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Engineer Manager

Wake Forest, NC, 27587
August 30, 2012

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Wake Forest, NC 27587

Home phone: 919-***-****

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Electronic Engineer with experience in hardware and software testing, sustaining, calibration, manufacturing, integration, support, validation, web interface, & development of complex systems including power systems (Smart Grid), metering, motor drives & controllers, RFid, Point Of Sale, Computer, Radio, Network, Telecom, & Test Equipment systems. I am skilled with a wide variety of business tools and test equipment for providing well-documented, integrated, innovative, & insightful solutions. I have a proven & documented history as a self-starter requiring minimal supervision. I stay current with events in the field, and taking on training that while not necessary is related to the job. (e.g. C, ANSI C12)


Rapiscan Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2011

System’s Integration Engineer (contract)

• SME (Subject Matter Expert) on video monitoring system with server, Video & IR cameras, controls, & security barriers.

• Provide documentation to military and government.

• Train ex-military on the electronics, RS 422, video, interface boxes & analyze interconnections.

Progress Energy Raleigh, NC Dec. 2009 – Apr 2010

Sr. Project Specialist (contract)

• Verified, troubleshot, and validated Feeder Regulators and Power Substations for the DSDR (Distribution System Demand Response) project. This is a SmartGrid system with an improved SCADA system including autotransformers, breakers, capacitor switching banks, SEL protection relays, cellphone system data or ethernet communication.

Due to traffic accident, was hospitalized. After recovery I was told they replaced me due to their schedule.

EDSA Micro Corporation (now Power Analytics) Raleigh, NC March 2008 - Sept 2009

• Created and developed critical power monitoring systems using EDSA’s Paladin Live (look at the image gallery on this page) & Eaton’s Foreseer for Data Centers, and military installations

• Integrated specified power monitoring equipment and their data output to the VB.Net & ASP.Net calls of the Paladin database.

• Sites included VISA’s 380,000 sq ft credit card center in Virginia, Valero oil’s in San Antonio, Texas, and a USAF Predator training center in California.

• Teamed to develop office systems include technical Wiki, FTP, development servers, captive meter systems, and a complete FAA remote power generation trailer.

• Installed Power Analytic systems in data centers as large installations as large as 380,000 sq ft, with 2,000 monitoring devices including meters, intelligent breakers, UPS systems, diesel generators, PLCs, protection relays, PDUs, static switches, & RPPs, with over 300,000 channels of data reported and archived every second over Ethernet/TCP/IP, or RS485/ModBus (some with IRIG-B millisecond accuracy).

• First level Technical Support.

• Built, maintained and evolved the office equipment test rack.

• Trained and experienced with power quality meter configuration applications such as Square D's PMCU, GE enervision, and EIG Communicator.

Schneider Electric Knightdale, NC July 2006 – Sept. 2007

Sr. Electrical/Electronic Engineer & System Validation Specialist (contract)

• Reviewed international product documentation for product safety to assure conformance with North American standards (including UL and NFPA).

• Products - intelligent motor controller, control relays, pressure sensors, small control and alarm server (Ethernet, GSM, SMS, SCADA), and PLC processors.

• Verified motor protection relay firmware features, ModBus registers and Visual Basic data (VB.Net) with TSX Premium PLC vs. HMI (Human Machine Interface) – to UL 508 standards as firmware developed.

• Provided FMEA, documentation, FTA, Cube analysis and convergence with IEC standards.

• Provided technical assistance with arc suppression system.

• Validated installation documentation on Kohler/Schneider household backup generator system.

Wireless Communications Raleigh, NC Sept. 2005 – June 2006

Radio System Support Specialist (contract)

• Programmed over 4000 Motorola Astro portable and mobile radios (800 MHz) for Wake County Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical.

• Specialized in a Motorola chip warranty replacement program for mobile radios with less than 1% failure rate in over 700 radios using Sniper split vision BGA chip replacement system.

• Assembled and cabled Motorola Quantar Intelli-Repeater bays with over 200 radios for NC Highway Patrol and developed standards, process, and instructions for quality improvement.

