Developer (JavaScript, jQuerry, MySQL).

Obligations: Creating web-portal for passing driving license exams on-line.

2009 September – 2011 April –

Company: Odessa University of Internal affairs;

Position: Java developer, Information Security Engineer. (JavaScript, jQuerry, MySQL).

Obligations: Creating University Web Site;

Languages Knowledge:

• Russian, Ukrainian – Native.

•English – Fluent (Main communication lang)

•Chinese – Fluent

•Polish – I understand almost everything, but can’t speak.

Computer & Technical Skills:

1)Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, PHP, Joomla, XML, SSH, SSL, Play Framework, Akka.

2)Java: Java EE, Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Jetty, JBehave(BDD), Guava, JSP, jUnit, TestNg,Web Services, Akka, HDFS;

3)Scala: Akka, Play Framework, Scalatra, Spray, Spark.

4)Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Impala, HAWQ, Spring HD, Kafka, Zookeeper, Spring XD, Extreme IO, Isilon;

5)Data Base: MySQL, Oracle, Couchbase, MongoDB, Oracle Endeka, Impala, Hive, HAWQ;

6)Automation Tools: Web-driver (Selenium), Mint, HP Performance Center, HP Lab Project,

HP Load Runner, HP QTP, X-Code (iOs Development), JMeter ;

7)Application lifecycle: HP ALM(QC), Bugzilla, JIRA;

8)Operation Systems: Unix (Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu), Windows (XP, 7, 8);

9)Design skills: OOA (Object Oriented Analysis) & OOD (Object Oriented Design), AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Design by contract, GoF design patterns, JEE & EJB design patterns, and UML.

10) Environment: Docker, VmWare, Oracle VM, Amazon WS;

11)Software Development Methodology: Agile methodology, RUP (Rational Unified Process), XP, TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD.

12)Other: Shell scripting, Python – basic.

Interests & Activities:

•Sport (Martial arts)




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