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Welding Inspector

United States
January 13, 2008

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A challenging career as ‘Welding Inspector /Engineer QA/ QC’ in Construction field where my technical knowledge and experience can be utilized to achieve organizational goals.


TWI, U.K. certified CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector with ASNT Level-II Certificate (RT, UT, MPT, LPT) & ISO 9000:2000 Series Lead Auditor Certification. 4+ (Appx. 5 Years) years experience in reputed companies like M/S Punj Lloyd Limited, M/S L& T & Reliance etc.


• B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical with 76.4% marks.

• Masters in Business Administration


• ASNT Level-II Certification in R. T., L.P.T., U.T. & M.P.T.

N.B-Life membership of I.S.N.T. (Indian Society of Non-destructive Testing).

• AutoCAD Course from CEDTI.

• QMS ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Certification with International recognition.


Name of organization Designation Work Experience

From To Duration

Hyundai Heavy Industries, Doha, Qatar (Client SHELL) Piping QA/QC Engineer September 2007 Till date Still working

Punjlloyd Limited, Corporate Head office , Gurgaon Senior Engineer (Quality) April 2007 July 2007 3 months

Punjlloyd Kazakhstan-LLP, Tengiz, Rep. of Kazakhstan (Client Tengiz-Chevroil ltd) Senior Engineer (Quality) January 2006 April 2007 1 year 3 months

Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar (Client), India Inspection Engineer August 2005 December 2005 4 months

Larsen & Toubro Ltd. – ECC Division, India Site Engineer June2004 June 2005 1Year+


? Working as ‘Piping Quality Control Engineer’ for the “Pearl Gas To Liquid Project, Ras-Lafan Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar” a project for SHELL and Qatar petroleum, with JGC/KBR as main contractor.

? I have been entrusted to work as overall in charge for all underground piping (C4 Area) quality control activities at site and as well as Fabrication shop. My responsibilities include;

? Reviewing the test certificate of filler metal and consumable as per WPS and project requirements.

? Review the mill test certificate of materials being used at site with respect to heat number, material type as per the associated design data and drawings, etc. Checking the materials as per the Overage, shortage and damage report from the materials department.

? Review of welding procedures specification (WPS) and procedure qualification record (PQR).

? Conducting and witnessing welder training and qualifications (6G,6GR,3G,3F), checking and monitoring the associated parameters ( current, voltage, travel speed, and heat input) as per applicable WPS.

? Making welder performance record and welder Id card.

? Monitoring welder performance and discussions with client (JGC/ KBR & SHELL) as well as subcontractors for improvements etc. in production quality.

? Fit up, Welding inspection and final inspection for

? LTCS, P11 etc. low and high alloy steels, SS 316, 316L etc.

? Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping

? equipment related piping including equipment internal piping inspection

with respect to internal and external alignment, root gap bevel angel, Groove angle as per approved drawings , applicable WPS, project specifications from JGC/KBR and SHELL DEPs.

? Visual Inspection of welding of pipe and structure as per code requirement.

? Witness Nondestructive testing of pipes, piping welds, structural welding specially T, K, Y joints etc. by Ultrasonic testing (UT), Radiography testing(RT), Dye penetrating testing (DPT) & Magnetic particle testing (MPT).

? Review the Radiography film of pipe weld. Also structural butt weld.

? Witness to ferrite number (FN) measurement, positive material identification (PMI), and post weld heat treatment (PWHT) and hardness testing (including Barcol hardness testing for GRE piping)

? Painting inspection for the phenolic base etc. coatings involving Dry film thickness checking, Holiday detection, adhesion testing, pot life for the coating checking and controlling etc. Discussions with subcontractor as well as client (JGC/KBR) inspectors regarding various related aspects and issues like sampling plans, DFT and application conditions and reporting etc.

? Finalizing the hydro/ pneumatic/ leak testing plan by discussion with JGC/KBR inspectors. Preparation of the hydro/ pneumatic/ leak test packages with associated drawings, PEFS, P&ID, testing formats etc.

