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High School Process Improvement

United States
March 17, 2011

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Jerry l Pallin

**** ** ***** ***

Portland, OR **230

Ph# 503-***-****


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Lead man on several crews up to 26 persons, which entailed a full product line of aircraft gearboxes from raw stock to finish assy. I have been schooled in people skills, lean manufacturing, 5 “S” program, MRP 2, JIT, WIP, team concept and Self-management for the work place and process improvement.

My computer skills include AutoCAD 2008, Cad key, Master Cam and Microsoft Word and some spreadsheets. I’ve done a lot setup sheets, part drawings and process flow charts.

I understand and have worked with most all CNC machine controls. “Word address” machine language “G” and “M” codes, canned cycles, type 2 data, macro variables and the use of sub programs. Multiple tool offsets and work shifts.

3, 4, 5 axis mills, multi-spindle mills 2, 4 axis (twin turret) lathes with sub spindle and 6-axis mill-turn with live tooling.

In process inspection, material specs. Heat treat and hardness verification with Rockwell and Brinell . Worked with all aerospace metals these include Titanium, Magnesium, Inconel, Beryllium, chrome molly, 17-4ph, 15-5ph, 303 Stainless steels, steel alloys, 9310, 4340, 4330, 4160, 4130, 1045, 1018, 12L14, and all Alum alloys

Experience with most all machine controls, GE mark century, Allen Bradley 7320 -8600, Acramatic 850-900, Fanuc, Mazatrol, OPC-7000, Neomatic 635, Haas.

Professional experience

9/05 – 11/08 Keith Mtg. Madras, OR

Setup Tech / Programmer / Toolmaker (19.50hr)

Setup Tech for CNC milling machines 3 & 4 axis for production runs. Assign work and personnel to meet machine production requirements.

Edit and program emergent jobs needed in the morning. Design and build vacuum fixtures for use with plastics.

Operate forklift with large heavy loads, over head bridge cranes

2/03 – 5 /05 Keith Mtg. Madras, OR

Machinist / Programmer (15.87hr)

Running two Mazak Super Quick Turn 15MS with T-32 control, -C- axis with live tooling, -B- axis with sub-spindle and bar feeder. Program with Mazatrol setup and run production on hydraulic drive system parts

Program with word address, setup and run all types of parts, tooling, and injection molds for walking floor hydraulic drive system. On OKK KCV 600 vertical ram 3-axis 26" x 120" table mill With Neomatic 635 control, Mazak V-515 vertical mill with Mazatrol.

1/02 - 6/02 American Pine Products Prineville, OR

Apprentice Setup man “Laminator” (13.50hr)

Setup and monitor all types of laminators, manage crew and product flow and quality

8/01 -1/02 Independent Meat Prineville, OR

Asst. Butcher (9.30hr)

Bone, break down, cut and grind Beef, Hogs, Lamb, Elk and Deer

1/00 - 3/00 Western Pneumatics Eugene, OR

Machinist (15.0hr)

Set up and tune Programs on a Fadal 4-axis CNC mill producing parts for saw mill equip.

8/99 - 11/99 Acura Seal Hillsboro, OR

Machinist / Programmer (15.0hr)

Program and set up CNC lathes - Producing precision valve parts.

6/98 - 5/99 Portland Precision tool Portland, OR

Machinist / Programmer (Contract)

Program and set up CNC lathes - "Job shop" Parts for Stanley Hydraulics, medical, Guns, laser sights and artificial joint parts for Thortex.

9/96 - 12/96 Thortex Milwaukee, OR

Machinist / Programmer (18.0hr)

Program and set up CNC lathes - Producing precision hip and knee joints.

(Worked here while on strike at Boeing)

8/76 - 6/98 Boeing Portland Gresham, OR

Lead Person (Lathes) (32.67hr)

Load Machines to meet MRP requirements. Assist with setup and trouble shoot machining processes. (Refer to biography of experience)

Personal tools

Heavy duty rollaway, middle, top (Kennedy machinist style)

0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 O/D Mic’s

0-6 Depth Mic

6” – 12” Dial Calipers

1.5 - 12” I/D Tube mike

Telescope Gages

Finger and 1” Dial Indicators

Set of 1-2-3 Block’s

Set of Gage Blocks

Full sets of open and box end, Allen wrenches

3/8” drive air ratchet w/ sockets, and hex drives

Feed and Speed calculators, Trig books, Handbook, etc.

Summary of qualifications

CNC Lathe and Mill Programming

Aircraft blueprint reading



AutoCAD - Cad Key

MasterCam / SmartCam

Flow charts - Setup sheets

Process Improvement


1970 - 1974 Tillamook HS Tillamook, OR

1974 - 1975 Mt Hood CC Gresham, OR

Machine Tech 3.85 GPA

Professional References

Craig McDonald

Former Shop Supervisor-Worked with for 5 yrs.

Keith Manufacturing 541-***-****

541-***-**** (Cell / best number to use)

Mike Rosenboom

Former President of Co. - Known for 10 yrs.

Mini Machine Inc. 541-***-****

Dave Erdahl

Former Supervisor-Worked with for 22 yrs.

