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Project Manager Electrical

KRNT, Andhra Pradesh, India
11000 usd
August 30, 2013

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Professional Synopsis:

. Competent professional with over 21 years of experience in Project

Management, Plant construction, erection & Commissioning and

maintenance as well as personal development.

. Keen planner, Strategies & implementer with attained proficiency in

project planning at given specific time, as well as emergency


. Significant experience in end to end deliverables of the project/

campaign, analysis of client requirements, estimations, risk,

metrics identification, workforce management & effective

utilization of teams.

. Adroit at project planning, costing, scope planning and various

aspects of project management including resource planning, resource

hiring-training, scheduling, controlling (quality/ process/

schedule and cost), deliverable management and direct client


. Strong ability in holding review meetings to monitor progress of

the project as per schedule and ensuring timely completion,

delivery of the project to the client

. Conversant with relevant international engineering codes and

standards such as NEMA, NEC, IEC, BS, IEEE, QP and client

standards, local formalization.

. Demonstrated abilities in successful executing and erection &

commissioning of various Oil & Gas Plants, machineries &

equipments, power plant constructions

Core Competencies:

. Project management

. Contract management

. Maintenance operation

. Installation & commissioning

. Vendor management

. Testing & inspection

. Documentation & reports

. Team management

. Site management

. Quality system implementation

. Quality assurance

. Cost reduction/ control

. Staff motivation


. Monitoring erection, commissioning & maintenance of Electrical,

DCS, PLC, SCADA, Field instrumentation.

. Handling of procurement activities relating to contracts and

subcontracts in accordance with company's procedures and

procurement department activities.

. Ensuring Safety standards and procedures are implemented and

followed in accordance with contract requirements and company


Co ordination of preparation of electrical engineering deliverables

such as equipment design, rotating equipments, heat treatments,

transformers and miscellaneous equipments, earthing details, SLD's

plans, routes, cable design, load calculation, relay logics,

control drawings, etc.,

. Administrating the preparation of basic and detailed engineering

documents like PFD, P&I diagrams, loop sheets, logic diagrams, and

control diagrams. Successfully handling marshalling & Junction box

details, cable schedules, cable tray drawings, instrument location

plans, hook-up drawings etc.,

. Co-ordination with departments of Electrical, Instrumentation,

process, mechanical, Civil, HSE, QA, QC, Contracts, Client &


. Hazardous area classifications (Intrinsic safe/Explosion proof,


Key Skills & Field of Interest: ONSHORE PROJECTS (OIL WELL


Erection and commissioning of (OIL &GAS) Electrical & Instrumentation,

Heat tracing installation, GTC,GTG,GEG,F&G, BMS, ELV(Special

systems), telecommunications, FOC, SCADA & DCS, Pipe line & Cathodic

protection, overhead lines 220KV,35kV and 10kV.

Present: PETRO MASILA (Ministry of oil and gas Exploration, YEMEN)

April 2013 with YEMEN Ministry of OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION, as E&I site

in charge.

Location: YEMEN (Onshore Project) 35 DAYS ON AND 35 DAYS OFF

All Electrical, Instrumentation, telecommunications and cathodic

protection, Construction, Installation & commissioning and Maintenance

of exiting CPF plant 430 no's old well heads and construction works

for 60 no's New Oil well heads and 8 no's treatment unit plants and

32 no's tie in joints with exiting flow pipe lines. Installation of

Variable speed drives (VSD) and Electrical submersible Motors with

pumps (ESP) and step up transformers to feed the high voltage

electrical submersible motors and pumps. All E&I cable laying,

glanding, termination and loop checks and commissioning.Cathodic

protection works(TCP & PCP).Installation of Remote Terminal Units(RTU&

SCADA) to monitor and to operate the well heads and numerous

substations up to69Kv/13.8Kv/480v, panels, cables (HV, MV, LV),


Since Jan'2012 with Petrofac as Dy.E&I Manager (Gas Field Development


Client: Turkmen gas

Location: Yoloten, Turkmenistan (On Shore Project)