? Handling the CHEYODA DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CDMS) software for maintaining the latest drawing and other documents at site as well as for reference.

? Managing the PIC (PIPING WELDING INSPECTION AND CONTROL) software with respect to data entry by supplier QC engineers, NDT requirements, welder performance checking, welder control requirements etc.

? Coordination with various multidisciplinary contractors and their quality control surveillance

? Material incoming inspection control as per the drawing, inspection release notes and QAP.

? Controlling the document management by the WIN PCS (Document management software) operator with respect to final submission requirements and requirements of the project specification etc.

? Monitoring maintenance of documents as per the ISO 9001:2000 QMS requirements.



• Coordination and witnessing of various quality control requirements for various sites in India as well as abroad including

o Procedure qualification tests conducting and mechanical test witnessing with client / third party inspection company representatives from various sites in India and abroad for subsequent WPS preparations.

o Preparation of the Quality Assurance plans, method statements, ITP & reporting formats for the sites and coordination for the subsequent approval of the same from the clients like EIL, ONGC, Reliance Energy Limited, SHELL, British Petroleum, Floar Daniel etc.

o If required site visit for specific quality related issues discussion with client inspectors for resolving the problems related to the WPS, quality control procedures, method statements etc. to be followed at site.

o Site visits for getting the approvals of the documents for the various sites from the clients after their review and subsequent discussions for mutual agreement on issues of concern to client or to the company.

o Welder qualifications test witnessing (6G, 6GR, 3G, 3F) and subsequent NDT coordination and result reviewing with client/ third party inspection representatives for selection of suitable welders for abroad off shore as well as onshore sites like OMAN, QATAR, ABUDHABI, KAZAKHSTAN etc.

o Resolving the issues related to welding processes (automatic as well as semiautomatic), Welding materials, NDT ( RT, UT, MPI, LPT), PWHT etc. for piping, tanks, structural fabrication etc. as per applicable codes (ASME B31.3, ASME B31.8, ASME Section IX, ASME Section VIII, ASME Section V, Section II (A, B, C) , AWS D 1.1, API 5L, API 653 etc.) raised by internal company departments like design etc. as well as various clients and third party inspectors.



? Worked as Senior engineer (quality) with PLK- LLP, at Tengiz Oilfield, Republic of Kazakhstan

? Client- Tengizchevroil Primary contractor - Parson Flour Daniel.

? My duties included

a. Welding inspection and control for welding at shop as well as various piping related to the Well Heads, metering stations, mid line wall stations etc.

b. Coordination of the various NDT like RT, UT, PT, PMT by the subcontractor as per the requirements of the client (Tengiz Chevroil) specifications and approved procedures.

c. Maintaining the records of the welding and NDT as per the ISO 9001:2000 requirements and the final handover requirements of the client for smooth handover at project ending.

d. Witnessing the Welder Qualification tests and issuing of the welder ID cards for the CS, SS, LTCS, Alloy steel welders (GTAW , SMAW and ORBITAL welding).

e. Maintaining the Welder performance data and subsequent entry into the client NDT control software (NEWS) for NDT control.

f. Reporting the welder performance, welding and NDT status to the management for quality management and smooth working at site with quality control requirements fulfilling.

g. Monitoring the PWHT by the subcontractor for heating rate, holding temperature and cooling rate, thermocouple placements, chart preparation and reviewing of the PWHT charts.

h. Preparation, getting approval of the Hydro test packs (piping & pipeline) for various metering stations, well heads & pipelines from or related to SGI and SGP plants under Punjlloyd, coordination with the hydro testing crews for proper scheduling and execution of Hydro tests.

i. Clarifying quarries & handling periodic audits related to Quality Management System requirements and Hydro testing from PFD as well as TCO side.

j. Monitoring and controlling the NDT report, welding reports, RT films document management for the final handover, conversion of the documents to dossiers, and final submission of the documents in hardcopy as well as softcopy as per the client system requirements.

k. Coordination of the client (Parson Flour Daniel, Tengiz Chevroil and in some cases Kazakh Government) audits, document reviews and query clearance etc. for documentation handover on time and in systematic manner.

l. Handling the preservation schedules for the various equipments at site and ensuring the preservation requirements are fulfilled in timely manner and records subsequently prepared and maintained for the same.