Boeing Portland 971-***-****

Lonny Denny

Former Supervisor-Worked with for 22 yrs.

Boeing Portland 971-***-****

John Schmidt

Former Co-Worker-Worked with for 18 yrs.

360-***-**** (Home) / 503-***-**** (Cell)

Jake Collier

Former Co-Worker-Worked with for 3 yrs.


Scott Turner

Former Co-Worker-Worked with for 3 yrs.



American Hustler / Allen Bradley 7320 (2 axis) single slide front and rear turrets, SMW air chuck.

Warner & Swasey SC-1 / AB 7320 (2 axis) column style

Warner & Swasey SC-2 / AB 7320 (2 axis) column style

Warner & Swasey SC-15 / AB 7320 (4 axis) slant bed, (top turret -x-, -z-)

(End turret -u-, -w-)

KT Swasey - Titan / AB 8600 (6 axis) slant bed, mill turn, 2- system twin turret, -c- used for drilling and positioning, virtual axis -u-, -v-, -z- used for milling (single line code) -w- for tail stock, 60 hp AC spindle, 4.5" bar capacity, 60" length

Mori Seiki ZL-35 / Fanuc 15TT (4 axis) slant bed, 2- system twin turret

Mori Seiki ZL-45 / Fanuc 15TT (4 axis) slant bed, 2- system twin turret

Daiwa Puma / Fanuc (2 axis) slant bed

Okuma / OPC-7000 (4 axis) slant bed, 2- system twin turret

Ikegai / Yanzak (2 axis)

Yang / Fanuc (2 axis) slant bed, gang style tooling

Mazak Super Quick Turn 15MS / T32-3 / T-PLUS control’s, -C- axis with live tooling, -B- axis with sub-spindle

Mazak Super Quick Turn 15N / T32 control, with tail stock

HAAS SL-10 with bar feeder / HAAS control, with tail stock

The above are listed pretty much in order, as was run. There are a few more not listed two-axis machines.


Mazak 400N / 4 axis, 6 pallet carousel with a Mazatrol 32B

VTEC / vertical Gantry 3-axis 96" x 204" table mill with Fanuc control

OKK KCV 600 / vertical ram 3-axis 26" x 120" table mill with Neomatic 635 control

Mazak V-515 / vertical mill with a Mazatrol

Cincinnati / 10-VC / Acramatic (3 axis)

High Performance Machine / AB 7360 (3 axis) (retro fit profiler) ram style, 6 - spindle, 12' x 30' table

Cramic / Acramatic (3 axis) gantry, 90 ton head, 5 - spindle, 25' x 60' table

SNK / Fanuc (5 axis) vertical ram, 120 tool pockets, auto pallet changer

Fadal / Fadal (3 axis w/optional 4th -A- axis table mounted chuck

Manual Lathes

W/S turret lathes # 3 thru. #5 ram and saddle type.

J+L turret lathes # 3 and #7a, ram and saddle type.

Bullard vertical turret 48" table

Hardinge bench lathes

Monarch engine lathe (with Tracer)

American engine lathe (with Tracer)

Progress engine lathe (with Tracer)

Safop engine lathe (with Tracer)

Brown & Sharp screw machine (cam type)

Excello Gun lathes, Gun drills

Excello Borematic

Manual Mills

Cincinnati knee & universal


Biography of experience

I was born and raised on a prize-winning dairy farm 7mi south of Tillamook, Oregon till the age of 13, at which time my father’s health forced him into selling. He was a very hard working man, where I believe my good work ethics came from.

I graduated in 1974 from Tillamook High School involved in sports football, basketball and track. This is where I found my love for machining.

After high school I enrolled in Machine Tech at Mt Hood Community Collage.

I took all the shop, math and tech writing classes in 5 terms. Due to a lack of funds to continue never got my associates degree. Went back later for CNC programming and AutoCAD, and carry a 3.85 GPA.

After collage I worked for Viking Ind. As a welder until I was hired at Boeing of Portland.

I started in the hand finishing area (de-burring), for a month transferred to the gang drills for four months, radial drills for 6 months, then to the lathe area for 5yrs. I received my journeyman rating at the age of 23. There was no N.C. yet so most of time was on turret lathes, most all of the engine lathe work was tracer and about a 1 -yr. on a vertical Bullard turret. Then the first CNC came in and was put right next to that old belt drive Bullard and me. Well after seeing that run with no handles I just had to learn that one. It was a American Hustler horizontal bed with front and rear turrets, Allen Bradley 7320 C.N.C. With tape reader and 8” floppy drive. Cincinnati 10VC mills next about 6 months. (Heavy mills) retrofitted profiles with AB controls 3 and 6 spindle’s 12’x 20’ tables 737, 767 alum main landing gear beams and 747 flap tracks one year. Cramic 3-5 spindle gantry mill 757, 747 Titanium main landing gear beams about 1 yr. Transferred to the gear box division CNC lathes and mills 2,3,4,5, axis for two years. Promoted to set-up man CNC mills 1yr, lathes 5 years, transferred back to main lathe shop for manpower reasons for 1 year. This should give some insight to my experience and background.

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