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Value: 3.4 Billion USD

World's second largest plant with Engineering, Procurement, Supply,

Construction and Commissioning for the South Yoloten Gas Field

Development Project in Turkmenistan

(Comprises the development consists of 20 wellheads and associated

flow lines to four remote Gas Treatment Units (GTUs), infield

condensate/water pipelines from GTUs to CPF-1, infield dry gas

pipelines from GTUs to CPF-1, a main Central Processing Facility (CPF-

1) and 56" gas export pipeline with 6 SBV's to Existing Shatlyk

compression station. CPF-1 consists of two parallel gas trains (2 x 5

BCMA), power generation (GTG 126MW), condensate storage, sulphur

handling, sulphur export and utilities, with permanent Cathodic

protection system and numerous substations up to 220Kv/35Kv/10Kv/440v,

panels, cables (HV, MV, LV),

2)PUNJ LLOYD (Oil & Gas) - 3 Years

Jun'09-Jan'12 with Punj Lloyd as E&I Manager

Client: Qatar Petroleum

Location: Qatar

Project Status: Completed in 2010

Project Value: 1.0 Billion USD

STRATEGIC GAS Pipe Line (Commissioning Completed): 36 inches Cross

country Pipe line (211) Km length with Ten SBV's (Section Block

Valves) with 75 brag designed pressure) with ICCP and 250Kms FOC and

10Kv/440Kv, panels.


Location: Qatar

Project Status: Completed in 2011

Project Value: 160 Million USD


Inches Pipe line (36 km) length with 184

. Hydrant pits for aircraft filling. (Commissioning Completed),

Experience in Booster pump stations for the fuel systems and

water stations.

3) Reliance Gas Transport Infrastructure Ltd - 8 Years

July'01-May'09 with Reliance Gas Transport infrastructure Ltd as

Manager - Electrical & Instrumentation, ELV, Cathodic Protection

Location: India

Project Status: Completed in 2009

1369 Km of 48" with 90bar pressure CNG gas pipe line cross country

pipe line (Reliance Industries Ltd) with 10no's SBV's. Ten numbers

compressors station each with 3 no's PGT 25 GTC (Gas turbine

compressors) .Power generation by 1.5MW gas Engine Generators

(Jenbach). With ICCP system.

Experience in Booster pump stations for the fuel systems and

water stations.

4) UAE- Air force & Air Defense - 6-YEARS

July'95-July'01 with UAE Air Force & Air Defense, Electrical


Location: ABUDHABI

Air port fuel Pipe Lines, Maintenance & Trouble shooting of Voltage

regulator Panels for Cathodic protection of Aircraft fuel pipelines.

Diesel Power Generating stations, aircraft shelters and utilities.

Experience in Booster pump stations for the fuel systems and

water stations.

Maintaining the correct required DC Voltage, Periodic

measurements of voltage and correction etc.

5) Oman National Electric Co. (S.A.O.G), Muscat - 2 YEARS


Location: Sultanate of Oman

Project Status: Completed

Maintenance & Operation of Diesel power generating stations (50MW).

Overhaul Maintenance of Alternators, OCB, ACB, and Motor control

centers, Motors, Switchgear systems and Transformers. Installation&

Maintenance of UPS systems, Battery Chargers and Batteries

6) Amara Raja Power Systems Ltd - 2-YEARS

July'91-July'93 with AMARA RAJA POWER SYSTEMS Ltd

Location: INDIA

Installation & Maintenance of UPS systems up to 150kva, Battery

chargers and Batteries. Installation & Maintenance of D.C. Power

plants (54v/150+200A) for MTNL. (Mahanagar Telecom Nigham Ltd,

Bombay), V.S.N.L. (Videsh sanchar Nigham Ltd, Bombay), D.O.T

(Department of Telecommunications, Bangalore) Installation of

Batteries up to (48V, 3000AH) for telecommunications


. Control of construction team & subcontractors for all activities

involved in Electrical, Instrumentation, CP, ELV Systems.