• I had been entrusted to work as Inspection Engineer in “Projects Cell”, a highly specialized department dealing with modifications and shutdown activities. The activities are associated with improvement of efficiency and cost control etc.

o Dealt with Quality control activities as well as execution work at new ‘Centre Flow Cooling Tower Construction’ at RRTF Site.

o Dealt with Hydro testing, fabrication, radiography coordination, PWHT, Erection etc. at Crude (I & II) for various PCOs undertaken during the one of the largest shutdowns of the world recently commenced at RIL, Jamnagar.


• Worked as Site Engineer with Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L & T)- ECC Division in Motor Spirit Quality (MSQ) Upgradation Project with JACOBS as primary contractor and Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Mathura Refinery, Mathura (U.P.) as the owner.

o Worked as the fabrication shop in charge, my duties included;

? Fabrication drawing issuing, and maintenance and checking of the drawing latest revision.

? Coordination and inspection of fabrication activities such as materials controlling, welding consumables test certificates checking etc.

? Fit up and welding inspection for the fabricated spools at the shop as per approved drawings and applicable WPS for CS, SS (304, 316, 316L), P1, P11, P5, LTCS, Monel, Inconel etc. materials.

? NDT (RT, UT, PT, MPT) coordination and review of the RT films and test reports as per the ASME 31.3 acceptable criteria.

? Coordination and monitoring the PWHT for various spools in the fabrication shop, reviewing of the PWHT charts for checking the rate of heating and cooling, soaking temperature. Checking and controlling the thermocouple placement as per the size and project procedure requirements.

? Checking the hardness values after PWHT and reporting the same in the applicable format.

? Pneumatic and hydro testing package preparation, coordination of hydro testing of the piping at site.

? Blasting and painting inspection for the above ground piping spools involving the DFT checking, maintenance of traceability requirements, blasting grit quality monitoring, blasted spool surface quality checking, final painted spool releasing for site installation.

o Coordinated various fabrication and QA/QC activities including the welding control, NDT etc. during CRU SHUTDOWN involving replacement of old heat exchanger with state of the art Packinox Heat Exchanger .

o Entrusted to deal with various responsibilities like subcontractor management, materials scheduling etc., in planning department.


1) ASME B31.3, 31.8 2) AWS D1.1 etc. 3) ASME Section IX, VIII, V etc. 4) API 1104, 653

5) ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9000 etc.


During my working in various companies and different sites, I have gained knowledge regarding the following safety related aspects through the trainings provides to me;

? OSHAS requirements

? Permit (hot work, cold work etc.) making and maintaining system.

? Total safety task analysis or risk and hazard analysis for various tasks.

? Use of Personal protective equipments such as safety harness, fire extinguisher, water hydrant, respiratory masks (in case of H2S or other gas leakage) etc.

? Emergency alarm system and what to do and what not to do in case of fire, gas leakage and other emergencies.

? Tool box talk

? Emergency call out technique.

? Waste segregation and hazardous waste disposal.



• Well versed with Windows Operating System (98/XP) Microsoft Project, MS Office XP Packages like Word XP, PowerPoint XP and FrontPage XP.

• Familiar with working on AutoCAD.

• Proficient in web browsing, mail, website development etc.


Language Writing Speaking

English Good Fluent

Hindi Good Fluent

Russian Novice Fair


? Father’s Name : Sri. D.D. Gaur

? Date of Birth : 30th March 1979

? Passport No. : B-5288555 (valid till 24th may 2011)

? Correspondence Add. : 2/125, Mathura Refinery Nagar, Mathura (U.P.)-281006

? Current Salary : Package of U.S.D. 1600 (excluding O.T.) with free fooding. Lodging, transport, medical etc.

? Expected Salary : Negotiable

Your earliest favorable response is solicited

Yours Faithfully


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