SAMSys Technologies Raleigh, NC May - Sept. 2005

Customer Support Engineer

• Supported customers on Multi-Protocol RFid readers, hardware and firmware to resolve hardware and application issues.

• Created hardware vintage and upgrade history.

• Developed the upgrade process for quick turn-around.

• Managed and improved the RMA process so no returned units in-house more than 5 days.

• Debugged LabVIEW calibration process for board-level and system final test.

• Identified and resolved manufacturing issues as they occurred.

• Tracked software issues with Bugzilla.

RIF’ed due to company bankruptcy.

Nimbus Electronics High Point, NC April 2004 – May 2005

Lead Electronics Specialist, became Test Engineer/Department Manager (contract)

• Provided test, process, quality, product improvement, & test documentation automation, also employee training for both internal & customers.

• Developed process automation and improved existing test fixtures.

• Maintained equipment calibration.

• Reverse-engineered board function on some boards from (poor) schematics/documentation, parts lists, and raw boards to resolve problems.

• Decreased board test time of a major volume board from 45 minutes to 25 minutes while improving accuracy & quality by 70%.

• Cleared 2 years backlog of unrepaired boards in 6 months.

• Managed department of 2 other technicians.

Radio Shack Greensboro, NC Aug. 2003 – June 2004

Sales Associate

• Region Sales Leader Award, 2 months in a row.

Marconi Commerce Greensboro, NC March 2000 – Sept. 2002

OEM Products Engineer

• Development & Sustaining Engineer for over 40 products peripheral to two POS (Point Of Sale terminals - G-SITE & Passport) and Backoffice inventory management systems (Envoy)

• Devices included inventory control PC handhelds, barcode scanners, PIN pads (using DUKPT & Master Session encryption), credit card readers, Speedpass RFid readers, age verification, customer displays, LCD/CRT/Touch screen monitors, modems, call routers, satellite data systems, LAN hardware, car wash systems, UPS systems, backup tapes, and security systems.

• Developed product specifications, BOMs, ECOs and supported Technical Communications, Marketing, & Sales with information and guidance.

• Received Exceeds expectations ratings for Teamwork, Leadership, Win-Win, and Communications on annual reviews

• Led team that achieved 80% warranty cost reduction of $10K / month for modems, and 60% of $30K / month for PIN pads.

• Manage projects and vendor relations to assure all products to meet hardware, software, & regulatory requirements (UL, FCC, CSA, etc.).

IBM Research Triangle Park, NC June 1993 – Feb. 2000

Data Analyst / Regional Advocate July 1999 – Feb 2000

• Develop and operate critical issues database and spreadsheet applications for Options by IBM .

• Set up and modify several data collection systems reducing weekly data collation time by 80%.

• Coordinate weekly worldwide effort to resolve critical parts shortages resulting in 15% increased customer satisfaction.

Product Support Manager, Network Hardware Sept. 1998 – July 1999

• Migrate documents from Network Hardware Division help page to PC Company Web pages and maintain file synchronization.

• Modify current systems to IBM Worldwide Corporate, providing information to dealers, end-users and product support specialists on Lotus Notes and Web.

• Insure online availability of answers to most commonly asked questions, based on data analysis of call records.

• Used SQL queries against call records to analyze issues and feed back to Network Hardware group.

Brand Service & Support Manager, Mobiles Brand Nov. 1995 - Sept. 1998

• Project management insuring availability, correctness, and validity of product specifications and files (drivers, BIOS, fix packs) on Mobiles Brand (ThinkPad laptops). Result was acknowledged as best system available by Sr. Support specialists for several years afterward.

• Used SQL queries against call records to analyze issues and feed back to Mobiles design group.

• Leader in developing the structure and content of PC HelpCenter product data system. System became model for IBM corporate product data.

• United Way Group organizer.

Product Support Specialist (supplemental) June 1993 - Nov. 1995

• Provide customer support on IBM personal computer systems and products.

• IBM Tonee Award for customer support excellence.

• Recognized by manager as lead in building the team with best response time, cust sat and first time fix.