. Assisting project manager for resource allocation, mobilization

of skilled team & total project material management, review and

approval of Method statements, QCP, ITP, and other procedure,

certification of Invoiced quantities as per contractual terms &

conditions, tracking of Site instructions, Change work records,

Change orders etc., for subcontracts department, Cash flow,

Estimation of Manpower & material requirement for Estimation &

Subcontract departments, Field design for subcontractor works by

giving technical clarifications with due consideration of Cost &

Schedule/ Time impact into consideration etc.,

. Project Installation/ Testing/ Commissioning/ Maintenance work

for various Electrical, Instrumentation, CP, ELV Systems

includes Gas Turbine Compressor station(30MW), Gas Engine

Generator(1325KVA), Booster Centrifugal pump houses for

transport of liquid pipeline, Diesel power generation stations,

Impressed Current & Sacrificial Cathodic protection systems,

numerous substations up to 220Kv/35Kv/10Kv/440V, panels, cables

(HV,MV,LV), Transformers, various process Instruments, Glanding,

Terminations, Junction boxes, Cables Trays, Impulse Line tubing,

Trenching, Loop checking, calibration of various instruments,

pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities of instrumentation

for DCS/ESD/F&G System/ SCADA/ Vibration monitoring

system/wellhead control panel (Hydraulic)/ Vibration monitoring

system, all telecom works including CCTV System, PAGA System,

Radio & Satellite System, fiber optic cables, PCC, PMCC, MCCs,

LDBs, PDBs, Indoor & outdoor lighting, HT, LT Motors, DG Set,

Earthing system-Electrical & Instrument earth pits/Grid &

lighting earthing, UPS Systems/ Lead acid SMF, Ni-Cd Batteries,

Battery chargers etc.,

. Experience in Booster pump stations for the fuel systems and

water stations.

. Huge Ethernet network of serial linking FOC with copper cable

ring network.

. Various process equipments flow, pressure, temperature,

vibration and Hydrocarbons analyzers and multi type valves

critical and ESD loops.

. Remote Terminal Units,RTG and ATG installation and


. Maintenance & operation of Diesel generating stations (50MW),

overhaul maintenance of Alternators, OCB, ACB and Motor control

centers, Motors, Switchgear systems and transformers.

Installation & Maintenance of UPS system & Battery charges and


. 56", 48" & 36" Pipelines for about 500 Kms including stringing

of pipes, welding operations, NDT of welded joints, Painting &

Wrapping of AG & UG piping works, Lowering of pipes, Hydro

testing, Section block valves in Block valve station about 30

No's etc.,

. Performance review of Peers and necessary measures by

replacement & re allocation of resources for effective

productivity at works amount various teams in support with

Project manager.

. Ensuring compliance with contract requirements and adherence of

company's HSE & QA QC policies

Technical Products Purview:


Ground Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Emmerson,Merlin Gerin, Cutler

Hammer, Larsen & Tubro, Excavation Siren, Gaitronics (Telecon),

Krone, Allen Bradley, Allen West, Crouse-Hinds, Appleton, Gulf

Cable, Riyadh Cable, Permonoid cables,BICC, CMP, Cummins, GE,

Jenbach, Siemens, Caterpillar, etc.,


ABB, Siemens, Moeller, Emerson process (Rosemount), Eurotherm,

Clifford & Snell, ASCO, Allen-Bradley, Allen west, Whelen, Honey

well, Pepperl & Fuchs, Elcon, Ronan, Phoenix, Weidmuller, Entrelec,

wika, etc.,

Panel Boards

ATS Panels, VFD Panels, Starter Panels, HVAC related panels,

Generator control panels, Changeover Switch panels, PLC based

panels, Logic control panels, Small power DB's, MSB's, SMSB's, LT

Panels, Relay Panels, etc.,

Responsible for monitoring, supervising and coordinating the maintenance of

electrical and instrumentation & controls and equipment Perform

responsibilities of conducting corrective and preventive maintenance of

electrical equipment and their controls .Handle the tasks of generating

plans for upgrading design and in documenting work policies Provide

instructions in areas of testing and commissioning electrical equipment to

the contractors and sub-contractors Handle full responsibilities of

developing operating procedures, specifications of equipment and the

standards of materials Play the role of a technical advisor/supporter to

other departments in critical engineering matters . Perform basic

maintenance of electrical metering systems and instrumentations. Handle

responsibilities of assisting electrical maintenance engineer in developing

the guidelines and procedures of preventive maintenance Perform negotiation

with vendors and contractors thereby maintaining cost effective and high

quality service Responsible for assisting project manager and senior level

engineers in preparing the project life-cycle. Handle responsibilities of

preparing training materials for the entry-level electrical engineers

Responsible for identifying and repairing minor electrical faults Perform

other essential tasks as per the instructions of the senior level

electrical engineers Ensured that safe work practices were followed in the


Maintain/Troubleshoot all instrumentation controlling the Process and

Utility systems, Fire & Gas protection / detection, Emergency Shutdown in a

safe and competent manner. Supervise a staff of Sr./Jr. Level Instrument

Technicians. Work with the Training Coordinator to Nationalize the

workforce. Safeguards the availability and operating condition so that

production targets are achieved. Works within the statutory Health and

Safety Procedures and the Permit-to-Work system.

Maintain instrumentation controlling the process and utility systems, fire

& gas protection / detection, emergency shutdown in a safe and competent

manner. Experience in PLC programming for F(&G systems, Burner Management

Systems and Control Systems. Maintain and carries out fiscal metering

duties and Planned Maintenance Routines (PMRs) .Safeguard the availability

and operating condition so that production targets are achieved .Ensure

fire & gas detection / protection systems are maintained for maximum

reliability and availability

Implement the planned maintenance schedule and maintain accurate records.

Diagnose and rectify faults to ensure maximum equipment availability

Technical support to operations personnel for planned and corrective

maintenance of instrumentation system( & equipment. Managed the equipments,

identified the cause of dysfunctional equipments and resolved them.

RGTIL, a Reliance group company, is a 1400 km & 48" diameter cross country

Natural gas transportation pipeline spanning from east coast to west coast

of India. This Pipeline operates with PGT 25 + DLE & PCL 803 Aero

derivative Gas turbine compressors supplied by GE - NP-Oil & Gas,

Italy.Worked as E&I manager -Installation,commissioning and Maintenance

at one of the Compressor stations located in Hyderabad. My job profile and

key accomplishments

.Performing regular preventive E&I maintenance for monitoring and

controlling LM 2500+DLE & PCL 803 Gas turbine compressors, Strict adherence

to E-permit system, standard maintenance procedures and PM compliance to

ensure 100 % availability & reliability of all equipment. Regular toolbox

talks & compliance with safety standards and practices at all levels of

operation. Regular condition monitoring, maintaining technical reports &

Maintenance history for all equipment in SAP. Responsible for Installation,

commissioning & after commissioning operation and Maintenance of all

Instrumentation related activity of 48"Gas pipeline & compressor station

comprising 3 no's GTC(GE-Nouvo Pignone Gas Turbine -PGT25and centrifugal


Operation and Maintenance of Compressor Station of all Electrical and

Instrumentation works including PGT25 Gas Turbines,PCL800

Compressor,1325KVA Gas Engine Generators(Jenbach), pipeline electrical

works like Impressed current cathodic protection panels, GE DC power plants

for Mark VI control for Gas Turbines,UPS systems, Ni-cd Cells,MK-VI control

panels,Diesel engine Generators, Electrical Load Management control

center, Substations with fully Auto operation .RIL owned liquid storage

location at Mumbai. Having pump house storage tanks and liquidPipeline of

8' in diameter for kerosene and naphtha product. Operation and Maintenance

of Fuel pipe line Booster centrifugal pump houses (8" pipeline).Cathodic

protection for the above pipelines (ICCP)

Organizational Internal Trainings:

. ICCP (Cathodic Protection) for the pipelines

. GEG Jenbach Gas generators

. Cleaning and pre-commissioning of Gas Pipelines (BJ services, CPP

China Company)

. Enbridge Oil Gas pipe line operation and Maintenance By Enbridge


. PGT25+PCL 800 compresses

. DCS, PLC & SCADA, PA, Fire Alarm, Access controls, CCTV.

. Fiber Splicing, OTDR, Power meter to Measure Link loss.

. All Telecom Utilities

. Telecom Transport Equipments

. Diesel Generators with AMF Panel

. ISO 9000 & SAP

. Mark -VI control Panels for Gas Turbines.

. All Instruments Calibration and Adjustments.

Educational Credentials:

. BTech in Electrical Engineering.

. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering.

Driving License:

. International Driving License up to 15/03/2013

. Qatar Driving License no - 27035624884

. Indian Driving License no - DLFAP025170092003[pic]

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