PS Systems Raleigh, NC Aug. 1986 – May 1993

• Personal business providing low cost systems integration for business, inventory, control, POS, accounting, CAD, Desktop Publishing, telecommunications, and alarm systems.

ITT Mackay Raleigh, NC March 1983 – Feb. 1986

RF Systems & Test Engineer, Quality Department

• Improve product quality of HF radio systems (mixed analog/digital) through component, system and final test analysis.

• Created and ran final test tracking database system.

• Perform Pareto analysis to identify common problems.

• Sustain liaison with vendors to maintain product quality.

• Self-taught MS-DOS and database software, became company expert on PCs.

• Initiated and contributed to IEEE 488 test system development.

• Institute and maintain test equipment calibration system & records.

• Reduced final test failure and customer systems returns by over 70% .

• Designed, breadboard, and built multiple-system radio keying device for heat chamber.

Northern Telecom RTP, NC Feb 1979-Jan. 1983

Test Engineer, Installation Engineering

• Create and maintain tests for Installation Manual (IM10, IM100)

• Create installation and verification test all hardware aspects of DMS telephone switches for Northern Telecom, AT&T & other Telco installers.

• Created system for documenting and performing product changes.

• Responsible for UPS, alarms, trunking, 911 system, network switching, and processors.

• Develop and write DMS-10 Installation Change Procedures (ICP).

• Installation Department representative & liaison to Engineering Change committee.


North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC

BS - Electrical Engineering – Significant coursework: Fiber-Optics, transmission lines & losses, Microprocessor machine code, Digital circuit design, Thermodynamics,, Magnetohydrodynamics, motors/generators, Effective Technical Writing, materials in acoustic instruments.


Eaton Foreseer CSE Eaton Datatrax

EDSA DesignBase EDSA

Project Management Fundamental New Horizons

Product Lifecycle Management IBM

DMS 10/100 maintenance Nortel


US Navy Honorable Discharge 1968 - 1972

Electronic Technician - Communications and Test Equipment

ET”A” School - graduated 3rd in class of 97 students.


Test Equipment: Power Quality Meters, Spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, Q-Meters, TDRs, BERT, IEEE-488 (PC based test) systems, phone switch load boxes, crystal analyzers, and other test equipment for high frequency digital and analog circuits.

Software: MS Word, Excel, Outlook, & FrontPage, GIMP, Lotus Notes, 123 & Approach, PL7 Pro, SAP, Visual Basic, C, Basic, HTML Fundamentals, DB/2 SQL queries, Netscape, Internet Explorer, ActiveX, LabVIEW, ModScan, Adobe Acrobat, Square D's PMCU, GE enervision, EIG Communicator, Eaton Foreseer, EDSA Paladin Live, EDSA DesignBase, Pro/E., URIM, and JB2CS.

Operating systems: MS Windows XP, Vista, Sever 2003, DOS 7.1, OS/2 & Warp, VMS, & UNIX (SVR4, AIX, & LINUX).

Business & Engineering: Smart Grid, ECN/ECO process, FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis), FTA (Fault Tree Analysis), ISO 9000, Pareto Analysis, IBM Integrated Product Development, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), UL and IEC standards.

Communication: SSB, AM, FSK, FM, USB, RS 232, RS 485, DNP3, OFDM, IDE, SCSI, Ethernet, TCP/IP, T1, DS0, DS1, ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, SIP, 802.11, IRIG-B, Modbus, Profibus, & CANbus. Telephone switching & signaling, DMS-10 and 100 Installation and Maintenance. Media including fiber optics, UTP, coax RF, & microwave.

Hardware: Square D TeSys T, P trip breakers, & Twidos, UPS systems from Mitsubishi, Liebert, & Eaton 9315. Monaghan Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs), Cummins Generator PLCs & ATSs, Schweitzer SEL 351. Power Quality Meters (PQMs) from Schneider, Eaton, GE, & EIG. Perle 422 & Moxa 485 to IP converters, IOGear RS232 to USB converters, Pelco, FLIR EnforcIR, GE CCTV video cameras.


IEEE, Sr. member

Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity


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